SID:  Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Hinson. He, many times will go into an auditorium and see the person healed before they get healed, I call this moving into the realm of heaven where there is no time, so obviously if you can move into the spirit, his name Michael Hinson, also here Joan Hunter. Joan you met last week. Joan is the daughter of Charles and France Hunter, who are real pioneers in miracles. And Michael you’re almost minding your own business, you’ve never seen miracles. You’ve never heard voices from God or such things. In fact, did you believe in miracles 25 years ago when you ended up at a Happy Hunter meeting?

MICHAEL:  I think I was probably the biggest skeptic in the room, there were 10,000 of us in an auditorium and I sat in the back with my arms crossed not believing any of this to be true, but I went thinking maybe I could see a miracle, and if I saw a miracle then maybe I could grab a hold of the one true God. Maybe somehow He could manifest Himself.

SID:  What did you see?

MICHAEL:  I had absolutely no idea what I was going to see, I got there and not only did I see one, I saw so many I couldn’t count them, and they were by my hands, and they were by the hands of believers that came just like I did, skeptical want to see a miracle, they were praying for people and they were getting healed, lives were being changed, it was beyond anything I could imagine. When I laid down that night, I literally had to ask myself, “Lord, what just happened? I had never seen anything like that.” I had been taught all this stuff went out with the disciples and one church I went to told me it was of the devil, I saw people getting healed and giving joy and praise to Jesus name.

SID:  And you heard for the first time in your life the voice of God, what did He say?

MICHAEL:  Well I was actually, it was the second day of the  meeting, the meeting had just ended and I went back to my  room and they were going to have another meeting in  Jacksonville, the Hunters were, I think in four months, and when I was there I had heard about the meeting, was  excited about going to it, audibly I heard a voice said,  “You’re going to head up that Jacksonville Healing  Explosion.” It hit me so hard I said it out loud, and my roommate, the guy I was sharing the room with turned to me and said, “What are you saying?” I said I just heard this: “You’re going to head up the Jacksonville Healing Explosion.”

SID: And you don’t know anything, you didn’t even believe in miracles a couple of days before?

MICHAEL:  I didn’t know what a healing explosion was two days before and had absolutely no idea.

SID:  So did you think that was pizza, tell the truth, that voice?

MICHAEL:  It was something that so centered me, and so shook me; I had never experienced anything like it before. You couldn’t have chiseled it out of me with a sledge hammer and a chisel, it just wasn’t going to go. It became part of who I was, but I didn’t say anything else to anyone else about it because it sounded foolish to my roommate when I looked at him with a bewildered look. I figured there was no need to repeat it to anyone else. Three days later after all the meetings were over, Charles and Frances Hunter, now this is a meeting with 10,000 people in it, at the end of the meeting they came up to me and they said, “Listen, are you from Jacksonville?” And I said, “Yes, I am from Jacksonville, that’s where I’m living right now.” He said, “The Lord told us that you were going to head up the Jacksonville Healing Explosion, will you take the job?” I said, “I don’t know anything about healing explosions, I have no idea what the job entails but I’m your man, take me.”

SID:  And as a result you ended up almost being adopted by the Hunters, he became almost your brother.

JOAN:  Unhuh.

SID:  And did you realize 25 years ago the two of you would be heading up a ministry, and I have to tell you, it’s almost like you get the knowledge for the surgery, you perform the operation, the power flows through you, and Michael, you direct the laser, is that a good description of the way the two of you operate?

MICHAEL:  Well it may be more, I guess that’s it. I move more in opening the door for repentance and when people, when they repent, and their hearts are open, Joan moves in with the power ministry and the miracles and what we see. Sometimes we have to sit in awe at the end of a meeting, and if we had not just seen it with our own eyes, and seen it repeatedly with our own eyes, it would be difficult to explain. I tell people I know about what the meetings were like. In fact, my pastor after hearing about them over and over again, decided on his own he was going to run to one of the meetings. He came on his own. He could not speak for days after he came to the meetings. He came for three days. He went back after just attending the meetings; Joan never laid hands on him, he just sat and watched her. The people he started praying for from that point on started getting healed and touched and changed. The anointing just flows. It is just – there are no words to describe it.

SID: Here’s what I believe; I believe someone can get on a plane and go to your meeting and have that same thing happen, but I believe that God is in a hurry, and I believe that everyone that gets a hold of this book and receives the prayer that I’m going to ask you two to pray in a moment, I believe that it’s going to be just like your pastor. That’s what my faith tells me. Why would God love your pastor better than any other human that ever lived? What is going on with this book? I know it’s a new book but it’s a manual and that’s what I love about it; I mean between the two of you, you’ve got what, close to what?

JOAN:  Fifty-five, sixty years almost.

SID: That’s dealing with miracles.

MICHAEL: This is my much older sister.

SID:  Ah-hah, you’re going to let him get away with that?

JOAN:  Just for a few more days and then we’re the same age.

SID:  Okay,

MICHAEL:  She was my older sister

JOAN:  He said he’d rub it in though, but I’m wiser.

MICHAEL:  The book is really simple, had we been taught, had I been taught since I was old enough to walk that this was natural, that people getting healed by the hand of believers was natural, then when I went to that meeting, I would have thought it was natural. I was never taught these things, I didn’t know they were real, but my kids have been taught since they were old enough to talk that this is natural, they do not think that there is anything uncommon about laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover, it is natural Christianity to them.

SID:  Do your children pray for the sick and see them recover?

MICHAEL:  Yes, they do, they do. They pray for people and see them recover.

SID:  So you’re telling me your children are normal, you might be abnormal, I want you to call a friend, no you got to watch what we’re going talk about how you can get the book. I’ll tell you what: we’ll be back in a minute before I get into more trouble.


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