SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Ron Phillips. And Ron, you told me just before you published your new book, you had a visitation from an angel, and this angel identified himself. What was his name?

RON: His name was Noble.

SID: And tell me what he looked like and the circumstances.

RON: He was tall, had a dark, I think a Middle Eastern look to him, Jewish, even though you’re not that dark.

SID: That’s the Polish side of me.

RON: I see. And golden hair. And he had to bend his head over a nine-foot ceiling. And, you know, you and I talked about this and something I said, was it a dream? Well if it was a dream it got me down to my study, down on the next floor, ‘cause he asked me to go down there. And that’s when he told me they were gonna defend my reputation that we had been attacked, called a cult, you know, in my own denomination and other things, that that was over. And the season of favor had come, and he had come to bring that season of favor. And right before he left he said, “My name is Noble.” And I want to tell you, when you have a manifestation that strong, you don’t feel tired. When they are around you it’s like you’ve been plugged into something. That’s the only way I can explain it. There was an alertness that came up on me.

SID: Ron, give us a few clues of how to activate angels.

RON: First of all, angels are activated by faith. When the children of Israel were crossing Egypt an angel went before them because they believed they were going somewhere. That’s one. Number two, is the Word of God. You know, you can say to this mountain, when you speak to the difficulties in your life by faith, glory to God, and somebody needs to do that today, angels immediately respond to the obedient repentant believer who speaks forth the Word and the promises of God.

SID: There’s probably nothing stronger.

RON: Nothing stronger than that. And by the way, on the contrary, your wrong words, and you can go to Ecclesiastes, He said, “Don’t tell the angel you didn’t mean to say it.” I mean, the Book of Ecclesiastes says, “The angels will destroy the works of your hands.” And some of you got up this morning and said I’m sick, or something. And the devil heard it and demons heard it, and the angels heard it, and you need to be careful what comes out of your mouth. Let the promises of God, let your yea be yea and your nay be nay, and let the right words come out. Three is prayer. And when you go to the Book of Revelation 5, Revelation 8, the altar of incense where the angels are, it represents, in the ancient temple tabernacle you know this, the prayers of the saints. And it said, “The angels convey our prayers in their hands to the Father.” So we don’t pray to angels. The Colossian Church got into that heresy and it had to be corrected. We pray to the Lord Jesus, our Messiah, to Yahweh, our God and our Heavenly Father by the power of the Holy Spirit. And since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, when the Word and worship, and prayer become to roll out of spirit, angels begin go move just like they did when Isaiah was in the Holy of Holies, because there’s no veil between us now. And the glory to God, I feel Him here right now, the angels will begin to move and stir, and cry holy, and they’re activated that way in your life. And finally, something I discovered after I was filled with the Holy Spirit, they move on miracle ground where kingdom operation is going on. So, though I speak with the tongues of men or of angels, their tongues, their dialects, the heavenly language, the prayer language, that’s just one part of it. But when we begin to believe in the supernatural, they show up because they’re not interested in unbelief. They’re not interested in rebellion. They’re not interested in the gossip and the wrong words of men, but they love the Messiah. They gather, they strengthened him, the love him. And when we love him and when we walk with him, they operate in our lives.

SID: Now for everyone, and you can do this right now if you haven’t, that has told God they’re sorry for their sins and believe the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus washes away their sins and then ask the Messiah to live inside of them and become their Lord, Ron is going to briefly pray a supernatural prayer for you right now that you be as filled with the Spirit of God as he is, and you will, by the way, be able to speak in supernatural languages.

RON: That’s right. Yes, right now, bow your head. Heavenly Father, right now in the name of Yeshua, the name of our Messiah, the baptizer and the Holy Spirit, the one that fills is the one that gives us, I ask right now, Lord, that the supernatural presence come into the room by everyone who’s watching. And Father, I pray that the angelic activity will begin to whirl around about the mists, sense Your powerful presence. And Lord, I pray right now that You will fill them with the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Let them confess out of Your mouth right now and say, “My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” Say right now, “There are angels operating in the temple of my life.”

SID: There are angels operating in the temple of life.

RON: Yes, right now. And so Lord, right now, I ask that You command these angels to bring in my harvest, to help me in my healing, to give me direction, to protect the resources that are behind me and before me, and Lord to help them to walk before me in all the ways of my life. And right now I believe some of you are receiving, see, the prayer languages is tongues of men and of angels. God can give you a dialect that’s on the earth. He can give you a dialect or both. But he is gonna give you a supernatural language that will build you up, that will strengthen you. You say, well how can I do that, Pastor Ron? God’s not gonna jerk your mouth. You have to move your lips, but the utterance will come out of your spirit. The Spirit will give you utterance. It will sound a little strange, but the flow will begin, and it’s happening for some of you. Lord, also the fruit of the spirit is love, yes, but joy, let the joy angels begin to come around and let the bells ring. Let the music begin in the heart of someone right now. Let them know the Holy Spirit is with them, but also angels are with them. They are not alone. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID: Well I don’t know what’s happening to you. But I can tell you what’s happening to me. There is such presence of God that my body can’t take it. It’s literally trembling. As a matter of fact, Ron, I’m not sure why this happens. Many times when the presence of God gets this strong, my lips start to tremble.

RON: Oh yes.

SID: And maybe I’m supposed to be speaking in supernatural languages.

RON: Well with trembling lips and stammering tongue, I will speak to His people. The prophecy in Isaiah quoted in 1 Corinthians 14, and he says, “This is the rest with which I will rest you.” And angels want us to rest. And tongues brings rest to your spirit. Angels bring strength and rest to your life. In fact, that word, “serve” that they’re sent to serve you, it comes from two Greek words, “laos ergon.” People work. And “ergon” is to make work easier. Ergonomics makes things more comfortable. Angels are here to help you work smarter, to take the weariness out of your life, to add joy to it. And, you know, I’ve always got a grin on my face, ‘cause I don’t care where I am, I’m never alone.

SID: You know what I believe? This angel by the name of Noble that has come to visit you and has turned the gossip and the disfavor into favor.

RON: That’s right.

SID: I believe that there are many people that are watching us right now that these angels are going to turn their life around.

RON: That’s right.

SID: Just like Ron’s has been turned around with favor. I love the name of that angel, Nobel.

RON: That was the shocking thing, because no angel has ever told me their name. And I was afraid to almost say that. But it’s such a powerful thing that there is a nobility to those of us who have Jesus as our Messiah. We’re not junk. We’re not the actions of evolution. We’re not throwaway. We’re a part of an internal plan. And these beings who lived before time–

SID: And they’re ready to flood and invade your home right now.

RON: Yes.

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