Sid:  When you see the Spiritual scales come off the eyes of Jewish people recognize that there’s going to be such an outpouring of God’s Spirit just before He returns that’s where we are right now.  And that’s why I’m interviewing right now Franklin Walden.   We found out on yesterdays interview that he prayed for his sister-in-law and she not only got a healing of her one kidney but a second kidney materialized.  I mean Franklin, this should not astound me but it does astound me.  I mean that this is not your typical healing of a pain disappearing, this is where there wasn’t a kidney, there is a kidney.  And then you told me about your dad and that just so provokes me to jealousy, he was raised with a father that didn’t know how to read or write and God taught him the Bible to the point where he would know if there was a misquote or not, that’s how well he knew the Bible, and so he mentored Franklin. And Franklin, when you were twelve years of age you had an amazing encounter with God tell me about that.

Franklin:  I had a vision and I was caught up in the heavens looking down up over the earth, and God showed me the people, and I never dreamed today as I sit here that I’d ever be telling this vision like I’m going to tell it.  Because I saw the needs of the suffering and the heartaches of the people and the Lord spoke to my heart at twelve and said, “When you see this come to pass know that my coming is near.”  Now, you don’t know what I’m fixen to say, I’m gonna tell you this, that vision was when I was twelve, I’ll be seventy-five my birthday. And when you broadcast this, and it goes like you said on television and radio, the vision will be full at twelve years old.  God gave it to me that long time ago.  Now, I’ve been on satellite, but as I’m coming over here the Lord said, “This is what I showed you.”

Sid:  Describe again to me what He showed you.

Franklin:  He showed me the needs of the people the whole world, I was caught up into the heavens, looking down; I didn’t even know that they had satellite.  Well, they didn’t back then, and I didn’t know anything about it, but God knew what’s going to be there, that I could speak and it will go all over the world.

Sid:  Well, I want your faith to so grow that by the time of Thursday or Friday’s radio show, and all of those needs that are represented by people like yourself.  By the time the Friday radio show rolls around and I’m going to have him pray for the sick your faith will so grow.  As a matter of fact I want you to meet another woman that I interviewed, Pam Richie who was in 2007 she got a bad report from the doctors and I want you to hear about her miracle, let’s go to the interview with Pam Ritchie.

Sid:  I have Pam Ritchie on the telephone and in 2007 she got a diagnosis from her doctor that no one would want, four conditions, sacroiliac joint disease, performance muscle damage, four bulging disks, and osteoporosis.  She was on morphine three times a day, she had a number of epidurals for pain, she really got to the point where she was so worried because the prognosis’s that she would be eventually bed ridden. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to take care of herself.  How long did you deal with this conditions and this pain Pam?

Pam:  Three years.

Sid:  How bad was the pain?

Pam:  The pain was so bad that it hurt to breathe, it hurt to move my leg, it hurt to have to get up to go to the restroom.  It hurt to move, it felt like the hairs on my hair, my arms, my legs, they hurt, everything hurt.  It was just terrible, terrible pain and on two particular days all I could do, I was bed ridden for two solid days, and all I could do was but lay there and pray.  I mean the pain was just…and moments I felt like I was just out of my head.  Of course I was on the morphine, but I still had enough mind you know to just to pray.

Sid:  Pam, did you ever reach the point where the pain was so horrific you just wanted to die?

Pam:  Yes sir, I did, and I just prayed.

Sid:  And you had the thoughts about being bed ridden, that must have been awful.

Pam:  Oh, it was awful, I mean I’m the kind of person you know that I take care of other people, I mean I’m just not a person that allows people to take care of me, I’m a caretaker.  And my husband and I had discussed about me having to have someone to take care of me and I just did not want that.

Sid:  Okay, October 2008 you attended a church where Franklin was speaking, what happened?

Pam:  Franklin finished his message and he began to minister in the Spirit and he said that there was a lady in the back of the church with a white jacket on and that lady happened to be me.  I was actually sitting in the back church because I wasn’t sure that I could sit that long and you know just in case because of all the pain that I was in, and he asked if that lady would step out into the aisle.  He prophesied, ministered to the spirit and prayed for me.  And from that night my body has been totally different, I have taken no morphine, I have had no pain, I know that God used him because when he was prophesying he specifically used words that only my husband and I had talked about and so I know that I’m healed.

Sid:  How can you explain being in such horrific pain and being pain free, how can explain that?

Pamela:  Because I know that God heals.

Sid:  Well, this is Sid Roth and I’m back with you with Franklin Walden. Franklin was the one that had the Word of Knowledge on Pam Ritchie’s.  Does that astound you Franklin when you know things about people that there’s no way you could have known it and they tell you that your revealing the secrets that are going on in my house that no one in the world know but us and God.

Franklin:  Well, that’s the anointing, when the anointing comes upon me for that particular gift to operate.  They always got to be somebody for that gift to respond to, it just doesn’t stay laying in your Spirit. And so when it comes upon us I know that it is always “Thus saith the Lord.” I don’t speculate in people’s problems, I know what I am talking about. The Lord speaks to me.

Sid:  When He speaks to you is it primarily a thought or you actually hear His voice?

Franklin:  Well, I hear a voice in my spirit, it is more than a thought, it’s a, I hear it in the Spirit, and I don’t hear it with the five sense, knowledge or hear it at all.  When you’re in the Spirit like this, you neither down here in the natural and you’re not all the way in the supernatural.  You’re somewhere in between.

Sid:  I see.

Franklin:  Where God can speak to you and it shuts everything out except you’re healed.

Sid:  I have to tell you though, it’s hard for me to comprehend how you got caught up in business, you were very successful with the gifts that God has given you, the prophecies, the experiences.  Then you go into the army and they actually the angel of the Lord speaks to you that you’ll soon be out, and you were soon out of the army. And you had made a vow to God and that you were going to serve Him full time, but you went back into business and then you were given a death sentence six months to live, heart problems.  How could you have done that Franklin?

Franklin:  Well, we came up without very much, lived on a farm and I said that I was going to be a millionaire at thirty years old.

Sid:  I said the same thing; we both heard the same voice.

Franklin:  I wanted to give mother and dad things that they never did have and I run from God to do that, but I got in trouble. When I got in trouble He just became silent.  He wouldn’t talk to me, I had made three vows and when He did come He said, “You made three vows to Me and broke them all, and left.

Sid:  So you got this death sentence six months to live with heart problems and you decided to go to a church one night, it must have been difficult for you to even have the physical strength to do that.

Franklin:  Oh, I wasn’t even supposed to walk up a set of steps, I wasn’t supposed to drive a car.  My daddy went out, as we called it back then, “to sloop the hogs” on the farm.  You know and while he was gone, it was on a Sunday morning, mother had worked at the little Church of God over the hill, she walked.  Well, I had an extra set of keys that they did not know about and I got in truck and drove to this other minister’s home and he carried me to the little church where I was healed.  And I got in there and the heart was going…

Sid:  Well, time is slipping away; we’ll pick up on this story on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But Mishpochah, how would you like Franklin Walden to mentor you?  You know when people were with Jesus they just watched what He did and it kind of, it was contagious, it just jumped on them…

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