SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I hope you’re feeling that same peace. That’s what it is. Peace that is just coming across the air waves right now. Now Grace, I said to you, do you see angels often? And you said just a couple of days ago you had a visitation. Tell me about that.

GRACE: You know what? It was just amazing. Just a few days ago I was in my room just worshiping and soaking, and praying, and just seeking the Lord, and I had kind of just gotten to this really peaceful place. And I felt this amazing presence in my room and I opened my eyes, and it was an angel. And I said, “What is your name?” And it said, “Angel of comfort.” And it was this amazing literally like a blanket just surrounded me. And it was like being hugged with the heavenly embrace. It was the most amazing feeling. And I stayed there for probably several hours. I don’t know. I was just totally taken away. It’s funny because we’re talking about this CD, but taken away into this peace place of comfort and deep abiding rest. And I believe the Lord was saying it wasn’t just for me. It was being released in the earth for His people to receive that peace and that comfort, because so many people are going through distressing times and turbulent times, and you know, going through very difficult situations. But the Lord wants to release ministering angels right now to bring that peace and know that everything is gonna be all right.

SID: One of the things I love is that you get your songs from Heaven. And I’ve actually interviewed people that have gone to Heaven, and then many years later after they’ve come back to Earth, they hear the music that’s being released. Tell me, quickly, one song on the album and the story behind it.

GRACE: Well this song called “Holding On” was amazing because I was in my studio playing the piano just singing unto the Lord. And there’s one line of that song that says, “I need your hand in mine.” And I’m just playing and singing, and as I sang that line, Sid, I literally felt and saw the hand of the Lord come down like drop right in front of me. And He pulled me up. He pulled me up into the heavens. And His arm was so strong and so mighty. And in His arms I was safe, and in His arms all fear was gone. And I knew that that was the only place to be, was in His mighty arms.

SID: You know, I’d like you to go to the music set right now and I want you to hear Grace Williams. She’s literally singing a love song to the Messiah. And she’s singing, “I want to hold on to you. I don’t want to ever let go of you.” But guess what? The Messiah is singing back to her and singing back to you.


SID: “I want to hold on to you. I want to hold.” God wants to hold on to you. Grace Williams, “Holding On.”


GRACE: [singing] You are my everlasting love. You’re all I ever need and I’m holding on to you. You will never let me go. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding to you. I’m holding on to you. I live with you my life long beyond the span of time and the sign of you stands still mystified by what we feel. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. Been dreaming of a love like this. Been waiting oh so long…. I’m in your arms shouldered by your love so strong. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. Holding on to you. Gonna catch me when I fall right here in your loving arms. Whoa I need your hand in mine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Holding on to you. I’m holding on to you, to you, yeah. You will never let me go, Lord. ‘Cause you got me in the palm of your hand, right there in the palm of your hand. Whoa your love has been in the palm of your hand. Whoa. Holding on.

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