Sid:  My guest Dr. Jim Richards is going to help you, he’s going to help you manifest every promise in God’s Word, and this is what you want for your life and for your loved ones lives and for the people God’s going to have cross your path.  Now Jim on yesterday’s broadcast and all this week you’ve been talking about these trapped emotions and how they literally as James says “A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”  And they make us double minded they get in the way of the manifestation of the answer of God’s promises.  When you dealt with these emotions as God taught you and as you teach on your eight CD series called “Change Your Heart, Change Your World” tell me the changes that occurred in your life.

Jim:  You know so many times the changes that occur in my life of course are physical changes where I experience physical healing.  And what’s really interesting, many of the physical healings, it merged not because I prayed for healing, but because I dealt with these trapped emotions and sent them away and maybe a few days later or a week later I will suddenly realize I’m not struggling with arthritis in my elbow anymore.  Or I’m not struggling with that lower back pain anymore.  I’ve actually experienced more serendipitous healings through sending away trapped emotions than I have…and I’ve experienced incredible healings you know getting prayed for and I’m believing that and I’m for that, but I have found that in daily life if all I’ll just deal with these things when they immerge I’ll just get well because suddenly I’m not filled with these things that are creating death.  You know we want to be happy, and praise God for physical healing, I am so thankful for physical healings, but the real truth is I talk to people every day that are hurting every day that hurting emotional and they say “I can deal with my physical pain but I can’t deal with my emotional pain.”  And I have found that things that use to just set me off, things that would just put me into a tailspin emotionally, maybe frustrations, matter of fact in my life I had a lot of struggles with abandonment issues and not feeling like people received love, which is a form of rejection.  You know the honest truth is I don’t struggle with that anymore because when those things would come up I would, I would pray and send those things away and I would find that my wife would do some things that she use to do that in years gone by would make me kind of feel unloved, I found that it didn’t affect me that way anymore.  I might have the same thoughts, you know a thought might cross my mind, but that thought has no power, it has no feeling, has no ability to drag me back down.  And there’s nothing magic about this prayer and you know you and I talked and know that I’m not much of a formula person, but you have this prayer of transformation I call it.

Sid:  It’s going to be on a bookmark that goes with the eight CD series, and it is such, I find myself saying this often during the day as these emotions reveal themselves.  And I think, it’s I feel as though layer after layer is coming off of me.

Jim:  And that’s exactly how I feel so people call it peeling the onion you know, you just deal with it as it comes up.

Sid:  But let me ask you this question, you mentioned a lot of physical healings that occur and it’d be good if it was just that but how much in the financial arena does it help there?

Jim:  You know in the recent years I faced one of the most challenging financial situations ever.  I had someone, an accountant, embezzle every penny that I had. I came home from a mission trip one day to find that that very day my house was going to be foreclosed on, our ministry property was going to be foreclosed on. I was $600,000 in the rears on bills, and 2 million dollars in the red.  You can just imagine what kind of pressure that of pressure that immediately created for a ministry.

Sid:  If you didn’t have a heart problem you would have gotten one over that.

Jim:  You know here’s the thing about prayer of transformation you know it was a day by day thing where I would come into the office everyday and my staff would meet me, and it would be like “If we don’t have a $100,000 by 3:00 today we’re losing everything and what are we going to do?”  And I would say is “What we are going do is we are going to go to the place of peace, we are going to go to a place where God can speak to us but we’ve got to put this stuff off first.”  And we would pray and we’d bring ourselves back down to the place of peace, committing ourselves to the Lord and you know God will always lead us through solutions and day by day we walked through that.  And God led us in great, in fact Holy Ghost solutions, and we walked that out to where a year and half, or two years later without ever taking up a special offering we had all of our bills caught up and everything was in the black just like it was suppose to.  So that was one incredible situation.  There was actually another situation where I needed to add a particular skill or skill set to some of our ministry efforts and I’d been looking for this person and looking for this person and looking for this person.  And so I began to do some heart exercises and every time this would come in and discouragement would come and say “You tried to find this person, you hired two or three people to do this, you spent money you can’t find anybody to do this.”  And I just you know every time that would come I would pray that prayer, I would bring myself back to the place of peace, and as I’d come back to the place of peace you know God would just speak to my heart and say “Be still, be still.”  And what was incredibly interesting somebody called me within just a few weeks that I didn’t even remember that I had ministered to years ago, and they said “You helped me so much and I’m starting a new company and when he described to me what his company was doing it was the exact skill set that we needed.”  And he said, “What I would like to do is I would like to donate this work to your ministry.”  And they did, and our income increased 58%, I think it was, over the next 30 days.

Sid:  In other words, when you can get rid of the junk you can have God’s prayers activated whether it’s finances, health or marriage or anything.

Jim:  That’s right when you got all these emotions and feelings weighing you down, it’s like falling off a ship trying to swim to shore holding onto your suitcase, but when you let go of that suitcase it’s easy to pop it to the top and swim to shore.

Sid:  How about marital difficulties?

Jim:  Oh man, dealing with these trapped emotions and these things from my past has done more to transform my marriage.  You know Brenda and I deeply love each other and really I didn’t think it could get any better but it keeps getting better.  We’ve been married thirty-one years and it keeps getting better and better and better primarily because I don’t bring so many of my past issues into it anymore.

Sid:  I would like you to briefly summarize the prayer of transformation, give us an idea of what’s it’s like.

Jim:  You know when a feeling comes up a feeling or an emotion comes up for example let’s say my wife goes to the grocery store, this is frivolous, but this is the kind of stuff we deal with.  My wife goes to the grocery store and there’s something I wanted her to get for me, she comes back, she didn’t get it, she didn’t remember to get it.  And so this feeling pops up that says you know if she cared about you she would have gotten this; immediately right there I’m going to stop.  And again it’s not just the fact that you pray this prayer word for word people can do it however you want to.  I wrote this out because I found most people won’t stop if they don’t have a tool, but I’ll pray something like this “Father go to the very root of my being and resolve the origin of this feeling in order to bring every aspect to my spirit, soul, and body into harmony with Your truth and my identity in Christ.  Search through every generation, every cellular memory, every action, every expression which has manifest, and every aspect of my being and heal me completely according to the finished work of Jesus.  Fill me with life, and light, love and righteousness and peace and joy until I completely forgive myself for every inappropriate way that I’ve expressed my distorted perceptions and destructive behavior.  And forgive every person, place and circumstance that has contributed to this thought or feeling because I choose to express my love for myself by allowing every mental, emotional and spiritual physical problem, and in appropriate behavior based on this root problem recorded in my DNA to be transformed.  I choose being kind, I feel kind and merciful, I am kind and merciful, I am in Christ it is finished, it is done and I thank you Holy Spirit for the grace of God to live in this identity in Christ.”

Sid:  I believe that this is the important missing link in your mentoring process.

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