SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz. Let me tell you something, one time you almost die, you are a grateful person, two times you almost die you are a grateful person, I have a couple that has been attacked so many times, so many times doctors said they should have died and miracles happen. This tells me they understand how to get in touch with the invisible realm, for a miracle. Dale and Pearl Raatz, I am going to take you back Pearl to 1975, what were the last words you remember before you realized that you were dying?

PEARL:  Honey my heart, my heart, I woke up and that is what I said is my heart, my heart.

SID:  And Dale when she said that to you, what did you do?

DALE:  I immediately grabbed her in my arms and took her downstairs in the living room and laid her across my lap on the davenport, to try to find some life in her pulse. I could not find nothing and I remember saying “God you can’t take her from me,” but I did not know the reality that God wasn’t the thief. And immediately on the wall was written in a 4×4 on the white wall in front of me and it said “if you were to apply the blood over you, or the house and the death shall pass over you.” and so I read that.

SID:  Wait a second how was that on the wall?  I mean did you have it painted there?

DALE:  No! It had to be through your spirit eyes, through your spirit man, natural eyes I did not see that.

SID:  Have you ever seen something like that before?

DALE:  No that was my first time for seeing anything like that.

SID:  Okay and so what did it say again?

DALE:  It said if you would apply the blood over your household that death shall pass over you, as I read it I read it the second time and I spoke it out and I said “in the name of Jesus, I apply your blood over my household you death go in Jesus name” and she immediately she leaped in my arms and said honey, read the word, read the word.

SID:  Why did you say read the word?

PEARL:  Because I know it is the word that gives us our power, I didn’t realize what had happened even, I just knew that I was in trouble and the word was my answer.

SID:  The power is in the bible?

DALE:  Yes


SID:  Because what you saw on the wall came from the bible.

DALE:  It came from Exodus 12:13 this happened at 2 o’clock in the morning, as a matter of fact at 2 o’clock in the morning the Holy Spirit and the lord woke up two people in our church fellowship and began to pray for our household. So the Holy Spirit is alive alerting other to pray.

SID:  And then you found out what really happened, your kidney exploded?

PEARL:  My kidney exploded.

SID:  And what happened?

PEARL:  And what it did, it sent particles of the kidney that had exploded in blood clots through my body, and it wasn’t until two days later on Saturday when we found out what happened.  I had had a pain in my leg so I went to the hospital, and on Monday morning the doctor with four other doctors and seven nurses came in my room and stood around as my doctor sat on my bed and took my hand and said young lady you should not be here it is impossible for you to be alive and I said why? He said because 1/3 of your kidney has exploded and that meat and those blood clots had to go through your brain and heart and all we could find was one little one in your leg and so I said to him so when did this happen doctor and he said I don’t know but it was very short time ago, I knew that had happened on that Thursday night then, and then so a couple of hours later in comes a young man by the name of Marlin Roberts who was the undertaker in the town of Ashland Wisconsin.

SID:  Oh you were glad to see the undertaker!

PEARL:  And he said and he said the doctor called me and told me that I need to come and see a miracle and come to his office because I should have been in a morgue. Well he got born again and he sent his wife over and she got born again. He also…

SID:  But he lost some business.

PEARL:  Well he got born again which is the best here? So also during that time the doctor had explained to me that kidneys do not regenerate or grow back on, but I was not having any problems because I still had 1and 2/3 kidneys left, well ten years later we found out because I was having a problem that was not related to that at all, that my kidney had been regenerated and not only had it been regenerated but God had left his signature it was cross stitched on.

SID:  Now I don’t know much about sewing, what is a cross stitch?

PEARL:  Well it is a sideways cross a cross stitch looks like this.

SID:  So that is why you say you say he left his signature.

PEARL:  Yes because if you straighten it out you have a cross.

SID:  Well but what I understand from my doctor friend, a kidney does not regenerate like that.

PEARL:  Yah but they forgot,

SID:  With cross stitches no less.

PEARL:  That is right.  But you see what we have to realize is, is there is a natural truth which we can call a fact and then there is a higher truth which is gods truth and that always supersedes the natural truth if we remember to look to the one that has promised us, things in the bible and he said that this was for us, so why not take it all.

SID:  Dale again what was written on that wall which you spoke out of your mouth that I believed triggered this great miracle.

DALE:  Definitely!  I believe the bible is alive today as it was written and if we don’t speak it out and if we don’t believe it we will never speak it. And we have got to speak out what his word says. I have come…

SID:  It says in Exodus repeat that scripture.

DALE:  Exodus 12:13, when the children are exiting out of Egypt towards the promise land and there’s was they had to kill a lamb, put it over there door at that time…

SID:  Passover!

DALE:  Yes Passover time and the first born in Egypt would die if they didn’t do that but because they believed the word the visual applied the blood of the lamb over the mantle on the side of the door and at midnight there was a great cry and the bible says the first born of all Egypt died but not one that applied the blood died. And the blood is life giving that is our protection today from our death angel.

SID:  I am so grateful for the blood because all Dale did was say I speak of the blood, the blood that was represented at the Passover the blood of Jesus, that is why at the Passover they applied the blood but it only represented the blood of the Messiah there is such power wait until you hear the next miracle in there life I tell you that blood is still alive and speaking today, be back after this word.

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