SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Grace Williams. Well was I right, did that peace just totally invade your presence? I tell you almost every day I am listening to this CD and the physical miracles that are happening. There are places, they call them healing rooms and they play this and the atmosphere of heaven comes in and major healings are happening, tell me about that woman that was so fearful.

GRACE: She had what is called agoraphobia, and it is basically where you are confined to your home, you cannot leave there is such fear and panic attacks, she had closed the shades, she literally could not leave her house and a friend gave her this CD and she put it on, basically locked herself away for two days listening to this CD non-stop, was completely set free, she now goes out of the house shopping, she is a new woman that God has set her free from every spirit of fear and everything.

SID: Some amazing supernatural things are happening when people listen to this music; tell me about that person who had the aroma of heaven.

GRACE: Yes they were in a service I guess and they were playing my CD as like soaking music and just worshipping before the Lord, people were laid out, people were just receiving deep inner healing type of ministry and several people said that they literally smelled the fragrance of the Lord come down the middle aisle and just linger at the altar where people were receiving ministry, and a lady emailed me and said I just want you to know what this CD is doing, it is changing people’s lives, we will never be the same, and she said they are addicted to it. They can’t stop playing it; it is playing continually actually in their prayer room.

SID: What happened in that church in Alabama you were at?

GRACE: They have an awesome ministry to recovering addicts, prostitutes, drug addicts, and things like that and they use it as a tool for ministry and people were getting totally completely set free, chains breaking, things they had dealt with for lots of years, a lot of women.

SID: People have had deliverance from your music?

GRACE: Deliverance, on the spot deliverance, they put this music on and immediately you know God will set them free of things maybe they didn’t know they had or chains that have been accumulating over the years, a lot of broken hearts mended and deep soul wounds that only the Holy Spirit could supernaturally touch that and set them free.

SID: When you ministered at that Alabama church what happened?

GRACE: Well it was mighty, we had people just filling the altars in worship crying, I mean people were laid out on the floor saying I felt like I was literally in heaven, I was in the presence of God and people were seeing angels and hearing, I have even had people say I hear angels, singing, that has to be the Lord.

SID: You know I feel such an atmosphere of heaven in this studio now, it just kind of flooded in. And one of the things that I believe occurs when her music is sung or played is it makes your area a demon free zone, I guess that’s why people sleep so well.

GRACE: Yes and they play it in their cars, I have had a lot of people email me and say your CD is playing 24 hours a day in our home and our children’s room because like exactly what you said it keeps the atmosphere clear and free and it creates that open heaven so it is easy to break through into that secret place of worship.

SID: Grace you have an unusual ancestry. Let’s see if I get this right, your great, great, great, great grandfather, people said that when he would speak God’s word, rather than me say it, what did they say about him?

GRACE: Well he was an amazing man and it was written about him that he literally carried the fire of God and people would see burning flames in his eyes and he prayed in some of his journals that his seed and his children’s children children would carry this fire and would carry the mantel and it was written about how he would literally glow in the pulpit and so I know that what he prayed I am walking in that, the generational blessing that I am walking in and I am seeing his prayers come to pass, it is awesome he was like a circuit rider preacher, evangelist, he was moving in signs and wonders in a time when that was very, very unheard of.

SID: Now people say this about you, tell me that last person that said I see fire in your eyes.

GRACE: Well I was at an Azusa Meeting a few weeks ago and we were celebrating the Azusa event and I was worshipping and people were just getting so blessed and a lady came up to me afterwards and she grabbed my hand and she said I have all your CD’s, she said I am so glad to know you, and she looked in my eyes and she said I see the fire of the Lord in your eyes and she said I see his burning love.

SID: There is such a presence of God that I believe in this atmosphere all things are possible, I am going to ask Grace to sing without any music but just sing as the Spirit of God tells her what to sing, but I have instructions for you, I give orders you know, I don’t know if you have noticed or not, I give orders, I order you to open yourself up to love, now that is not a tough assignment, open yourself up to healing, open yourself up to the miraculous, open yourself up to, you that are weak, supernatural strength, Grace would you sing.

GRACE: I sense the Lord is healing a woman right now, you have had, it is like what I am getting is like a chronic broken heart, you have gone through trauma after trauma after trauma and you have been even to the point where you are suicidal right now, and you are wanting to take your life, you are just wanting to end it because you can’t take it any more. And right now God says that it is not over, it is not over, he is filling you right now with hope for a bright future, just reach out to him right now and receive that, receive that love receive that healing and receive that hope, that spirit of hope is coming to you it is like it is infusing your spirit right now. In Jesus Name be free, be free to live, be free to live and we thank you Lord.

§ The atmosphere of Heaven is in this room right now § § The presence of Heaven is touching you right now § § It’s healing you right now, restoring you right now, § § And it is fresh oil, flowing from heaven § § It is fresh oil flowing from heaven § Just receive that fresh oil right now where you are, § It is touching you, changing you making all things new § § The atmosphere of Heaven is healing you right now. § § Restoring you right now, yes it is, just receive it, § § receive it, lift your hands and receive it, right now, § § receive it right now, receive it right now. §

Hallelujah, thank you God.

SID: If you ever experienced the love of God you would say God never let go, there is nothing in this earth to compare with the love of God, you get the love of God by a free gift from God, Jesus died in your place, just say Jesus forgive me of my sins, I believe you died in my place, I make you Lord of my life, Jesus come inside of me, be the Czar Shalom, the Prince of Peace in my life, and just bask in the atmosphere of heaven. Jesus, never let go, Jesus never ever let go,
never let go of your people, never.

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