SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Gary and Faye Whetstone. And I mean did you ever see the movie – what was it? …Over the cuckoo…?

GARY: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

SID: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” I saw that movie and my guest lived that movie!You know what a lobotomy is? That’s where they reduce you to being a 2 year old.No hope of reversal.I mean a horrible fate, and Gary was about ready to have one of these.But let’s go back. Here you’re a good student.You’re a star athlete.Everything’s going your way and a freak accident.What happened to you?

GARY: I hit a car head on, sledding when I was probably in ninth grade and it drove my arm straight through my back.And that’s where my football arm was, my swimming arm, my tennis arm; everything I did was gone.

SID: Yes but you still could be a good student, so what’s the deal?

GARY: My identity was built on my performance, and I lost all motivation.Had no desire to succeed, had no desire to learn, no desire to relate to the same relationships; because all of my friends were gone.

SID: So your friends were gone.You got new friends, so what were you involved in?

GARY: Well the problem was the new friends; now my brother was the president of the pagan motorcycle club at the time; and my swing went from the student council president, captain of the football team, all the way over to the organized crime world.And I still had some mental capacity to me, but I had such a low self-image, it was the most tormented life you could ever imagine.Until one day I walked into a house.I was carrying what you carry when you’re doing your drug dealing.And these people were massacred.My mind snapped just like a twig.The next thing I knew, all I heard was voices inside my mind.And SidI went as insane as any human being could ever be insane.

SID: You actually went into someone’s house and you thought it was your house? Explain.

GARY: Right after that,I literally turned into a raving maniac.And I would have these voices go off inside of me.And one of them told me that this woman was my wife, that was my house, and everything in there was mine.I kicked in the front door, knocked over the fish tank.Her husband came down, started fighting; knocked him out.She ended up calling 911, and the next thing I knew I was up against a fence with a sawed off shotgun in my mouthwith the S.W.A.T. team.And I was just kicking the guy between the legs, telling him go ahead and blow my head off.I don’t care.From that point

SID: You can understand how some of these people that hear these voices:Son of Sam, et cetera;I mean you experienced it.

GARY: It’s very real.It is not a joke.It’s not just hype.It’s not stories, because when the state police took me; it turned out that the woman’s home that I broke into was actually a psychiatric nurse.And if that wasn’t the grace of God;she pleaded that there was a mental condition this person had and not to press charges.And they certainly had the right to do it.And they took me to the mental hospital, and after a period of time I ended up being locked up in an isolated area.And I literally turned into an experimental guinea pig for the state of Delaware.

SID: How…At your worst moment, what were you like in that mental institution?

GARY: Well they would shoot me up with Thorazine and Melareal and all these different drugs that would knock a horse out.And I lived in a padded cell that I’d eat out of the same pan I’d go to the bathroom in every day; and it absolutely had no effect on me.I had a little tiny hole in the window and my knuckles would just be blood raw with the rage.And the anger and the torment that was in my mind.Because I wasn’t allowed to be with anybody in an open population;they kept me totally isolated.

SID: Now did they explain to you about this experimental electronic lobotomy they were going to do to you? Did they even bother explaining to you?

GARY: Well, one day they took me into a psychiatrist’s office where they would restrain my hands and my feet; and my parents had already signed a waiver of the state, that if they had killed me or permanently maimed me, there was no legal recourse.And I was notified that I had lost all constitutional rights as a human being; and that I no longer was a citizen.I was now a ward of the state for an experimental program; and they explained they were going to drill a hole; somewhere about 3 inches around; insert an electric probe into the lobule area of the brain, and remove all memory; which would reduce me to about a 3 year old.

SID: At that point did it bother you they were going to do this?

GARY: Well,I had heard that this had happened to people, but I’d also heard that no one ever lived through it.

SID: Now where did they come up with such a horrible experiment?

GARY: Well one of the interesting points was that, years later I was with another psychiatrist that I had talked to; and he said that this procedure was developed in Auschwitz during the time of the Nazi concentration with the Jews.It was actually one of the processes that they had used for behavioral control of the Jewish people in the concentration camps.

SID: So two days before they’re going to reduce you to a vegetable or die, a man starts talking to you.Where did he come from?

GARY: You know the only thing I can say is a friend of mine that I had in school had gone to a church one day and begged this preacher to come and meet me.And they had me restrained with my hands and feet, but they took me out of that isolation area.And I went into the solarium and they locked the door.And they took the things off my hands and feet.And I’m thinking, what are they doing this for? And I look up and this man is sitting there and he says “Gary?”And I said “Yeah?” He said “The power of sin is going to kill you.”I thought sin was the procedure they were going to do, and I thought he was the priest giving me the last rites.I wasn’t Catholic, but I figured somebody sent him in and told me that this was… But I was so drugged up.I couldn’t even think.And then I really don’t remember the words that he said, but I do know that I heard this word “Jesus and heart.”And the next thing I knew,I was on the carpet.I was just crying and crying and crying.I couldn’t figure out what happened.Then I got up off the carpet and my mind cleared.Voices were gone; the torment was gone; the anger, the rage, the mental desire to attack was gone.

SID: Yeah, but in two days they’re going to make you a vegetable,and now you really understand it.Did you tell the doctors you’re ok?

GARY: Well,I said to the guy that came in,I said “What did you do?” He said “You’re saved.”I said “What’s that?” He said “You’re born again.”I said “What’s that?” He said “I’m sorry I have another appointment.”I said “You can’t leave me.What did you do to me?” I didn’t know who he was.So they let me back into my isolation area and all night long,I just beat on that window and just told them “I’m sane!I’m sane!”And finally after about 8 hours, the orderly came by and he says “What do you want?” I said “I’m sane!”He said “Right!”I said “I’ve got to see the head psychiatrist.”Well after a period of time, they came back in; shackled me back up again; led me right back to the head psychiatrist; sat me down and took the restraints off my hands; which I’m thinking “This guy is like the other guy, because I’m free”so this is going to work out great.So I’m sitting there.My mind is clear and I said to him “I’m sane.”He said “You’re sane?” I said “Yeah.”He said,“Tell me what happened to you.”I said “A man came in, told me, I don’t know what these words are, but I’m saved and I’m born again.I don’t know what they are but…And he told me that God is in me and I now can think.”

SID: What did he say to you?

GARY: He said “Do you believe that now God is in you?” I said “Yeah.That’s it.God’s in me.”He said “You realize that this is now a further digression of your acute state of paranoia, multiple personality disorder,” and he goes on with this list of things.And I realized he didn’t believe me.And as soon as this clicked in, he didn’t believe me,I lunged over the top of that table; grabbed him…

SID: Now he’s really going to believe you?

GARY: You know not everybody knows how to act like they’re supposed to when they come out of a mental hospital. The only problem was I was still in.I wasn’t out yet.

SID: But you heard a voice and this voice said “Run!”What did you do? What did it mean?

GARY: Well, he obviously hit a panic button and the orderlies came and chained me back up again.And I’m on my way back to my isolation ward; only this time what they did was they didn’t want to handle me.Because when you’re violent in that area, they just kind of guide you by open and shut doors.And I was in a hallway that actually had open windows.Not open, but they were chained.They had bars and gates on them and stuff like that,the windows. But there was a double set of doors there that were double locked with chains around it and all that.And it was snowing outside and I had property of the state hospital pants and t-shirt on, and socks.Of course they don’t give you shoes because of the threat of, you know.And I hear this voice –“Run!” And I’m used to hearing voices so the only difference is this one’s different.And I’m talking to this voice.“Ok, run?Ok, run where?” If I run back and forth there’s only 5 feet between that wall and that wall.Well I’d been running back and forth in my padded cell for a long time so that wouldn’t get me anywhere.And then I thought, well if I run this way that guard is down there watching me.He’s going to open the door.If I run back this way, the guy is going to push me back that way.So where am I going to go? I hear this voice say “Run!” I said “Ok where?” And as soon as that happened,I looked over to the left and there were two deadbolts on that door; and they were both opened.And they were keyed deadbolts and the padlocks were opened.

SID: Why?

GARY: The door was actually unlocked and I escaped out of that mental hospital that day in November.

SID: You know this is very supernatural.It’s impossible what he did, but rather than going through this lobotomy, he went out of a door in a high security mental institution!Walked out with guards and everything!Don’t go away!Boy, wait till you find out what happened next!

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