Sid: And I’ll tell you what, after listening to this week’s broadcast you are going to be so red hot for the Messiah.  My guest, Gary Kah and he’s exposing things that are going on that the secular media has purposely hidden from us and he knows names, countries, key players that all fit in to the end time scenario from the Bible.  Gary but many Christians and many non-Christians are in favor of a one world government.  One world religion, what is so wrong with that with the world seemingly crumbling before our very eyes?

Gary: Yeah, it’s going to look good but it’s going to big deception, it is probably going to come about in the name of world peace and world unity and that’s what’s so attractive about it.  But in Revelation Chapters 13 & 14 especially there is talk about a global system that would exist in the last days.  And this global system would have to be in place in order for the anti-Christ to rule over the world.  And when you see…

Sid: And initially it’s going to look very very good.

Gary: Yes.

Sid: Because people aren’t going to show their true colors but I guess initially Adolf Hitler looked pretty good when the economy was coming apart in Germany.

Gary: Well, that’s just it, yeah people went for it and he did a lot of good things early on to sure up the economy, but we all know now how it ended you know.  And there are people involved at the forefront of this one world movement trying to bring about this global government that are, I know for a fact very much involved in the occult in Eastern Mysticism.  Many of them are strongly opposed to Christians and Conservative Jews and have made some strong statements against them and so the handwriting is on the wall here.  And also in Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus said, He warned that we would not be deceived that the last generation that there would be an incredible amount of deception.  That there would be many false christs and false prophets that would go out even in His name, he said but do not believe them.  And He said that it would be so deceptive that even the elect could be deceived if that were possible.  And so we have to be on our toes and believe me when I first stumbled on to these things and began to research them there were moments where I couldn’t believe that this was happening.  But when you see the evidence and if you do research with an open mind and see where these people are coming from and what they intend to do and where they’re going it runs very strongly contrary to scripture.  And I see it as a very dangerous movement and of course scripture prophesized that this would take place.  We were prophesied in order to be warned against it not to be part of it and to promote it.

Sid: Now you see very harmful thing happening that most people, Christians and non-Christians alike see as wonderful and that’s an ecumenical movement of Christians and Muslims and Catholics and even Jews uniting together.  What’s so wrong with that as long as you can keep your own individual belief?

Gary: Well, in order to bring about a global government there has to be a coming together a type of unification of the world’s religions and that has been well understood in the political One World Circles.  And this has been their biggest challenge over the years and especially when it comes to the Christianity and Islam and Islam and Judaism.  How can you bring those religions together?  And so there have been a number of initiatives an increasing number of initiatives especially over the last few years promoting inter-faithism.  And in October of 2010, last year the UN passed a resolution establishing an interfaith harmony week which is to be celebrated during the first full week of February each year.  This is going to be an annual event, and so this past year they had interfaith Harmony Breakfast for example held all across the world.  And the main push behind this is really to bring Christians and Muslims together.  But the problem is it’s always Christians doing the compromising on this and so it’s really clearing a path for Christians to cozy up to Islam.

Sid: But wait a second Gary, most Christians I know they would love to be part of a conversation with Muslims for the sake of evangelizing them.

Gary: I totally support that and agree with that in fact we have a back yard neighbor named Mohamed so we have Muslims right in our neighborhood and we reach out to them and we are friendly toward them and do whatever we can to set a strong example for the sake of the truth and Jesus.  But was is happening here through these organized activities is that there is no evangelism going on, it is really just a cozying up  with Islam and that is the danger that I see in it.  In fact this whole UN initiative was kicked started by Jordan’s King Abdullah and Prince Gozie and it was found upon some of the UN previous interfaith activities and especially the common word program as it’s called which the Muslim’s call it.  It originated as a Muslim call to bridge building with the Christian community.  But when they say bridge building again there is more to it than that, it is really to try to infiltrate and penetrate the Christians community and bring it in to Islamic circles.  Christian leaders in the response to that document called for greater connections with Islam and equated the God of the Old and New Testament with the Koran.  And again certain Christian leaders are moving in the direction of Islam or at least coming much closer to it.  And they ended up signing a document in that regard called loving God and neighbor together.

Sid: Now that sounds good.

Gary: Sounds good, doesn’t it.

Sid: Yes.

Gary: It does, but again when you follow these meetings and the statements that have been made at the meetings or the lack of statements never is anything mentioned about Yeshua or Messiah in terms in being the way and the only way. But rather this openness, this unspoken interfaithism that other religions or pathways to God and so we have to make a decision there.  Are other religions pathways to God?   Does it not matter that if you believe in Buddhism, or Islam or whatever or is the God of the Bible completely unique from these other gods?  And I can contend that He is and we have to make a stand on that, and we have to do so in a loving compassionate way to be sure, but none the less we have to stand for the truth and especially in light of what Jesus said would take place in the last days and how deceptive things would be.  So I am very concerned about this.

Sid: Now there is that I don’t understand, I understand what you’ve just said, there is something that I don’t understand because in this document that was signed by 300 Christian leaders and when I say leaders, these are household words, I mean it includes the National Association of Evangelicals.  That so for sure when they’re top leaders and they make a statement I’m quoting this is what I don’t understand.  “Mohammed preached a god of love.”  Gary: Yeah.

Sid: I don’t get that, any one that knows history, anyone that’s read the Koran knows that’s not true.

Gary: And these are the kind of statements that are being made at these meetings as well.  It opens up the gateway to Islam, to be accepted.  And again we should love the Islamic people and reach out to them, but to change our beliefs so that it facilitates and works together with Islam, that’s a trap of the enemy.  That is setting the stage for a coming together of the world’s religions and ultimately a World Government that will be ruled over by the anti-Christ.   This is the single biggest deception in the whole thing is what is taking place on the religious front.  Sid there is a coming together of the political side of this movement and the religious side and in fact you’re no stranger to the word, to the name Counsel of Foreign Relations.  This is an organization that since 1921 has been promoting globalization and ultimately World Government, although there are people in the organization that would not necessarily agree with everything and I want to throw that in.  But overall the direction of the CFR has been toward empowerment of the UN moving us in the direction of global government.  And they are now in a sense taking a final step into the religious realm by co-opting their goals and activities through religious groups to further their own purposes.  And unfortunately it seems like many pockets of the church are increasing open to this and I’m speaking here specifically about the global faith form that was held in Dallas Texas back and again, a number of Christian organizations that were sponsors of this meeting right along with counsel on foreign relations.  And to the best of my knowledge this has never happened before.  This is something new at this level…

Sid: So it’s a marriage between the One World Government and the One World Religion, is that what you’re saying?

Gary: Exactly.  It’s definitely opening up the door to that to make that easier down the road.  It’s I say at the point where we are right now it would still take a few years to bring this all together but its moving quite rapidly.  And I think that we’re just maybe one major world crisis away from all of this jelling and coming together.  And so the stage is clearly being set.

Sid: Now Gary, in your DVD’s you mention specific names, evangelicals that are involved that I have to tell you are household words.  You mention you get very specific in that, I’m curious, has this gotten you in trouble?

Gary: Well, to a large extent we have been flying beneath the radar so to speak.

Sid: Well, you’re not going to be any more, once we get these DVD’s out.

Gary: Yeah, I have done a number of talk shows on this and back in the ‘90s I was even asked to run as Lieutenant Governor or Indiana by one of the candidates who is planning and so I’ve had visibility and I have spoken on this.  But when it comes to the mass media they have stirred clear of.  And so the average American is not aware of this but a growing number of people in Christian and Jewish circles are becoming aware of it now.  And you know and they need to be aware of it, but I had to decide what to do and whether I’m willing to suffer any consequences that come with it.  But I believe the hour is so late that we have to be willing to speak the truth in love and do so without apologizing for it.  And anyone who knows me closely knows that I am not a hateful person, that I love the Islamic people, that I love the Hindu people…

Sid: Gary, we’re out of time right now.

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