Sid:  I don’t know of a better way for you to be red hot for the Messiah then for you to see the DVD we are releasing this week, called “Furious Love.” I have the person that put this together, Darren Wilson on the telephone.  He’s the one that also put together their “Finger of God” about miracles, but “Furious Love,” Darren you hit a nerve that is so important.  I believe that between today and the time that the Messiah returns the world will be getting darker and darker and God’s love will be getting stronger and stronger.  That’s what’s going on in the movie, you see this contrast.

Darren:  Yeah, but we need to go, that’s the issue and that’s where everything swings.  I mean God’s ready God’s ready to pour out His love on everybody.  But the problem is that we’re His hands and feet and if we are not willing to go, if we’re not willing and not even necessarily willing going to another country, I mean if we are not even willing to go to go to work and love the person in front of us there, then you know God’s hands are tied, he can’t move.  He wants to move through us.

Sid:  Well, what’s going to happen when the army of believer’s in North America grab hold of the reality of God’s love?  What’s going to happen? 

Darren:  You are going to see a revolution, that’s what’s going to happen.  It’s a full on revolution of love.  And with all revolution comes change, right?  So you are going to see entire nations changed if we can just, if we can just do what Jesus tells us to do, the world will be changed.

Sid:  Well, let’s talk about a place that really needs change and that’s Thailand.

Darren:  Thailand was tough; Thailand was probably next to Madrid, the toughest shoot that we had to do just because of the heaviness of the darkness.  I mean, we hung out in the heart; I mean the very heart of prostitution and the sex trade for like a week.

Sid:  I mean they literally have cities that are built around the industry of sex trade.

Darren:  Yeah, Poteail, Thailand is one place we went to where the whole city was built before Vietnam was a little fishing village of like forty families and Vietnam became the big R&R stop for American soldier and prostitution built the whole city.  It is literally a city built of prostitution and it was rough.  You want to talk about the levels of darkness in situations that are not easy, they are not really easy to fix, talk about the sex trade in Thailand; it was brutal.  But the same time, God continues to show up.  It is like as long as we are faithful, He’ll show his love.  And that’s one thing; there was a moment that is in the film where we were praying for a lady boy, in Thailand.

Sid:  This is a young boy that grows they’re hair long and dresses like a woman. 

Darren:  Yeah, there either transsexual, transvestites, kind a kind like weird and not really sure what’s what.  But, yes, so there’s this kid that we kind of stuck up a conversation with and we’re actually able to pray for him.  And we had an interpreter with us, so we were talking to this kid and he understood that something real was going on because every bar area where you go into find the prostitutes have something called like a bar mom.  And basically like, they’re like I guess you call them something like the bar pimps or something like that.  They are the people who are in charge of the girls and the boys and everything kind of goes to the bar mom.  It was interesting at one point, Will Heart who was with us and he was kind of the evangelist friend of mine who was doing a lot of the ministering.  He struck up a conversation with this bar mom and she actually prayed for healing of her stomach and her back and she was totally healed and she actually came to the Lord, she accepted Jesus right then and there.  And it was wild, and then all of a sudden we started talking to this lady-boy and the bar mom is telling this lady-boy just looking.  He understood that something was going on, like this is real and then we started talking to him and we realized we all notices that he was wearing a necklace and it has a cross on it and he told us that yes, I grew up in the church, I took; I remember I took the blood of Jesus and the bread of Jesus and I wear this cross to remind of that.  It struck me like God branded this kid, you know even an experience as a child, it…

Sid:  You know the average Christian in America if they bumped into a kid like this they would want nothing to do with him; you know that.

Darren:  Oh yeah, it is very uncomfortable; you know the whole place is uncomfortable.  And we don’t want, it’s too messy and it’s too dirty and we don’t want to get out hands dirty.  But at the same time he’s a human being and He’s God’s child, and that’s what…the thing that struck me as I filmed this scene; I remember thinking like, this is what His love looks like, it is not a Hallmark Card, it’s not a Christian bookstore.  His love is for this individual at this point in time and it’s; never going to change. 

Sid:  I thought that it was so phenomenal the way the way you shared God’s love, you captured God’s love as you were talking to this young man, but tell me …about Indonesia, I’m really intrigued by this Pastor Philip.

Darren:  Yeah, Philip Muntofa, I met this guy and I have met a lot of people at this place, I met a lot of really impressive people, humble people who are walking in great power and great humility and just love the Lord.  I’ve yet to meet anybody who impresses me as much as Philip Muntofa who impresses me.

Sid:  How large is this church and what percentage is under thirty years of age?

Darren:  Yeah, his church in Indonesia is about 30,000, has about 30,000 members.  It is a big huge mega church.  Philip’s thirty-three years old and he actually among his leadership of the churches, 80% of them are under thirty years of age. 

Sid:  What a courageous young man.  Tell me that story about the witch doctor that he took a group and stood in front of the witch doctor’s house and started pointing his finger towards that house, saying “Repent or else!”

Darren:  Yeah, this witch doctor you told me about, this is another story where I’m like, just took it to a whole other level of what we are up against and this is a very famous witch doctor and he’s since past away but, this is probably about ten years ago and he would hold festivals every year in his own honor and he had like twenty-seven wives.  And what he would do he’d call one of his wives up and he would like slit her throat, he’d kill his wife and then he would raise her from the dead and then he’d take a knife and cut open his stomach.  And he would like bite on his own intestines and he’d die and then they would bury him and three days later he would raise himself from the dead.  I mean this is like total blasphemy.

Sid:  Ha, I remember, the young man that was blown out of the water with just a miracle.  What happened to you when you heard this?

Darren:  I was like are you kidding me, I was like this is…everybody knew about this guy, he was like one of the those famous witch doctors in the Pacific rim and thousands of people would go to these festivals and see him do these amazing feats.  And so Philip, Philip is the most courageous, not afraid of anything.  But he only does what the Lord tells him to do and so he went to this guy house, took a team and every day he’d go the this guys house and he’d stand outside and he would just pray and they would pray for this witch doctor and they would say like repent or else.  You need to repent; you can’t keep doing these things.  And one night this witch doctor had a dream and in the dream Jesus came to him and he was dressed in white and he actually said He was Jesus and He said, “I want you to go to that church down the road and it was Phillip’s church; I want you to go that church and I want you to become a follower of mine, to be a Christian.  And the witch doctor had an argument with Jesus in this dream, and he said, “Why would I do that he said, I’m more powerful then all those Christians.  I worked my whole life to gain all this power.”  Jesus said, “You will do it because I am their God, I am the one living God and you will do it because I’m the one God.”  And he said, “No, I’m not going to do it.”  Like I’m too powerful, and Jesus said, “Okay well then I’m going to take your power away.”  And in this dream He tapped him on the shoulder and the guy woke up and a he felt a hand leave his shoulder as he woke, and all of his powers were gone.  I think he waited like three days and he kept trying to do miraculous things.  He couldn’t do anything.  And so he was so freaked out he went to the church, he talked to Philip, the guy became a Christian instantly.  They baptized him and I think it was something like five days later he died.

Sid:  You know I am so intrigued by the documentation you do on this Pastor Philip in Indonesia, but what is the key to his power?

 Darren:  Yeah, and that’s what is so impressive, I’ve never met anybody so obsessed with holiness.  You know you meet, you know this, you meet a lot of different people Sid, and you know something happens I think sometimes to people and there’s this constant tension between doing great things for the Lord and trying to keep yourself in a place of holiness and humbleness.  We’re seeing it just turn on the news and you see Christian leaders falling all the time from a lack of holiness, right.  And this  Philip, his whole mantra is I want to be able to call the Holy Spirit by His first name.

Sid:  Oh, were out of time.


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