Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, and I have to say Michelle Perry that is an understatement. To the best of your ability you live for Him 24-7. I asked your mom I said, “Were you a loving person most of your life?”  And she said, “Yes!”  Where do you suppose that, I know it came from God, but most people are bitter that are born without, missing one hip, missing one kidney, having a rod in their spine and in pain constantly how do you get all this joy with you have enough to feel.  I give you permission to feel sorry for yourself.

Michelle:  (Laughing) Well you know I never had another leg so it’s not like I lost one, you know mine just hasn’t arrived yet, it’s on its way.

Sid:  You have to tell me again about the parts room, you see Jesus took her to heaven and she saw, and I’ve had a lot of guests that have told me about…I haven’t been to heaven yet I will one day, but I haven’t been to heaven yet but many people have told me about this parts room with the body parts.  Tell me what does it look like?

Michelle:  It looks kind of like a warehouse and it just has got, it’s got shelves with different like eyeballs on it, and different hearts beating, and lungs breathing, and it’s really kind of Sci-fi-ish it’s a little bit freaky.

Sid:  We’ve seen more people get their body parts here on earth that’s there for that purpose.

Michelle:  I think that were walking into a day where we’re going to; I mean the past revivals have seen a lot of creative miracles and I believe we’re walking into another wave of God’s Spirit that we’re going to begin to seen a lot of creative miracles and I believe we’re walking into another wave of God’s Spirit that we’re going to see that become the norm.

Sid:  It’s my belief that Heaven’s drawing closer to earth and what we read in the Bible will be the norm and our experience especially hear in North America will be the exception.

Michelle:  Hmm absolutely.

Sid:  Now did Jesus actually tell you you would be getting new body parts.

Michelle:  All I knew is that He sent it to shipping, which must mean it’s on it’s way.

Sid:  How long ago was that?

Michelle:  That was in 2003.

Sid:  So it’s kind of …maybe you should send him the postage… nah I’m just teasing. (Laughing)

Michelle:  I had a friend that was praying one day and she also got taken up into this room, and she did not know my experience and she was asking about different things and she said “Hey do you have any parts for Michelle Perry, just asked.  And the angel that she talked to said, “Nope sorry they have already been sent to shipping so she asked where it was going and his reply was Africa.

Sid:  Now on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about that you were in Toronto, you thought he Toronto Airport was an airport, and you found out it was a church. You had quite an encounter with Jesus there.  He showed you His heart for the orphans and the hurting people around the world, but why were you crying so much there?

Michelle:  I think because I was encountering more of His heart and He was enlarging my heart, and sometimes visitation isn’t always a warm fuzzy experience, sometimes it’s heart rending, and it hurts because He enlarging you to be able to carry more of Him, and that’s not always comfortable.  And I was just overwhelmed with His presence and I don’t even know I just was.  (Laughing) I really don’t.

Sid:  So you’re on the plane trip back, you’re basking in the glory of God in the presence of God and there’s no one seated next to you and all of a sudden someone takes the seat, tell me about that someone and what this person said to you.

Michelle:  Well, I saw Jesus walk on to the plane and He sat down next…

Sid:   How was He dressed, was He dressed in a business suit or…

Michelle:  No, jeans and a t-shirt.  Yeah.

Sid:  So He was in revival mode.

Michelle:  He was in revival mode yeah. (Laughing)  I saw Him and I just knew that it was Him. I don’t think that anybody else saw Him but I saw Him, and He was there and in the middle of the plane. When we got up to cruising altitude, it was like I saw the ceiling of the plane disappear which I was kind of looking around to see if anybody else was freaking out because it was a little freaky to be in a plane and have the ceiling disappear, a tad bit odd.  Well nobody else seemed to be bothered so I figured it was just me and when I looked up I was immediately with Jesus in heaven and then he was dressed more like the robe and the things you normally see.  (Laughing)

Sid:  But let me get this, initially though He came on and He just sat next to you?

Michelle:  Hmm Hmm.

Sid:  Did He say anything?

Michelle:  No, he just smiled.

Sid:  Did you know that it was Him?

Michelle:  Oh yeah.

Sid:  Even though He was in revival gear, but okay.

Michelle:  It’s His eyes; you can recognize His eyes anywhere.

Sid:  Well, tell me about His eyes, I haven’t seen His eyes.

Michelle:  Well, they’re filled with love you could just drown in them, and you know He’s not the fair haired blond haired little pansy small guy that we see in most of the paintings He looks very Middle Eastern, He looks Jewish, image that.  And I mean He had dark hair and He had dark eyes and when you look into His eyes it’s like the Iris’s around His pupil are like mosaics dark from a distance, but when you get up close they are like mosaics of every color an eye could have all in one and they’re the most beautiful, beautiful thing that you will ever see.  And so I mean you can just recognize Him.

Sid:  Okay, so the top of the plane has disappeared.

Michelle:  I just saw it disappear over where I was sitting and it was like this vacuum tunnel suction thing right up into the throne room.

Sid:  Was there anything scary about it?

Michelle:  No not really, not really once I figured out that the top of the plane was still there in the natural.

Sid:  Okay so you find yourself in heaven with Jesus.

Michelle:  Yeah and we started to dance because I love to dance and I always have two legs in heaven so I never have crutches in heaven. So I like to go there quite frequently.

Sid: Do you have any pain?

Michelle:  No, none.

Sid:  I wouldn’t think so,

Michelle:   (Laughing) Not a bit and so it’s a good vacation.


  Sid:  So do you go there often?

Michelle:  As often as I can. (Laughing)

Sid:  Can you during prayer will yourself to go to heaven or are you taken or?

Michelle:  I believe you can position yourself to be able to experience more of God’s presence and you can positionally put yourself there by faith, but you can’t make anything happen. I mean it’s Holy Spirit that shows you things.

Sid:  Okay, you have your two legs.

Michelle:  I have my two legs and Jesus and I were dancing, and all of a sudden the scene changed and we were dancing on the trash heaps of the world, on the leper colonies, and the refugee camps, and the red light districts, and wherever people were broken and forgotten and hurting.  And we were dancing, and wherever we danced it was like everything was in monochrome like grey scale. As we danced the river of life began to flow and color happened and barren wilderness began to burst forth into life and beauty.  And Jesus looked into my eyes and He said, “Beloved I know that you’d love to stay here, but and I’d love to have you here with Me but I can’t have a wedding without a bride and there’s whole pieces of My bride that are missing in nations.  And will you go with Me to be My face to them, will you go with Me to find my lost bride?  He’s longing for His bride, He’s longing for His bride in the nations.

Sid:  Did He tell you what people groups are lost in His bride?

Michelle:  No, not specifically not specifically by name, but they’re everywhere they are pieces of His lost bride right here in America that we don’t have eyes to see.

Sid:  Give me examples of part of His lost bride.

Michelle:  I believe the new age movement, the people that so often times we in church are afraid of and run from or we don’t want to look.

Sid:  How about the person with tattoos up and down their arms in so many ear rings there isn’t room to put any more.

Michelle:  Absolutely, absolutely (Laughing), you got it.  The homeless man on the street corner, the Vietnam vet that…

Sid:  Out of curiosity there’s a homeless man that walks by my office I see him maybe a couple times a month, and he’s deranged, I mean that’s why, I mean there’s different reasons people are homeless that’s why he’s homeless.  I bought him a meal once, I gave him a couple of dollars, but I could see there wasn’t much I could do for him.  What would you do for him?

Michelle:  Well, I think I would look to see what Jesus was doing in the situation that I encountered him, but I would stop and see him, I’d stop and talk to him and I would ask Jesus how could I be the face of your love in the moment that I’m in, because I think oftentimes people ask me this all the time, don’t you get overwhelmed by the need and by the overwhelming I mean…

Sid:  Sure, just the nation you’re in Sudan, I mean it’s unlimited need!

Michelle:  Absolutely, but we have a God with limitless love and my love is limited. His isn’t and He hasn’t called me to love the whole nation at one time.  He’s called me to love the nation one person at a time.

Sid:  Now I’ve always thought when I’ve read the gospels that the key if you will and I’m one of these logical people, one of my greatest advantages and one of my greatest disadvantages, the key if you will for the release for the miraculous is compassion.  How can someone get this compassion more than they have?  How can I have the compassion you have, I already told you before we went on the air I want you to pray that I have that compassion.

Michelle:  All I really know is I spent the last ten years asking for it and saying “God I want to love with Your love and I want to see with Your eyes.”  And every time I step into a situation that stretches my compassion threshold where I want to run from it and I don’t want to see I pray that prayer again, I say “God I need more love, my love is too small I need more of Your love.

Sid:  Are there times that you want to run because things are so overwhelming?

Michelle:  Of course!

Sid:  Welcome to the human race.

Michelle:  Well, yeah!  (Laughing)

Sid:  I mean it’s got to be, I know you’re called but that’s got to be a hard call to Sudan.

Michelle:  On one hand it is, but on the other hand there’s so much joy in it.  You know Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him. So I believe that when God give us a call even when it leads to a hard road, or it appears to be there’s so much joy in seeing God show up and life transformed that it’s for the joy set before us, and I’m absolutely not a miserable missionary.  I’m a happy missionary.

Sid:  What’s it like dancing with Jesus?

Michelle:  Freedom, it’s like flying, it’s like flying, it’s like its total and complete freedom, it really is and dancing with Him I don’t think a plan is going to win the world and see Him come back but I do believe a dance will.  As we dance with Him through the harvest fields of His dreams.

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