Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, her name is Delores Winder and what happened to her should happen to no one.  She had advanced osteoporosis which caused her bones to grow old way before their time and then become brittle.  And so she had four surgeries on her spine and she had a back brace and she had a body cast, and she had a neck brace and the pain was unbearable.  So they have a surgery that they do where they literally burn out the nerve centers at the base of the brain which then relieves the pain.  As a matter of fact she’ll have no feeling what so ever, and they only do that for people that are terminal that will not live to just stop all the pain.  And so she went through that and she reached a point where the doctors said to her her organs were all shutting down and the doctors sent her home to die.  It was time to die.  And Delores when you got home your youngest child Chris, you had a conversation, he realized what was going on, tell me about that conversation.

Delores: Well, I always said to him, “Mother won’t live to see you grow up” or something would happen and I would say “We need to appreciate this because I won’t be here for something else.”  And so we thought we had him quite prepared and we got home from the hospital and we made all the funeral arrangements and everything and I had a couple pieces of jewelry that I wanted different ones to have and some things.  So we had everything separated and ready to die.  And this night I was probably home two days and I heard Chris crying after we went to bed.  And I said to Bill, get me up and take me over to him, and so Bill got me up and put my body cast on me and took me the on neck brace and took me over.  And Chris said to me, “Mother, you are dying aren’t you?”  And I said, “Honey, you always knew that I would not live to see you grow up, but God has given us this many years.”

Sid: About how old was Chris at that time?

Delores: He just turned fourteen and I said, “That was a lot of years that we didn’t think we would have but we had many more years.”  And it didn’t stop him from crying, I said, “Honey, can’t you be happy for me, look at me and I said I won’t wear any of this anymore and I’ll be able to walk and I’ll be able to talk again and I’ll be with Jesus.  Can’t you be happy for me?”  He said, “Momma I can be happy for you but what about me?”  And all of a sudden I had just the strongest impulse that something is wrong, this isn’t right.  And I said to the Lord, “I will not come home until you show me how you’ll take care of him.”  And immediately I thought, “I can’t talk to God this way, I can’t keep myself alive, what am I doing?  And again, “I don’t care Lord, I mean it, I will not die until you show me how You’ll take care of Chris.”  Because I knew right at that moment that he was so emotionally destroyed he could never be put back together again by a physiatrist or anyone else.

Sid: Now you had someone that assisted during the day and she had a mother that came one day to visit you and there was a very strange set of circumstances where she wanted to turn on the television; tell me about that.

Delores: I went to church by television and I had the television on, but she came in, had never come to see me before because her daughter said to her, “Don’t bother her.”  And she was a little difficult woman, but she had came in and my television program had just finished and she walked over and turned the station.  And I saw this red headed woman coming out on the stage saying, “I believe in miracles.”  And I looked at her, now I had never even though I grew up in Pennsylvania, knew about Kathryn Kulman, I had never even seen a picture of her before.  And I said to Velma, “Who is that?”  And she said, “That’s Kathryn Kulman” and I said, “Turn that off.”  She said, “Don’t you watch her?”  I said, “No, turn it off.” But in the mean time I was crying out to God to have an answer for Chris; I had to know how He would take care of him.  And finally she turned it off, but she said to me, “What if you’re keeping the door closed to God?”  And I said to her, “By not watching Kathryn Kulman, that’s ridiculous.”  But she left, but the thought didn’t and finally I said, “Lord if I need to watch that woman you’re going to have to keep me alive until she’s on; I don’t know when she’s on, you’re going to have to let me know that and I will watch her.”  Well, instead of that Velma had an old aunt living in Dallas and she called Velma and told Velma that Kathryn Kulman was going to be in Dallas and she had a ticket and she thought it belonged to me.  And so Velma called me and said, “Would you go hear Kathryn Kulman?”  And I said, “Where?”  And she told me in Dallas and suddenly I knew I was going to get my answer for Chris.

Sid: So, you weren’t going to get healed, you just wanted to know what would happen – how Chris would be taken care of once you died.

Delores: How the Lord would take care of him.  Because I trusted the Lord, even then then I would be very ill and I would say, Lord, and I didn’t have anyone staying with me, I would say “Send somebody for the day.”  Or I would have so much pain before they did the cordotomies that would say, Lord “Let me sleep today.”  And another surgery and I would say, “Lord, please bring me through this surgery; Chris isn’t ready for me to die yet.” And he did it.  The Lord would do it, and so I had a great trust in Him.  And so any way I had to call Bill in and say, “I need to go to Dallas to this meeting.  And he said, “How are we going to get you there?” and I said, “I have no idea, but I need to be there, God’s going to show me how He’ll take care of Chris.”  And the woman who took care of me said, “I’ll take you.”  And Bill finally said, “Alright.”  And so she, they got me ready that day and it was a couple days later and as they were getting me ready, Chris had not seen me leave accept to go to the hospital for a long time and he came in and said, “Mother, where are you going?”  And I said, “Honey, I’ve got to go hear a woman preacher.”  He said, “Why, you must like her.”  Because he couldn’t image me leaving, and I said, no, I do not, and that was so unusual for me to say that, but it just came out.  And he said, “Why don’t you like her?”  I said, “Honey, she is a woman that I knew about Pennsylvania who says she heals people and that isn’t true, but I have to go because God is going to show me how to take care of you, if I will go.”  And he stood there for a minute and he said, “Mother, you’re going to be healed.”  They laid me back down, gave me another shot.

Sid: Now, how did you react to him saying that?

Delores: Well, as soon as they got me back to bed, I said, “Chris, come here and he came over and I said, “Honey, I want you to know that doesn’t happen anymore, and I’m not coming home any different than I’m leaving, but I will know something for you, do you understand that?”  And he said, “Yes ma’am,” and so they got me in the car, but he pushed the screen door open and yelled,” But you will be healed!”  And I started crying and I said to Dale, “Take me back in the house I can’t go with him thinking that something is going to happen to me.”  And she said, “Wait a minute, do you really know God’s going to show you how He’ll take care of Chris?”  And I said, “Yes,” and she said, “Then let’s go find that out anyway.”  And so we went and then when she got me over there she couldn’t get me out of the car and she was closing the door to bring me back home.  And a man stepped up and he said, “Here, let me help.”  And he picked and carried me in and we waiting for Dale to come in and they took me in to a seat.  And I was sitting on the aisle, they got water for me to take more medicine, they were wonderful, and the place was packed full.  But when Kathryn Kulman came out on stage, I took one look at her and I said, “Dear God, what am I doing here?”  I can’t even stand to look at her, and I heard almost an audible voice say, “You don’t need to look at her, just listen.”  And she started talking and by this time I close my eyes and I was just sitting there with my head in my hands, I had a horrible head ache.  And she said, “Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to the Holy Spirit.”  And I thought I know the Holy Spirit, it’s the Spirit of God and her next remark was if you call Him it, you don’t know Him.  And suddenly it was as though something came on me and I was alert and I still had my eyes closed, and I saw a Kodak slide picture of Chris and a man on our front porch.  And the man turned and looked at me and said, “Tell Chris that he need never walk in the house alone.  Tell him to picture Jesus and reach down and take my hand and I’ll walk in with him, but my name is Holy Spirit.”  And the peace of God fell on me and I was ready to go home, I had my answer.

Sid: You know Delores, I hate to do this to our Mishpochah, but will have to stop right here, but the peace of the Holy Spirit is on everything we’re saying right now, I expect miracles to break out before the end of this week.

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