SID: It has been a long time coming but we are living in the season in which the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people and I have on the telephone a man has the key to reach the Jew.  Why do I say that?  Because, it says the Jew requires a sign and his name is Pastor John: Kilpatrick.  He pastored the great Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida.  Over 4 ½ million people from all over the world attended that revival.  It was a revival of holiness and repentance and backsliders came back to the Lord and many people there whole life was transformed but it ran its course and it ended.  However, I found out from him that there was a prophecy that revival would come to Pensacola, Florida and then it would move fifty miles to the west.  Well, fifty miles to the west is Daphne, Alabama.  And of course, Pastor John Kilpatrick I’m sure he didn’t even know about that prophecy, or did you know about that prophecy before you moved to Daphne?

Pastor John: Sid, I didn’t.   I knew that there was a revival coming to Pensacola, but it didn’t say what church.  But I didn’t know at the same time that the prophecy came that there was a revival coming to Pensacola the very same time the prophecy prophesized at the very same time, that it would also move fifty miles to the west which is the Bay of the Holy Spirit, which is Mobile Bay.

Sid: I have to tell you, I was surprised when I heard that you had started a church because I saw that your ministry was really equipping people and traveling to various parts of the world and having pastor conferences and all of the sudden I heard that you were a Pastor.  How did that happen?

Pastor John: Well, I still was doing that even after I started a church because we just have church here on Sunday morning and the Civic Center is not like a church building so we just held the church service there at the Civic Center.  But I was still traveling and equipping pastors and still traveling the nation; but, when I left Brownsville; I left there in 2003 and I stayed without a church for 2 ½ years almost 3 years. And one day, I was down by the river praying and the Lord spoke to me and he said why don’t you start a church on the eastern shore?  I just hid that away in my heart and didn’t say anything to my wife or not even a soul.  In fact a long story short, on Tuesday, the following week, a man that I trust in the prophetic called me and he said Pastor John: the Lord has given me a word for you and He said that He is leaving the lantern light for you and at the tree line at Mobile Bay.  And He said that you will first have to go by lantern light but eventually he will give you the noon day sun and everything will become clear.  And because the Lord has spoke to me on that Friday to start a church over there I should start a church on the eastern shore and then He called and confirmed it.  I headed right over there and rented the Civic Center.

Sid: I have to ask you the big question.  Your wife Brenda, what was her two cents on this whole thing?

Pastor John: Whenever, I told her that I was going to start another church, you know we both, after we left Brownsville, we both you know we both have been pastoring for forty years and we just love people.  And we love having people around us.

Sid: But still, it toke a lot out of you this revival.  I mean I still to this day don’t understand and your team had all of those services.  I still don’t understand.

Pastor John: I know, it did, it took a lot out of us and God bless, Brownsville, they were so, they were excellent. Such great volunteers and the church was so hospitable that they basically entertained the world.  The Body of Christ from around the world as well as sinners.  And they just did a great job but after we were gone from there, for about almost three years we both wanted to pastor again.  And so I wanted to go far enough away from Pensacola that it would be any kind of a liability being that close to Pensacola.  And even when I started the church I didn’t even advertise.  I just rented the building and went in there and said well, I would be preaching Sunday and I didn’t put it in the paper or advertise it in any way.  And a lot of people showed up and I started the church in 2006 in January, it was January the 8th 2006.  And not knowing when I started the church, I didn’t even know until after I started the church, I had dinner with one of the men that prophesized that revival was coming to Pensacola and he said well Pastor John: it’s on the website that it was the same time that it was going to go 50 miles to the west. I said you have got to be kidding me.  And so sure enough, they confirmed it, we checked it out and it was confirmed and the Lord… I never saw it, He kept it from me.  I never knew that, so.

Sid: Now, Daphne, Alabama is by a region called Mobile Bay.  And what was the name the Spanish originally called it?

Pastor John: The Spanish called it the Bay of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: (laughter) that’s kind of an interesting coincidence.

Pastor John: Yeah, it is.  It is on the maps right now in the Halls of Congress and it is also on the maps of Louisiana State University.

Sid: Okay, July 23, 2010 you had a conference I believe it started the 22nd and a young man by the name of Nathan Morris that you had never heard preach.

Pastor John: That’s correct.

Sid: You had him speaking.  What happened?

Pastor John: Well, he spoke on the first night.  It was really wonderful.  He was closing out a conference I was in with Perry Stone and Dutch Sheets then he was going to speak on Thursday and Friday of the last two nights.  And on Thursday night he did a great job.  On Friday night he came back and preached and I’m telling you, it was like a Father’s Day at Brownsville all over again.  The power of God broke out, miracles broke out.  I saw blind eyes open and I saw six people with deaf ears pop open within a space of twenty feet.  And I thought oh My God look at this and he was suppose to be in Hawaii on Sunday and I talked to him and told him son revival has to be seized and I said I really feel like that God’s done something here tonight and we that we need to seize the moment.  And so he called and canceled his holiday in Hawaii and he stayed with me and has been with me ever since.  Miracles have been breaking out Sid, like you cannot imagine.

Sid: Okay, on the internet, so many people have been bringing reports to me about a pastor’s wife that had gotten out of a wheelchair; she was paralyzed for something like twenty-three years.  The interesting thing is you knew her.  Tell me about that.

Pastor John: Absolutely, I have been knowing her for many years and the only way I have ever known her is in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down.  She was in a wreck twenty-three years ago on Christmas night and she was paralyzed and she married a preacher over here in Mobile.  He is a black bishop and a wonderful friend of mine.  They had been married nine years and he married her in that wheelchair.  She is a powerful singer, she is a noted singer and matter fact, when I wasn’t pastoring my wife use to go to his church over there in Mobile and so we knew him well.  And they came over to visit the revival on a Friday night several weeks ago, I guess about a month ago now.  I lose track of time and she came and they just wanted to visit the revival because the pastor, the Lord had spoke to him, her husband the Bishop and told him right before.  They were out of the country when revival broke out here and the Lord spoke to him and said, I’m sending revival and I want you to put your face in the wind, he said go with the wind of revival.  Don’t put your back to it but put your face in it.  And so as soon as they got home they heard about the revival and he came over here and he put his face in the wind, so to speak.  He wanted to be a part of it.  And I’m telling you after knowing her all of those years and to see her get up out of that wheelchair, Sid it was unbelievable.

Sid: Now with curiosity when someone is a wheelchair for over twenty years their muscles are pretty atrophy etc. Today, how is she walking?

Pastor John: Well, she’s walking, I mean when we first helped her out of the wheelchair she would make lapse around the front of the building she would lift her legs higher and she was getting better and better.  And then over a period of another week she was actually walking by herself unassisted.  Now she is actually going to church without her wheel chair, walking up on the platform and taking the microphone and singing and actually walking and praying for people.  It is the greatest miracle that I think I have ever seen.  Maybe there was one more that would equal that, but to see her after knowing her and her husband.  I wish you could have seen his face.

Sid: Yeah, you know our time is slipping away and I am so excited about your teaching CD called “Mysteries Revealed”.  Because we are coming into, according to all of the prophets I talk to the most treacherous economic times in the history of the world.  And I believe that unless we get inside information so to speak from God, we are at the mercy of the same things that are going to hit this earth.  And I happen to believe that the reason that God revealed to you that we are coming into a time in which all mysteries will be revealed and he said this will happen before he returns is because of the treacherous times that were living in right now.

Pastor John: Yes, and God’s speaking to his people in their dreams, peoples sleep patterns are being affected.  People are hearing from the Lord like I never heard.  We are living in a season now that was prophesized by Joel and Peter both when they said in the last days I will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  He talked about dreams, visions and prophecies.  Those things are happening right now and there is not a thing anybody can do about it.  No denomination can stop it; there is no mandate that can stop it.  God is speaking to His people.  Even common normal lay people.  You don’t have to be in the ministry.  But God‘s speaking to common lay people.

Sid: Oh, what types of things? Is this talking about revelation of scripture or is it talking about practical things about like what investments to sell and what to buy?

Pastor John: Well, the Bible has already revealed several mysteries like the Apostle Paul said “Behold I show you a mystery, a great mystery”, he said “we shall not all sleep”.  The Lord revealed him about the Rapture.  Back in his time he was an apostle to the gentiles and when nobody else had the information the Lord was revealing to him.  And then the Lord was also revealed to him in the Book of Ephesians, I’ll show you a mystery about the difference between a husband and his wife.  How Christ loved his Church, He said this is a mystery.  And there was other places throughout the scriptures where the Lord would reveal mysteries and now because the apostle revealed those mysteries, they are a part of our iatrical life.  I think of the rapture every day.  It is because…

Sid: But, you know oh oh, our time has slipped away but you teach how to position yourself so that you can receive these revelations.  Everyone really needs to listen to these three CDs “Mysteries Revealed”.

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