SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Ron Phillips. And during the commercial break, Ron, you started laughing. Why? 

RON: The joy angel is here. He’s on the right here, and the anointing of joy comes. This started in our church, really about ’91.


SID: You must have gone up to Toronto, Rodney Howard Brown. 

RON: No.


SID: No? 

RON: It was years later I met those men, not to Brownsville. I preached at Brownsville toward the end of the Brownsville awakening.


SID: So this was just a sovereign thing that happened at your church. 

RON: Yeah. And see, we had people fall out in the Spirit. We didn’t have catchers for them. We didn’t know you’re supposed to have one. Everything that’s happened in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit happened. And I was such a legalist that I wrote a book called “Awakened by the Spirit” where I chronicled every manifestation spirit from scripture and from church history, that they weren’t, this wasn’t new. These weren’t new things that were going on.


SID: Now tell me about this joy angel. He’s like, is he at every service? 

RON: Every service.


SID: And he’s at a particular spot. And when people walk to that spot what happens? 

RON: They get tickled. We had a young lady from Lee University, ‘cause the angels just dominate the right side of the building as I face the audience on my right. And we had four young ladies, Church of God girls that joined our church from Lee University. They were from out of town, just started. And this little girl with very curly hair, she came up and she just started laughing. And I said, “What’s going on?” She said, “Something touched me on the back.” And I knew that angel was there. And that was the first week she came. So last week she comes back and joins, her and four other friends. And the minute she walked there on the right, I always have the visitors come and gather on the right because I don’t want them to be sad when they leave a service at our church, and without fail, there’s just a happiness there, a joy there that comes.


SID: Now another thing that intrigues me about him is he understands how important worship is. 

RON: Yes.


SID: But in his congregation he hears his congregation worship, but what else do you hear? 

RON: We hear the angels. Many people where Paul said, “I will sing with the understanding, but I will sing with the spirit.” And Ephesians 5:18: “Be filled with speaking to yourself in psalms, hymns and spiritual song, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” When we begin to move beyond the page or the notes printed on the wall and the songs that had planned to sing, God begins to introduce his rhythms in music into our hearts and into our spirits, and you will hear it almost like a Gregorian chant, just begin to wave across the congregation.


SID: You literally hear the angels worshiping. 

RON: Yeah. And I hear it. It sounds like music and water running at the same time.


SID: Let me ask you this, because I have seen some angels. I sense their presence. But I have friends that see angels and they say that when someone has a personal angel, that angel just walks around them as they’re speaking. 

RON: That’s right.


SID: Or if someone is dancing, dancing in worship, you see the angels in a circle around the people doing the same thing. 

RON: I believe that, yes, with all my heart. There’s joy in the presence of the angels over one sinner that repents. And so the angels that are with us, we talk about there’s joy in Heaven, but it says “Joy in the presence of the angels.” It doesn’t say Heaven in there, in that particular verse. So when the church is worshiping, when the Word is going forth in power and angels obey the Word, Psalm 103:21 says, “They hearken to the voice of His Word,” King James version or really the Hebrew is, and you know this, it is “As the Word is voiced.” The angels respond to that Word. So when we’re walking in God and when people are repenting the angels take joy. And so they enjoy the worship with us, they take joy when the change comes because these angels are older than time and they saw what rebellion did to that one third of their hosts. They don’t want that to happen to us again, and they take joy when we make the right move.


SID: Now many of my friends tell me there is a great increase in the number of angels interacting with humans today.

 RON: It is tremendous. It’s huge. If you, and I challenge you, Sid, the next time you go into talk about the Messiah, ask your congregation, “How many of you feel like you’ve been protected or had access or an interaction with angels?” A few years ago you might have got a tenth of the people. It will be the majority today. And most spirit-filled congregations, and even in the evangelical world, because I still preach across the lines into that world, I find the activity enormous, just tremendous. 

 SID: But there’s a flip side.


RON: Yes. 

SID: There is an increase in activity of the demonic.


RON: Exactly. 

SID: And one thing I find very interesting to me is after you had this encounter with being filled with the Spirit of God, speaking in a supernatural language, you went out and you cast demons out of people. Would you ever in your wildest imagination have thought you’d do that?


RON: I didn’t want to. I was minding my own business at my church and get a call from the hospital, from the head, a Presbyterian guy who was a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, and he said, “Would you come down here. We have one of your members.” Two of her friends had committed suicide, and they had gotten into a witchcraft pact to kill themselves. She didn’t do it, but she had planned to do it in the hospital. And they wanted me to come down there. Well I didn’t know what I was doing. So I got a friend, a Pentecostal friend, and another staff member to go with me. We sat down in the room and a man’s voice came out of this woman’s mouth, cursing. And so just took authority like Jesus. We cast 13 demons out of her.

SID: But you didn’t even think this was possible. 

RON: No.

SID: How did you do that 

RON: Just the power of God.

SID: I’ll tell you what, talk about the power of God, you’re going to really see the power of God when we come back after this break, because Ron heard from God a particular way to pray for you. Yes, for you. RON: Yes 

SID: We’ll be right back in a moment


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