Sid:  My guest by way of telephone, Mark Blitz is so red hot for the Messiah because he has an understanding of the Biblical Feasts and I mean to straighten you out right away.  If you think observing Biblical Feasts has anything to do with going to heaven, you’re wrong.  If you think that it has anything to do with righteousness, you’re wrong.  Belief in repentance and death and resurrection of Jesus by His stripes our sins are atoned for plus nothing is salvation.  But if you think that it has to do with open portals to heaven, timed, specific times in the year which God commands us to come into His presence for a set appointment, then you’re right.  It’s blessings, it’s not a requirement, but my mother didn’t raise a dummy, I want to have an appointment with God when He promises to show up.  It reminds me Mark Biltz of Jacob when he saw the ladder and angels coming up and down from heaven, an open portal.  Could you picture that ladder at these Biblical set appointments that God has for us?

Mark:  Oh, definitely, definitely I think I love the imagery of that, I think that it’s so exciting it’s exactly what it is.  These are God’s appointed times for us, He wants to be with us.

Sid:  And I believe that you have a destiny to teach in freedom the dress rehearsals, if you will of the First Coming of the Messiah, and the Return of the Messiah, and these ancient portals that God says if we will observe them then He will have an appointment with us.  But it sounds to me like the devil tried to knock you out.  I mean two times you had guns to your head, you should have died, but then the thing that is so amazing to me is; you fell asleep driving a van, tell me about that.

Mark:  Yeah, it was incredible it was about three weeks before I got married, this was many years ago and I had a newspaper route that was all night long.  I stayed up late on the Fourth of July to watch the fireworks.  And so about 4:00 in the morning I’m going down a highway in my, it’s called a step van with all these newspapers that I’m tying and rubber banding as I’m going down the highway about 55 miles an hour.  And I’m not buckled…

Sid:  It’s a good thing that was before the time of cell phones because you’d have the other hand with a cell phone probably doing text messages.  No, I’m just kidding.

Mark:  That’s fine, so I would grab one paper and kind of roll it, rubber band it and then I would throw it out the window while I’m driving down the road.  And I’m on the roadway stretch where there’s no houses or no papers to throw them for a couple of miles so I’m just going down the highway and I fall asleep.  And I hear the rubble strips and I kind of come to and I see the speed limit sign coming right at me and I jerk the car real hard to the left and now I’m headed to the ditch so I jerk it real hard to the right and then I’m going on two wheels down the highway sideways and then hit and I end up rolling the van, three and a half time over one hundred yards and I land upside down in the ditch.  And all I did was sprain my ankle because I was so tired, I just kind of rolled with it, but I also think that there was supernatural protection guarding my life.  And so I came to and I smelled the gas, and saw these papers and I said, “I’m out of here!  A had to…

Sid:  And no seatbelt either!

Mark:  No seat belt, and no seat belt at all and the hood of the car literally was touching, as far as the top of the car, was touching the hood.  The windshield was completely smashed flat and I had to crawl out a passenger door.

Sid:  Now, you have another habit in addition to your life being spared those three times, and that is money multiplying in your wallet; tell me about that.

Mark:  Yeah, and I couldn’t believe it, I had just gotten saved and I wanted to join a youth ministry as a volunteer and I had to have income to even pay to go to this three month training institute.  And I was you know I didn’t have hardly any money and I had like ten dollars; two five dollar bills in my billfold and I went to the church service where I had gotten saved at and they had a guest minister preach and that I’ve never heard of and what they did before, but they were taking up an offering for this preacher.  And I thought man I need this $10 for myself to go to this school but I really felt like the Lord spoke to me that I needed to give him you know $5 dollars and so I opened my billfold and there was three $5 bills in there!  And I couldn’t believe it and I showed everybody and I was so excited and I put a $5 bill in the basket and then after the service I was so glad because I needed that $10 for gas, and when I opened up my billfold to pay for the $10 of gas, again there’s another $5 bill in there.  So I not only able to give $5 to the guest speaker but $10 in the gas, I still had the $5 bill.  Now it never happened again, but I’m sure glad it happened then to build my faith as a new believer.

Sid:  Now on yesterdays broadcast I postured the question, “Why is there such an intelligent effort to stop Christians from understanding the set appointments of God or as you explained yesterday, the dress rehearsals of the First Coming to the Day and the Second Coming of Jesus?  Why is there such a conspiracy, I’ll call it for what it is?

Mark:  Well, I think that it’s definitely demonic as it says in Daniel the anti-Christ wants to change the times, the appointed times.  I think he doesn’t want believers to be on God’s calendar.  He’s doing everything he can to thwart the return of the Messiah so if he can prevent prophecies from being fulfilled.  He thinks that that will thwart it which is why he knew prophetically that Israel was to become a nation, but in the very act of trying to destroy it the nation of Israel came into existence.   But I really see it as a demonic trick to try to throw the believers off and in his mind to trying to prevent the return of the Messiah.

Sid:  Let’s take a look at the spring Feasts which will then give us an idea of what we can expect to look for in the fall Feasts.  Because the spring Feasts to the day prophecy the first coming of Messiah and a lot of Jewish people would not have missed the first coming of the Messiah if they had understood the Feasts.

Mark:  Oh, I think so, and to me Passover is just so incredible, so incredible and even the songs that they were singing, you know like at the last Seder or the Last Supper.  And the very day Messiah died Josephus records that there were 250,000 lambs slaughtered in one day.  Can you imagine, 250,000 lambs cause he said that there was like 2 ½  million people there for the Festivals.

Sid:  Now, Jerusalem isn’t so big, how in the world did they hold  2 ½ million people?

Mark:  Yeah, they were just all over the place…

Sid:  They had to be jammed!

Mark:  They all jam packed, I’ve been to Jerusalem, I love it and the thing that amazed me and with 250,000 lambs, even if they had a court of blood, you’re looking at 55,000 gallons of blood!  Where’s all that blood going to go?  All that blood was thrown at the base of the altar and under the altar also, under the Temple Mount they have these aqueducts or these cisterns that were filled with 10,000 gallons of water and all of that blood.  And they would release the water would go a river of blood and water would be flowing down these south side of the Temple Mount into the valley of blood.  And so the incredible thing to me is they literally would see this river of blood and water flowing from the right side of the temple into the Valley of blood.  Well, the Father, God He’s in the Holy of Holies facing east and so the right side is His right side and so at the very moment the blood and water flowed from His Son’s side a river of blood and water could be seen flowing from the Father’s right side of the Temple Mount.

Sid:  Now, you were explaining on yesterday’s broadcast about the exact hour that Jesus died was prophesied.

Mark:  Yes, yes, yes at 9:00 in the morning was the morning sacrifice and at 9:00 in the morning is when they were binding the Passover lamb to the altar they were binding Yeshua to the cross.  At three in the afternoon is when the Passover lamb was sacrificed; at 3:00 in the afternoon is when Messiah died and then the next day is unleavened bread and we know that Messiah was without sin and He was buried on that very day.  And then three days later on the Jewish feast of First Fruits, most Christians don’t realize that the Jews have been keeping First Fruits for 1500 years and here Messiah as the First Fruits of the Resurrection He rose on the Jewish Feast of First Fruits!

Sid:  And explain to me as you were speaking about 250,000 lambs being sacrificed in one day and all of that blood.  Explain to me where the blood went and what it meant.

Mark:  Yeah, all the blood would be going underneath the altar and they had these giant cisterns of water that would just take all that blood and flow down the south side of the Temple which would be right, because the temple is facing east and it would just fill the Hinnon Valley of blood, with all this water and blood.  The south side of the temple was where the dung gate was and all the refuge and everything would be flowing out that way.  And so I think that it’s amazing to me that Yeshua as the Son, the blood and the water when He died at 3:00 in the afternoon, the blood and water flowed from His side and here we can see the Father is also in mourning and the blood and the water was flowing from His right side.  In Judaism they have what’s called Keriah and it’s a mourning ritual where when a relative dies they will rend their garment from top to bottom symbolizing a broken heart.  Well then what does the Father do?  The veil of the Temple is rent from top to bottom showing the Father’s mourning the death of His Son.

Sid:  I’ve never heard it put that way, how did you figure that out?

Mark:  Well, as we study these rituals, as you study the Hebrew roots and when you get in and you look and you read, and you study these things, the dots just start connecting.

Sid Roth:  And you said as you actually observe it revelation comes.

Mark:  Exactly, I think like with anything it’s only when you do it, it’s not just studying it, it’s in the doing, it’s in the observation of these things; exactly right.

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