SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. As we move into End Times human options will dwindle. We must learn to partner with the angels. And Ron Phillips, you’re the most unlikely person to be speaking about the definitive understanding of angels. But you’ve had experiences with angels, especially with protection from car accidents. Tell me about one of them.

RON: That’s right. I had gone to speak on the top of a mountain hill in North Alabama. My wife warned me when I left the lowlands. She said, “You shouldn’t go. It’s gonna be snowing up there.”

SID: We have to learn to listen to our wives.

RON: God gave me a wife warning. But he sent an angel with me. And the meeting was closed early. I came outside. An old farmer offered to help me. So God sent two, and then had to send an angel. But I started down that hill in ice and the car did a 360, and the road was narrow. There was nothing between me and about 800, 900 feet down. And the car stopped on that edge. When I tried to get the car to move it just skidded, and I really got frightened. And I said, “Lord, help me.” And I heard a voice say, “Your angel will help you.” And I kept this quiet for many years, being a Baptist.

SID: I’m sure.

RON: And I said, “Okay angel, please help.”

SID: Now you have to understand. This man is a Southern Baptist. He taught against speaking in unknown languages. He taught against all the charismatic gifts, that they all ceased to be. So now he has an experience. You haven’t even heard it yet, but I’ve heard it, so you’d better let them hear it.

RON: God was beginning to shake my tree, so to speak. And so all of a sudden I saw a glow out on the right front fender of the car. It turned. It righted itself on the road. It never slipped again. And nearly down there, the glow moved from there to almost a figure, a glowing figure sitting in the car with me. And I thought, thank you, God, or I’m losing my mind. I mean, and I get to the mountain, and it’s at Interstate 59 in North Alabama, and they barricaded it so no one could go up that road. And there’s a state trooper there, and he sees me coming. I’m the only nut coming down the road. He says, “How did you get off that out of that ice?” And I said, “Well God helped me.” And he said, “Well you be safe going home.” And then he looked in the car and said, “You all be safe.”

SID: But you were alone.

RON: I was alone. He saw the angel.

SID: Now that is confirmation when a lawman says, speaks to two people.

RON: Absolutely. I was stunned, Sid, driving the rest of the way home. But it was the beginning of ten or 12 years of God’s efforts to pull an old ultra-fundamentalist that believed all the gifts had ceased and that God didn’t really speak today, you know, that we have the Bible.

SID: Okay, 1989.

RON: Yes.

SID: A woman speaks. Something about that woman got to you deep. And you go to your room that night and what happened?

RON: I was in my room about midnight. I heard my name called audibly. Now this wasn’t suppose to happen. It was like that angel thing.

SID: But it’s in the Bible, but you thought it ceased.

RON: Yeah. But just like Eli told Samuel, after the third time I was awakened by this voice calling my first name. I said, “Speak, Lord, to your servant here.” And God began to speak to me and He told me clearly, and He told me in English, He said, “Read your Psalms for today.” It was 19th day of the month. I read Psalm 91 and 95. The verse is about the secret place. And then I got to Psalm 92:10, “I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” And I was baptized, and the Holy Spirit, He hit me like a bolt of lightening, like an earthquake. I shook. I went out. I didn’t know anything about being slighted in the Spirit, what the New Testament calls ecstaceous, ecstasy. But I had gone in this, and I woke up three hours later and there was something pouring out of me I learned later was tongues. I didn’t think it was suppose to be happening, but it was.

SID: The thing that he used to speak against he’s now speaking in a supernatural language that he’s never been taught.

RON: But immediately when I got conscious I stopped, and I didn’t try to do it any more, even though I knew–Charasmatics that were already in my church walked up to me grinning, and I didn’t say a word, and they said, “Something’s happened to you, hasn’t it?” And Phil Driscoll, the trumpeter, he came to a meeting and he pulled me aside, and he said, “Take your time. Tell it with story and you won’t split your church.” And that’s true. We had some people leave across the years. But I’m one of the few that is still at the Baptist, but charismatic, and that we’re still–

SID: Wait, wait, wait. I know what charismatic churches are. Yours is not charismatic. You left charismatic years ago. You are in the stratosphere. I mean, he literally has an angel that is right next to him when he speaks. And as a matter of fact, as you were talking about angels right now, I have to tell you, I actually started shaking. There must be an angel in this studio.

RON: There are angels here. There’s one behind me who goes with me. You know in the Bible God said, “You’ll hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way. Walk in it.’” And when David said, “Surely goodness and mercy follow me,” you know, I believe that the angels are before us to prepare a way, but they’re also behind us. They’re our rear guard. And Hebrews 114, Sid, says that, “God sent to the angels to be servants and ministers unto all those who are heirs of salvation.” As a joint heir, Jesus Christ, listen, the human being before he comes to Christ is made a little lower than the angels. But when you come to Christ you move from that realm into being a joint heir with Jesus Christ. At that moment the same angels that served our Lord in His earthly body to strengthen Him, now come around His new body, the church, to serve us 

SID: Now you understand angels like few people that I know. He understands the scriptures. He’s a scholar of the Greek. And he has put together the most biblical understanding of how to partner with the angels. And Ron, that was a quote of yours that I said earlier.

RON: Yes.

SID: We must learn how to partner with the angels. Be right back after this word. And look very carefully. You may just see an angel.

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