SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Bill Prankard and I am, Bill I have to tell you something, I’m just getting to know you. But for an individual that has seen so many miracles by just showing up, how do you, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, I mean this in a probing way, how do you stay humble?

BILL: It’s the most humbling thing I’ve ever been a part of.

SID: I mean people would want to kiss your feet that are healed of incurable cancer. I know this must happen to you. How do you stay humble?

BILL: You would remember C. M. Ward. Years and years ago, this great old preacher from Canada

SID: Yes.

BILL: He said to me one time, when I’m being announced and they were giving me all these accolades, he said “Remember the woodpecker.” And later he told me this little woodpecker lands on this tree, hits its beak to get some bugs. The moment it does, instant it does, a lightening bolt comes out of the sky, hits the tree, splits it in half, one over here, one over here, and knocks the woodpecker unconscious. Woodpecker wakes up, shakes his head and says “Wow, look what I did!” You know, I remember the woodpecker.

SID: I got you, I got you. That’s a good message for you to have. Bill I want to know, what is God doing in your life, just in the last few years?

BILL: This is the most exciting time we’ve ever had. We’re just beginning to see. God is giving us revival in Canada. And by the way, thank you for your ministry. You broadcast across our nation and you’re touching people, bringing people the supernatural, so we bless you for that. I believe God’s going to give us a nationwide revival. Out of what happened in Pittsburgh in 1972, we’re now establishing this year a healing center in our nations capitol where people can come and be healed, a walk-in healing clinic. It’s taken us literally to the ends of the earth. To Arctic Russia, to the most forgotten and neglected mission field in the world. We’re going right across the top of Russia to nomadic Eskimos and the power of God is hitting. People are being healed out on the tundra where there are reindeer. And they’re like you were when you got touched; they don’t know anything but they just make sense. If there is a God and he loves them then… I said to this one family “He wants to heal you” and this old guy limps up. They have no medicine, they have no support. He says basically “Ok. How?” I said “Well we normally just put our hands on you and you get healed.” And he smiles and says “Ok.” And you saw this man, I mean hundreds of miles away from anything that would remotely look like civilization, totally healed by the power of God.

SID: You know, if you were to go into someone’s living room or wherever they’re watching right now and pray for them and perhaps tell them to put their hand, as you said you did where they’re believing God for a miracle. And if they’ve got too many problems, like most people do, just to go like this. Would you do that?

BILL: I would love to. You know, this is a wonderful thing about what we’re talking about. You don’t have to be in a meeting, you don’t have to have an evangelist come in contact with you. He is right there with you. The One who came to me in that church in Pittsburgh is right there with you. And why don’t you do that? If you possibly can, why don’t you take your hand and you with that heart condition, put your hand right there on the heart, or the lungs, or the ear, you that have lost the hearing in that one ear, why don’t you put your hands there. It doesn’t matter what the doctors have said. You see, when anybody tells you things are hopeless or impossible, they’re wrong. They forgot about Jesus. I believe there’s a nail-scarred hand on top or your hand right now. And in Jesus’ name we just declare a wave of healing coming through that television. Just start to receive right now. This is your time of receiving from head to toe right now. That rheumatoid arthritis; in Jesus’ name start moving, start moving those joints and muscles.

God’s healing you. That pinched nerve in the lower part of the spine causing problems down that leg, stand up in Jesus’ name. God’s healing you. And there’s someone right now, you’re watching and this is a divine appointment; you had to watch, you weren’t planning on watching this. You don’t know me, you don’t know SID, but the doctors are talking to you about replacing the knee. Surgery on the knee; in Jesus’ name I speak healing in that knee right now. All pain go, all limitation go. Stand up and start moving it. There’s healing flowing right now and someone with a skin condition, you can literally watch your skin change because God’s healing you. It’s got nothing to do with me but Jesus is there healing you. There is a release of miracles right now, and I speak to you who had that stroke and you’ve just said “Well I guess this is it.” But you’ve heard that there’s hope today. You see, and that’s what I want to do. I want to build your hope up because faith is the substance of things hoped for. And all of a sudden you’ve started to feel a flicker of something saying “Maybe, yes maybe.” And in Jesus’ name by faith I lay hands on you and I claim every symptom of that stroke to go. I speak restoration

right now. And Sid, there’s a mother watching. You’ve had a broken heart because of your daughter. Jesus wants to heal your broken heart. He wants to give you joy that has nothing to do with anything around you. Just receive Him right now would you? Father, thank you for healing. Whatever your situation is, whether I mentioned it or not, whether you felt anything or not, I claim healing for you. Start checking it. Start checking it. And please, the moment you know anything’s happening, get in touch with Sid and this ministry. Would you do that? Because you know, when God starts something, He intends to finish it. And people need to praise Him.

SID: Bill, we are going to have, you know we’ve started this new thing where you send in a home video of your miracle and we’ll put it right on the air. Because I agree with

BILL: there are going to be miracles happening all over the place. And it’s not going to be about people ministering like Bill Prankard or Benny Hinn. It’s going to be average people with an extraordinary God and an extraordinary relationship with the Holy Spirit. You know, God is telling me someone’s hip has just been healed. And do exactly what Bill said: you stand up and start walking. Also there is someone’s back, spine. It just went “snap.” That’s you. You are healed. Test it. Just bend over, you’ll see that. But you know there’s a greater miracle than that and I know it because I experienced it. A greater miracle than anything that Bill Prankard talked about. I know it because I experienced it. I know what my life would be like if I had not… I used to say I found God 30 years ago. No no no, it was just like Bill Prankard. When that healing gift came he wasn’t looking for it, he didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know anything. All I knew was my life was a mess. I knew that. I knew that I walked away from a wonderful job, I walked away from a wonderful wife, I walked away from a wonderful daughter; and I got involved in the new age and I almost lost my mind and I lost in every possible arena of life. I was a loser, loser, loser. And then, the worst day of my life: some Christians told me that if I would pray to God; because of my Jewish background I was a little resistant but you know what? When you come to your senses, and you don’t have to go through all the hell I went through to come to your senses. Just come to your senses. When I came to my senses I didn’t know about this Jesus. I just know they said He was stronger than what was happening to me and I had a two word prayer. It was that simple. I mean some

Bible school graduate might take issue with it but I said “Jesus help!” I was by myself and I tell you, I went to sleep. And the next morning I was a different person. I had a peace inside of me. God restored my marriage, my mind, my job, everything. You don’t understand this Jesus. You don’t understand. How could the Son of God die on a cross and rise from the dead and pay the price for your sins? Well you don’t have to understand it all, you just have to understand that there’s something more to life than you’re experiencing. That’s what you have to understand. And you have to reach out for the Creator. The fool says in his heart “There is no God.” You know there’s a Creator. Reach out to God and say “Jesus, become real in my life.” “Jesus, I’m sorry for my sins. Jesus, I believe your blood washes away my sins.” “Come inside of me. Holy Spirit, I want to get to know you.” And then celebrate, because I tell you God isn’t a respecter of persons. What He did for me, He’s going to do for you because He loves you. And if you’ve never heard this before, I tell you God is love. And God’s love is pouring into you right now. I know it. That’s what you’re experiencing. And some aren’t feeling something, some are. It’s God.  

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