Sid:  My guest and I have had him on previously and I’m sure you are familiar with him John Paul Jackson.  The Last time I interviewed John Paul we were talking about his DVD “The Perfect Storm.”  And actually, as I understand it God began speaking to you, John Paul about what’s coming on the world as early as 1980, but you were not released to even talk about it until about 2008.  You listed a number of things and a number of different arenas that the Spirit of God showed you was going to happen.  Just out of curiosity tell me a couple of things that you had seen that have already taken place.

John Paul:  Well one of the, first of all Sid, it’s great to be with you again, and thank you very much.  The issue of the perfect storm has been kind of an enigma to me.  It is one of those things where it pains you to see things coming to pass that you have been shown.  At the same time it reinforced your belief that God is still God and nothing has changed with Him. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever.  And so with that in mind you take a look and you see for example Russia is having the unusually hot summer.  They had the hottest summer in their history.  You have California in our continent and Washington having the coldest summers in their history.  So much so that there is fruit on the vines strawberries etc. they cannot even harvest because they aren’t ripening and so they even end up rottening.  Many of the crops are rotting because there is not enough heat to cause them to ripen.  So one of the five things that we talked about was geophysical events that would be taking place in the world and here in the United States that substantiate this idea or the prophetic word the Lord gave me of the perfect storm.  There was five things they showed: religion, politics, economics, war and geophysical issues.  You see the escalation of events in Iran now that seemingly are saying with the loading of the nuclear reactor it is just a matter of time until somebody has to do something and so you see the signs pointing toward the reactors being hit by some type of explosive device of some kind.

Sid:  Now you did speak in “The Perfect Storm” about Israel role there.  What did you see?

John Paul:  I saw Israel hitting Iran I saw the explosions being caused by Israel.

Sid:  Now, I would have to think, not from a prophetic point but just cognizant of current events that this is coming up soon.

John Paul:  Yeah, you would think because the nuclear reactor’s loaded the first of several that they are going to build.  And I think there is maybe three now in operation and so all three of those would probably be filled with to the uranium and the cores.  But then you know when the Lord started giving this to me they hadn’t even built the nuclear reactor and then in 2008 they weren’t even loading a nuclear reactor they were still arguing about whether they should build or not.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you brought to my attention is that the Lord said that there would be an Islamic plot against the presidents of the United States for the sake of causing riots in America.  In other words, they would hide the fact that there were Moslems that were going to do that.  And you said to pray that this not happen, any more insight there?

 John Paul:  No, I haven’t, you know I keep praying obviously I pray daily over that issue that that would be diverted you know, until God tells me don’t pray like he told Amos, don’t pray for those people.  I won’t hear you, I will not listen to you until I hear that coming from Him I’m going to continue to pray that it will be diverted because if that happens the blood bath that would erupt in the United States would be unprecedented. 

Sid:  It would be the worst thing that ever happened to America.  The worst, and you told me before we went on the air that the Holy Spirit spoke something new to you about timing of the financial collapse in America.

John Paul: Right.  Right, we have been talking about a bubble in the perfect storm and I said that there would come a bubble that it would looked like everything was getting better and so on and now I know that the bubble, and my prayer was that the bubble would last long enough to allow the Body of Christ to kind of get her act together and dissipate down, get her houses in order and so on before that hit or before the bubble broke.  Now I know that 2011 is the year that the bubble breaks and so..

Sid:  Hey, that’s coming up fast.

John Paul:  It’s coming up fast.  Right, I’m not saying that it’s going to happen on January the 1st.

Sid:  You told me something about gold by the way.  You told me that not all gold is gold.  Tell me what you mean by that.

John Paul: There’s a surprise coming and this was you know, kind of unusual for me, and I’m still not even sure what it means.  All I know is that not all gold is gold and know this that there is a surprise coming, where that many, even here in the United States they are going to find out that not all the gold we have in, for example I am guessing in Fort Knox, although he did not specifically say Fort Knox, that is just my sub sedition would be that not all gold we have in storage is gold and that there is somehow there is a type of counterfeit gold or there is something that fools people.

Sid:  But, you know what, if that is the case then the value of gold will be worth even more.  You know, I’m reminded of the, I believe an angel or there was a dream that your Mother had that you would be an eleventh hour prophet.  Tell me about that.

John Paul:  Right, my Mother had this visitation of an angel of the Lord to her before I was even conceived because she had had a miscarriage and the angel told her not to grieve any longer that she would have a son and that she was to call his name John Paul and that he would have an eleventh hour ministry and even that pregnancy would be a sign to that eleventh ministry.  And she was pregnant with me eleven months.  So I am sixty years old right now and I’m just figuring out what an eleventh hour ministry.

Sid:  I was just going to ask you, I know what the terminology means but what does that mean to you?

John Paul:  It means that in the last days and that’s when I was born for a time and that time is the last days.  You know, what is a definition of the last days?  There are all kinds of different definitions that are out there.  My definition of it is basically a time period an immediately preceding the returning of the Lord. 

Sid:  Well, I happen to believe that this DVD that we offered awhile ago and it is still available on our web page if you go there.  It is called the “The Perfect Storm” is an eleventh hour prophecy.  And I’ll tell you something I did not know about you, we have a mutual friend who is now in Heaven Ruth Ward Heflin and in 1981 you had a supernatural call into the ministry in which God used Ruth Ward Heflin.  She was in Israel.  Tell me briefly that story.  I find that fascinating.

John Paul: It is fascinating, she was in her home in Jerusalem and was awaken by an angel of the Lord and told to go to the Tele Aviv airport.  Await there and a man would give her money to buy a same day ticket to Dallas, TX where she was to do a live broadcast, because there was a young man gifted in dreams and visions that was there that was resisting the call of God into the ministry and it was time for him to begin that journey.  So she went to the airport.  A long story made short, the man gave her the money and she was just waiting there and she walks up to her and asks her.  You know, are you going to America?  Are you going to Dallas?  Do you have your ticket?  Do you have the money? And literally throws a waded up roll of money at her and says here, take it and stomps off and it was actually to the dollar what she needed to buy a same day ticket.  Now, same day tickets aren’t cheap.  So she bought the ticket, went to the radio station that the angel told her to go to.  The radio station just happened to have a program where the head of the program was called out of town on family issues and they had two hours a day for three days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to talk about dreams and visions.  She was told to do a live broadcast so that the young man would call in.  Well, she gets on the phone and she was doing the broadcast and several young men called in and say I’m the young man, I know I’m resisting the call and she would tell them, you may have a gift but you are not the young man that God sent me here for.  And the second day the same thing happened and the third day the same thing happened.  Well by the third day, I’m praying for this young man and I’m actually crying for this young man because I’m saying Lord, touch this break this hard heart of his; cause his radio just to turn his radio there;  have him push it and just goes there do something God to get this young man’s attention.  There was about ten minutes left in the broadcast and I hear the Lord speaking to me in my spirit I guess it was real but.  My secretary heard me talking outside my closed door because I thought that she might think that I am having a nervous breakdown.  Because I was in the corporate world at this time; I’m like an upper management a major Fortune 500 company.  I was a 30 year old and I’m thinking I’ve got the road of gold ahead of me here.  So I closed the door she hears me talking but she doesn’t hear another party in there talking.  Finally I told the Lord okay, he said call in.  I said why?  You have dreams and visions and I said they have real dreams and visions.  And he said son, you have real dreams and visions just call in.  So I said okay, but I’m going to have to bypass the switch board.  If this is you, this is my fleece, I don’t know what you think about fleeces, but I used one.  I said Lord, if this is you and you really want me to call in then let me by pass the switchboard and go straight into the control room I want to hear “you’re live on the air” and if I don’t hear that I’m hanging up the phone.  So I call in and..

Sid:  You know, I hate to do this, were out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But, Mishpochah we have what John Paul Jackson considers his most important end time teaching that if he had nothing else he could talk about, he would talk about the revelation that God gave him on receiving God’s Justice.  You see there have been things stolen from you; stolen from your parents and even stolen from your ancestors.  But you know enough about what’s has been stolen from you and John Paul Jackson has the key to have justice in your life.  The CD & the DVD is called “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice” and a special CD bonus called naturally supernatural.  And you will hear people’s reactions.  It is thrilling.  When there are lights whirling all around and you know that it’s not natural.

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