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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. That rarified air from heaven, it is going to flow through your television, through your video, I love being in the – that’s my oxygen. Heaven air is my oxygen. And you can have normal oxygen; I like my oxygen. My guest as a young man met elderly people who were involved in the biggest move of miracles in the history of America. It was called the Azusa Street Revival. He tells me that he met some of the people and heard first hand what occurred, stories such as ears that did not exist popping back into place, arms that did not exist coming out and growing, these are called creative miracles. Did you know that the Azusa Street Revival that happened in the early 1900’s was the first integrated church in America? God picked a one-eyed black man to lead the greatest move of God’s Spirit in miracles I believe since the first coming of the Messiah and the man that started this, Tommy Welchel, the man that started this revival literally William Seymour, he was the worlds least likely, would you agree?

TOMMY: Oh yes I would think so.

SID: And isn’t it true that he used to go to his meetings, now by the way you have never seen this before, you may start seeing this after I tell you this, but the guy that led this outpouring of miracles would go to a meeting, and is it true that he would put a box on his head during the meeting?

TOMMY: Yes, always. Once in a while he would put his head in a big shoebox but most of the time he would sit in that pew…

SID: Why did he do that?

TOMMY: In obedience to God. He sat there and he would pray sometimes ten minutes, sometimes an hour and ten minutes.

SID: I mean but service was going on, they don’t do this in seeker sensitive churches, don’t you know that?

TOMMY: Seymour did, and that’s why he was successful. He didn’t go by protocol; he went by whatever God told him to do.

SID: And when he would take the box off, what would that signify.

TOMMY: It signified he was fixing to start speaking and everybody would go take their seats.

SID: Tell me one miracle that you heard of that occurred with William Seymour?

TOMMY: The greatest that I knew of was that Brother Seymour would tell them to sing in the Spirit and then that fire would come up out of the roof, would come down and then he…

SID: Wait, you are going too fast for my peanut brain. A fire would go through a roof?


SID: Explain what you mean.

TOMMY: Okay a fire would come up out of the roof and the fire would go up about fifty feet and the fire about fifty feet away from it in the sky would come down and mingle with it.

SID: Could people see this fire?

TOMMY: Oh yes, matter of fact they got many calls to the fire department, not from people in the meeting, but from people outside that would see it.

SID: Really, it was the fire of God’s glory.

TOMMY: Yes, now it wouldn’t consume, you didn’t smell any fire, but that is when the greatest miracles would happen, and he would, he got up was telling them and Brother David Garcia was there, and he said, he was the one that told me about it that was the most vivid.

SID: Let me explain this. Tommy was a young runaway and one of the women that was involved in the Azusa Street revival, took him in and took care of him and most of these people were children, and Tommy was a young man and they were elderly and they told him the story of first hand what they saw over and over again that he can tell the stories better than them, so again, what did they tell you?

TOMMY: Well Brother Seymour told them do you want to have some fun like we did a bout a year ago and the man’s leg grew out, he says let’s pray for this man’s arm. And the man’s arm had been ripped out on a job related with a big machine, and it had ripped out even the shoulder.

SID: So in other words he did not have the limb at all?

TOMMY: He didn’t have the shoulder, the arm or nothing, and he, when he prayed for him Brother Garcia said “Brother Tommy, I was standing very close where I could look right down into that socket and see the bone.” And he said, “Brother Seymour prayed for him and he just kind of stood there for a while with his hands on his head smiling,” and he said, “All of a sudden that bone started growing out and right behind it would come this flesh going around the bone.” And he said it probably took about two seconds but to him it was in slow motion and that mans arm just grew out and he said within a few minutes even the fingernails grew back on his fingers.

SID: If someone were to see that with their very eyes it would transform their life forever.

TOMMY: Well of course, even them telling me about it got to where it was like I was there and it transformed my life.

SID: Speaking of transforming lives, your book, “They Told Me Their Stories,” I’m told that people like, I have a friend that’s an evangelist, when he reads out loud in front of a meeting your book, he just reads the stories, that faith comes and miracles start happening, and your foreword here by Billye Brim, she is a friend of mine, what happens when she reads this out loud?

TOMMY: Oh my, she has the same thing. She has had visitations of the Shekinah glory, Shekinah means you can see it; everybody can see it.

SID: Now William Seymour prophesied about the next revival that will come, tell me about that.

TOMMY: He prophesied that in about a hundred years, he did this in 1909, that there would be a…

SID: So about a hundred years would be 2009?

TOMMY: Yes, that would be about, before or after?

SID: About, okay.

TOMMY: He said another revival like unto Azusa Street only greater would come again, only this time it wouldn’t be in one place, it would be all over the world.

SID: Guess what, that is happening right now. Don’t go away, we’ll talk about it.

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