SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson, and I’m so excited the Lord Himself came to John Paul Jackson and said that there will be 10-year window of horrific things that are gonna happen on the earth, but that doesn’t mean they have to happen to us. And there is a key and it has to do with justice. Over 500 times in the scriptures justice is mentioned. And there’s a scripture, was it Jeremiah, “No one calls out for justice”?

JOHN PAUL: Isaiah 59.

SID: Isaiah 59: “No one has called out for justice.” And tell me, explain what injustices could be going on in people’s lives and explain how justice will change it.

JOHN PAUL: Well there’s two things that happen. People can invite the enemy into the light because they do wrong and simple things. But there’s an issue where you’ve done nothing wrong and yet something happens to you, and that’s where the enemy intrudes into your life. He steals life from you, he steals finances from you, he steals your emotions, he steals marriages, he steals relationships, and it can happen for generations. So crying out for justice is the act of asking God to uphold His throne. Psalms tells us that the foundations of the Throne of God are built on two things: righteousness and justice. If either one of those aren’t implemented then the throne topples. That is not going to happen. So therefore, we are able to cry out to God for justice. Justice is too facetted. So you have, let’s say you  have a one-ton attack on your life and you cry out to God, you would expect a one-ton anointing or a one-ton repayment to come back to you, one ton stolen or five dollars stolen, five dollars back, one ton stolen, one ton back.

SID: That would be fair.

JOHN PAUL: That would be fair, but it doesn’t take care of your pain. It doesn’t take care of your sustenance. It doesn’t take care of the emotional duress. It doesn’t take care of the loss of life that you had prior to the settlement. So what God does, and it’s covered in the scripture, “What the palmer worm has eaten, what the cank worm has eaten I will repay seven times” or they will restore seven times what they ate or they stole is the settlement in addition to the justice given. So there’s part of justice is not just for one thing for one thing, there is additional implementation that God gives in our lives. And so we have, for example, a lady in Ohio was calling out unto God for issues that had gone on in her marriage, issues that had gone on her family, and she had an autistic son. She’s asking for justice to come, and not knowing how it’s going to come, because sometimes we don’t know. It’s not like you get a dollar for a dollar. Justice comes in many different ways that God chooses. In this particular case–

SID: So it’s up to the judge.

JOHN PAUL: It’s up to the judge.

SID: As to what the settlement is.

JOHN PAUL: Exactly. He determines the settlement. But you cry out for justice. He gives you justice. In this particular case, not only was her real estate issues that were solved in her family, but her autistic son over a short period of time was healed of autism that he had to where he was able to communicate, and it wasn’t just like barely healed. He was totally healed of this autism that he had. Justice, in her case, meant the healing of her son as well.

SID: Many times, and you’ve alluded to this, generationally there’s been injustice and many people call it curses, and they are curses. But from generations, there’s an alcoholic in each family passes on and on. These are injustices. Do you have an example of someone that has taken your teaching and got a settlement for all these injustices happening to them?

JOHN PAUL: Sure. I mean, there’s many different ones. The issue, curses are passed down to the third and fourth generations. Blessings are also passed down to the third and fourth generation. So when the enemy steals from, say your great-great-grandfather, then let’s just say he stole a million dollars. The lifestyle of the family is affected by the loss of those finances for the next several generations to come. So what happens is justice is waiting for somebody to cry out for it, and it will wait for three and four generations.

SID: It sounds too simple, John Paul.

JOHN PAUL: Well sometimes we try to make God complicated and God wants it to be very simple. He wants us to cry out. That’s why it says no one cries out for justice. We have to cry out for it. So there’s another individual who had issues of real estate. Their great-grandfather lost real estate and years and years had passed, and they had not been able to own a home. The grandfather had not been able to own a home. The father had not been able to own a home. They had not been able to own a home.

SID: I’ve seen this poverty passes on.

JOHN PAUL: Poverty passes on.

SID: That’s an injustice.

JOHN PAUL: And injustice, exactly. We cry out for justice, and so God give us ideas. God gives us understanding. And what ends up happening within a few weeks of crying out for justice they were able to buy their first house. And after that they had another piece of property, a commercial piece of property that they had not been able to close on trying to sell, hadn’t been able to sell it. That also sold and justice began to happen to them. They’re financial structure dramatically changed because they cried out for justice.

SID: Okay. In your words with this 10-year window of, I would call it judgments in all of these different areas. By the way, you told me something God showed you about gold. Tell me about it.

JOHN PAUL: Yes. The gold was going to dramatically increase in price, dramatically increase in price.

SID: There was another thing you told me about it. Not all gold is–

JOHN PAUL: Not all gold is gold.

SID: What did that mean to you?

JOHN PAUL: It meant that there is gold in the U.S. Treasury that is not gold. It has a gold covering, but underneath it, it is not gold.

SID: So you’re telling me that as broke as the U.S. is we’re even broker?

JOHN PAUL: We are even broker.

SID: Okay. Why is it so important at this moment with this 10-year window of all these judgments that are coming on America, why is it so important? Why are you so passionate to teach this?

JOHN PAUL: Because when justice comes it will come in the most opportune time that the judge knows how to deliver it, and you’ll have ideas that you never had before. You’ll have innovations you never had before. You’ll have ways of avoiding issues that you never even thought of before. You’ll have provision that you’ve never even dreamt of before. These type of things God wants to put a whole new mindset into you, and part of that is the issue of justice. God wants to give justice and change the way we think. Poverty mentality is exactly that. It’s a mentality and justice will break that mentality, and you’ll find ideas coming to you that will work.

SID: You know what I think is so wonderful, is when God shows up, whether He shows up in the arenas you’re talking about or John Paul Jackson was in England. Four hundred people sitting in an auditorium. And this is Chanukah-Christmas time, the Festival of Lights. You don’t know what lights are until God’s lights show up. After all, the Messiah said, “I am the Light of this world.” Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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