SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Surprise Suthole. Surprise is from South Africa, but you were actually raised in Mozambique.

SURPRISE: I was born and raised in Mozambique in the little village of Matambala.

SID: And your parents were witches?

SURPRISE: My parents were witches, yes.

SID: Tell me, all of a sudden you heard a voice and what did this voice tell you?

SURPRISE: Suddenly one night the voice came to me and said Surprise wake up and move from your home.So I tried to resist it that night the second time the voice came loud, very loud as it was shaking the mat that Iwas sleeping on.So I couldn’t resist by the second time Ijust took my schoolbooks, I was 15 years old by that time and I went to the house of my friend Gufari.He was a Muslim and I told him what had happened to me that night.He said ok I’ll go with you wherever you go.We left our homes that night and we went away.We walked a walk of two weeks to the direction of Malawi.

SID: Did you know where you were going? Or did you just walk?

SURPRISE: No we didn’t know.

SID: For two weeks!?

SURPRISE: …didn’t know where we were going and we didn’t have money to eat.We didn’t take enough changes of clothing

SID: So why’d you pay attention to this voice?

SURPRISE: Well even though I didn’t know by that time that was the voice of God,I just knew that I was pulled out of my home.

SID: Well, ok.So you get to this city after 14 days and what happened?

SURPRISE: After 14 days we arrived at Malawi.So we arrive and find one man, his name is Lucas the man that invited us to his house.When we arrived at his house he gave us water to drink and then to take a shower, food to eat, and then we slept.The next day the man asked us where we came from and where are we going?And then we explained to the man what had happened for us that week and then the man lead us to the Lord.I gave my life to Jesus first and my friend as a Muslim, Gufari, he also gave his life to Jesus.

SID: Now what happened to your parents?

SURPRISE: After I gave my life to Jesus,I tried to contact the home and found out that the week that I left home my mother, my father, and my sister died.

SID: How did they die?

SURPRISE: How they died,I don’t know because up to now it’s 20 years that I’ve never put my foot into my village.

SID: So if you had been there and not listened to that voice of God, you would have been dead.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: Now I have to tell you something.

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: I have taken in high school and in college foreign languages; and languages are very difficult for me.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: So, you know in the Bible, it says that the gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy.You succeeded Surprise!You have made me jealous.Can you really speak 13 languages you’ve never been taught?

SURPRISE: Exactly.That’s why I’m speaking English to you.EnglishI’ve never gone to school.

SID: You’ve never had a lesson?

SURPRISE: And it just came to me supernaturally.

SID: These 13 languages, can you write them?

SURPRISE: I can write them all, I can read them all very good without a problem

SID: Listen, that is unfair! I protest!

SURPRISE: I can dream in them as well.

SID: You mind if I give you a test?

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: Would you write something on this piece of paper?

SID: That is… Was it instant or gradual? Was it instant or gradual?

SURPRISE: This was very instantly.

SID: Tell me some of the other languages you speak and read, or read.

SURPRISE: This one that I wrote, that is Zulu.

SID: I thought I didn’t understand it.Zulu, I don’t speak too much Zulu myself.

SURPRISE: That in Zulu, it says Nyabonga it means thank you very much.

SID: Ah ha; now tell me some other languages that are more well-known even.

SURPRISE: Well-known is Teecheewah.

SID: Oh that’s really well known I’ve never heard of that, I’m sorry any other languages?

SURPRISE: other languages, Tsonga, Shongon, Ronga, Swazi.

SID: How did you learn these languages? Did it just happen? Did you ask to learn them?

SURPRISE: What happened is that after I gave my life to Jesus; from there I went to Lucas’s house and we jumped to Malawi.So when I went to Malawi so when I went to Malawi the Lord supernaturally gave me the language of Malawi and I started speaking.A few days later I was going back to Mozambique; not to my village but to where my sister was married.So from there we went to the border of Malawi called Zoway.We reached it that was the time of war so they said no. We don’t have any transportation today that goes to Teta city so you have to wait here until maybe they’ll escort you; which are the Zimbabwean soldiers coming to escort all the trucks from Malawi to Teta up to Zimbabwe.

SID: All the trucks…

SURPRISE: Yes and then after the third day the escort came.We jumped, it’s wet the Lord again protected my life supernaturally.I was in one of the trucks we are just going from the border to Teta city and then we travel about 40 miles which is 60 kilometers from the border.The truck where I was ran over a land mine.The truck flies as a bird.

SID: Did you get that? On a land mine!There’s no way to survive that is there?

SURPRISE: And everyone died and the Lord saved my life.

SID: Well the Lord was saving him a lot of times; wait ‘‘til you find out about the dead people that have come back to life and what they’ve had to say.We’ll be right back after this word.

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