SID: Hello, Sid Roth with Francis Hunter, Francis, repeat what you said to me just as that segment ended when you were praying for cancer, you talked about the power that was there.

FRANCIS: Well, I tell you the power was so strong, I could just feel the power going right straight at that television camera, and that’s a beautiful thing about God’s power, it can go right through a camera and touch you right where you’ve got that cancer.

SID: Okay, and you also corrected me, I stand corrected, I don’t want to make any misstatement, I said fifty people got out of wheelchairs in Bogotá, Columbia, Francis, you told me I was wrong, so I guess on television we have to admit it, why was I wrong?

FRANCIS: Because a hundred people got out of wheelchairs and the funny thing about it was but the time we had finished over eighty got out, twenty people who were still left got out of their wheel chairs and they came running over and they said, (Spanish) I want to be healed. They got right up out of their wheelchairs we didn’t touch them, we didn’t do anything; it was just the power of God. Hallelujah.

SID: Now the thing that God has called you to do is to mentor people to be able to do what you and your husband Charles does, and what type of results do people get when they read this book?

FRANCIS: they get exactly the same kind of results that Charles and I get, if you will put into practice what we teach in that book, which is just exactly what God says to do, you will have exactly the same results we do, we tell you how to heal backs, how to heal neck problems, because 85 percent of the world has back problems, and once you learn how to heal a back problem, you’ve got 85 percent of the people healed so that’s really good.

SID: I’m getting a quick God thought and I’ve got to be instant and I must be obedient, Francis I want you to hold my hand, and I want you to do something by faith, I want you to either touch the television set, yeah, that’s good, or touch the video that you’re looking at, the computer, just touch that, and Francis, I want you to look into the camera and I want you to pray for a transfer of anointing that when people see people with cancer they will pray and they will have as strong, if not stronger anointing than you, for cancer to be gone, would you pray right now.

FRANCIS: Father in the Name of Jesus I thank you for people who are hungry out there to learn how to heal the sick, Father as I hold Sid’s hand, I pass on not only to him, but to all those who are watching who want to be healed, we just pass on that anointing to them so that when they lay hands on people who have cancer, they will be healed in Jesus Name, amen, and we thank you and we praise you for it Father, now go out and use that anointing that God has given you, the anointing does you no good unless you use it, am I right?

SID: Not only are you right, you are minding your own business, she’s ninety years young, and she could, she could retire, she could say, God I’ve been so grateful for the life you’ve given me and my husband. But instead, God speaks to her and gives her the biggest assignment of her life, what did he tell you?

FRANCIS: God spoke to me and said there have been many national days of prayer, many national presidents’ days, but never in the history of the world has there been a national day of healing and he said I want you to have one. So October the 28th, 2006 there will be a national day of healing, right now we are training thousands of people how to minister healing to the sick, because as you said, in the beginning if Charles and Francis can do it, you can do it too.

SID: Francis, we are going to get this book in as many hands as possible but what is going to, what did God show you, what is going to happen on October 28th?

FRANCIS: On October 28th, churches are going to be open from 11 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the afternoon and wherever you are, what ever denomination you are from, whatever sickness you’ve got, go into a church where they have trained their people and you will be healed. I believe with all my heart and soul we are going to see people, mothers and fathers bringing in these crippled little children who have never walked in their life and you are going to see the children run out of there,

SID: What about people without limbs, will God create limbs?

FRANCIS: God gave me a vision not very long ago and I saw a man who had had his leg cut off in an automobile accident seven years before that, and he came into the church on crutches and he ran out of the church screaming God gave me a new leg, God gave me a new leg. I believe that is going to happen and the interesting thing Sid is, one hour after I told that on a radio program, a man sent me a telegram, I mean an email, and he said seven years ago which is exactly what I said, I lost my leg, my right leg, in an automobile accident, he said I’m going to be the man that runs out of that church screaming.

SID: Listen, he’s going to be but there is going to be a whole lot more, men and women and children, but you, I was reading in my notes, you actually saw a thumb grow out, explain that quickly.

FRANCIS: Well a kid had had his thumb cut off when he was young, and this was in Palm Beach, Florida, and right there, this was in a church that doesn’t believe in healing, so we didn’t do any healing till after the service was over, and so about 40 people stayed and we saw this thumb grow right out in front, there were 40 people watching, screaming at the top of their lungs as they saw this finger grow right back on again, I believe we are going to see a lot of that, you are going to see crippled people healed, you are going to see all kinds of incurable diseases healed,

SID: October 28th

FRANCIS: October 28th

SID: But I want you, a one-minute mentor, look in the camera and give them the best advice you can on praying for the sick.

FRANCIS: The best I could give you, the best advice I can give you is to do it, don’t be afraid, just step right out and do it, and then you might say, but what if they don’t get healed? What if the do get healed? That’s the most important thing of all.

SID: In addition to them being equipped for this, with this book, there is something new on planet earth, I am getting reports from all over, people that have not experienced healings in their congregations are starting to experience healings, I tell you to forget the failure of the past, it’s a new day. Francis and Charles Hunter, this is the best they have to offer. Are people actually getting healed themselves when they read this book and they do what you say?

FRANCIS: Yes, every day I get emails, I get letters from people who say I read your book How To Heal The Sick, and I did what you told me to do and I got healed, I mean there is never a day goes by.

SID: You told me, Charles is not here, but you told me his strongest anointing is for backs and bones, that happens to be my strongest too, and that’s what I heard, someone’s back is being healed right now in Jess Name and the neck. Now, you must do something, you must reach into that invisible world by faith because that is the only currency in that invisible world, you have wondered why it hasn’t happened before and you have reached in, but it was in unbelief, reach in, move your neck, move your back, and a hip has just been healed, I believe a hip has just been replaced, and the greatest healing of all, Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, is real, and he’s bigger than religion, he’s bigger than the box you have put him in, you make him your Messiah and Lord, say, “Jesus, you are my Messiah and Lord, I repent of my sins.” That’s it!

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