sidroth on March 26th, 2020

SID: But, he had already died, Branham. But you through a series of circumstances found yourself face to face with a man who was a little child and was prayed for by William Branham. What did Brandon say to this man when he prayed for him?

TRACY: It was in his teenager years, around 16, 17 years of age. Now upbringing he had been in around the ministry of [?}, of healing, all of his life as a child. But around 16, 17, William Branham walked into his room, put his hands on the right shoulder to say, even as a mantle was upon me, and now the mantle is on you. And he operates in that gift.

SID: Now this guy lay hands on you, that has the gift from Branham?

TRACY: Yes sir. I had a dream. I saw me in this big tent revival and he was coming to North Carolina. So we went to the tent revival. One year later, exact time that Angel gave me the dream, I walk in there, he shakes my hand, and he said, “From this day forward, what’s on William Branham, on my life, will be on your life.”

TRACY: And then I go back to the headquarters and I do a revival, all of a sudden I see a angel downloading a scroll, and I started seeing names, addresses, sickness, worry. I see a skeleton before me any time I stand before a person. I’ll feel through the word of knowledge where the pain is at.

SID: I called him the other night and he said, “I don’t know what it is. My foot is hurting,” and he described exactly where his foot was hurting. I said, “You just described me.” I mean this is, this is better than any doctor I ever went to. I have to tell you that, Tracy.

SID: But you learn by heavenly revelation, you put a correlation of something, I have never read in a book. I’ve read about serving and the benefits of being a servant.

TRACY: Right.

SID: I’ve read about the supernatural in the gifts, but God showed you they’re connected. Explain.

TRACY: Well, how he showed me was 1997 the angel came to me and said, “This is a recipe for unlocking it. The glory, the manifestation of the gifts of the spirit.” So he said, “I want you to pray three hours a day.” So when I begin to pray three hours a day, he taught me the first hour, pray in tongues. Then the second hour, stop and listen. And then the third hour, I’m in a place where I don’t have to speak in tongues. When you do, the bible, when you get to heaven, time sees.

TRACY: So when you really tap in that glory realm, you don’t pray in tongues. You just enthrone him with glory. You just lift your hands and you worship Yeshua.

TRACY: So he taught me when you listen, after you speak in tongues, what you’re doing is the interpretation is coming back to you.

TRACY: You stop after you speak in tongues, then all of a sudden your mind is already being cleared because you pray all the distractions away because you praying in the spirits, you have a dialogue, just you and God. It’s a channel.

SID: So you clear it through speaking in tongues. And you still yourself to hear, is what you’re saying.

TRACY: Yes sir.

SID: What happens if someone does what you recommend for three months and nothing and they don’t hear a thing?

TRACY: But what I’m saying, what I recommend is keep pursuing, because when I learned this pattern and this strategy how to tap into the heart of God, it took me time to develop. But the more … I always tell ministers when I’ve going teach them, let it be a prayer habit.

SID: You don’t have to start with three hours a day.

TRACY: Right.

SID: I mean you could start with 30 minutes a day in tongues and 30 minutes a day being still and work up. You follow? But if you do, you will hear as much as Tracy, maybe more now. Tracy has seen the greater glory being released this year and it will dramatically change the face of the earth. I’m also going to ask him to demonstrate his amazing prophetic gift. Interested?

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sidroth on March 16th, 2020

SID: Did you actually see your book of life in heaven andwhat does it look like and what’s in there?

KEVIN: Well, there are things in there that God’s hearthas already predetermined.This is what I was shown.It’s so extravagant.I actually saw the Trinity.They met before they even created the universesand the world.They met and they said, “We want to make someone that we can havecommunion with, that we can walk with,that we can talk with.”And they decided to make man, but they decided to make him intheir image, which meant that they had to give them a freewill, which was really a risk.Because then they could actually change and change their mind andnot walk with God.So that was the biggest risk.So Jesus volunteered to be slain from the foundation of theworld, according to the book of revelation,because they already knew that that was the risk and that waswhat would happen.So they met and determined this.Then they made the world.They made the garden for us.And the whole thing was predetermined that the spirit ofGod would be there to always help man.And I saw the future.I actually was in the future at the end with all the saints thatever lived and they were singing the song of the redeem.I already have been at the end and now I’ve been sent back totell people, they make it.Let’s just go ahead and start engaging the enemyand push him back.  

SID: How do angels assist us fulfill what is written aboutus, that is good, that is what we’re created to doin that book of life?How do they help us?

KEVIN: Well, they actually,when they’re assigned to you, they get to read your books andthey actually get briefings and they decide how they’re going tobring into pass, what is written there.So if you are operating in the spirit,then they already have a job that’s a lot easier.So when they come down, if they start to hear you praying in thespirit and then prophesying to where it’s the word of the Lord,you can be repeating your book verbally because you pray intongues a lot.And when you pray in tongues a lot,overthrow happens inside of you and you start to prophesy.And then sometimes it’ll come out in your known language.The angels harken under the voice of the Lord andthey do his bidding.If they hear you saying what’s written already,that they’ve already read, then they’re going to right away beengaging you.I’ve seen angels grab me.They’ve actually literally grabbed me and escorted me intomy next phase.They are here, they’re flames of fire and they don’t take no foran answer.They are so diligent and they are so for us.They are wanting to bring into pass the next transformationthat has to happen in our lives.

SID: I have noticed you and your wife pray in tongues asmuch as anyone I’ve ever met.Is that still so important?You’ve been to heaven.You have all this revelation.Why do you spend so much time praying in tongues?

KEVIN: Because Jesus told me,he said, “The number one way to participate in this supernatural is to pray in the spirit, to pray in tongues.”And I have been walking with the Lord.This is my 40th year of walking with God and I can’t wait to wake up to pray in tongues.And it’s like I just got born again yesterday.It’s all brand new because there’s new wine coming now when I pray in tongues.Every time I pray in tongues now,I start drinking from this substance from heaven.I really feel that coming on right now,right now.I feel the spirit of prophecy on me and I feel the new wine.I feel like I’m intoxicated right now.I feel like I’ve got the best that’s been saved for last.That Jesus has been saving this bottle of wine from the other realm.Heavenly wine, for this time and this season.And people need to discern now.Just get over themselves and engage God because there is mighty warring angels that are ready to just engage this next phase.SID: I heard Kevin say he had the spirit of prophecy on him.When we come back, I want him to open his mouth and speak it.Be right back. 

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sidroth on March 6th, 2020

SID: And, once you get this restraining order, who enforces it?

FRANCIS: This is the power of restraining orders. This is why the devil is terrified of the body of Christ, Sid, understanding the revelation of restraining orders. It’s because even in the natural realm, one of the judicial orders that’s more sought after in the United States, by statistics, is restraining orders. Why? Because when a restraining order is issued by the judge, the judge and the court are now responsible for its enforcement. So, when our heavenly Father, who is a righteous judge, therefore gives you a restraining order, the devil is in trouble, because now the heavenly Father, as the righteous judge, he has to enforce the restraining order. Not the person it’s protecting.

SID: So the enforcer, is, not the police department, but God.

FRANCIS: God himself.

SID: I like that. Give me a biblical, example, of, a restraining order.

FRANCIS: One of them is, your people, Sid, the Jewish people. They’re coming, out of Egypt because God has told them to go to the Promised Land.

SID: Right.

FRANCIS: And then they come across, the Moabites. And there is, King Balak, who wants to curse them, because he is afraid Israel might take his property, and he goes to a witch by the name of Balaam, to try to curse them, and then an angel, appears and puts a restraining order on Balaam and tells him, “You can never curse Israel,” and he couldn’t curse them.

SID: Okay. I, think it, says, “You can’t curse, who I have blessed.” I like that.

FRANCIS: Hallelujah.

SID: Explain this principle of divine restraint.

FRANCIS: Oh yeah, that’s a big one. When I was writing the book, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Francis, there is no way for me to give anybody true godly authority, without putting them under restraining principle.” Because the bottom line is this, God can never use a man or woman He cannot restrain.

And God said to me, “This is why I put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, is because I needed to give Adam and Eve, legitimate authority over the animal kingdom, over the fowl of the air, over the earth. But authority, as, a matter, can never exist without the restraining principle.

So, I put one tree. Every tree they could eat from, except one tree. So that tree they could not eat from—was the only tree giving them authority over the garden. The moment they touched it, they lost authority, because in the kingdom Godly authority ends when the restraining principle protecting it, is broken.

SID: Give me some biblical examples.

FRANCIS: Oh, there are some powerful biblical examples. One of them is Samson. Samson was told by God, that “You’re going to have supernatural power over the Philistines, provided you do not cut your hair.” That was the restraining principle upon his life. Well, he met Delilah and decided the girl was more important than the restraining order.

So he told her the secret of why he was supernaturally used by God, and, you know what she did? She cut his hair, overnight, and then called for the Philistines, and you know what happened to Samson. He was little, his eyes were gouged out, and he became a public spectacle because he broke the restraining principle God put upon his authority.
We find that with King Saul, he was not supposed, in Israel as coming from the tribe of Benjamin, it was not his place to offer an offering to the Lord, that was for the priests of Levi to do that.

FRANCIS: Samuel told him, “Wait for me,” but he couldn’t do it, and so he offered, as though he was a priest. So by breaking that restraining order, Samuel said, “You are a fool because now your kingdom has been taken away from you.” That’s how he lost the kingdom.

SID: You know, as people get the richness of your teaching, into them, and start operating, in these divine restraining orders. No wonder it’s the devil’s worst nightmare. Tell me about the Delilah spirit.

FRANCIS: A Delilah spirit is a spirit Satan uses to incite into your life if you are cutting anything of substance for the kingdom. Because the purpose of the Delilah spirit is to find the key to your consecration, and break it, because once it’s broken, the Delilah spirit knows God cannot use people he cannot restrain.

SID: Give me some, of the purposes of divine restraining orders, some of the areas.

FRANCIS: Yes. Some of the areas divine restraining orders cover is, you know, restraining, is protecting territory. There’s also divine restraining orders, for restraining ungodly, violent behavior. And in the days we are living in with mass shootings, boy, do we need that restraining order.

FRANCIS: And then there is restraining orders, for restraining storms, and hurricanes, these forces of nature from destroying God’s property. And then there are divine restraining orders that restrain God’s servants, who have got a high calling, so that you can’t behave like anybody else, because you are cutting a heavy weight for the kingdom. And then there are divine restraining orders that are designed, to restrain Satan himself. So there are multiple uses of restraining orders.

SID: I’ll tell you what, Dr. Myles, will pray for you, in the Courts of Heaven, next, when we return.

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sidroth on February 25th, 2020

SID: Andre, you were telling me the most fascinating thing about human DNA and music that God has built in. Tell me about that.

ANDRE: Well, they’ve taken our DNA and they’ve stretch it out and they made it into musical notation. And so inside of us, there’s a song written in our DNA that I believe that when the prophetic song is sung or worship is played, it begins to ignite with what God placed on the inside of us, and there’s a spiritual combustion that happens that changes our lives, and it causes more intimacy with Jesus. All the things that we need, it brings us into that place.

SID: Well, I’m going to charge you right now that I want you to per get about us. And I want you to worship God with every fiber of your being. And I believe as you do this, the Breaker Anointing is going to come forth and every bit of garbage that’s separating you from your true destiny, your true DNA in God is going to come right out. I charge you.

ANDRE: Lord, I release the fire of God now in the name of Jesus, I release the Breaker Anointing in this room, Lord, that you would break off of us everything that is holding us back now in the name of Jesus. Lord, I release the fire of impartation. Spirit of burning come. Now in Jesus name.

ANDRE: (singing).

ANDRE: You know, I don’t know if this means anything to anybody, but I keep hearing the name Felicia. Thank you Lord. And what I see is, it’s like you’re on one side and there’s a deep cavern between the side that you need to get too. And I see the Lord taking you and lifting you up and moving you over to the other side. The Lord wants you to know that your breakthrough is not coming; your breakthrough is here. Begin to thank him that your breakthrough has come.

SID: This is your own experiential knowledge of God. Repeat out loud what I’m going to pray right now. Out loud. Dear God.
Audience: Dear God.

SID: I’ve made many mistakes.

Audience: I’ve made many mistakes.

SID: For which I’m so sorry.

Audience: For which I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe.

Audience: I believe.

SID: Your blood.

Audience: Your blood.

SID: Washes these mistakes away.

Audience: Washes these mistakes away.

SID: As if I’d never done them.

Audience: As if I’d never done them.

SID: And I am clean.

Audience: And I am clean.

SID: And I am free.

Audience: And I am free.

SID: And now that I am clean.

Audience: And now that I am clean.

SID: I ask you Jesus.

Audience: I ask you Jesus.

SID: To come inside of me.

Audience: To come inside of me.

SID: To live inside of me.

Audience: To live inside of me.

SID: Be my friend.

Audience: Be my friend.

SID: Be I am that I am.

Audience: Be I am that I am.

SID: I boldly proclaim.

Audience: I boldly proclaim.

SID: You’re my Lord.

Audience: You’re my Lord.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

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sidroth on February 16th, 2020

SID: So, Robin, you have a great night’s sleep and you wake up–

ROBIN: That’s right.

SID: And you feel tired, you feel oppressed. It shouldn’t be, why?

ROBIN: Well, Sid, I was going to speak in a conference that weekend, and that’s just what happens sometimes, you have this warfare, the enemy doesn’t want you to do well. And so, I thought, “I’m not putting up with this. I’m going to quote Psalm 91 as a warfare act of faith,” so I began, “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand. I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge, my fortress, my God.”

SID: You must’ve scared every demon in hell out!

ROBIN: Oh, I wasn’t through yet, “in him while I lean and rely on him–

SID: Did you say it that strong?

ROBIN: Listen, I did it once and it was so good. I did it twice.

SID: It must have been good.

ROBIN: And all of a sudden, looking up, and there’s something strange about the ceiling.

SID: What? What was it?

ROBIN: Well, I was in a Hilton. It was a nice hotel, but when I looked up after that dual proclamation about the Great Eagle and being safe under the covering feathers of the Lord, there was an opening. It looked like an air conditioning duct. Frankly, it wasn’t that impressive, and I knew instinctively if I jumped into that air conditioning duct, I could go into the heavenly realm in a way that I had not usually been able to do.

SID: When you say jump, what do you mean?

ROBIN: I’ve never left my bed, but I jumped.

SID: Okay.

ROBIN: I just took off, and when I took off, I went through this demon region and demons were saying, “Hey, you can’t go through here. Who do you think you are?” And I just laughed at them.

SID: You were moving into the heavens is what you’re saying.

ROBIN: At the speed of light or I was fast, it was fast. And then I landed in that heavenly place. Of course, I thought it would be real bright, but I thought, gosh, it’s sort of dark, a little shadowy. Then I noticed I was under, I don’t know how tall, 18-20 feet, maybe more, but it was an eagle’s wing and I realized I got what I had been proclaiming. I was under the shadow of the Almighty, under the wing of the great eagle, and I noticed emanating out from the wing. Now, not applique, not stuck on it, but oozing and coming out of the wing were grapefruit and softball size precious stones, and then big chunks of precious metals. I don’t know what it was, gold, silver, platinum, but it was unbelievable what was coming out of that wing and of course, I didn’t understand that and it didn’t have anything to do with the revelation I got, but it showed me just the absolute prosperity and blessedness in every way imaginable in the heavenly realm.

SID: What else did you see?

ROBIN: Well, the Lord began to reveal to me five wagons, five wagons of blessing.

SID: And were these wagons, sort of like the old-fashioned thing you saw in Westerns?

ROBIN: Exactly. They looked old, they had a tongue, so they were pulled by tongues. They had these spoked wheels, so they were spoken, and it began to show me how we access it with the tongue, the spoken wheels, and one of those wagons, two of them were deliverance wagons, Sid one was a deliverance from deserved circumstance. In other words, God’s ready to help everyone who’ll come to him in repentance.

SID: So, you’re saying even if it’s our fault–

ROBIN: Our fault–

SID: If we repent–

ROBIN: He will deliver.

SID: I like that.

ROBIN: It’s amazing.

SID: He’s better than most people. I know.

ROBIN: I was excited. I was excited. Then the second wagon was deliverance from criticism, and the critical spirit.

SID: Is that us criticizing others or us being criticized?

ROBIN: Yes. The first one is having been from having been criticized a deliverance and from us being critical people, we need to be delivered as well because that causes so many other problems.

SID: And you know, you do a masterful job of tying in what you’re just shared with the wagons, with the story of Joseph.

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sidroth on February 6th, 2020

RYAN: And you teach people that you may not get this heavenly experience where you’re taken to heaven, but stay in presence.

LAURIE: Oh buddy.

RYAN: Talk about this.

LAURIE: Oh. There is nothing better. You know that place where you’re worshipping, and, all of a sudden, somebody at church is like, “Excuse me. I need to get through.”

RYAN: Oh. Yes.

LAURIE: And you have to come out of this place with God. [laughs]

RYAN: Disruptive. Very disruptive. [laughs]

LAURIE: And it’s okay because we love everybody. But that place with being with God – One minute in the presence of God, one minute of letting Him touch my heart will fill me up for the whole day.

RYAN: I love that.

LAURIE: And, you know, He wants it every day. So, it’s not as if I can come to Him just on Sunday.

RYAN: Right. Right.

LAURIE: He wants to see me and be with me every minute of every day. And so, I love to encounter – God, I just want to be with You.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: And He shows up in awesome ways, through wonderful people.

RYAN: Yes.

LAURIE: Beautiful things outside, you know, bumper stickers. He has a way of,

RYAN: Let’s talk about that for a minute. I think that people get a little narrow-minded, in that, if I don’t have a vision, or if I don’t see this, or see that, or feel this, then God must not be approving, or something must be wrong. But you’re saying to find Him in all these little areas as well.

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: Is that what you do?

LAURIE: Right. You know, in heaven the Holy Spirit likes to play hide and seek. He still likes to play hide and seek.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And so I look for Him. I look for Him in the brightness of other people’s eyes.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: Or, you know, you’re hearing other people talking, parents talking to their children about how much I love you. Why did Jesus let me hear that?

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And He’s working very hard at helping us feel connected, not just to Him, but to one another, and to understand that His plans and purposes for us are really, really wonderful.

RYAN: Now, we live in a very busy 21st Century.

LAURIE: Um-huh.

RYAN: So, you teach people how to relax and how to chill out.

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: And come into the presence of God. What would you say to the busy people out there?

LAURIE: Well, I am one.

RYAN: I am, too.

LAURIE: I am one.

RYAN: It’s a question for me, too.

LAURIE: [laughs] So, you know, that quite place, what I’ve learned for me is I’ve got to have some time, I think, I’m an extravert, so I think the introvert’s know something.

RYAN: Yeah. Right. [laughs]

LAURIE: I have to have some time in my day where my thoughts just get to think about my love for Jesus.

RYAN: Mm. Mm.

LAURIE: And it doesn’t have to be that I’m doing nothing. In fact, my favorite thing to do is scrub the floor, scrub the kitchen floor or,

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: bathroom floor.

RYAN: Not my favorite thing.

LAURIE: [laughs] I scrub the floor and just concentrate on, “Jesus, I love You.”

RYAN: On that note, I really feel the presence of the Lord. Would you pray for the people at home? Just look into the camera and just pray for them.

LAURIE: Yes. Thank you. Jesus, we love You. Holy Spirit, we love You. Father, we love You. All of us want to know You better. All of us want to be able to calm down, to connect with our love that we feel towards You, and to let that love take us higher into Your presence. Jesus, I pray for my family members out here. If you love Jesus you’re my family. And I pray that God, You would come and get all of us, and show us the wondrous, and marvelous places. Show us God, and help us become the people You’ve created us to be. Lord, we love You, and we want more of You. I pray these things in the mighty, mighty name of Jesus Christ. [Music]

RYAN: Amen. Thank you for joining us on “Something More.” And we’ll see you next time.

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sidroth on January 26th, 2020

BECKY: And we just need to know that He has given us spiritual weapons to use that are so strong and mighty if we would just use them.

BOB: Uh-huh.

BECKY: And so He tells me, “Come against the spirit of death.” And I did that. And then He said, “Now Becky, speak to Marcos’s spirit directly.” And I heard myself say these words. Why I said them I don’t know. It’s just what came out of my mouth. And I said, “Marcos.” I said, “I know there’s a distance between us in the natural realm, but in the spirit realm there’s no distance.” Now Marcos couldn’t hear me, could he? No. And even if he could, he was one month old. He couldn’t have understood what I was saying anyway. So why these words were coming out it’s just what was coming out of me.    

BOB: Right. 

BECKY: And I said, “Marcos. I need you to start breathing on your own now.” And I heard myself say, “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” I said it 3 times and then there was this peace. And it wasn’t a feeling. It was a place. It was in the manifested presence of God and there was this peace that is not of this world, like the Bible says. It is in the manifested presence of God. Now I didn’t know that Marcos had already had been pronounced dead. I didn’t know his lungs came up in little pieces out of his nose with his blood. I didn’t know that nobody was working with him anymore.  

BOB: So what happened? What happened with Marcos when you were making that declaration of faith? 

BECKY: I’m making this declaration.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And I’m doing – I’m saying what the Lord is saying. That’s prophetic healing. I’m calling those things that are not as though they were. I’m speaking directly into the situation because our words have power. And my husband is way over on another side of the room. It’s a big huge open room and signing paperwork so the coroner can come and do what he needs to do and nobody is with him. They don’t have the equipment. There is no oxygen tanks or anything like that. And all of a sudden I’m declaring this and this is all happening at the same time because we’re comparing notes later.

BOB: Right. Right.

BECKY: And it’s all happening at once.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And no one is with Marcos and he’s just dead. There’s no breathing, nothing going on. And all of a sudden Marcos takes this big deep breath. [breathes in] And it must have been pretty loud because they all turned around and went, “What?”

BOB: Hmm.

BECKY: And they went running to him. They just couldn’t believe what was going on. Now in the natural, which I find so amazing, in the natural he couldn’t be breathing. His lungs were coming up in little pieces out of his nose. His heart didn’t just stop. It exploded. He was dead, dead. And so amazing to me what was going on? What did I say? The Lord said, “Renounce the spirit of death.” I renounced that spirit of death. In other words I’m telling it get out of him. Get off of him. And I released without knowing what I was doing, I released the spirit of life. What was on him breathing? It was that spirit of life. Well it didn’t end just there. We had to stand and believe for a new heart. He ended up in 5 different hospitals because nobody wanted him. 

BOB: Wow. And we’re running out of time in this segment but   bottom line obviously he came back to life and he was fully restored? 


BOB: And today he is how old?

BECKY: He is now 16 years old.

BOB: 16 years old.

BECKY: And he knows he’s a miracle.

BOB: Hold that thought. We’re going to come back in just a moment. But God is no respecter of persons. What He has done through Becky, He wants to do through you. And you know what? There’s this feeling and there’s just an understanding that as we get older, we’re going to just have sicknesses and pains and those sorts of things and it’s just inevitable. But you know what? [Music] That’s not God’s plan. That’s not God’s way. So come back and join us in just a moment for “Something More.” 

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sidroth on January 16th, 2020

SID: I would think that most people that have these gifts, they may go a lifetime and not release them! They don’t even know they have it!

KEVIN: Sid, that was the tragedy; and now that I’m back, I’m glad that I’m back because I saw where every human being had the potential to walk like a giant in the Spirit on the Earth. I saw where the purposes of God were much grander than anybody had ever conceived. And it says that in the Bible in in 1 Corinthians. It talks about

SID: “Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard all that God has in store for you.”

KEVIN: But it says that, “But by the Spirit”, “the Spirit knows the heart of God the Spirit search the deep things of God.” And I always wanted to know “the deep things” But what I found was is those deep things are written in my book. And they’re written in people’s books; and so I was sent back to encourage people to feed their faith, and to begin to express out of their faith.

SID: How do people feed their faith?

KEVIN: Well Jesus said that the Word was like a seed; and when the sower sows the Word, it falls on the ground, and it produces a crop according to how it took root. And so Jesus instructed me; He said, “When you go back”, He said, “Don’t concentrate on the seed anymore.” He said, “The seed has everything in it that it needs, except to be planted and watered.” He said, “But the ground is what you focus on”, and I had never heard that before. So I went back to chapter 13 of Matthew, and I went through that, intricately. And Jesus said this: He said, Sid, He said He said, “If you get this parable”, He said, “you understand the deep mysteries of the Kingdom.” And I said, “Well that sounds like 1 Corinthians chapter 2!” So I began to meditate on that. And the Lord said, “Now, when you preach, when you share with people”, He says He says, “You concentrate on the stony ground; you concentrate on the thorns; you concentrate on the seed that goes on the path; and you concentrate on people that are focusing on the wrong thing; and you win them over, and you get their soil ready.” So in services, I began to work according to the Holy Spirit, by addressing certain issues; and it would take sometimes 10-, 15-, 20-minutes before I would get into my message. But what I found was is that I was plucking out “thorns” out of people’s field.

SID: Just tell me two or three “thorns” that are common with most people.

KEVIN: A lot of times the cares of life and the, the trauma that people go through, it

SID: So just by being human.


SID: [chuckling] Humans go through trauma.


SID: Yes, you’ve noticed; you are human, [chuckling] okay.

KEVIN: Right. And you get a little you get a little shy towards certain things because you realize that you felt pain, and so you want to shy away from the vulnerability. And the Lord told me, and He said, “I want you to tell them”, people that “to be transparent before Me, because I want to heal them. I want to fix what’s wrong in their lives.”

SID: What do you mean, “transparent” before God?

KEVIN: Jesus said that we are to treat Him as a friend that we can trust, that does see everything in our lives; but that is going to be gentle with us. And that if we would fall on His mercy, and ask Him for help, that He was not going to turn us away. And so “soil” has to be rid of the “stones”, and the cares of life, and “the deceitfulness of riches”. Jesus said, that if you pursue riches only and we’ve all been there, and we all know that that’s a dead-end. But I have found that if I address certain things by the Spirit, that people will begin to be healed by the Spirit of God; then, when I sow the Word, they receive it with joy, and they have a harvest of 30, 60, or 100-fold; whereas before, I wasn’t seeing the results; and the Lord said, “That’s because the seed”, He just I’ll just be honest He told me that it just ricochets. When you sow the seed, it just ricochets off; it doesn’t take root. And I said, “Well Lord, when I got sent back, I got sent b- sent back for fruit that lasts; so when I sow, I want to have a 100-fold return on everything I sow. And your Word is perfect”, O told the Lord, so I said, “I am going to work on the soil on people.” And when I came back, I started to see so many miracles in in people’s lives, and people delivered, and people took root. And this is what was asked by my spiritual father; he asked me, he said, “When you come back a year later”, he said, “Do you see people changed from the year before?”, and I said, “Yes”, I said, “because I pray that fruit that lasts comes upon them. I pray that all the stones and thorns are removed from their soil, so that they produce a good crop.”

SID: Would you pray that over our viewers right now?

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sidroth on January 6th, 2020

SID: I have just met my guest, William McDowell. William

WILLIAM: Yes, Sid.

SID: … do you carry that presence of God wherever you go all the time?

WILLIAM: I try to live in a way that honors him that way.

SID: I mean, when I’ve been with you all day, the presence of God is all over you. One of my intercessors said they saw a healing angel right behind you. Let’s take it back to… well, you were raised in church, but at age 10, your mom went on a business trip. Went to a church very different than the type of church that she had gone to. Tell me what happened to her?

WILLIAM: She had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. She was filled with the spirit out there in California, and she said, “We have to go back.” And so she actually during our spring break, now, I was a young man, I was only 10 years old, during spring break, took me out to California. And one of the things that we experienced was a healing service. It was the first time I’d ever seen one of those. It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone fall out under the power of God and as a 10 year old, I was a little scared of what I was witnessing at the time. I was a chronic asthmatic and dealt with asthma and had been hospitalized for a number of things. She kept saying, “I believe you’re going to be healed. I believe you’re going to be healed. Please go up, please go up.” And, of course me, watching people fall out on the floor, I’m scared to death, but I went up.

SID: You’re an obedient kid, I would have never gone.

WILLIAM: Scared out of my mind with obedience. I was raised well. But I went up and was prayed for and the Lord healed me of asthma. I was also filled with the spirit in that same trip.

SID: And then this hunger was there now, as a 10 year old. But then a little later you get a hold of… Several years later you get a hold of a book that I read by Tommy Tenney called God Chasers.


SID: What happened with the hunger level?

WILLIAM: It increased exponentially. A pastor friend gave it to me and said, “You need to read this book.” And I remember reading the first couple of chapters. I remember it at the time, I read the first couple of chapters about, obviously the encounter that led to the writing of the book itself. And as I read that, I closed that book and I said to God, “I’m not going to leave this room-

Audience:  Hallelujah.

WILLIAM: … until I encounter you this way.” I know. For me, it’s a little overwhelming. I sense his presence. For me, I stayed in that room for three days without eating because I wanted to encounter God.

SID: You were desperate.


SID: But then in 2001, you’re so desperate for God’s glory–


SID: … and he gives you a sign. What was that?

WILLIAM: So I was at a church and at this point talking about the move of God is my chief passion. I want to see it. I want to see it in my life. I want to see it in my generation. So I’m talking with–

SID: It’s not old because I see fresh tears coming down your face.

WILLIAM: Oh, it’s fresh. It’s fresh. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. Thank you, God.

WILLIAM: So I’m talking about the move of God, really what I want to see in our generation, and as I’m talking about it, I felt the strangest sensation I’ve never felt in my life. I’m a man, clearly, even though I’m crying and–

SID: It takes a man to cry.

WILLIAM: Yeah. I felt something like a baby leap inside of me. I literally felt something move inside of my belly. It was the weirdest thing ever because I’d never felt anything like that. The person I was talking to said, these are his exact words, “Dude, did you feel that?” And so me being a little weirded out I said, “Feel what?” He said, “Did your baby just leap?” Yeah.

SID: But 15 years later you felt the same, exact birthing.

WILLIAM: So now we’ve planted our church, Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida, and God, he moves there. We experienced his presence. But there was a particular Sunday where there was just this, the best way I can describe it is an unease. I just knew that God wanted to do more. Right before I was getting ready to get up to speak, again, for the first time 15 years later, I feel that thing leap inside of me again, that baby. And so I try to get up and explain to our people what just happened to me. And of course I know I sound weird, but just like now, I started weeping and I could barely talk beyond my tears. And my best friend Caleb who happens to be our associate preaching pastor, he shouted out because he knew the story before. He said “It’s happening.”

And at that moment, I mean, I just began to weep. And at that moment, what happened in our church, this was on May 22nd, 2016, has totally changed everything about the way we live, about the way that we talk, about the way that we walk. But this was really the beginning of an outpouring of—people begin to literally run to the front of our church, fall on their face and weep. And we stayed there for hours weeping before the Lord. And I remember my thought as a person who is hungry for God, I was thinking, this is awesome. This is amazing. My thought as a pastor at the time was none of the visitors are ever going to come back. Sid, this is what I was thinking really, I was really thinking this and this was a true thought, I said, “Okay, try to explain, how does a visitor explain what happened?” So I went and they did worship, and then the pastor, who was a man, got up and said he felt a baby and then he started crying and…

But you know what happened? I’m almost embarrassed, glad that it was happening, but almost embarrassed thinking about the unbeliever in the room. After hours people are still laying on the floor, but I did a soft dismissal, just you can go home if you feel so led. And the Holy Spirit convicted me in that moment because I remember it would have been hard to explain the outpouring in Acts 2 except for the fact that Peter got up and began to get prophetic context to it and immediately 3000 people moved from confusion to conversion because they basically said, “I want in on that. Whatever that is that’s going on, I want in on that.” And so I literally, I stood up and I gave prophetic context of what was happening. And I said, “If you’re still here after all of these hours and you don’t know the Lord, it’s because you want what’s happening.” And people literally begin to run to give their life to the Lord. Yeah.

What we’ve seen as a result of this has been absolutely phenomenal. Hundreds and hundreds of people being healed without there ever being a healing service in our church because of his presence. When the healer is present, healing is available.

SID: I want you to posture yourself for his presence. Are you ready to hear one of the most incredible and medically documented miracles I’ve ever investigated? Be right back.

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sidroth on December 26th, 2019

DAVID:    Okay. This is Jesus talking. I tell you the truth. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you cannot have eternal life within you. But anyone who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life and I will raise the person at the last day. What’s He talking about in the last day? He’s talking about the resurrection. Before that He says I’m the bread that comes down. What is that? That’s the incarnation. When He comes down to earth that is the incarnation. Say it with me the incarnation.

AUDIENCE: Incarnation.

DAVID: When the flesh and blood are mentioned that is His crucifixion. So He’s already painting a picture here. He’s talking about a journey and we go on a similar journey. I won’t have time to go into that. But He goes from incarnation to crucifixion. The incarnation is when the Holy Spirit took the unknowable God, as far as can be comprehended by the human mind, when He took the limitless God, when He took the eternal God, the   incomprehensible God and made Him a man, and Jesus was everything of God in the flesh. I can’t even comprehend that but when you see Jesus you see the Father. Incarnation: God becoming man. Spirit becoming flesh. Carnal. Meat. Carnivore. Same thing. Incarnation. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Then He says: I live because of the living Father who sent Me. In the same way, anyone who feeds on Me will live because of Me. What’s He talking about there? That’s the very next breath. He’s talking about His resurrection. So Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Now watch this. He goes straight into the other one. And Jesus was aware that His disciples were complaining. They’re like what is He talking about cause none of this has happened yet. So He says does this offend you? Then what will you say or think if you see the Son of Man ascend to heaven again? Are you seeing it? Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. Now this is what, this is where it really takes a strange turn. So He’s talking about this process. Okay? And I’m reading this and going okay, this is good. And then He makes a sudden switch. Just like that! And He says: The Spirit alone gives life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words, the very words, I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  Okay, there’s a lot here. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. What do you think this is talking about? You know Jesus said I can’t send the Holy Spirit until I go to my Father. Now why is that? I wondered that. Why is it Lord You had to go up before He could come down? And the Holy Spirit by the way is literally down to earth which is why He can work with us so well. I said Lord, why is that? Well, look at my I-Pad. I’ve got a lot of sermons on here. But if I were to ever misplace my I-Pad, my sermons, my pictures, my audio they’d all be gone! But there’s something amazing about my I-Pad. There’s something amazing about your phone. That the information you have gets stored in what we call a cloud. Jesus ascended on? A cloud.

AUDIENCE: A cloud.

DAVID: The Word becomes flesh. Crucified. Resurrection. Ascension. Translation. Now the Lord is Spirit. Why does it say now? Because then it wasn’t. But now the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Adam was one thing but Christ, the scripture says, became a life-giving spirit. This is His translation. What am I saying to you? I’m saying just as my information, because you know you think about Jesus and all He had to touch and all He had to do. Think just for an example when Jairus’s daughter was dying and they come for the Master and He goes to Jairus and on His way there this woman with the issue of blood stops Him in the middle of the tracks. I’ll tell you if I was Jairus I’d be angry and furious with this woman who stopped Jesus! He’s on His way to rescue my daughter and you stop Him? Can’t– you waited 12 years, can’t you wait a little longer?


DAVID: That’s what I would have thought. Jesus was somewhat limited in a physical body. But when He ascended He became the life-giving spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus on the cloud! How then does Christ become one with you? The very words I speak are spirit and life. When you read the Word the Holy Spirit takes from the cloud a download and puts it in you!


DAVID: When you read the Word Christ becomes incarnate in you! See Christians say I don’t believe in reincarnation! Yes, you do. Christ is re-incarnated in you!


DAVID: So then prayer is not an upload. It’s a download. You are Adam 2.0. You got a software upgrade!


DAVID: And we experience that download when we read the Word! Did that bless you?


DAVID: Okay!

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