Sid:  I’ve got Gary Wood on the telephone and Gary has been to Heaven.  He wrote a book called “A Place Called Heaven” and some of the things that you observed Gary are so phenomenal.   I have read your book your book, I have heard your testimony but I cannot read your book enough I cannot hear your testimony enough and you told me something I wasn’t even aware of that Jesus said to you that everyone that reads your book would be healed, delivered, set free; what about the people that read it that aren’t healed or delivered?

Gary:  Well, I believe they’ll have the choice and the opportunity to be that because that’s what the Lord promised me and that’s what we’re hearing the reports that are coming back to us of people that have impossible situations suddenly become possible.

Sid:  Tell me about my favorite room in Heaven, the parts room.

Gary:  You this is a…

Sid:  Maybe that could be my mansion, I wouldn’t mind having that as my mansion but to ahead. (Laughing)

Gary:  Yes, it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole experience, after I came out of the throne room of God and about 500 yards from the throne room of God is this spare parts room with a sign on the outside of the door that says, “Unclaimed Blessings.”  And I remember walking up there and walking in and there were legs hanging on the wall, there were every part of ones anatomy there in that room.  And people always say to me “Well, why would there need to be a room like that?  Because God has a spare parts room, God has a miracle room, Sid let me tell you an incredible story that just happened that opened the door for me to go to the Philippines to preach a city wide crusade.  There was man named “Abdul a Moslem man who was dying of incurable cancer of the stomach, he cried out with all of his heart for Allah to save him nothing happened.  So he cried out with much intensity “Devil, if you’ll save me and heal me I’ll serve you all the days of my life,” nothing happened.  And so he went he went to sleep and he had like a vision and Jesus appeared to him, he knew it was Jesus and Jesus revealed Himself to him and Jesus said to him, “I want to take you and show you something,”  And he took him and took him to a spare part room in heaven and showed him and said “Now this was available for you if you would have just trusted and received me.”  He woke up in the hospital screaming to the top of his lungs in a Moslem hospital, “Jesus I received you, I receive you Jesus, I receive you.”  Well, they restrained him, but he became an evangelist and I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and that’s what opened the door for me to go to the Philippines.  Now here’s a man clear across the world who verifies he doesn’t speak English, I don’t speak his native tongue and he verifies and saw the exact same thing I saw when I was there in heaven, the spare part room and it’s available…

Sid:  What did you see with your eyes in the spare parts room?

Gary:  I saw every part, I saw hands, I saw arms, I saw legs, I saw every part, every organ or your body and it’s available now.  And I watched as people on earth would pray and the prayers would go up, the angels would receive the prayers, they would go to the spare part room and get that specific miracle whatever it was.  New part for the ears, a new part for the spinal column, a new kidney, whatever it was and then they would go but many times those angels would have to fight the principalities and powers.  And you remember the story people that read the Bible know the story about Daniel and he had to wait twenty-one days but the moment Daniel prayed that angel left heaven and was on it’s way but it got hindered and so there’s things in the spirit realm that will hinder our prayers but you got to keep on standing, keep of confessing and believing.  And Sid I saw the angels come and start to give a miracle to people and here’s what I heard people say “Well, it just must not be for today, it must not be that God wants to heal me.”

Sid:  And you know most people that believe in healing believe God heals but when it comes to themselves that’s what the mantra is inside of their mind going over and over again, “I know God heals but for some reason He doesn’t heal me,” what would you say to them?

Gary:  Well, I would say actually what Jesus said to me in heaven He said, “Gary tell My people don’t even begin to accept or buy into the condemnation of the devil that they are unworthy he said tell them that they are worthy because I’ve redeemed them by the blood of the Lamb.”  And God wants to give you a miracle; He’s in the miracle working business.”  I can tell you a story a true story of where I was asked to go pray for a lady in Dallas, Texas.  I walked into the hospital room; she was sitting on the edge of the bed completely bald, no hair.  The Bible says the crowning glory of the woman is her hair, this woman had no hair.  I had been asked to go to pray for her because she had cancer, well I start to pray for her and she’s waving a wig in the air laughing  hysterically and she’s just laughing and she goes “Ha, ha, ha you dumb stupid devil, I’ll live and not die and decree and declare the works of the Lord.”  Sid I thought I was on the physic ware, I thought I had just gotten in the wrong room.

Sid:  (Laughing)

Gary:  So I walked out to check to be sure and I came back in and that lady taught me the most valuable lesson I have learned in forty-one years of public ministry.  She looked at me and I told her I had been asked to pray for her and she said, “Son I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you believe and I don’t know what you stand for.”  And she said, “I don’t just allow anyone to pray for me, so you got to be careful who you let pray for you.”  And I said, “Well, I died and I went to Heaven, I saw Jesus and He sent me back to make Him real to people in your condition.”  She said, “You qualify,” so I prayed for her and I left the room with her laughter ringing in my ears.”  Now just before I walked out of her room suddenly I was aware that there was another woman in the room I turned and looked at her and I said, “Maim I said, “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you here is there anything that I could help you with?”  She said, “Yes,” she said, “Preacher the doctor just walked in and said, “My sister has less than 72 hours to live and whatever it is that’s causing her to laugh like she is I want some of it.”  So I led her to Jesus, I walked out of the room, I came back a year later, this lady comes to my meeting, runs up and hugs me, and she said, “Don’t you remember me?”  She has thick beautiful black hair.”  I said, “Well, pardon me no maim, I said, “Where did we meet?”  And she starts laughing Sid, (Ha-ha-ha).  And I said, “Yeah, yeah, I remember, I remember” and she had literally laughed and doctors have even verified that healing hormones are released in your body.  But I saw the spare parts and she grabbed a hold in faith even in the clutches of death and received her miracle.

Sid:  Now I’m told that when people go to heaven someone they knew that made it to heaven greets them, who greeted you?

Gary:  My best friend John that had died in horrible accident in high school that literally took his head off his body and we exchanged greetings and I knew him and which answers in my mind “Will we know one another in heaven?”  And the scripture verifies it in Matthew 8:11 “Sitting down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” it says so I knew my friend and we’ll know our loved ones.  You know there’s someone assigned to you when you cross over to the other side, to this place called heaven.

Sid:  You were in this auto accident and you had all the damaged done to your body; when you came back you had a crushed larynx and that that’s really a intrigues me and you were told you would never speak and of course your passion was singing and you would never sing again.  What happened to that crushed larynx?

Gary:  Jesus walked into the hospital room and He literally came in while there was a song playing that said, “He Touched me” on the radio and I was listening to that song and Jesus just walked into my hospital room put his hand on my throat and I looked down at the those beautiful eyes and of His and He smiled at me and He walked out.  And a little nurse walked in immediately afterwards to serve me a meal and I through my hands up and said, “Praise God I’ve been healed!”  And I’ve been talking ever since.”

Sid:  But they x-rayed you and they found your larynx is still crushed so how can you be speaking?

Gary:  It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle, it’s the only way I can and it’s been verified by medical doctors.

Sid:  Listen, in your book you have all the pictures of the accident, all the things that Jesus walked in and healed him.  You can’t read enough about what heaven is like, how beautiful it is and this is one of the most graphic descriptions of what goes on in heaven, but not only that there’s a promise from Jesus for healing, for deliverance, to be set free when you read this book.  But there’s a bonus and that is his daughter Angel.  Angel should have been institutionalized, she should have never developed into the wonderful woman of God that she has.  But because he understood from his visitation to heaven of how to pray Angel actually ministers with him and when you read Angel’s book which is called “Angel and Walking Miracle” you will have faith for the impossible.

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