sidroth on January 26th, 2020

BECKY: And we just need to know that He has given us spiritual weapons to use that are so strong and mighty if we would just use them.

BOB: Uh-huh.

BECKY: And so He tells me, “Come against the spirit of death.” And I did that. And then He said, “Now Becky, speak to Marcos’s spirit directly.” And I heard myself say these words. Why I said them I don’t know. It’s just what came out of my mouth. And I said, “Marcos.” I said, “I know there’s a distance between us in the natural realm, but in the spirit realm there’s no distance.” Now Marcos couldn’t hear me, could he? No. And even if he could, he was one month old. He couldn’t have understood what I was saying anyway. So why these words were coming out it’s just what was coming out of me.    

BOB: Right. 

BECKY: And I said, “Marcos. I need you to start breathing on your own now.” And I heard myself say, “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” I said it 3 times and then there was this peace. And it wasn’t a feeling. It was a place. It was in the manifested presence of God and there was this peace that is not of this world, like the Bible says. It is in the manifested presence of God. Now I didn’t know that Marcos had already had been pronounced dead. I didn’t know his lungs came up in little pieces out of his nose with his blood. I didn’t know that nobody was working with him anymore.  

BOB: So what happened? What happened with Marcos when you were making that declaration of faith? 

BECKY: I’m making this declaration.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And I’m doing – I’m saying what the Lord is saying. That’s prophetic healing. I’m calling those things that are not as though they were. I’m speaking directly into the situation because our words have power. And my husband is way over on another side of the room. It’s a big huge open room and signing paperwork so the coroner can come and do what he needs to do and nobody is with him. They don’t have the equipment. There is no oxygen tanks or anything like that. And all of a sudden I’m declaring this and this is all happening at the same time because we’re comparing notes later.

BOB: Right. Right.

BECKY: And it’s all happening at once.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And no one is with Marcos and he’s just dead. There’s no breathing, nothing going on. And all of a sudden Marcos takes this big deep breath. [breathes in] And it must have been pretty loud because they all turned around and went, “What?”

BOB: Hmm.

BECKY: And they went running to him. They just couldn’t believe what was going on. Now in the natural, which I find so amazing, in the natural he couldn’t be breathing. His lungs were coming up in little pieces out of his nose. His heart didn’t just stop. It exploded. He was dead, dead. And so amazing to me what was going on? What did I say? The Lord said, “Renounce the spirit of death.” I renounced that spirit of death. In other words I’m telling it get out of him. Get off of him. And I released without knowing what I was doing, I released the spirit of life. What was on him breathing? It was that spirit of life. Well it didn’t end just there. We had to stand and believe for a new heart. He ended up in 5 different hospitals because nobody wanted him. 

BOB: Wow. And we’re running out of time in this segment but   bottom line obviously he came back to life and he was fully restored? 


BOB: And today he is how old?

BECKY: He is now 16 years old.

BOB: 16 years old.

BECKY: And he knows he’s a miracle.

BOB: Hold that thought. We’re going to come back in just a moment. But God is no respecter of persons. What He has done through Becky, He wants to do through you. And you know what? There’s this feeling and there’s just an understanding that as we get older, we’re going to just have sicknesses and pains and those sorts of things and it’s just inevitable. But you know what? [Music] That’s not God’s plan. That’s not God’s way. So come back and join us in just a moment for “Something More.” 

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sidroth on January 16th, 2020

SID: I would think that most people that have these gifts, they may go a lifetime and not release them! They don’t even know they have it!

KEVIN: Sid, that was the tragedy; and now that I’m back, I’m glad that I’m back because I saw where every human being had the potential to walk like a giant in the Spirit on the Earth. I saw where the purposes of God were much grander than anybody had ever conceived. And it says that in the Bible in in 1 Corinthians. It talks about

SID: “Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard all that God has in store for you.”

KEVIN: But it says that, “But by the Spirit”, “the Spirit knows the heart of God the Spirit search the deep things of God.” And I always wanted to know “the deep things” But what I found was is those deep things are written in my book. And they’re written in people’s books; and so I was sent back to encourage people to feed their faith, and to begin to express out of their faith.

SID: How do people feed their faith?

KEVIN: Well Jesus said that the Word was like a seed; and when the sower sows the Word, it falls on the ground, and it produces a crop according to how it took root. And so Jesus instructed me; He said, “When you go back”, He said, “Don’t concentrate on the seed anymore.” He said, “The seed has everything in it that it needs, except to be planted and watered.” He said, “But the ground is what you focus on”, and I had never heard that before. So I went back to chapter 13 of Matthew, and I went through that, intricately. And Jesus said this: He said, Sid, He said He said, “If you get this parable”, He said, “you understand the deep mysteries of the Kingdom.” And I said, “Well that sounds like 1 Corinthians chapter 2!” So I began to meditate on that. And the Lord said, “Now, when you preach, when you share with people”, He says He says, “You concentrate on the stony ground; you concentrate on the thorns; you concentrate on the seed that goes on the path; and you concentrate on people that are focusing on the wrong thing; and you win them over, and you get their soil ready.” So in services, I began to work according to the Holy Spirit, by addressing certain issues; and it would take sometimes 10-, 15-, 20-minutes before I would get into my message. But what I found was is that I was plucking out “thorns” out of people’s field.

SID: Just tell me two or three “thorns” that are common with most people.

KEVIN: A lot of times the cares of life and the, the trauma that people go through, it

SID: So just by being human.


SID: [chuckling] Humans go through trauma.


SID: Yes, you’ve noticed; you are human, [chuckling] okay.

KEVIN: Right. And you get a little you get a little shy towards certain things because you realize that you felt pain, and so you want to shy away from the vulnerability. And the Lord told me, and He said, “I want you to tell them”, people that “to be transparent before Me, because I want to heal them. I want to fix what’s wrong in their lives.”

SID: What do you mean, “transparent” before God?

KEVIN: Jesus said that we are to treat Him as a friend that we can trust, that does see everything in our lives; but that is going to be gentle with us. And that if we would fall on His mercy, and ask Him for help, that He was not going to turn us away. And so “soil” has to be rid of the “stones”, and the cares of life, and “the deceitfulness of riches”. Jesus said, that if you pursue riches only and we’ve all been there, and we all know that that’s a dead-end. But I have found that if I address certain things by the Spirit, that people will begin to be healed by the Spirit of God; then, when I sow the Word, they receive it with joy, and they have a harvest of 30, 60, or 100-fold; whereas before, I wasn’t seeing the results; and the Lord said, “That’s because the seed”, He just I’ll just be honest He told me that it just ricochets. When you sow the seed, it just ricochets off; it doesn’t take root. And I said, “Well Lord, when I got sent back, I got sent b- sent back for fruit that lasts; so when I sow, I want to have a 100-fold return on everything I sow. And your Word is perfect”, O told the Lord, so I said, “I am going to work on the soil on people.” And when I came back, I started to see so many miracles in in people’s lives, and people delivered, and people took root. And this is what was asked by my spiritual father; he asked me, he said, “When you come back a year later”, he said, “Do you see people changed from the year before?”, and I said, “Yes”, I said, “because I pray that fruit that lasts comes upon them. I pray that all the stones and thorns are removed from their soil, so that they produce a good crop.”

SID: Would you pray that over our viewers right now?

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sidroth on January 6th, 2020

SID: I have just met my guest, William McDowell. William

WILLIAM: Yes, Sid.

SID: … do you carry that presence of God wherever you go all the time?

WILLIAM: I try to live in a way that honors him that way.

SID: I mean, when I’ve been with you all day, the presence of God is all over you. One of my intercessors said they saw a healing angel right behind you. Let’s take it back to… well, you were raised in church, but at age 10, your mom went on a business trip. Went to a church very different than the type of church that she had gone to. Tell me what happened to her?

WILLIAM: She had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. She was filled with the spirit out there in California, and she said, “We have to go back.” And so she actually during our spring break, now, I was a young man, I was only 10 years old, during spring break, took me out to California. And one of the things that we experienced was a healing service. It was the first time I’d ever seen one of those. It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone fall out under the power of God and as a 10 year old, I was a little scared of what I was witnessing at the time. I was a chronic asthmatic and dealt with asthma and had been hospitalized for a number of things. She kept saying, “I believe you’re going to be healed. I believe you’re going to be healed. Please go up, please go up.” And, of course me, watching people fall out on the floor, I’m scared to death, but I went up.

SID: You’re an obedient kid, I would have never gone.

WILLIAM: Scared out of my mind with obedience. I was raised well. But I went up and was prayed for and the Lord healed me of asthma. I was also filled with the spirit in that same trip.

SID: And then this hunger was there now, as a 10 year old. But then a little later you get a hold of… Several years later you get a hold of a book that I read by Tommy Tenney called God Chasers.


SID: What happened with the hunger level?

WILLIAM: It increased exponentially. A pastor friend gave it to me and said, “You need to read this book.” And I remember reading the first couple of chapters. I remember it at the time, I read the first couple of chapters about, obviously the encounter that led to the writing of the book itself. And as I read that, I closed that book and I said to God, “I’m not going to leave this room-

Audience:  Hallelujah.

WILLIAM: … until I encounter you this way.” I know. For me, it’s a little overwhelming. I sense his presence. For me, I stayed in that room for three days without eating because I wanted to encounter God.

SID: You were desperate.


SID: But then in 2001, you’re so desperate for God’s glory–


SID: … and he gives you a sign. What was that?

WILLIAM: So I was at a church and at this point talking about the move of God is my chief passion. I want to see it. I want to see it in my life. I want to see it in my generation. So I’m talking with–

SID: It’s not old because I see fresh tears coming down your face.

WILLIAM: Oh, it’s fresh. It’s fresh. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. Thank you, God.

WILLIAM: So I’m talking about the move of God, really what I want to see in our generation, and as I’m talking about it, I felt the strangest sensation I’ve never felt in my life. I’m a man, clearly, even though I’m crying and–

SID: It takes a man to cry.

WILLIAM: Yeah. I felt something like a baby leap inside of me. I literally felt something move inside of my belly. It was the weirdest thing ever because I’d never felt anything like that. The person I was talking to said, these are his exact words, “Dude, did you feel that?” And so me being a little weirded out I said, “Feel what?” He said, “Did your baby just leap?” Yeah.

SID: But 15 years later you felt the same, exact birthing.

WILLIAM: So now we’ve planted our church, Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida, and God, he moves there. We experienced his presence. But there was a particular Sunday where there was just this, the best way I can describe it is an unease. I just knew that God wanted to do more. Right before I was getting ready to get up to speak, again, for the first time 15 years later, I feel that thing leap inside of me again, that baby. And so I try to get up and explain to our people what just happened to me. And of course I know I sound weird, but just like now, I started weeping and I could barely talk beyond my tears. And my best friend Caleb who happens to be our associate preaching pastor, he shouted out because he knew the story before. He said “It’s happening.”

And at that moment, I mean, I just began to weep. And at that moment, what happened in our church, this was on May 22nd, 2016, has totally changed everything about the way we live, about the way that we talk, about the way that we walk. But this was really the beginning of an outpouring of—people begin to literally run to the front of our church, fall on their face and weep. And we stayed there for hours weeping before the Lord. And I remember my thought as a person who is hungry for God, I was thinking, this is awesome. This is amazing. My thought as a pastor at the time was none of the visitors are ever going to come back. Sid, this is what I was thinking really, I was really thinking this and this was a true thought, I said, “Okay, try to explain, how does a visitor explain what happened?” So I went and they did worship, and then the pastor, who was a man, got up and said he felt a baby and then he started crying and…

But you know what happened? I’m almost embarrassed, glad that it was happening, but almost embarrassed thinking about the unbeliever in the room. After hours people are still laying on the floor, but I did a soft dismissal, just you can go home if you feel so led. And the Holy Spirit convicted me in that moment because I remember it would have been hard to explain the outpouring in Acts 2 except for the fact that Peter got up and began to get prophetic context to it and immediately 3000 people moved from confusion to conversion because they basically said, “I want in on that. Whatever that is that’s going on, I want in on that.” And so I literally, I stood up and I gave prophetic context of what was happening. And I said, “If you’re still here after all of these hours and you don’t know the Lord, it’s because you want what’s happening.” And people literally begin to run to give their life to the Lord. Yeah.

What we’ve seen as a result of this has been absolutely phenomenal. Hundreds and hundreds of people being healed without there ever being a healing service in our church because of his presence. When the healer is present, healing is available.

SID: I want you to posture yourself for his presence. Are you ready to hear one of the most incredible and medically documented miracles I’ve ever investigated? Be right back.

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sidroth on December 26th, 2019

DAVID:    Okay. This is Jesus talking. I tell you the truth. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you cannot have eternal life within you. But anyone who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life and I will raise the person at the last day. What’s He talking about in the last day? He’s talking about the resurrection. Before that He says I’m the bread that comes down. What is that? That’s the incarnation. When He comes down to earth that is the incarnation. Say it with me the incarnation.

AUDIENCE: Incarnation.

DAVID: When the flesh and blood are mentioned that is His crucifixion. So He’s already painting a picture here. He’s talking about a journey and we go on a similar journey. I won’t have time to go into that. But He goes from incarnation to crucifixion. The incarnation is when the Holy Spirit took the unknowable God, as far as can be comprehended by the human mind, when He took the limitless God, when He took the eternal God, the   incomprehensible God and made Him a man, and Jesus was everything of God in the flesh. I can’t even comprehend that but when you see Jesus you see the Father. Incarnation: God becoming man. Spirit becoming flesh. Carnal. Meat. Carnivore. Same thing. Incarnation. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Then He says: I live because of the living Father who sent Me. In the same way, anyone who feeds on Me will live because of Me. What’s He talking about there? That’s the very next breath. He’s talking about His resurrection. So Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Now watch this. He goes straight into the other one. And Jesus was aware that His disciples were complaining. They’re like what is He talking about cause none of this has happened yet. So He says does this offend you? Then what will you say or think if you see the Son of Man ascend to heaven again? Are you seeing it? Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. Now this is what, this is where it really takes a strange turn. So He’s talking about this process. Okay? And I’m reading this and going okay, this is good. And then He makes a sudden switch. Just like that! And He says: The Spirit alone gives life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words, the very words, I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  Okay, there’s a lot here. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. What do you think this is talking about? You know Jesus said I can’t send the Holy Spirit until I go to my Father. Now why is that? I wondered that. Why is it Lord You had to go up before He could come down? And the Holy Spirit by the way is literally down to earth which is why He can work with us so well. I said Lord, why is that? Well, look at my I-Pad. I’ve got a lot of sermons on here. But if I were to ever misplace my I-Pad, my sermons, my pictures, my audio they’d all be gone! But there’s something amazing about my I-Pad. There’s something amazing about your phone. That the information you have gets stored in what we call a cloud. Jesus ascended on? A cloud.

AUDIENCE: A cloud.

DAVID: The Word becomes flesh. Crucified. Resurrection. Ascension. Translation. Now the Lord is Spirit. Why does it say now? Because then it wasn’t. But now the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Adam was one thing but Christ, the scripture says, became a life-giving spirit. This is His translation. What am I saying to you? I’m saying just as my information, because you know you think about Jesus and all He had to touch and all He had to do. Think just for an example when Jairus’s daughter was dying and they come for the Master and He goes to Jairus and on His way there this woman with the issue of blood stops Him in the middle of the tracks. I’ll tell you if I was Jairus I’d be angry and furious with this woman who stopped Jesus! He’s on His way to rescue my daughter and you stop Him? Can’t– you waited 12 years, can’t you wait a little longer?


DAVID: That’s what I would have thought. Jesus was somewhat limited in a physical body. But when He ascended He became the life-giving spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus on the cloud! How then does Christ become one with you? The very words I speak are spirit and life. When you read the Word the Holy Spirit takes from the cloud a download and puts it in you!


DAVID: When you read the Word Christ becomes incarnate in you! See Christians say I don’t believe in reincarnation! Yes, you do. Christ is re-incarnated in you!


DAVID: So then prayer is not an upload. It’s a download. You are Adam 2.0. You got a software upgrade!


DAVID: And we experience that download when we read the Word! Did that bless you?


DAVID: Okay!

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sidroth on December 16th, 2019

SID: Now, someone that I had the privilege of interviewing that’s now in heaven is Norvel Hayes. Norvel Hayes was known for miracles and he was known to have such power over the demonic for deliverance. Now, Elaine, you were soloist for him. You are a teacher. Tell me one or two quick nuggets he told you about the demonic world.

ELAINE: He always taught us, Sid, to have a voice of authority. You’re not afraid of the devil. You’re not afraid of –

SID: You know what? I hear that in your voice.

ELAINE: Oh yes.

SID: I hear it.

ELAINE: Yes, you do. Because he said, “If you act like you’re afraid or if you seem to be afraid, they will not obey you. And if you really are not connected, I mean, really know God, they know that you don’t know God. And they will not obey you unless you really know Jesus.” So he said, “Be not afraid. Do not have any worry at all if the devil’s going to go, because when you as a woman of God, Elaine, speak to them, they have to obey you. There’s no choice.”

SID: Now, how did you start in the deliverance ministry?

ELAINE: Just as you said when I was 27 and God asked me to preach and I didn’t want to do that. I was invited. It was just like God had it all planned out. I didn’t have anywhere to preach. I was a singer, but this Aglow group asked me to come. And I went. And as I was preaching that day on power and authority in the name of Jesus, there was a man stepped through the back door of the convention center.

And when he did, I saw an x-ray, just like a doctor’s x-ray and one was inflated and one was deflated. So the Lord, I shook my head, I’m not used to this kind of stuff.

SID: You have no para….

ELAINE: No, I thought my goodness, what’s going on with me? And so the room was filled with women and up comes this man, and I saw this x-ray. So I said, “Lord, what am I seeing?” He said, “If you will call him to the front, I will heal his lung.” And so I said, “Sir, this may sound funny to you. Please come to the front.” And he came to the front and I wanted some witnesses. So I called the president of the club, of the glow group and the all the secretary and treasurer. I said, “Ladies, God has just given me an x-ray, and this man’s going to get a new lung.” And all of a sudden they felt the wind blow into his chest. He raised both hands and they said, “I can breathe, I can breathe.” He said, “I only had one lung.” He was totally healed before our eyes.

SID: All right, I’ve got a question for you. What is going on with this young girl that doesn’t even want to be a speaker. To you, when that went on, what was going on? What emotions?

ELAINE: I just was in awe because I’d seen so many miracles and I had sought God. Not that I just wanted the miracle, but I wanted the closeness of the Lord.

SID: I want to take you back to your, in your mother’s womb. She’s pregnant. Six months pregnant. There was a prophecy over you. What was it?

ELAINE: Yes. My mother was sitting in the audience and a prophet of God came in and he said, “Ladies, stand up.” She stood up. He said, “The baby you’re carrying is going to sing and minister to multitudes.” And my mom, when I was born, usually a little baby will say da-da, mama. But my mother wouldn’t allow me to say that. She said, “No, no.” She showed me how she’d say, “I wouldn’t let you. I’d say no. Jesus. Jesus.” Because she had this word.

SID: Was that the first word you learned?

ELAINE: The very first that came out of my mouth was Jesus.

SID: One of the keys that God has shown you, and you know what, here’s the sad thing though. A lot of people that know this key and they’ve put it on a shelf and there are many that just don’t know anything about this key. It’s speaking an unknown tongue, supernatural languages. Give me one good reason why it’s important for me or for others to pray in tongues.

ELAINE: First Corinthians 14:2. He that speaketh in an unknown tongue speak of not unto man, but unto God, for no man understandeth him. How be it in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

I want you to know the mysteries. So I started speaking in tongues five minutes a day. The next thing I know, miracles are happening. I’m singing before 10,000 a night. Things are changing and the Lord reminded me, I called you in, Jeremiah 1:5, before you were in your mother’s womb. I wrote the days of your book or your plans in a book. And so the mysteries are not for God. God knows everything. The Holy Spirit knows everything. Who are the mysteries for? The mysteries are what’s written in the book for my life.

SID: And unless it’s spoken out loud, it doesn’t manifest on earth.

ELAINE: No. And when you’re praying in tongues, you’re praying the perfect will of God.

SID: Elaine spoke in fundamental Baptist church and every one started speaking in tongues because the glory cloud showed up. Be right back.

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sidroth on December 5th, 2019

SID: Okay, Jonathan, these codes in the Bible that you don’t have to be a big detective because it’s black and white. It’s there. Even have people in it like President Trump.

JONATHAN: Yup. The amazing thing. This goes right up to where we are, Sid, and goes beyond in the future. We’re able to touch just a little portion. Here’s the thing. Jubilee. We left off with the last jubilee 1967. Well, what happens if you go 50 years? 50 years later you come to 2017. Did anything happen concerning Israel, Jerusalem, anything happen? Well, Netanyahu called it one of the most, the four greatest events in Israel’s history. For the first time ever a world power recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that was America. Sid, that has never happened in modern times. Has never happened since the ancient times.

SID: But, the interesting thing is many of the president’s promise they would do it. And they never did it.

JONATHAN: Never did it. But now is the year of jubilee, you got to do it now. But what happens, Sid, well, there’s so much with President Trump. There’s a mystery that’s linked to an ancient king we talked about ourselves. An ancient king that he’s following and he’s doing things exactly as he did. He’s saying the same words and he’s doing it the exact time, but we can’t do that now. We don’t have time.

JONATHAN: But let me say this. What happens in the year of jubilee? The trumpet sounds. The last one it was that rabbi. He was a central guy, right? He sounds the trumpet. So what does Trump mean? It means the one who blows the trumpet. The trumpet. And it also means the trumpet read the-

SID: He just happened to have that name and just happened to do it and it the jubilee and just happened to be president, give me a break.

JONATHAN: Give him a break. Yes, and listen. When did he come to power? 2017 year of jubilee. The trump shall sound throughout the land. So, he’s been sounding ever since. And when the trump sounds, what happens to the jubilee? The land goes back to the ancestral possession, to the original owner so, Jerusalem goes back. The trump sounds and it happens.

JONATHAN: But let me do even more mind blowing. There is that we talked about the appointed scriptures, right? When Trump was born, there was an appointed scripture and he was born on a Friday, which is the Sabbath. So is was an appointed scripture. What was that scripture? Now this is the day that Trump is brought forth into the world. The scripture was the only scripture in the Bible that was read at that time all throughout the world is about the bringing forth of the trump, the bringing forth of the trumpet. It’s about how to form the trumpet, how it’s going to be produced. So, on the day that Trump is produced, the scriptures, the producing of the trump and it’s waiting, it says it will sound at the holy day. It’s waiting for 2017 the year of jubilee. That’s when trump is going to sound.

SID: Well, there was something else supernatural on that on that. Not only did he say he was going to do it, he took an existing building over. He didn’t even have to build it.

JONATHAN: The amazing thing is though, this is another mystery probably, but an amazing thing. One of the things he follows mysteries is Cyrus and King Cyrus issues the declaration. In the declaration he says, “I’m going to build a house.” Trump in the same declaration follows the words and says I’m going to build a house. And, Sid, if … we won’t go into it, but we, if you do the … There’s an amazing thing here. If you do the timing, Cyrus did this after 70 years. Well, if you take when Israel was voted into existence, add 70 years on the Hebrew calendar, the exact day it’s over is when Trump gave the declaration after 70 years.

SID: The exact–

JONATHAN: The exact Hebrew day. Exact Hebrew day.

SID: Now, what are the mysteries that The Oracle reveals about the end times? I found this one the most fascinating things of … it’s just all laid out.

JONATHAN: It’s all there. This is the sixth door that we go to. It deals with the future. And so this, it’s so big that … For instance, one of … it’s the mystery. It’s the template of the end times. It’s really the secret of the end times. Jubilee is about returning, returning home. You return to where you left. So, what are we seeing? What’s the end times?

JONATHAN: First of all, we see the Jewish people are returning to where they were at the beginning of the age. That’s Israel. They’re returning to the capital city, Jerusalem. That’s at the beginning of the age. What about the world? The world is also following the jubilee and mysteries. Listen, America had to be there at that time for this to come true. Trump, the American election had to happen at the exact time for the mystery to come true. All off this, but what it’s saying is the world will also return. Now what does that mean?

JONATHAN: It will return to where it was at the beginning. Well, we’ve had a kind of age of Western civilization. Christianity. Well, what it’s saying is the world, the mainstream culture is going to turn back to where it was. Where is that? What was that? It was anti-Christian. It was pagan. It was against the word of God. Well, we’re watching it every day and we could do a whole, we could do 10 shows on this. We’re watching it every day.

JONATHAN: In the book it’s called the dark jubilee but this is what we are seeing. It’s part of that too. And not only that though–

SID: That’s an interesting term. That dark jubilee. We’ve heard of the good jubilee. This is the dark and, describe it. It’s what we read in the news.

JONATHAN: You turn on the television and you’ll see it every single day. But, there’s also good news because not only is the world returning, the Jewish people are returning, but also the church has a jubilee that we have to return to where we were at the beginning of the age, which is the Book of Acts. So here … because we lost that. We’re coming back. And there was persecution, but God even uses persecution to get glory in the … for us to go back.

JONATHAN: So, God is calling us to stop being status quo, to become a radical again. Revolutionary again. And also, by the way, also at the beginning you had the church and Israel are one. That’s coming again. That’s happening right now too. And so we have all that happening and then, Sid, you have, there’s going to be another return because it’s all leading up to a final return. That’s the final jubilee. It’s the return of the king to the kingdom.

JONATHAN: There’s so much there. And that’s why we’re returning. The Jewish people are returning to the king, that’s why he’s coming too. That’s also part of the jubilee.

SID: It’s, I’ll tell you, Jonathan, how does this relate really to people watching now?

JONATHAN: Totally and when you get to the seventh door, which we’re not getting into, it’s going to come to home to each one. When you just said to me, and you’re the first one who I know who fully read the book, you’re the first one who had the first copy to read, and when you said the glory came in, that’s what I prayed. The glory coming in each life. The thing is, it’s not just that he’s the God of the universe. He’s the God of your life.

JONATHAN: Same God who brought Israel back is the God who brings you back. Same God who is over every single thing is weaving your life together. The same God who says, “Come home to Israel,” tells all of us to come home. He’s the God of the jubilee. The power of all this is for your life. The power of the jubilee is for our life. We have an ancestral possession. We have an inheritance. We have a calling and the power of God, the power of Messiah, he is the jubilee, is to give us the power to live it and come home and to enter the inheritance that God has for us. This could be our greatest hour, Sid, because when the dark gets darker, the lights get brighter.

JONATHAN: So, this is for each one of us right now and if there’s anybody who’s watching who doesn’t know the Lord, the call of the jubilee is, “Come home. Come home. Come home. Your father is waiting for you.” This is the year, the time of jubilee and ultimately it’s going to lead to the final jubilee, which is when we come home to our ancestor possession, which is heaven.SID: I love that. Now, few have ever heard how Rabbi Jonathan had an encounter with the Messiah. As a Jewish atheist he had to get hit by a train. Go to for his story.

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sidroth on November 25th, 2019

SID: So, TL Osborn, who I’ll tell you, this man walked in such miracles and so many salvations that- He’s in Africa, and he used to go to foreign countries, and that’s why he isn’t as well known in the United States, but he was in Africa having a meeting and he keeps saying at the end of his meeting, “The rabbi is coming. The rabbi is coming.” Well, guess what. I got the rabbi here that was coming, Rabbi Curt Landry. Rabbi, take me to this. You go to, where was this in Africa?

CURT: We went to Togo [pun].

SID: Oh. Well, no place.

CURT: Yes.

SID: So you went to To-go. You get there, the expectancy level had to be sky-high. He kept saying, “You think this is good? The rabbi is coming.” So Rabbi, you come. What happened?

CURT: It was so powerful that when we were there, we knew that if we brought the one new man that the Apostle Paul was speaking about in Ephesians 2, that God would do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. We knew. We had great expectation, but at this point, we had never done it in a large healing environment like this. There was probably 35,000, 40,000 people in this soccer field. This was the first night. It grew to 50,000 by the third night. Christy and I got up, we did the repentance. I spoke the blessing over them. They received it and I mean, it was being translated into three languages and I was speaking it in English. It was drowning out the next two languages, Toganese and French. It was just absolutely so powerful.

CURT: Dr. Osborn purposely hung back and he says, “I’m going to come up on the platform once you have set the atmosphere according to what we had discussed. As soon as he came up on the platform, he was not speaking any longer than five to seven minutes and then off to the left, I’ll never forget it, this was life-changing for him and for myself, off to the left probably about 10 or 15 people back, there was a woman and she was screaming. Dr. Osborn was very sensitive. He taught me this. He says, “Any time you’re doing an outreach, always look for God’s trigger. Let God choose the trigger point. Don’t get ahead of God. Preach your message.” But he didn’t even-

SID: I mean, what a privilege you had. He mentored you on the secrets so they didn’t go to the grave so you could release them. But go ahead.

CURT: But he was so sensitive, that lady was the trigger. I’ll never forget. He looked over, Sid, and he said, “Mama, mama, mama, come on up here.” He had some of his people bring her up on the platform and at this point, Dr. Osborn was standing on the platform and I was sitting down with all the pastors around the back. They gave us strict instruction. You know me, I’m a man of honor. I’m under authority. But as soon as he started to speak to this woman, I jumped up out of my seat and I literally stood right here, right next to him. I shouldn’t have, but I was just standing there and I looked into this beautiful woman’s eyes and she had glaucoma, just white all in her eyes. The reason she screamed, because her eyes miraculously opened and she could see. Praise the Lord.

SID: You know, we’ve had lots of testimonies of this happening, but what’s it like to watch it happen right before your eyes?

CURT: Well, this is the thing about Dr. Osborn, is he didn’t want any phony miracles. He wanted to make sure, so of course he did the fingers and she could count the fingers, and that was great. But he asked her how she went blind. Evidently, it was her second pregnancy. She had a spinal injury and she had lost her sight. Dr. Osborn, very wise, he said, “Well, do you have children?” She says, “Yes, I have five children.” All this is documented. He says, “Yes, you have five children.” Then he said, “Well, you mean you have children you have not seen.” She says yes. Dr. Osborn said, “Is there any of her children that are here that she has not seen? Would you bring them up on the platform?” Sure enough, here comes this beautiful young man-

SID: So the first time in her life, she can see her own children.

CURT: Yeah. So I’m standing there and I’m not supposed to be standing there. I didn’t think about it until afterwards, but I’m just standing there like, “Okay, now we’re going to see.” The Scripture says, “The Jews need a sign,” so I’m standing right there. This beautiful young man comes up and stares at his mother and no reaction from her. She’s looking at him. You can tell she does not know who he is. She went up and she took her hands and went and grabbed his face and started to feel his features from the top of his head, around his eyes, his cheekbones, his lips, and she broke. She just fell to her knees and started to praise the Lord. As soon as she did that, a wave of glory went out from that platform. The Royal Rangers who were around keeping people 15 or 20 feet from the platform, that all caved in. People rushed the platform. Wheelchairs were flying in the air. Crutches were flying in the air.

SID: But here is the point I want to make. This man of God was used to see miracles, but what did he say the difference between what he was used to and what occurred was?

CURT: On this experience, what he was saying is that, “I’ve never seen healing and miracles, signs, and wonders without me even preaching.”

SID: You know, it’s the chemistry, if you will, of the one new man. I mean, God has been waiting almost– The saints in Heaven are looking over the balcony of Heaven. “When will the Gentile Christian and the Jewish believer be one in my body so my body can have and release the full power of God?” Rabbi, that’s what you’re saying you witnessed–

CURT: Absolutely.

SID: –the release of the full power of God. Rabbi Landry says, “Just as the identity of the church was hijacked, so was his. Find out what happened when his identity was stolen and how it changed his life when it was restored, and how it will change your life. Be right back.

sidroth on November 16th, 2019

ADAM: Yeah, and the reason with people who don’t, who can’t dream, we do, when we do the conferences, and some people say, “Look, I don’t ream, can you pray for me?” We actually impart; and Paul says in Romans, the apostle says, “How I long to impart my gift into you.” So there is and impartation of this, and we have people contact us and say, “I can’t stop dreaming. I’ve never dreamed, but now I just can’t stop dreaming. What have you done to me?” And when Adrian was joking around about slapping around, we do actually lay hands on people. But in a nice way, we impart the gift.

SID: Can you impart as effectively by speaking, because you can’t lay hands on people that are watching.


SID: Or listening to us on radio. Can you impart with the spoken word’?

ADAM: We can—someone can touch the screen, or touch their I-Phone, or whatever it is. We can pray and decree. We believe that can happen. God can do anything.

SID: Well then, when we come back with Something More I would like to impart two things. I want you to impart so that people that don’t dream, will start dreaming. And I want you to impart revelation of dreams. And I’m almost, you know I read this in the notes, that what you want to impart; is it so important for us to not miss this, that we need a hunger? I have to tell you, just talking to you guys, I can’t wait to go to sleep. [laughs]

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: [laughs] No, I’m teasing, but no, I’m serious. I can’t wait to go to sleep. I want to dream. I want to hear from God; with all these defenses gone. Tell me things that God does in dreams, you said; warnings, what else?

ADAM: He can give you warnings, he can show you the promises of God. He can show you what He has for you’ because we’re His children and we’re heirs to God and his kingdom. One case with a vision that Gods, because visions are pretty much a dream while you are awake. We could probably talk about that later, but I actually got a brand new $45,000 car through having a vision in the night of the Lord showing me, because I needed a car at the time. And I just celebrated that before I got it; faith is actually celebrating that and getting excited.

SID: right. But you got excited because you saw it in a dream; you couldn’t have gotten excited if you hadn’t seen it.

ADAM: Because I see that as the word of the Lord. Now you can get the word of the Lord in dreams and visions, and with the apostle John in revelation, chapter 1, he says. “He turned, and he saw the voice of God—”

SID: [music] Hello, Sid Roth here with Something More, and I’m going to tell you something [music ends], there are people here that want to know; what is the difference between a dream and a vision’?

ADAM: Well, a vision is pretty much having a dream while you are awake. So when you’re asleep, most of us sleep to about 6 to 10 hours a night, and when you’re asleep, you subconscious mind is awake. But your mind and brain. is resting, but you dream. And around about the 4th watch of the night, you have lots of dreams right before you wake up. So that why fasting is good, because when you actually go do sleep, you’re only actually on a short fast. That’s why they call it break fast when you eat.

SID: Mm.

ADAM: So when you go on a short fast it’s the longest period of the day when you don’t eat, it’s when you sleep. So towards the end, you start to dream more, and in the new covenant era, I believe when you fast, it’s not a protest to God. I believe you become more sensitive to the spirit man.

SID: I like that.

ADAM: And when you listen to the word, over and over and over, I listen to it day and night. The Word divides soul and spirit; it gives you discernment. So, when you fast, like during the day without sleeping, you can have visions. You can open yourself up to visions.

SID: You told me during the break that you had was it a vision or word of knowledge for someone.

ADAM: I did. When I was sitting here, I saw a young girl.

SID: So that was a vision.

ADAM: It was a vision.

SID: Would you pray it right now for that person?

ADAM: Well, I want to pray for a “Jessica”. And I saw this young girl, she was in school, and it’s quite traumatic for her because she had cancer behind the eye.

SID: Mm.

sidroth on November 6th, 2019

SID: I’ll tell you something, I was talking to Guillermo before we came back and I said, I see the average people watching our show going into hospitals, in the amputee ward and clear in the whole place out. That’s what I said. But I want to know how you started. First of all, what is the secret place?

GUILLERMO: The secret place is the altar. The secret place is the place when God and man meets. The secret place, Jesus calls it closet. He said, ” Well go into your closet.” That’s the place with God, but if we describe that secret place, we can say it this way. The secret place is the place where we access the presence and the glory of God.

SID: But if you access, how important is it to be walking in holiness?

GUILLERMO: That’s very key. You were saying about myself first. Every single day Sid, before I go to the Lord, the Bible says, “Our Father that is in heaven, hallowed be your name.” In other words, we start worshiping God. How do I start? I start affirming God’s presence. In other words, you cannot worship a God that is not present. So I always say, “God, I affirm you. I worship you.” So I start affirming God. The second thing is, there’s anything in me, any sin, any iniquity of commission and omission, I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me, because we must pray from a holiness position.

In other words, before we pray, we have access to his presence. We must be sure we are cleansed and we are forgiven. There’s a lot of people frustrated because they can never get into the presence. They never feel the presence. How does it feel to be in the presence? Is the present visible? What is it? Is everybody for every believer? Yes it is, but we must understand, before we go into the presence of God, we want to make sure there’s no inequity. Because the Bible says, “Your iniquities was an obstacle for me to hear your prayers.” What is an iniquity?

An iniquity is a moral perversion. An iniquity is something that is a mixture. Flesh, demonic and man. That is an iniquity. There’s laws of the kingdom. If we lost the kingdom, we must enter in the loss of the kingdom. What I’m saying is, in other words, God requires if the protocol of Heaven is this, you must affirm God in praise and worship before you start praying. You don’t go-

SID: The protocol.

GUILLERMO: … that’s the protocol. You know in other words you don’t go with a long list, God asked for this, ask for this. That’s the downside of the believers, and they get frustrated because they never align their prayers with the will of God. Number two, he said, “Hallowed be your name.” That God is in heaven. And then he comes to the part of forgiveness. In other words. That is the part where we must guard and we must be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, washed by the word and then we ask is this the presence. Now, from there in my own life, the next step is, “Okay, now God, I am in your presence.”

I access prayer, gives you access. Is one of the means to access the presence of God. How do you know? Because you will feel the presence. The Bible says is–

SID: For those that have never felt the presence of God.

GUILLERMO: Uh-huh (affirmative).

SID: What is that like?

GUILLERMO: Okay. Is for example, I can describe it to you. For example, I feel sometimes like our rain falling on me. Sometimes the man … Job describes it as goose bump in your body, because Sid, one of the characteristics of the presence is visible, is tangible. In other words, the clause is tangible. And when the presence … Everybody knows when the presence is there, but I’ll tell you one thing. The only time when I haven’t felt the presence, is when something was in me that God stopped, that he avoid that for me to feel the presence.

Because he wanted to correct that area, but when I’m right with God, when I’m in holiness with God, I can access this presence. But this is so powerful Sid, because when we get into the presence of God, if people said, “Yeah, you’re in the presence and you worship and you feel it.” And you what? No, that’s not the end. Because when you access the presence, you must visualize yourself in the presence. Number two, after you-

SID: Excuse me, I’m taking you back to one. What do you mean? Tell me what.

GUILLERMO: … visualize. Okay God is in his throne.

SID: Uh-huh (affirmative).

GUILLERMO: You in front of God. You have an audience with God. Those that are watching, every time you pray you have an audience with God Almighty. And then when you entered in the presence now you said, “Well, I feel the presence. I feel it. I feel the goosebumps and all that.” Wait. That’s not the end. The Lord said to me one time, “Every time you access my presence through prayer.” He said, “You will become a carrier of my presence.” What the word presence means, the word presence means atmosphere.

One of the meanings of the word presence is an atmosphere. In other words, you come out of … I feel the presence as I’m telling you. You come out of that presence of God or that because of prayer.

SID: Who wouldn’t want to pray?


SID: If that’s what happens.

GUILLERMO: But listen to this. Listen to this. You come out with carrying an atmosphere. What atmosphere? The atmosphere of God. I’ve been in an elevator, and when I entered in the elevator, people start cursing. Demons start screaming and then they said, “What are you carrying?” I’m a carrier of the presence, but it’s not only me, is any person that goes to the presence of God in prayer, you will become a carrier of the presence of God. I’ve been in a stadium Sid. Stadium filled of people, and as the moment I entered, the atmosphere changed. Not because of me, because I’m a carrier of the presence of God.

People get and heal. I was ministering in Malaysia a stadium, 30000 people. I mean half a mile of sick people, and when I answered the presence fell and before I start praying for people, 21 wheelchairs empty. People got out from wheelchairs–

SID: I’m going to tell you something Guillermo. I’m going to tell you something and this is a fact. What he is describing is you.


SID: What he is describing is what God says. You are to go through out the whole world and proclaim the good news. You.


sidroth on October 26th, 2019

Tommy: And they would raise this paschal lamb like a pet, uh, they would raise this paschal lamb-no blemish, no, no… The eyeballs were all perfect, the skin was perfect, the- everything about this lamb was perfect the hooves were perfect in every way. And because every one of the families of the children of Israel did not come with a sacrifice, this lamb represented all of them. So at 3 o’clock they would bring that lamb to the high priest. All the others had been done all day from 9 to 3, all the others had been done, they had brought many sacrifices and many families came, but at 3 o’clock for everyone else, they’d take this special lamb, cut the throat of the lamb, the blood would bleed on the altar and the high priest would say at 3 o’clock, “It is finished.” What’s finished? We don’t have to sacrifice anymore today. This is the last one of the day. We don’t have to sacrifice anymore. It is finished. You can stand on the Mount of Olives, and if you stand in the right place, you can look right through into the area on Golgotha where Jesus was on the cross. On the Mount of Olives where they were doing “It is finished,” and He’s on the cross and at 3 o’clock He is saying, “It is finished .” No more sacrifice. You know what He meant? I have completed my assignment. I have completed what You sent me to earth to do. I have completed my assignment. It is finished because I’ve completed my assignment. How’re you going to please God? Complete your assignment. Complete your assignment. That’s how you’re going to please God. You’re going to complete your assignment. What is my assignment? Get on your knees and do a little fasting and find out what God wants you to do. But whatever you love I’m assuming would be your assignment. If you love children, you probably need to be working at children’s church. If you’re a teacher, you probably need to be teaching, if you love teaching. God will put into you what your desire to work for Him will be. Now let me tell you what He will do when He calls you to teach. You say, “I can’t teach, I’m uneducated, I can’t teach. I’ve never taught a day in my life, but I believe God’s taught me to teach, called me to teach.” He’ll put ‘teach’ inside of you. You don’t have to wai– if He calls you… Where God guides, God provides, and when God provides because He guides you there… He’ll call you to preach; you ain’t never preached. You don’t know how to put a sermon together, you don’t know what to do to get up and do anything about preaching, but He’ll put preaching inside of you. So you can stand and preach ’cause God will put ‘preach’ right in you.

Where God guides, God provides. Some of you here are called to be financers to the Kingdom. Somebody say “yes” to that. You need to be a financer of the Kingdom of God. What am I going to do as a financer of the Kingdom of God? You are going to provide about 90% of your money to give to the Kingdom of God so God can build Bible schools and orphanages, and feed the poor, and raise people up to be preachers and teachers, and live off the 10%! That’s what God’s going to do for some of you watching today. God is going to make you a financer of the Kingdom of God. He’ll give it to you! I’ve got all the shout-got a more shout than that, I’m talking about the… I mean my goodness, you-God tells me I’m going to give away 90% of my money and live on 10%, I’m going to shout. I’m telling you, God will give it to you. John the Baptist had a special insight to who Jesus was. Study it. Study about Jesus and John the Baptist being born in the Spring Feast and Jesus being born six months later in the Fall Feast. Study it, study it. Study it. Six months to the day, from Passover to Atonement and Jesus… John the Baptist born on this day; Jesus born exactly six months later on the feast day. Study it. Read it. Know it. John the Baptist had a special insight, even jumped in his mother’s womb when [laughs] Mary walked in the room. I’m telling you, I’m telling you, John the Baptist had special insight about Jesus. He knew who Jesus was. He knew He was the Lamb of God. He knew it was the final sacrifice. The blood covenant, what Jesus established for each of us as the body of Christ, the blood covenant is for me, the blood covenant is for you.