Sid:  The world has been waiting for that middle wall of separation to come down, between Jew and Gentile to form this one new species of being.  His Name Yeshua, in Hebrew, Jesus in English and then Paul goes on to say, it’s going to make the full dwelling place of God.  The miraculous that we’re about ready to see is contingent on reaching your Jewish friends to make the body complete.  Reaching your Jewish friends for Jesus; let’s make that clear.  My guest, Dean Sikes is a man raised up by God to prophetically teach about how you, how everyone can enter the supernatural.  And Dean you had an experience and it almost cost you your life several times that you learned a great deal about tapping into the supernatural of God, you call it two days in October.  This happened in 2006, you’re on your own airplane and you’re flying from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.  Tell me about that.

Dean, Well we were I had ministered in Pennsylvania at a teen challenge that night.  I was getting on our airplane, God gave us the airplane because we had petitioned Him for it and He gave it to us and we took off and I was heading to Kentucky to speak the next morning at a school that had had a really horrific event.  Five people had been killed and because of a young man who made a bad choice and we were flying along.  Just my pilot and I was sitting in the back of the airplane.  We were at fifteen thousand feet, it was a very cool night, I wasn’t bothering anybody, I had my feet up drinking a diet coke and eating a Little Debbie snack cake and suddenly I heard something that caused me to come out of my seat.  There was a pop, I ran up the front of the airplane, asked the pilot what I had just heard, He was working through the systems, he had heard the same thing.  And then suddenly, I looked out the right side of our airplane and the right propeller was no longer spinning we had just…

Sid:  Now, wait a second, God supernaturally gave you that airplane.  How could God allow that? 

Dean:  Well, I’ll tell you how, there’s a real devil and he comes to steal, kill and destroy and at fifteen thousand feet in an airplane that God did give us and we had what aviation that world caused catastrophic engine failure, the engine literally died right there three miles up in the air.  We had to turn the airplane around on one engine, there was an airport about ten minutes behind us and those ten minutes, I got with God.  And if you weren’t saved that night before you got on my airplane you were at that point because you knew this was serious.  You know I learned a great lesson here about all of this, when you face an expected moment in your life, that is not the time to start planting a seed.  That is the time to start calling a harvest and I did that.  I went to the Word, because the Bible says the Word is the seed and I began to remind God of what I had been petitioning Him about about our safety cause months earlier God really began to deal with me about safety in aviation.  And I began to just confess that no grave trouble will ever overtake the righteous; that He would keep our feet from falling, that no weapon formed against us will prosper.  And truthfully that night I got a little on the scared side and the Lord said, “Get out of fear because fear and faith will never coexist, you stay in faith, say what I said to say.”  And I began to just say it and I began to believe even more powerfully because faith really becomes faith when it has to work.  When our pilot did an emergency landing.

Sid:  There was no no plan b?
Dean:  There was no plan b.  You were not to have a second chance to miss the runway, and pull up and take off again.  You had to stick this landing one time.  Think of it this way.  West Virginia, plenty of mountains, were going into a mountainous area unfamiliar terrain and suddenly my pilot get a God idea, he says, look down below us and there were the city lights coming up and he said there are no mountains right here because the lights are on, they are just there.  He said I’m going to do a big circle and were going to drop altitude and he did, lined up the runway in front of us and I’m thinking about two things so I get out of my seat go to the front of the airplane.  And said I go I know you’re busy this is serious, but I got to ask you a question.  “Is there anything that you’ve not told me that we are getting ready to experience?”  He said, “No, you know everything I know, why would you ask that question?”  “My people perish because for a lack of knowledge.”  I need to know something, is there anything that I need to know about?  Number two question. “Did you put the landing gear down?” He laughed and said “Yeah, I’m glad you asked, but yeah, it’s down.   Why did you ask that question?”  “The little foxes spoil the vine.  It would be very silly to go through in those ten minutes and forget to put the landing gear down and a lot of people forget to do the basics when they come into unexpected moments.”  We landed safely; I got off the airplane and called my wife.  Ten days later, I leased an airplane, I was in Chicago, I had three internal witnesses, do not get on this airplane.  I proved stupid, is a real word and got on the airplane.

Sid:  Wait a second, how did you do that?

Dean:  Because, I got, what is the right word here Lord?  I got careless with the anointing.  You’re in full time ministry, you’re going all over the place; you’re speaking all the time, people are being ministered to.  I stopped doing for a season, what had brought me success and  when the Lord said to me, don’t get on that airplane I ignored it, thinking devil you’re a liar God is with me, His word is protecting me.  But God gave me three distinct warnings.  I ignored all three, I got on the airplane, we took off and climbing up to 6,000 feet up the left engine experienced the same thing that the right engine on my airplane had experienced.  This time it was much more serious, because the left engine is known as a critical engine and the airplane was trying to turnover in air.  And the Lord spoke to me; this is when it get exciting.  He spoke so clearly, he said Gary, Indiana.  I knew what to do, I said to my pilot, find out where Gary Indian is.  We were six minutes away.  I said, go to Gary.  Fog was everywhere.  You couldn’t see anything, we make the turn into Gary, Indiana there’s no fog, it’s as if God looked out over Heaven, blew His breath of promotion and all the fog split there the run way was.  We landed safely, I got off the ground and I did something I had not done in a long time, I hit the ground and I cried and I said, that’s it and I began.

Sid:  What do you mean, that’s it?

Dean:  I broke my own law, Lord I can’t do this anymore.  And I called my pastor.

Sid:  Did you reach a point where you didn’t want to be in an airport anymore?

Dean:  Oh Sid, I fought fear for two solid years.  Every time I got on an airplane I heard the devil say to me, “I’ve tried twice I’ll get you this time; wonder who your wife is going to marry once you are gone?  Is the insurance paid up on your life?  You’re going down today.  And I had to fight that, and I had to fight that.  But interestingly…

Sid:  See, if the devil could neutralize you and get you to have so much fear you wouldn’t fly your destiny would not be able to complete.

Dean:  That’s it; see the airplane is a critical component to my destiny.  I don’t need necessarily a big building or equipment, for me my necessity is a tool that lets me go further, reach more and get home faster.  And that’s what He has given us and that’s what the devil was trying to take away, which would then slow down the ministry.  So if you are going through something today, and the devil is trying to take something out your hands that God gave into your hands, guess what, you must me a viable threat to the devil, otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting his time on you.

Sid:  Okay, you are surrounded, it’s thick that you can feel it and touch it, this fear.  What do you do about it?

Dean:  Well, for two years, I just kept confessing that he had not given me a spirit of fear, but that He was love.  But what…my break though happened when I was in an airplane and I was at 16,000 feet flying right over Atlanta, Georgia, I will never forget about it; I took a picture from the airplane of the city and the Lord took me to Psalm 94.  In the multitude of my anxieties Your comforts brought me delight.  You comforted my soul and the Spirit of God, every single time that I would have fear come after that, I would recite that verse out loud.  Lord, you’re my comforter, you’re taking away this anxiety it is not from you.  I just receive the peace of God and I’m going to keep doing what I know you called me to do and I’m going to bind the devil according to Matthew 16:19; I’m going to stand on the Word, I’m going to believe you Lord and I thank you that you’ve delivered me.  Not that you are going to, but that you have already done it, it’s a done deal.  Now Sid I can go out there and get on an airplane and smile and have a great time.

Sid:  You learned a lot of lessons when you faced the unexpected and the truth is everyone listening to us will at one time or another face the unexpected.  Give us some nuggets that you found out from these experiences.

Dean:  Well, you might recall that on the first issue, the first time we lost the engine the city lights and how our pilot saw the light and it lead us to safety; well the Lord taught me there that when you go through unexpected moments if you’ll follow the glorious light of the gospel it will take you to safety.  I learned that, after it happened and people found out about it, they wanted to talk about it, but I learned a great lesson here never discuss what you are going through with someone who is incapable of helping you solve it because they very likely will just add more fear instead of more faith.

Sid:  That’s a difficult thing to do because usually it might even be a close love one.

Dean:  Sure.

Sid:  How do you keep that from them?

Dean:  Well, you have to learn, well the Bible says it, even a fool, when silent is considered wise.  Sometimes it is better to shut up and let everybody think that everything it’s okay then to really let them know what’s going on.  Yeah, I had to learn how to call those things that were not as though they already were.  And when we went through this, I learned probably one of the best lessons that I learned was, I had to identify was this a God sent assignment or was it from the devil?  Well, if you go to Genesis the Bible talks about how God tested Abraham.  How did He test him with his obedience?  I fully believe that God does test obedience but it’s the devil that tests your faith.  How do you know that?  We have three children, would I put my put my three children on an airplane and take them to fifteen sixteen thousand feet and kill the right engine and go oh great, let’s see how much faith you have?  That’s not love.  So I knew I knew where this had come from.  I knew the origin of this, it was the devil trying to do what he does, trying to kill, steal and destroy.  But I also knew that greater was He that was in me, than he who was in that world trying to do that to me.

Sid:  Give me one more quick nugget.

Dean:  Well, I think one more I would hang on to as I was out there going through an expected moment is never give up; never, stop doing what brought you success.  I knew what to do to get an airplane, God showed me how to do that, I knew how to operate it, as far as flying it, keeping it in the air, as far as you know the operational side of it.  Having a really anointed pilot up there but I had to go back to the basics of confessing the Word, standing on the truth and not letting my circumstances dictate what was coming out of my mouth.  I had to never ever stop doing what had brought me this success. 

Sid:  That’s a word for someone who’s listening right now, because it’s not like baseball; it’s not like the game of baseball.  It’s not three strikes and you’re out, it’s when you stop swinging that’s when you’re out.

Dean:  That’s right, that’s right.

Sid:  Never ever give up.  We’re making two powerful teachings CDs available to you.  One is called “The Power of Petition.” Dean Sikes shares from his own life this supernatural key to get your prayers answered and when you hear these testimonies and when you’re lead step by step how to create your own petition from God; can they fail Dean?

Dean:  No.

Sid:  They cannot fail.

Dean:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And then the second teaching CD is a question that everyone wants to know the answer, everyone wants to discover “Their Own Destiny” and you have supernatural steps that you have outlined of how people can supernaturally find out their specific destiny with God.

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