SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Danny Steyne, and this is amazing, he’s with an 85 year old woman, arthritis throughout her body, did she come in on what, a walker?


DANNY: she came in on a walker.


SID: Tell me about it.


DANNY: I just looked at here, she was actually with two other elderly friends, and I said you don’t need that and I said would you like that pain gone, and she said I’d love it gone. And I said why don’t you stand up and she stood up and I said now friends take away her walker and I said in Jesus Name, pain leave. And immediately she just began realizing something was happening to her body and within just a minute she says I feel like running and jumping. And it was a really awesome thing. And we said go for it and she began running around and just jumping around and the Spirit of God just completely healed her and took away the arthritic condition, very precious woman, very precious.


SID: You know what really provokes me to jealously is Danny is on an airplane, I’m on an airplane a lot, this has never happened to me, that I know about. He, Danny, gets on an airplane and he’s like me, he figures this is a divine appointment, at least there’s a captive audience, and so he’s got his captive audience there, but it wasn’t normal, was it Danny, tell me about this guy.


DANNY: No, I sat with him and normally conversations will happen very easily and sometimes the Lord will show me something about the person sitting next to me but that wasn’t happening at all, and so I really was questioning some things, I asked him one question, I said are you going to San Francisco on business, and he said very important business but then it was like the conversation just shut down again and it was like a coldness. I couldn’t figure that out and as I got up to get off the plane I turned around just to tell him to have a good time in San Francisco and he wasn’t there.


SID: Oh well he must have just left while you weren’t looking.


DANNY: There is nowhere to move on an airplane Sid. You are kind of captive, I mean it’s pretty crowded at that point in time.


SID: But now I’m going to fast-forward, you show up at a meeting and he shows up too, just tell me that part.


DANNY: Yeah we had had this meeting and actually the Spirit of God had been starting to break through and do some things, but it wasn’t quite to the degree that we knew that it needed to be. And that night there was some awesome things that the Lord did, but we just saw, he showed us some things happening in that room, but at that point in time this man came and stood up in front of me, I didn’t see him and then I saw him, and then I didn’t see him. And he said one little phrase, he said, “I’m here.” And from that moment on the meeting, the meetings were unbelievable, just the presence of God, healings, the release of his presence.


SID: What’s the name of this angel?


DANNY: They call him breakthrough. And they call him that because he’s an angel that comes to breakthrough, he comes to bring the release of God in places that might have been in opposition

to it or it has just been closed.


SID: Listen, you had as far as I’m concerned a major breakthrough with your two daughters. There were two things that God used supernaturally, one is you wrote a letter to your ex-in-laws, tell me about that?


DANNY: I did, I wrote a letter basically telling them that I was forgiving them and forgiving my ex-wife for taking my daughters, I did this while they were still gone.


SID: How could you do that? These were your daughters.


DANNY: Because Jesus would do that.


SID: Good enough, what happened in the natural realm as a result of what you did right in the spirit realm?


DANNY: A week later I received actually an email from an attorney who had helped me with a lot of the issues related to their abduction and everything else. I owed a lot of money, a lot of money, thousand, tens of thousands of dollars, and I had gone to them before and asked them for reprieve and they said no, but a week later, after that, not knowing that that letter was sent, they wrote me an email and they said if you can come up with two thousand dollars by the end of next month we will forgive all of your debt, and, which, I was able to come up with the two thousand dollars and was forgiven tens of thousands of dollars debt.


SID: Okay, I can that, but twelve bells? Tell me about that.


DANNY: The day before a major thing was going to happen, when my daughters were going to return…


SID: How many years had gone by?


DANNY: Six years.


SID: Six years?


DANNY: Over six years and the day before I had somebody who had been praying for me and they called me and they said Danny, I have something very strange to do, I’m supposed to pray for you over the phone, but there is something strange I have to do, and I said oh what’s that? And they said, I need to ring a bell. And I said okay, I said just go for it, do it. and they rang this bell twelve times through the phone, and I felt something with it, but the next day at twelve noon I got a phone call from the FBI and they said, “We’ve got your girls, they’re here.” And I had so many hopeful times I said really. They said really, they said come get your daughters. And I drove up to where they were and we had a meal together that night, they’ve been home ever since. Precious daughters.


SID: At no time did you give up; I mean that’s a long time, six years?


DANNY: You know when we give our lives to Jesus and when I gave my daughters to Jesus, he made a promise that he would hold them, they were his girls they weren’t just mine. And I have to hold on to that hope, I know there are a lot of people who need that hope in various things, and hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life. That’s the second part, and that’s really what I believe the Lord was doing was he was showing me a longing fulfilled is delightful.


SID: You know what I love, Danny is so free, he’s a worship leader and he brings and he has jam sessions, nothing scripted, but this is ridiculous, a guy is doing a mega million dollar Hollywood type motion picture with no script?


DANNY: Well actually he had watched our worship, and our worship is very free and we basically just, our terminology is we just go after it, we don’t necessarily have the songs all written out, in fact, there have been hundreds of songs that have been written in the past couple of years already as a result of this, but the reality has been that there has been an explosion, because it is so free, it’s the Holy Spirit of God.


SID: How much is he spending, how much is he spending on funding for that picture?


DANNY: I believe the budget is two hundred million.


SID: With no script, is he mashuga, that’s crazy?


DANNY: He wants to demonstrate that God can make a movie.


SID: Better than man?


DANNY: Absolutely.


SID: and guess what? God can solve your problem better than you can. There are people listening right now that need a breakthrough, where the word of God says, all things are possible to those  who believe. Don’t give up. Danny, in thirty seconds look in the camera and tell people not to give up.


DANNY: I want to really encourage you to strengthen your heart by knowing that there is one who believes in you more than you probably believe in yourself. and he has a destiny for you, and that he has a destiny, he is the one that allows people to become Josephs who go to exile, he is the one who causes them to become princes and kings that will rule nations, and you can’t give up, you’ve just got to keep holding on.


SID: He is the God of the breakthrough, and in Yeshua’s name, I release all of the angels of the breakthrough to restore, recover, preserve and thrust you in to your hearts desire, because your hearts desire is God’s hearts desire. And it is not an accident you are watching, I say in Yeshua’s name, breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough.

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