SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Bill Prankard. And Bill has probably seen more miracles, or as many miracles, as anyone on the face of this earth. And Bill, one notable miracle that you’ve seen that is

BILL: Wow.

SID: I mean there is no such thing as a miracle that is not notable.

BILL: Exactly.

SID: But pull one out of the millions that have occurred.

BILL: Ok and I could tell you, I get probably more excited about the little things, thinking that God Almighty cares when I’ve got a sore finger or a sore toe. I mean that’s phenomenal.  

SID: You too! Did I ever tell you about my thumb? Let me tell you something. My thumb, when I would bend it, it hurt. And I was in a meeting, like right now. There is a presence of God just in our conversation. You know we’re having fun because we have a wonderful God and we’re excited about him. But I was just minding my own business in a meeting, much like what you’re watching right now, and when I left, my thumb by the way, before that meeting, when I would bend it, it would hurt. But you know what?  It’s a little part of my body and if don’t bend it it’s not going to hurt.

BILL: And most people think “I can live with this.”

SID: And you know what? The presence of God was so strong at that meeting that when I left I thought “Oh, I can bend my thumb.”

BILL: It just happens. Miracles just happen. And you know, I really feel people watching, they’re going to have the same experience, that same anointing.  

SID: Oh I know it!

BILL: But one of the ones I love, miracles I love, because I was there, I witnessed this thing from beginning to end. We’ve got it all documented on tape. This man named George McMurtry, he was from Northern Ireland, church administrator in a very large church for Northern Ireland and he was doing well. He had a stroke. And then he had another stroke. Then he had another stroke. He ended up having five strokes. The last stroke the doctors said “George, you’re lucky to be alive.” He couldn’t work, couldn’t function, he was bedridden; they had to put a hospital bed in the dining room and make that his bedroom. Now what’s wrong with that picture? Jesus said “I’ve come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”

SID: And that’s not cliché, it’s truth, it’s truth.

BILL: And he’s not having abundant life.

SID: No.

BILL: Now he had a promise of healing right at the very beginning. Somebody prophesied at the beginning of this “God’s going to heal you.” He hung onto that but it got harder and harder. And even his church leaders, when George would say something like “I really still believe God’s going to heal me.” They told me later “You know, good George, but look at…” Twice he came to church in the midst of all these strokes and collapsed in church; ended up in the hospital with another stroke. It was getting worse. Elam Fellowship in Northern Ireland was sparked by healing revival. That’s where they come from.

SID: I know.

BILL: And they believed it but they weren’t seeing it. We were involved in Toronto Airport doing a healing conference and they caught wind of it and said “You know, we need to go and learn about healing.” One of the pastors was coming, a nurse was coming, some other people, and George said “Can I go?” And they didn’t want him to come. They thought “What if he dies?”

SID: Of course.

BILL: The doctor said “But who’s going?”

SID: That would sure mess up your miracle meeting.  

BILL: Well we have one rule in our meetings: nobody’s allowed to die.

SID: Well I’m glad of that.

BILL: If you want to die, go outside. Anyway, he came. The doctor said “If the nurse is going with you, if the pastor’s going with you, why not? But you’re not going to get any better.” He didn’t come expecting to be healed. He came wanting to learn about healing. The first night, it was actually the night before the healing conference started, I was doing the service and a lot of people had come in from all over the world. I don’t know how many people were there but Toronto Airport was nicely filled. And so we have our worship and apparently George is there, three-quarters of the way back, bad mood, doesn’t want to be there, he’s tired, he’s sick. His leg was withered, his left leg was withered, half the size. He had a brace on keeping it straight. It was paralyzed so he’d drag it. His arm was down like this, all withered and gnarled and he had no use of it. So apparently George, he thinks the worship was ok, message was ok. At the end of the message I said “God’s healing people, and if you need healing, stand.”

SID: When you say that, do you know that’s going to happen

BILL: I know.

SID: Or do you do it at every meeting, “God’s healing people?”

BILL: No, no. I do it when He tells me.

SID: You don’t say it until when He tells you.

BILL: So this is… I’ve done this thousands of times. If you need healing in your body, take your hand and put it where you need healing. If you need healing all over your body, take your hand and put it on top of your head. What George says he heard so clearly was “Take your left hand and put it on top of your head.”

SID: Yeah, but it’s paralyzed.

BILL: And he can’t walk without a cane. Without help he can’t balance. But his pastor’s there, one of his pastors, his nurse is there, and he thinks “If I don’t…” So he and I don’t know that I said that. If I said “Left hand” that’s the only time I’ve ever said it. He thinks “Ok.” He’s in a bad mood anyway, not feeling well. He takes this gnarled hand, and he pushes it up with his good arm and just gets it up as far as he can and he’s basically saying “Prankard, hurry, hurry.” I mean he’s not praying the prayer of faith. God gave me a word SID. It was as clear as if I’m sitting here with you. “Someone’s hand is being healed.” The thought went through my mind “That’s not that big of a deal.” But it is if it’s your hand of course.

SID: Of course.

BILL: When I said that, George’s hand fell loose. Now he thought it had just slipped, because it was very uncomfortable and painful. But it didn’t go back. It went out and his hand started moving, an arm that for a few years he hadn’t had use of. Hand started moving. And his pastor beside him said “George, your hand is moving!” And he said “I know it.” And so of course the good pastor said “Get up there and tell him.” Well George starts up the aisle.

SID: With the crutches?

BILL: No, no. That’s the thing. They call him. He’s halfway up or more. It’s a big auditorium; you’ve been there, Toronto. And they call him and they’ve got his canes. He forgot his canes. And he’s halfway up so he thinks “Well I’m not going back to get them.” He’s having difficulty walking because his brace is coming off; the Velcro is coming off that normally held his brace. And so he thinks “Oh great. When I get up to the front I’ll fix it.” When he got up to the front he pulled his pant leg up to fix it. The Velcro was coming loose because his leg was not withered. The doctor had said it was half the size of the other. It was normal.

SID: In that split second! In a split second you can get your miracle too. We’ll be right back after this word.

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