Sid:  My guest is, that’s an understatement when I say red hot for the Messiah.  His name is Rick Joyner and he just had a dream and he calls this the most vivid, the most serious, the most alarming dream he has ever had.  The most specific and the most graphic and the most real and if you know much about his background, he’s had many dreams that have come to pass.  And he’s a recognized voice, prophetic voice in the world.  And Rick, but in addition to the prophetic side you started an organization of which I was at the initial formation of called the Oak Initiative.   And at that meeting there were about 300 leaders, now you’re in fifty states and 78 nations.  And as important as the Oak Initiative is in this dream that saw the only thing that will help will not be politics.  The only thing that will help the survival of America will be the church.  And you had a very graphic dream of what’s shortly going to happen to America.  But because of your work through organizations like the Oak initiative you’re privy to information as to what really is going on in America.  Would you tell us some of this?

Rick:  Well, you know I do talk with people that are in pretty high places and communicate regularly of places of positions in the government and influence and also study you know.  I do a lot of research…

Sid:  I’m very impressed that you do study history.  Your really, your passion is a historian and it’s amazing how many times history repeats itself. 

Rick:  Yeah, it is.  I don’t think you can really understand prophecy without understanding history to some degree but that’s a whole another lesson.  But I do I have a passion for History and it’s His story you know and it is his story of God’s dealing with men.  So, but the future is one of the things that he’s put on my heart since this dream because I don’t believe He would have shown me such a dream in which our country was in such imminent jeopardy if we couldn’t do something about it.  And he showed me what to do about it.  And it was to get the church to wake up the church.  To get the church and to pour the truth on to this fire that is consuming our nation or about to consume it.  It is consuming the foundations right now.  That’s what I saw in this dream and the church alone can deal with this.  So, you know we’re fighting against enemies that cannot be defeated through elections.  And I appreciate getting righteous people in the right places and being engaged that way, but this is way bigger than what can be defeated in Washington.  Only the church can do it and the good news is though, we can do it.  You know these are divinely powerful weapons for the destruction of strong holds and you know this doesn’t have to happen.  We don’t have to lose our country.  We can have our best years ahead of us but we’ve got to rise up and we got to rise up this year.  Really, 2,011…

Sid:  When you mean pouring truth, you mean being a spokesman for God based on the truth of the Bible.

Rick:  Yeah and preaching it with boldness and with courage.  Forget your IRS 501c3 status, forget all that.  I mean the whole house is about to burn.

Sid:  Tell us some things that you know in the natural.

Rick:  Well, you know, we really are lingering right now on the potential collapse of the dollar and that would be so unbelievably devastating you know, you can’t imagine.  But what the devil is trying to do is set up again right here in America what he did through the Weimar Republic in German in the 30’s.  Crash our currency, crash …

Sid:  Well, that would sure level the playing field and share the wealth as President Obama wanted to do.

Rick:  Well, what it would do, it wouldn’t share the wealth it would make everybody poor.  It would make everybody, it would impoverish everyone.

Sid:  Well, he didn’t tell that to Joe the plumber but go ahead.

Rick:  Yeah, yeah but that is there basic philosophy in what they teach but it doesn’t have that result and it never has anywhere in the world.  But we are in absolute serious jeopardy.  I mean our Constitution is being eroded; the authority of the constitution but there’s an economic crisis.  This is going to be done to us; the attempted is through an economic crisis of unbelievable proportions.

Sid:  Do you have any, are you privy to any information as to, obviously it’s being orchestrated by the invisible world but who’s orchestrating in the natural world?

Rick:  You know, I don’t that.  You know, I really don’t have that information.  I’ve heard all kinds of people who are you know claiming certain people are behind it and they may be right.  I just don’t know.  And…

Sid:  I believe it’s going to come out shortly and I believe that people are going to be shocked when they find out who’s really pulling the strings in the administration and it’s not the people we see with our eyes but go ahead.

Rick:  Well, something really serious is upon us. I’m sure of that and in the natural it looks impossible.  But nothing is impossible with God and we have to keep that in mind and we also have to keep in mind; America is not the New Jerusalem.  You know even if America was lost the Kingdom is still coming and the Lord’s will is going to done but it doesn’t have…

Sid:  Speaking about America not being the New Jerusalem, I feel very safe even though the world is coming against Israel and the bombs that are about ready to be released.  I feel Israel will survive because the Bible says it.  But I’m not so sure there’s a guarantee in the Bible for America’s surviving.

Rick:  Well, that’s true, and I think it depends on our obedience and aligning ourselves with God and with His purposes.

Sid:  What’s going on with Islam in America?

Rick:  Well, that’s one of the things, there’s an infiltration of radical G Hodist in America, even into the top levels of our government and this was proven in US federal court and the Holy land foundation trial in Texas.  And without dispute and people from an organization called the Moslem Brotherhood, who have a sworn, I mean it was on their web site, the face of their website their mission statement was the destruction of America and western civilization.  And we have taken members of that organization and elevated them into top levels in our defense department and our homeland security.  This is the craziest thing that I have ever heard.  And whether…

Sid:  We use them as translators in our army. 

Rick:  It’s even more bazaar than that, its way more bazaar than that.  And it’s got a lot of people thinking yea, this is treason, this is intentional people are seeking to unravel and destroy America and let those into like a Trojan horse right into our most sensitive places.  And there is an outcry; an increasing outcry.  The tip of the iceberg which was over the Cordova Masque in Manhattan that was an amazing outcry from America, because Americans are starting to get it.  They’re starting to really understand what Islam is really about.  They’re studying it, the books on Islam are becoming best sellers.

Sid:  Listen, I don’t know if this is true or not but there is an organization called the Council on American Islamic Relations.  They estimate in the US there’s 7 million Muslims.  Statistics show at least 10% are radical.  And if 10% are radical, that’s 700,000 terrorist in America. 

Rick:  Well, the statistics I saw were much different than that and way more than that. 

Sid:  Well, with our border is poorest, we’re looking at the Hispanics and we’re forgetting the Moslems.  They’re slipping through the radicals.

Rick:  They are and you know, Alkita and you Hamas had bases all over South and Central America.  And I mean there’s so much stuff going on but it is truly remarkable but you know what; I’ve seen the Lord through a single word unravel and a thousand years of the devil’s strategy in something.  And the Lord can easily foil all the plots of the devil and everything but we have some serious ones going on.

Sid:  Tell me about the censorship that is going on and the hate crime legislation.

Rick:  Well, that’s true, there trying to shut up pastors and mostly Christians and you know it’s interesting the Moslem Brotherhood in their strategy for destroying America was to use political correctness and our own Constitution and Bill of Rights against us.  And they have been their major weapons to attack us and you know you can say anything about Christians.  But think about that memo that came down from Homeland Security saying that everyone that believed in the end time prophecies of the Bible and Veterans and these Right Wing Groups were the major terrorist threats of America.  And did not even mention in that memo Islamic   G Hadist, which have been the source of ninety nine percent of terrorist attacks in the world for the last half century.  How blind could you get?

Sid:  And then, but there’s a form a censorship in the media.  I mean it just seems outside of one network and I’ve been watching some of these people and it’s not just a political disagreement.  It is literally venom coming out of them about Biblical positions.

Rick:  Well, you know the old statement, “Follow the money, check who their biggest stock holders are, Saudi Arabia and Prince.  And who has been boasting about controlling our media; boasting about it.  In fact the whole Moslem Brotherhood is boasting about how what an easy prey America is.

Sid:  Unfortunately, our time has slipped away, but I know that you will want his DVD of this most recent revelation from God “Will America Survive 2011?”  And then the answer, he has a CD titled “Preparation for Transfiguration that will help you and help America prevail in the times were entering to right now.  And “How to enter into His Glory” we’re making this CD and the DVD and that also includes a talk by Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, who is the number one expert in Socialism and Marxism and how America it’s happening right now.

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