Sid:  Now Kevin you have had many visitations from the Lord and you’ve had visitations where He’s instructed you.  And I sure hope you go to our web Sid and listen to a first few days of our interview; and even if you heard it to listen to it again.  There’s is an anointing on it, but you’ve had visitations in which you’ve been instructed how angels cooperate and how we’re to cooperate with angels and how to have open Heavens and we’re making available two special CD’s.  One is called “How to Work with God’s Angels and tell me what you believe God accomplishes with this teaching Kevin.

Kevin:   I believe that it helps people to understand that God has millions of angels which are prepared and ready, willing and able to co-labor with us to manifest God’s Kingdom upon the Earth.  And the Lord has at various times shown me different ways that we can legally co-labor with God’s angels and this teaching helps people to understand those ways.  They’re actually quite simple.

Sid:  Now as someone understands this, what kind of feedback are you getting?

Kevin:  Oh, we’ve had people whose lives have been transformed.  I mean, many testimonies where we have shared the material in these teachings that people began to co-labor with the angels and they see God multiply provision in their lives, some people are launched out into ministry, they begin to minister in power of the Holy Spirit signs, wonders, miracles, healings. 

Sid:  Tell me about the other CD were making available, “God’s Instruction for the Miraculous.”  What happened when you taught this or when you teach this at meetings, the same teaching when you also pray for impartation?

Kevin:  Well, we see people who are empowered to begin to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit and the teachings say that Jesus sought many times to increase His disciple’s faith and this teaching is designed to do that.  And as our faith increases we are able to manifest Christ kingdom and to minister in the Gifts of the Spirit.  And that teaching helps people to be activated into that and the impartation I believe is tangible, but there is something that comes upon people’s lives which they did not have before which they can begin to use to smite the waters of their life much like Elisha did when he received an impartation from Elijah.

Sid:  Kevin there are so many things I want to ask you about, but I have to tell you the thing that intrigues me the most is when you had a vision of vaults in Heaven having to do with spare body parts!  Explain that.

Kevin:  You know the Bible says that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places and there was a season in my life when the Lord would invite me to come up into Heaven and to fellowship with Him.  And I’ve been in many places in Heaven, but there was a season where I went to this particular place which I call the library.  And near the library there are these huge vaults which have many different things in them.  With this particular instance here you asked me about the Lord directed me to go into this vault and Sid it looked like a bank vault only if it was ten times larger than a bank vault.  It had a massive door and there were two strong angels and I knew that those angels were assigned to oversee the content of the vault.  So when I went into the vault what I saw was rows and rows and rows of very immaculate what looked to be medical implements and there were stacked high as you could see, you know fifty feet high on either side rows neatly arranged of body parts and there were, you know, eyes and fingers and livers and pancreases and whole arms and legs and fingers and toes.  And I knew just from being there I had revelation thru the unction of the Holy Spirit that these two angels were just two of many many thousands of angels like this that God has in Heaven who can co-labor with us to bring body parts to people upon earth.

Sid:  Have you ever seen this happen at one of this happen at one of your meetings or when you prayed for someone?

Kevin:  Yes, we have seen creative miracles.

Sid:  Tell me one.

Kevin:  Well, once in India a man grew a foot.

Sid:  Grew a foot?

Kevin:  His foot came back upon his body, yea.

Sid:  Oh my goodness.

Kevin:  And we’ve had people…

Sid:  How did you pray for him or did it just happen in the presence in the atmospheric anointing?

Kevin:  This literally happened in the presence of the Lord.  The Bible says at times the presence of God is there to heal and this particular meeting Sid, there were about conservatively 19,000 people there and I saw Jesus step into the meeting with my open eyes.  And the Lord walked through the number of people that were in that meeting and just began to touch people and people were just healed.  There were literally hundreds of healings in that meeting and dozens of blind people healed.  I didn’t touch anyone, the presence of God literally Jesus was there to touch and heal.

Sid:  Now, what happened when this man came forward and said I had my foot restored?  I image the presence of God must have, whatever it was it must have been a 1,000% higher.

Kevin:  Absolutely Sid, unfortunately I was limited in that meeting.  We were not able to take testimonies at the meeting.  But we received the testimonies later from our host pastor who called us to give us a report of all these different miracles that had transpired.  Another lady had vertebrae grow back in her spine.  There was many blind people that were healed, tumors had dissolved; just incredible miracles that the Lord Jesus Himself manifest.

Sid:  Now at the very start of this day’s interview I could feel just a sweet presence of God’s Holy Spirit and it just keeps increasing.  Do you know what God wants to do?

Kevin:  I believe God wants to touch His people.  God wants to touch the people who are listening and the Lord wants to make Himself real to us.  He wants to make His Kingdom real to us; He wants us to walk in the realms of Heaven all the time.

Sid:  Well would you pray that right now?

Kevin:  If you are listening, I want you just to yield yourself and speak to God and say Lord, whatever it is that you want from me, I receive it now.  So Father today in Jesus Name I release Your Kingdom.  Holy Spirit, I ask You to begin to touch people. I sense that there are people that are just feeling the presence of God. 

Sid:  Well, I’m one of them.

Kevin:  And the Lord is just going to do a deep interhealing.  Thank you for that Lord, a deep interhealing in Jesus name.  Now I see that God releasing some people from generational issues.  Nothing you have ever done, but generational curses that have been appointed God.  You’re just going to feel like something’s lifted off your head.  Some of you may feel something coming out through the roof of your head right now.  General curses I bind them, I command them to loose right now.  Lord we ask for You Kingdom to come here upon Earth as it is in Heaven.

Sid:  Now, you saw a vault of mantles of famous people from the Bible.  Tell me about that experience.

Kevin:  I was in the same place where these vaults were and the Lord allowed me go into another room and again it had about a door like a bank vault and I walked in there, there was neatly wrapped boxes.  And honestly, Sid I didn’t know the names of many of the people that were on the boxes.  I notices that they had little golden name plates and there were names on those and I looked for a long time at the boxes.  I didn’t see any names that I recognized but eventually I recognized a few I did recognize like Smith Wigglesworth and Mariah Worth Etters.

So I’m thinking to myself, what in the world are these boxes but I knew that they had to be very very valuable, whatever it was because God had stored them there with precision and care.  And it was obvious that they were very valuable in the Kingdom of God.  And so I looked for a long time and finally I saw one box which seemed to attract me.  I was attracted to this box and I picked it up, and when I held it in my hands the two angels that were there beside me smiled at me and I noticed that it was the mantle of Steven.  And I opened it up and the angels took the mantle out of the box and placed it upon me.

Sid:  What did it look like?  A robe or what was it?

Kevin:  It looked like a white robe, Sid.  But it was kind of like a one size fits all you know.  It wasn’t tailored to an individual person so it was a very loose fitting garment.  But it was made of that phosphorescent material and when I put it on I felt the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit go through me.  And then I knew, I was supposed to return to where the Lord was waiting.  And when Jesus saw me, He looked me in the eyes; put His hands upon my shoulders and when He did that I had revelation.  The Lord said, well done my son.  And I had the revelation that God was releasing the mantle of Steven back into the church, back into the earth in this hour so that unusual miracles will be worked by ordinary people because Steven was an ordinary man.  You know he was just a bus boy we would call him today in the church.

Sid:  But there was another part, he was such a martyr a witness that he gave his life.  Do you think that goes along with it? 

Kevin:  Sid, it could and you know something?  That’s something we need to consider seriously, but I believe that this mantle will be for ordinary people and I don’t believe that you’ll have to become a martyr to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit like Steven.  The Lord began to speak to me about this, that many of the people that would be raised up in this mantle of Steven would be unknown and we will never know who they are on this side of eternity but specifically in the Middle East and in China God will begin use women and young children in this type of anointing and authority of the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  Can you picture young Sobra’s, that’s native born Israeli’s and young Moslems this mantle coming on and what damage they’ll do to the kingdom of darkness?

Kevin:  I can, and I’m excited about it and I lay upon my bed at times and meditate upon these things Sid and give God glory for the things that He’s about to do along these lines.

Sid:  Do you actually, when you mediate do you see yourself doing these things, is that part of what you do?

Kevin:  At times, the Lord will show me things, if I’m preparing for a specific meeting or a specified soul winning outreach for example in Africa.  At times the Lord will show me events that will happen in advance and yes, so that is one way that we do minister and we can release the power of God.  When really what we’re talking about is the Word of Wisdom or the Word of Knowledge that God under the unction of the Holy Spirit will show us things that are to happen in advance.

Sid:  Are you seeing dead people raised to life?

Kevin:  Yes, we have seen the dead raised and I have had one vision, I shared earlier about in one of the earlier broadcasts how the Lord took me and we walked together in the realms of Heaven for several hours and during that time the Lord showed me I was preaching at a large soul winning outreach and…

Sid: Oh, I’ll tell you what.  We’ll pick up right there on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But Mishpochah I want you to get his two CDs.  I want him to mentor you, you think you’re exciting now, wait until you listen to these two CDs “How to Work with God’s Angels” and “And God’s Instructions for the Miraculous.”


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