Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda. And this is hard for me to comprehend. It will be hard for you to comprehend. A young girl is dying, days to live, liver disease, and Mahesh and Bonnie find out about this. Now I’ve heard for praying for someone. I’ve heard of laying hands on someone. But I have never, ever heard of what the two of you did. What happened with this young girl that was dying of liver disease, Mahesh?

Mahesh: Well her pastor and mother called me and said they heard the Lord tell them, “Call the general.” So they called me and said, “Pray for this little girl. She’s given up. They can’t do a liver transplant, it’s happening too fast. Her liver is bad. Will you pray?” And I said sure, and I got into the presence of the Lord, and I was in His presence for about 26 hours.

Sid: Now Bonnie, were you praying along with him?

Bonnie: Yes, absolutely.

Sid: And did you pray that length of time, too?

Bonnie: Yes. And you know, that’s one of the things about the Glory. You recognize that it’s the living presence of a person named Jesus, specifically in the emissary, who is the Holy Spirit. And he’s invisible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not tangible.

Sid: Okay. So you knew something good happened.

Mahesh: Yes

Sid: What did you do?

Mahesh: So I called the mother and the pastor, and the liver now was about normal. It was better than normal. It had been healed, completely healed.

Sid: How could they explain? She was dying.

Mahesh: That’s right. And they said, “We had nothing to do with her.” And I knew what had happened and I sensed. And that’s what I want to transmit to people and tell them we can get in what I call the glory bubble, the bubble of His glory.

Sid: But wait a second. I know about getting in the glory bubble. But what I don’t know about is both of you went in to that dying liver. Explain that to me.

Mahesh: It is because of Jesus. And it was if in those 26 hours we went through every cell that had been poisoned in her liver.

Sid: Now both of you were experiencing this? And did you confer? Did you say both?

Bonnie: No because when you’re in the presence of the Lord like that and He’s working, everything, though it’s very supernatural, everything, it seems normal. It seems natural. You’re caught up where you’re whole being is harmonizing with the reality of His being, and He is light, He is love, He is healing, He is joy, He is power. But it’s natural. Like you say, it’s supernatural. It’s natural to be supernatural.

Mahesh: And this has happened again and again. As we get in the bubble then it’s like you are a steward of the atmosphere around you. You don’t know to what degree, but that atmosphere may be five feet within you. But that, the presence of God, the shekinah, because we are filled with the Holy Spirit it should start emanating from us. It’s all because of Jesus and what he has done on the cross. But we can be in his presence, and therefore, you and I are supposed to be, and those watching us, are supposed to be ambassadors of the Glory of God.

Sid: But what was it like going into the cells in the Spirit? I’m just trying to understand this, Mahesh.

Mahesh: I felt like we were there and it was done, and the proof of the pudding was the healing of the liver. And when the Lord said, “It’s done,” it’s a mystery to a degree. But the Glory of God, the presence, was touching and changing the equation in every part of that little, the young lady’s liver. He was aware there was death and life was coming.

Sid: Okay. I can’t get enough teaching. I can’t get enough about the cross. I can’t get enough teaching about the Glory and that’s your specialty. Bonnie, would you teach for about a minute and look in this first camera, and then Mahesh teach, and then whatever God tells you to do, do.

Bonnie: I think the first thing that I would say: Calvary changes everything. Calvary makes the difference. It’s a supernatural, ongoing reality that, just like there is no victory without battle, the cross demonstrates for you that God has made every supply for every human dilemma, for every sin, for every bit of suffering, for every unanswered question that you have, the cross in its complete work has made all provision for that.

Mahesh: And it’s like where there’s radiation poisoning, there is no human agency that can heal nuclear contamination, let’s say. But sin is like that. We have been contaminated. But the amazing power of the cross, the resurrection of Jesus, loosened the Glory on Earth so that it can decontaminate every person who calls on the name of the Lord. Whosoever shall call on the name of Jesus shall be delivered, will be decontaminated in a sense. And I saw that literally, Sid, when my son was dying, and they said he’s dying of kidney failure, and the golden light surrounded him. He was screaming in agony and suddenly he got connected with the Glory of Calvary. And the Lord took away all the pain and recreated his kidneys, and now he’s 30 years old, healthy and strong because of Calvary. And whoever all the people who are watching, if they would exercise faith in the cross, God’s power and glory can come and heal and deliver.

Sid: Pray for people right now.

Mahesh: Right now, the power of God is coming towards you as we are talking about Calvary. The Lord is healing kidney disease. I believe stage four cancer is being cancelled out. There’s a lady who’s been struggling with breast cancer. The Lord is touching you right now. And the man, you’re retired but your prostate cancer, the Lord is touching you. The miracles for a baby that’s in the hospital. And we just thank the Lord for miracles happening. There are several things. If you have been a wheelchair, move your legs and see, and get up, because the Glory right now, from Calvary is emanating and changing the atmosphere around you, and healing is being released through the glory of Jesus Christ.

Sid: Are you catching anything, Bonnie?

Bonnie: The vibration. I can feel it’s like deep thunder and there are a number of you. And I see a young woman, in particular, with long dark hair and you’re getting a sense of a rumbling in your belly, and I just want you to know you’re beginning to feel the vibration. We talked about God being tangible and there is visitation for you. And there are three children, a family with three children or a mother, or an aunt that is presently watching for three children in your family, in your extended family. The Glory of the Lord is going to touch them. God holds their destiny fully and firmly in His good plan.

Sid: And God is healing hearts right now. Your blood pressure is normal. You’re going to bypass the bypass. You’re getting a new heart from Heaven. Mahesh, have people gotten new hearts in your ministry?

Mahesh: Absolutely.

Sid: Absolutely. I like that. And Jesus said, “It is finished.” And I say it is finished because of the cross and because of the Glory.

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