Sid: Now Michael Kaylor, you are seeing the deaf hear, the blind, what is it like to see someone blind get their sight back?  Tell me about one person.

Michael: Well, it’s just really changes the way that you look at life forever.  You are sort of not just the same when you start to see these miraculous events and especially when they respond, because when they receive healing you see the compassion of Jesus and you know that not only them, but their whole family get transformed because, my goodness they live with the person that’s been blind.  I remember praying for someone that was blind and the first time they received their sight it’s like you sort of couldn’t contain them, they started crying and laughing and we tested it of course, we said, “Okay, can you read this?”  And they would sit there and they would read it, where before they couldn’t.  And what it does to you inside, it’s like I don’t know, it’s like a joy bomb or something goes off inside of you because it’s like it happens to you, but not really; I mean it’s extremely exciting.

Sid: Alright tell me about that person who was dying with two tumors.

Michael: Oh, that was amazing, we had just completed some meetings, they had been in town for like weeks and we were asked to go like at midnight to pray for this young ladies grandmother so we go the hospital and she’s in this room with four other people and we’re in the city in Brazil where actually they just put them in there because they have no more hope for them, they are just going to die.  And this Grandmother had had two tumors, been a coma for two weeks and they expected her to die in two to three days and show Sherry and I go in we begin to pray for her and as we begin to pray for her and a real amazing angel walks in, just the sense was amazing there was no physical manifestation at that time and we began to pray for her and then the other ladies asked, “Would we pray for them?”  And so we began to pray for the other three ladies in the room and by the time we got to the last lady and begin to pray for her the Grandmother who had been a coma for two weeks sits up in bed.  She’s wide awake and she’s asking “What happened and what’s going on?”  Were shocked in a good way and so her Granddaughter begins to explain to her that how these men, these people from America are here and they came to pray for you and she said, “What happened, what is going on?”  So she began to tell her what happened and the result was after we had left, this lady who was suppose to die in three days went home within a week totally healed, the tumors were gone, everything was back to normal for her.

Sid: Now, you are having wonderful results with people with cancer, tell me about the person that had their femur that was destroyed.

Michael: Yeah, we were actually in Yakima, Washington at Shiloh Christian Center and we were praying for a lady there after some meetings and she had cancer in her femur bone and they stuck a rod in there to hold her bones together because they were so feeble the cancer was eating them up so bad.  And so we just prayed for that and I believe it was a Sunday, well the next day she went in for her normal scans and stuff and treatment they’re doing for her and this time when they did the scans they do another scan and they do two scans and they bring her in the office and they ask her, what have you been doing and she said, “Well, I’ve just been going to church and having someone praying for me and he say, “Well, I can’t explain it this, but  here’s your scan before and here’s your scan now.  Now all the cancer and femurs gone and your bone has grown back; which was extremely exciting!

Sid: I am sure, tell me about the first time you saw gold teeth and fillings.

Michael: Well, we were in Winchester, Virginia, we had been going to this wonderful church, Agape Center there and we just felt like the Lord was really wanting to do something there so we have been doing some meetings and on June 1st of that year, my wife was there speaking and at the church and at the end of the service the Lord had given her a word beforehand that He was going to put His glory in mouths of His people and at the end of that particular service there was like eleven to twelve people suddenly had gold fillings appear in their mouth.  Well, this was so exciting, of course, this is very exciting.  The Youth Pastor goes and tells his mechanic the next day as he’s getting his car fixed about what was going on.  And the mechanic of course just sort of flats it off and yeah, whatever and he said, “No, no bet God will give you a gold filling.  And the mechanic says, “Yeah right.”  And he says “No, I think that He would, go in the mirror and look, go in the bathroom and look.”  So the mechanic walks into the bathroom, looks into mirror and sure enough he’s got a gold filling in his mouth, in the mechanic there in the garage.  Well, the mechanic’s mother is a book keeper and she comes out because there sort of excited and said, “What’s going on?”  And he says, “Mom, look I have a gold filling.”  And the Youth Pastor says, “You know I bet God will give you a gold filling too.”  And she says, “Awe, I don’t think so and they say open your mouth.  She opened her mouth and I’m not kidding she had a gold filling there in the garage as well.  Well, the tow truck driver came by asking “What is going on?”  And they told him and sure enough the exact same thing happened to this guy, he got a gold filling in his mouth, and this was not in a church this was outside in a garage where the Youth Pastor was getting his car fixed.  And so these gold appearances started happening and gold dust and one account the wonderful thing about the Winchester outpouring started and several churches got together and one of them was this wonderful Baptist Church, but one of the leaders was just very skeptical of all of the gold and didn’t feel like maybe this was the direction that they needed to go in.  And so he just decided him and his wife, he happened to be the head deacon on the church decided that they were not going to go back to this church anymore.  And so Sunday morning the wife of course wanted to go and he says “I told you we are not going back to that church if this is the direction the Pastor is going, we’re not doing this.  And their standing there in their home and she begins to shake and she says “Honey, you need to go look in the mirror.  He looked in the mirror and when he didn’t have a gold filling he had a entire gold molar.  His molar turned gold, and he said his own word, “He said, I have just eaten the biggest crow of my life, I feel like I’m the most humble man on the earth.”  He came back and gave his testimony about what had happened and when he did all the skepticism in the church about signs and wonders and miraculous events it just dissipated and to this day, that church is booming because you know, you’re just seeing the result of a miraculous Kingdom being displayed.   It is amazing!

Sid: Now, you teach what God is teaching you so that other’s can do what you’re doing.  And one of the things that I heard your teaching on is that was so wonderful to me is that many people when they soak they kind of just blank out; they don’t think about anything.  And/or they may thing of their laundry list or what they have to do but both are wrong, you talk about where the focus should be, explain that.

Michael: Oh, that is so true, well the focus, you know a lot of times a focus is huge because there are even people you know, who use this type of focus, focusing in and they get messages from the other side.  For example, you see people that read a crystal ball, well they really don’t read a crystal ball what they’re doing is they’re allowing themselves to receive information; Our focus has got to be on what the Holy Spirit is doing upon us at that time and at that moment.  And so many people are so leery to let the Holy Spirit do what He wants to do just because they have been taught that he doesn’t do it this way.  But I tell you, I’ve discovered that one huge encounter from God will erase as lot of bad theology and so we teach people, you know when the Holy Spirits coming on you and you’re focus is there and you’re soaking trust that He is doing this, you have to give yourself permission to believe that this is the Lord.  And as you did do that you sort of surrender to what He wants and you begin then to move into that realm where you receive visions, you may receive encounter, you may begin to receive a physical manifestation of fire.  Many, many people will receive fire in their hands and that’s an impartation of conformation of healing for them and through them.

Sid: Well, as people are listening to you right now, the presents of God is coming on them, they can feel the Holy Spirit bubbling within them… Tell me one person that went to your school or listened to these CD’s and what happened to them.

Michael: Well, we had, well we had one couple that went grocery shopping; this lady rolled up in a wheelchair and of course as Christians we want to pray for the sick.  So they just got on their knees in the middle of the grocery store and asked the lady if they could pray for her and most people would have gone home and prayed for them, but they prayed for her right there in the middle of the grocery aisle.  And as they prayed for her they asked her, “Get up and see if you can get up and walk.”  And do you know what?  That lady got up and walked out of her wheelchair, started walking down the aisles and not only to amazement of her, but the manager came to them and said, “What did you do to that lady?”  She’s always in here in a wheelchair, she’s walking now.

Sid: Stop just listening and become a doer of the Word.

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