SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Kevin Dedmon, has such a gift. In fact, I was recently in Sedona, Arizona speaking, and there was a man that moves tremendous miracles, by the name of Bill Johnson. And I saw so many, I’ve never seen so many healings at one time. It was like, poof! And just miracles broke out all over the place. And when I heard what he had to say about my guest, Kevin Dedmon, he said that Kevin moves in one of the greatest miracle anointings he has ever witnessed. I had to have him as a guest. Kevin has prayed for people without a jawbone and they’ve gotten jawbones. He’s prayed for people without a thumb where it was amputated and watched the thumb grow out, including the nail. I mean, Kevin, these are outrageous miracles and the amazing thing is you were almost tricked out of this. At a young age you became a believer in the Messiah. But you immediately moved in praying for people to be healed. Why? 

KEVIN: Well I started reading the Bible for the first time and I started reading about what Jesus did, and I just assumed that that what you were supposed to do as a Christian. So I used to go around hitchhiking and picking up hitchhikers. And then I would minister to them and pray for them for healing and see them healed. And I thought anybody could do that. 

SID: Tell me one that comes to mind, one of the first ones. 

KEVIN: Well I was witnessing at a park and I came across some young men about my same age, and I walked up to this group of guys, and one of the guys had a broken arm and he had a cast on, and it was a soft cast. And I said, “Okay, if God heals your arm you have to believe in Jesus. If He doesn’t heal your arm you can all beat me up.” [laugh] 

SID: We have a word for that called “chutzpah”. That means nerve. That is chutzpah. 

KEVIN: God healed his arm and about four of them gave their lives to Jesus right there on the spot. And I just thought that was normal. 

SID: Okay. So he becomes normal, and all of a sudden he bumps into someone he prays for. He’s sure this person is gonna be healed because all the pastors in town are saying, “Go pray for some of our people”. Even though he’s normal, maybe they weren’t. And they keep getting healed. But this one woman he prayed for had cancer and she died. It devastated you, Kevin. 

KEVIN: It really did. I thought I killed her. Yeah, I did. I thought I killed her because I didn’t have enough faith or I wasn’t gifted enough. Even though I had been healing people everywhere and the pastors in the community in which I was doing all of this, they saw something in me. And so they invited me to come to pray for this woman because I had faith and I was seeing results. And when I didn’t happen I thought I killed her. 

SID: And, you know, he’s not kidding. It was so devastating to him– 

KEVIN: Yeah. 

SID: That for the next 20 years he said, “I guess I’m not supposed to pray for someone. Someone else is supposed to do it..” 

KEVIN: That’s ight. 

SID: But then you had problems with your son. He was drinking a little bit and you were at your wits end, and your wife said, “Enough is enough.” There’s a move of God’s spirit, a revival in Brownsville, in Pensacola, Florida and your son had to go there. He went there and then your wife gets a phone call from there, and you figure, oh, he’s really messed up. 

KEVIN: Well the youth pastor called my wife, and my wife then called me and said, she’s crying, “Kevin! Kevin! It’s Chad.” And I’m, “Oh my goodness. What are we gonna do now?” Because we had tried everything. He was actually dealing drugs out of our house, and so we were dealing with all sorts of issues. And we had sent him to Brownsville as a last resort. And she said, “Oh Kevin, the youth pastor called and said that Chad’s been crying for 24 straight hours and then he’s been laughing for 24 straight hours, and he’s never seen anything like this before. He’s been totally transformed.” And sure enough, he came back and he was completely transformed. He was a new person. 

SID: And it was such a transformation that Kevin and his wife were kind of provoked to jealousy. So they went out to Brownsville. What happened to you?

KEVIN: Well we had to go out and find out what had happened to him. And we went out there and a similar kind of thing happened to us, in that we caught a vision for what we are born for, what we are made for. We saw a revival taking place, people getting healed, getting saved, getting set free, part of a community that was just on fire for God with passion towards God. 

SID: But you still feel that you can’t pray for someone. 

KEVIN: Right. That’s right. 

SID: So he gets home and he has someone that is a biker that he’s letting stay at his home. The guy had had surgery that didn’t work out too well and he was in terrific pain. So right after he gets home, Kevin is having a meeting, and the guy yells from the bedroom, “I’m in pain!” And he comes down and he asks for prayer. But you don’t pray for people. So what happened?

KEVIN: Well I looked around the room to see if there was anybody else who had the gift of faith and nobody else in the room had a gift as far as I knew. And he was pleading, crying, asking me to pray for him. So just out of duty I decided, okay, well I’ll pray for you. And as I did, a fire came in my hand and came on his back at the same moment. And this man who had been debilitated for six months, had surgery, the whole bit, was totally bed-ridden, got up and started jumping all around the room, yelling out, “I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I had fire go through my back.” And then several others got healed that same evening. 

SID: For 20 years you said, “I don’t want to have any gift. I’m not gonna pray for people.” And all of a sudden, what’s going on inside of Kevin? 

KEVIN: I’m like, oh my gosh! What is going on here? And my hand is still on fire. And so I’m putting it on other people and I’m thinking this is amazing. 

SID: Well let me tell you something that’s even more amazing than that. Kevin has a passion for you to be able to do this. And he says it’s not just for special people.

 KEVIN: That’s right. 

SID: It’s for people who understand the special God. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.




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