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Sid: Hello this is Sid Roth the Jewish man that is mashuga, that’s a Jewish word that’s crazy for Yeshua another Hebrew word for Jesus. Actually I shouldn’t even say a Hebrew word that was His real name Yeshua Jesus is just the English translation of Yeshua.

The question I have for you is who are you mashuga for?  I like being mashuga for Jesus I would not want to be mashuga for anything or anyone else. And I have another question for you I want to ask you a question and the question is “What is the end time book to the church?” Now before you say Revelation I’ll give you a clue it’s not Revelation. Again
what is the end-time book to the church?  I believe the end-time book to the church is Esther and I’m sure if you have not heard me teach before this subject you didn’t have a clue.  This is going to be one of the most important teachings I have ever given, why?  Everything in Esther is timing, everything in God is His timing, everything in your life is His timing.

By the way Jewish people have two names they have their Hebrew name like my Hebrew name happens to be Israel, then in the country that I immigrate to I’m given a name from that country so my name is Sidney. Same thing with Esther, Esther’s name was Hadassah. Have you ever heard Hadassah Hospital? It actually means the myrtle tree and the myrtle tree is one that has the most wonderful aroma in Israel.

But when a Jewish person goes to another country they take another name so she took the name Esther which comes from the Persian name Ishtar which means a pagan fertility goddess.  I don’t care too much for that name but you know what they did they translated this Esther back into Hebrew and you know what the Hebrew equivalent of Esther is?  Hidden and that’s what the whole book of Esther is about, it’s about things that are hidden. For instance, did you know in the book of Esther God’s name is not mentioned not even once?  But yet it is because it’s hidden it in acrostics 5 different times in the book of Esther.  And we’re going to find out a lot of other hidden things in the book of Esther.

Now Deuteronomy 28 you probably know the chapter is talks about the blessings and the curses but it’s specifically written to the Jewish people and if you are the Messiah’s you are grafted in and you are the same as Abraham’s seed spiritually.  But when you look at it in the natural it actually says:

“The blessings are for the Jewish people when they are in the land of Israel and the curses are for the Jewish people when they are out of the land of Israel.”

So the greatest blessings for Israel and the world will be when Jewish people return to the land of Israel.  The greatest proof of God someone will say to you “How can you prove to me there’s a God?” Well for starters you can’t prove to me there’s not a God and I’d rather take the side of the fence proving there is then there’s not any day.  But to me the greatest proof that there is a God is found in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 35 and 36; let me read it to you.

“Thus says the Lord who gives the sun by light by day the ordnance of the moon and the stars for a light by night; who disturbs the sea and waves roar the Lord of Hosts is His name; if those ordnances depart from before me (In other words the sun, the moon and stars and light and seas and waves) if those ordinances depart from before Me says the Lord then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

So we Jews because of sin went into what’s called the diaspora the nations but we still maintained ourselves as Jewish people. Who have ever heard of such a thing? We lost in 70 AD we lost our temple the only way under Torah Judaism you can have your sins atoned for; we lost our city, we lost our country and we were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. And worst than that Deuteronomy 28 tells us that wherever we went we would be persecuted and that’s the history of the Jewish people. You would think after 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 generations of this being persecuted just because your being persecuted just because of your Jewish every Jew on the face of this earth would change their religion, would stop being Jewish at least for survival sake.  But no because God said:

“As long as there’s a sun, moon and stars there will be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.”

So to me the greatest proof the Bible is from God is found in a 3 letter word Jew.  How did God maintain us a distinct people? He put an instinct in every Jewish person; you’ll meet a Jewish person that’s not even practicing Judism, doesn’t go to the synagogue, probably identifies himself as an agnostic or maybe even an atheist.  And you’ll say “Well they’re not even interested in being Jewish,” Watch, there’s an instinct in every Jew it goes like this “I was born a Jew, and I’ll die a Jew.”  And this instinct comes from God that’s what has kept us as a distinct people.

Now Esther was a type of the church, a type of the Gentile church; I want you to see yourself as Esther.  Esther was young, you may be older but I’m going to tell you something I’m older and I believe and I literally believe I’m getting younger.  But in God’ sight I am a young man, I have to tell you on the inside I feel like a young man. Esther is beautiful, you may look at the pimples on your face but in God’s sight Esther, church, you are beautiful.  If you could only see yourself the way that God sees you. Esther walked in favor, I like walking in favor, the church walks in favor.  Esther was an orphan, a no-people that was grafted into royalty.  Church do you know a no people that was grafted into royalty?  The Gentile believers. Esther did one other thing she hid her Jewish connection. No one knew that she was connected to the Jewish people, no one knew that she was grafted into the seed of Abraham spiritually.

And one more thing about Esther, Esther was so loved by God, here let me read this to you in Esther 2:17:

“And the King loved Esther more than any of the other young women.”

The truth is every member of the church that’s a true statement boy, that’s true statement for you. You are loved more than any other because God’s so big He can do that; I can’t do that, you can’t do that but God can do that you are loved more than any other.

And there was one more trait about Esther, Esther moved in instant obedience.  Now how could she hear so clearly, most Christian’s don’t hear God so clearly? How could she hear so clearly?  Because Esther soaked in myrrh, now myrrh is bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside. She soaked 6 months in oil of myrrh and 6 months in perfume for a whole year and as she soaked she began to smell more like Jesus than like her old nature. But it took a time of soaking before God and that’s why it’s so important to put anointed music on and soak before God just as Esther did.

That reminds me of the 10 virgins 5 wise 5 foolish, 5 had plenty of oil. Why? They were soaking in the Spirit of God. They were worshipping God all the time, they were reading the Bible, they were only saying things that are good and pure and lovely and of good report. They were only looking at the good things in life and they were taking in not the bad things they were taking in the good things out so instant in instant out. So what came out was changing the world around them. That’s why Esther Church you can hear so clearly.

Now Mordecai that’s Esther’s cousin that really raised her refused to bow to one man; let me read this to you Esther 3:2:

“All of the Kings officials would bow down before Haman whenever he passed by for so the King had commanded.  But Mordecai refused to bow down and show him respect.”

Well this Haman was a type of the devil and Mordecai being a Jew would not bow down to a man. We only bow to God and Mordecai was just being Jewish.

Then there’s the money; you see today a lot of decisions are made in our administration in politics over money, well in the kingdom actually it was Iran, or called Persia, and that was the old name for Iran it says in Esther 3:9 and 10:

“If it pleases the King (And this is Haman speaking) issue a decree that they (The Jews) be destroyed and I will give 10,000 large sacks of silver to the government and administrators to be deposited in the royal treasury. The King agreed confirming his decision by removing his signet right from his finger and giving it to Haman.”

Does that sound familiar to you?  Well this is what literally happened in the garden of Eden through deception the devil got the authority, that’s what the signet ring is the authority in the kingdom and we needed a hero to get the authority to get the authority back.  Our hero happens to be Jesus and they found out that the request of Haman was to murder every Jewish person. You know if one Jewish man didn’t bow before a Haman type why would you want to murder every Jew? In fact it gets even stronger than that I’ll read you Esther 3:13:

“Dispatches were sent by swift messengers into all of the providences of the empire giving the order that all Jews young and old including women and children must be killed, slaughtered and annulated on a single day.

This is scheduled to happen on March 7th of the next year, the property of the Jews would be given to those who killed them and that’s what happened throughout history. People, every people that called themselves Christians killed Jewish people and they were given the money.

Now without Esther, or the church, because I said Esther is a type of a church all the Jewish people would die.  Now Esther’s first plan and maybe unfortunately the Church’s first plan is the same as Esther’s. She wanted to give humanitarian aid because what she found out that her Mordecai, the one that raised her, was in ashes and sack cloth and he didn’t have clothing so she took up a collection and bought him some clothing. Well millions of dollars are being poured into Jewish humanitarian work and rightfully so, and believers a praying and fasting for Israel and rightfully so.

But Suzette Hadding that’s the lead intercessor for Reinhardt Bonnke had this quote and I’ve changed it just a little bit I’ve added humanitarian aid. This is Suzette’s quote:

“Prayer or humanitarian aid without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Let me read that again that’s so significant:

“Prayer of humanitarian without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Most people don’t know this but there is a God given call for every Gentile believer in Jesus, Esther, I’m going to start calling you Esther, church.  And that God given call is found in Romans 11:11:

“Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.”

The job of the Jewish believer is found in John 4:22.  If the job of the Gentile believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy or evangelize the Jew in writing the job of the Jewish believer John 4:22 salvation is of the Jews.  Now many people think “Well perhaps the Jews lost their calling because so many rejected the Messiah.” Well Romans 11:29 says the opposite:

“The gifts and calling of God (It’s talking about the Jewish people there) is irrevocable.”

And by the way if the Jews do their job and reach the Gentiles, and the Gentile Christians do their job and reach the Jews guess what Jews and Gentiles mean we reach the whole world.  God You’re so brilliant!

Esther 4:14 says that we are headed to the church’s greatest hour. This is what Mordecai said to Esther when she was living in the Kings palace and very taken care of and no one knew about her Jewish connection:

“For if you remain completely silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews another place but you and your father’s house will perish, yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this; Church who knows whether you’ve come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. I’m reminded in Israel in the Arab sections it’s written on the buildings you know the graffiti:

“First we kill the Saturday people then the Sunday people.”

Now Esther if she went to the King could die because if you went to the King and hadn’t requested you come the punishment was death. And the King had not requested for Esther to come into his presence in over 30 days. Esther knew that disobedience was punishable by death. She remembered maybe not death, well it could have been not death in that case but she remembered the last queen, Vahsti, she was vanished forever from being Queen from having anything to do with the King.  So Esther had to take her life in her hands to go to the King and she said:

“Well if I die I die; I will go in… (Let me read this exactly to you.) Go and gather the Jews in Souza and fast for me; do not eat or drink for 3 days night or day; my maids and I will do the same; and then though it is against the law I will go into see the king if I must die I must die.”

Church Esther choice the path of God to spare the Jewish people and when Esther went to the King there was scepter in the hand of the king.  Esther 5:2 we’ll pick up there when I come back because Esther now receives favor up to half of the Kingdom. Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours, all of the Kingdom.

Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours; all of the Kingdom. I’m making available my brand new book it’s titled “Sooner Than You Think.” It’s based on a dream I had from God in which God says “I’m coming back soon” 3 times to me, “I’m coming back soon, I’m coming back soon.” And some of the best end time teachers that I’ve interviewed I put in the book.

For instance, Bill Salus in “Inevitable Conflicts” looks at the last wars before Jesus returns. And there were about ready to bump into them right now; Perry Stone writes a chapter titled “The Messiah Comes” exploring the significance of the Jewish Feasts in connection with the First and Second Coming of Messiah. Perry returns in another chapter “Revelation About Revelation” that doves deeply into how we should look at the book of Revelation Jim Richards tells us how to prosper in the last days subscribing God’s plan for you to thrive even if there is the financial collapse.

We have specialists in each in the pre-trib rapture, the mid-trip rapture, the post-trib rapture saying why they are saying it’s true. Here is the truth no one has it clear we look through a window dimly the closer that we get to the return of Jesus the clearer things will be. I do not want you to hold on to another man’s vision for the end times that is being taught as gospel and it is not gospel. But if you have all of these pieces of the puzzle together as things unfold prophetically your going to be able to understand the end times, you’re going to be like Esther you’re going to be able to hear the voice of God so clearly because you have soaked in the perfumes of the Holy Spirit.

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sidroth on August 25th, 2016

Gene Mullenax

Sid: My guest Gene Mullenax I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his home in North Little Rock, Arkansas is red hot for the Messiah. You’d be red hot for the Messiah if you had the same thing happen to you. I mean at a very young age he’s married, he’s got a couple of children, and they cut out his lung, they cut out 3 of his ribs. They have a whole inside for drainage, his shoulder… What was wrong with your shoulder Gene?

Gene: I had no support, with the ribs gone I had no support to hold me up.

Sid: So your shoulder drooped. He’s standing in line for an A.A. Allen healing meeting, very skeptical, and he see’s a 2 year old child that has cancer on the face so big this sore was that the child used it as a pacifier. He says “God if this is real you’ll remove that cancer.” Before his very eyes he saw the cancer removed. The little 2 year old is putting her tongue out trying to find that sore that they were using as a pacifier and can’t find it anymore. It’s time for him to be prayed for and he feels some oil, hot oil coming all over him, and he turns around to see “Who’s doing this?” He thought the stage was wired and everything, there’s no one behind him. So what happened next Gene?

Gene: It felt like somebody just opened my mouth and put a tube in me and went “Pow!” and I just blew up, I mean right… it was so astounding that the boy that became a friend of ours knew a little bit about Pentecostal meetings, come running up because Allen said “Who in the tent knows this man?” Well this guy comes running up and he says “He’s my very best friend,” and he weighed 180 pounds. I picked him up… I was up on the stage I reached and got him down from a low position, picked him up over that fence onto the stage and my wife started to screaming “Oh my God! My kids are not going to have a daddy and I won’t have a husband!” Because anytime before that if I picked up my 6 month old baby I began to hemorrhage something fierce. I picked that guy up he weighed 180 pounds, I slung him around like he was a rag doll, and when I come to myself they said I made about 4 rounds with him and he looked like his legs were sticking straight out. I swung him around, set him down and I was instantly, miraculously totally healed, completely. Everything that had been cut out was put back in just like I had asked for. I went back to work… that was on a Sunday night, went back to work Monday morning and I have not stopped since.   It’s been 44 years ago or something like that.

Sid: What did the doctors say?

Gene: Well I went to the doctor and he made the x-rays, he had to go up on the 2nd floor, 2 floors up from where he was. He brought the x-ray down and says… he sent me back up he said “You got the wrong x-rays, somebody elses x-rays.” So I went back up brought them back down and said “Well they still got the wrong ones but I can thorascope you and see what’s wrong.” So he thorascoped me and he let out a big cuss word (chuckling), and I became his best buddy. I met him at the hospital went in the rooms and prayed for people with him. My sister was a nurse there at the Baptist Hospital. He called me his miracle man.

Sid: Now the FBI literally investigated your miracle.

Gene: Right.

Sid: Why was that?

Gene: My picture went on the front cover of Valiant Magazine. They came to my office and asked if the story was true and all and I told them “Yes.” They said “Well…” I said “Look I’ve got the x-ray right here.” I put it up on the door he could see it there. I said “Before and after” and he said “Well that could be anybody’s lung.” I said “I’ll tell you what you do, my wife’s here she’ll type up a statement, you go see my doctor he can tell you what happened better than I can tell you.”  So they went to see my doctor and it was documented as a bonafide miracle.

Sid: Now I understand Phil Donahue found out about it and actually did investigative reporting of your miracle and had you on his show. What did he have to say about it?

Gene: He said it was the most astounding miracle he had ever seen. You know Sid about 7-8 years I started having prayer meetings in my home and it got so big we grew out of one room so I built a huge room onto that one. I had some doors that I had ordered at the lumber company, huge wide doors to be put in. I said “Do you know anybody that can put these doors in for me?” He said “I know a guy.” So he calls this guy and this guy shows up and he looks familiar to me but I hadn’t seen him in a long time and he weighed about 400 pounds, had a little girl with him about 7-8 years old, 6-7-8 years old. So I got to witnessing, back then I witnessed to anything if they stand still long enough. So I started talking to him about the Lord and it turns out Sid that’s the guy, isn’t that just like the Lord, that’s the guy that had the little girl, that was his granddaughter and he brought her with him. She was there and he put in my doors for me in my little prayer chapel.

Sid: Was his granddaughter still healed?

Gene: Oh yes she was beautiful! She was about 7-8 years old, just as spry as any kid I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sid: I understand that you pray for people that have had their lungs removed, or heart trouble. You prayed for someone with lung problem that got healed, but I understand that you have a special degree of supernatural faith for people with heart problems.

Gene: Well its happened to you it’s not hard to believe you know…

Sid: Well there are people that need miracles right now Gene. Would you pray for them?

Gene: I sure will. Father God we thank You for the privilege of coming to You in Your name. There is not one thing in this world that You can’t do, You made humanity, You can heal every part of it, and Lord You know the person that’s watching right now what’s wrong with each one of them. I pray for a mass miracle, Lord for ever person that’s listening right now in Jesus name whatever is wrong with them you would heal them from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. We ask you for a miracle for each one of them in Jesus name. Amen.

Sid: I tell you Mishpochah that might have been a simple prayer but Gene believes and that’s the only you can please God. There is such a contagiousness on people that are absolutely… I mean not these 99.9 Ivory Soap believer, I mean the ones that say “I so trust God I could walk on water if He told me to do it.”

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sidroth on August 17th, 2016

Reinhard Bonnke

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Reihard Bonnke and unbelievable… a widow brought her dead husband, who had been dead for 3 days. I mean he literally was in the mortuary, the doctor said he was dead. In the mortuary they injected chemicals in his veins because that’s the way they do this in Africa. Had he been alive the chemicals would have killed him but of course he was dead. Dead for 3 days but his wife had faith. Now he was a pastor and his wife brought him to a Reinhard Bonnke meeting, Reinhard didn’t even know he was there, but he was down in the basement and he came back to life. Needless to say he has impacted everyone in that city as a result… I imagine everyone in the city knows about that Reinhard.

Reinhard: Yes not just the city he’s getting invitations whether it’s from Australia, or it’s from Holland, whether it’s from Britain, from America, from everywhere I mean he is becoming a world traveller.

Sid: Okay now we left off yesterday he was in the… right by the gates of hell he could see what was going on, he saw the torment, but what happened next?

Reinhard: Well he was unable to help anyone, he couldn’t even try to help anyone in hell, but it shocked him to hear that one man screamed at him out of hell saying that he had been a pastor that he had stolen money from the church, but he wanted to give it back. He said suddenly his angel, that was the mighty angel next to him turned his back to him, and that moment great fear gripped him, Daniel Ekechukwu. Great fear he said it was a horrible fear and the angel said to him “If your record was to come to an end today you would have to join these people in hell.”

Sid: Now this man was a pastor! What do you mean?

Reinhard: Well he asked the… he said “I protested saying ‘I’m a pastor, I am a born again Christian, I am washed in the blood of Jesus.’” But the angel said to him have you not read Matthew 5 where Jesus said “That your sins are only forgiven if you also forgive those who have sinned against you?” He said the angel also said to him “That God has decided not to close His record that moment, but the prayer of the rich man, Luke chapter 16, will be answered and that he would be the one that would be sent back from death to earth to go and warn this generation. This would be the last warning for this generation to repent and to be saved so that they do not come to that place of torment.

Sid: So this is like a sign for us.

Reinhard: It is, it is a very serious sign. Daniel keeps on saying… I was co-ministering with him at my crusade now in Elasha, in Nigeria where he gave his testimony.  I also co-ministered with him when I was in Vienna in Austria. He keeps on saying “People heaven is real and hell is REAL! Hell is REAL! And we serve a holy God you better better cleanup your life and forgive those who have sinned against you because if you don’t your own forgiveness is invalid!” I think it is a mighty strong message that needs to be spread across the whole world. We’ve got to live a holy life, we’ve got to live a clean life and those who are not saved URGENTLY need to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Sid: Now of course we know Reinhard that no one knows when their end will come. I just heard about a 22 year old electrician went to work in the morning and got hit with electricity and dead. Didn’t have a clue, so no one knows when their end is going to come. So everyone has to be ready at this second because that is all they have. However, in your spirit with what God has shown you, with what you have just heard that has happened to Daniel, do you believe he is coming back soon?

Reinhard: Well I believe that this is one last sign from God. All these last 2000 years since the parable was spoken nobody came back to earth saying “That God had decided that the prayer of the rich man in hell be answered and I am the one sent. With that message repent and believe the gospel, clean up your own lives.” If that is not a sign that Jesus is coming soon I don’t know for what we are waiting.

Sid: Alright there’s someone listening right now that says “Reinhard I know I’m supposed to forgive I understand that, but you don’t know I was sexually abused as a child, I can’t forgive that person.” What would you say to them?

Reinhard: Well if we can’t forgive others we have no forgiveness ourselves, and we hurt both parties. We hurt ourselves by not forgiving the other because hate is a terrible thing. It is like a cancer eating in one’s own life. We harm and hurt ourselves and we also prevent that the other person who has done such an evil thing would ever find forgiveness and salvation. I think we need to read Matthew 5:22 and the following. Then just go on our knees and say “Lord I forgive my husband who treated me like a beast. Or I forgive those who have sexually molested me. I forgive them because I also received forgiveness from You and life and light and peace will come, healing will come, even physical healing will come, mental healing will come.” You know when we do that it just widens the channel for the goodness and the mercy of God to flow into our own direction and our own forgiveness by the blood of Jesus becomes valid.

Sid: Reinhard I want you to pray for myself and everyone that is listening right now for a supernatural hunger to preach the gospel. Hunger for souls that we can’t walk by people without telling them the Good News.

Reinhard: I gladly do so. I pray right away. Heavenly Father I thank you for this privilege to speak to so many people who love You, who know You, and some who don’t know You. I pray oh Lord that you may just put a flame of fire upon all Your children like on the day of Pentecost. That will burn in their bones that we may carry the burden of the heart of the Lord within us. The very burden He carried that took Him to the cross our blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. Let just a fraction of that burden of the Lord come into our own hearts that we have a burden for the lost. That we speak up and never shut up when it comes to speak the gospel to others who know it. I thank you Lord that You will confirm every testimony that You will confirm Your word with salvation and healing flowing in rich measure. I pray Lord for each and everyone within the reach of my voice that You may just help us to stand up and to run the race preaching the gospel to those who don’t know it. I ask it in the name of Jesus – Amen.

Sid: Amen.

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sidroth on August 10th, 2016

shane wall

Sid: Sid Roth with Something More I have Shane Wall and I know that you’re on pins and needles to find out his mother dies unexpectedly. He is needless to say devastated he prays for her he feels electricity going through his hands and she doesn’t survive she’s dead.  And so he goes off by himself and he hears God’s voice this is not what I would have expected God to say but what did He say?

Shane: He said “I heard you but this is not what I want to do.”

Sid: And I mean He’s being God?

Shane: Yes exactly Sovereign Lord exactly “This isn’t what I want to do.” And so then the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me that “This is the time for your mother to leave.” So I knew that and sadly enough for me because I’m her son.

Sid: Do you think she knew that?

Shane: I really believe she knew that Sid.

Sid: Is that why she didn’t get the medical help you told me about.

Shane: That’s why she would not get it I believe she wanted to die at home, I think she wanted to go to heaven from her own bed and she knew that the time was near.

Sid: Yeah who would want to go to heaven from a hospital bed? (Laughing)

Shane: I know exactly you know so she was favored with that choice.

Sid: What would you be today if back then you thought, and the devil egged you on…

Shane: Right.

Sid: God took my Mother.

Shane: I know.

Sid: I don’t think you’d be where you are today in God.

Shane: I know I would not have received what God said as the understanding. So that was my understanding sometimes when people die we wonder why as you said earlier “They were so young and they were such a good Christian why did they get this disease, why did they die?” When we hear from God whatever He says is the understanding so we hold on…

Sid:  The problem is we don’t hear from God to get this understanding.

Shane: Exactly and we have to give God “In all of thy ways acknowledge Him.” And our ways sometimes are to get discouraged that’s not the way, to get angry, to get frustrated with God that’s not the way. “In all of our ways acknowledge Him” we don’t acknowledge God. Most times when people going when they’re going through something like that they go to God they’re out of their frustration and they’re expecting God to answer them right at that particular moment. Sometimes….

Sid: You find that God has His timing?

Shane: You better believe it.

Sid: (Laughing)

Shane: He does and He waits for a particular time to tell us. My time was after I tried to raise my mother from the dead I had the faith, I knew that it would just happen but God didn’t tell me to do that I did that because this is my momma and she just died totally unexpectedly I want her back.  God said “I heard you.” And Sid the Holy Spirit said to me “What you felt that glory that you felt was God hearing you.”

Sid: Hm.

Shane: I said “Wow!” Because I was wondering afterwards I know I felt the glory of God like I usually feel when miracles are about to happen in the service where I’m ministering. That was God hearing you, “I heard you that is not what I want to do.”

Sid: And when He showed you that He heard you you translated that as “My mom’s healed.” But He had to give you this understanding as to what even that was.

Shane: Exactly and He did that’s why we have to get our understanding from God or else we will lean as the word of God tells us “not to lean unto thy own understanding.” And that’s what a lot of people do instead of going to God and getting His understanding we take our understanding to God and we want Him to cosign on it (Chuckling) but it didn’t work that way.

Sid: Okay Shane Wall went on a passion a passionate search for understanding. I mean it’s nice to know that this is available but how do you access it when you want to. And I think that I’ve never heard a message on this before. Give me your definition on understanding.

Shane: Understanding Sid is revealed insight. Now knowledge is information, wisdom is information with experience, but understanding is revealed insight only God can reveal true understanding to us that’s why it is supernatural. Because you can’t get understanding, the understanding from God, you can’t get that on a human level. You can’t get it in human atmosphere conditions you have to get it directly from God. The way to get understanding whatever God says is the understanding. So you get the understanding by simply believing whatever God says.  So when God says something and you believe that when He said “This is not what I wanted to do.” I believed that. In other words your mother being raised from the dead is not My will.   And I always say “Not my will Lord but Thy will be done, so I believe Lord that this was her time she belongs to You, she really doesn’t belong to me she was my mother but she belongs to You.”

Sid: Look at the destruction that could have occurred if he thought “What kind of God took my mother?”

Shane: Right.

Sid: Look at what he’s gained every circumstance in his life. Now how does this activate the gifting better you said it actives the gifting better?

Shane: It really does Sid when you get understanding when you highly value the word of God whatever God speaks to you as being the understanding. Because what a lot of people like to do they like to think about what God says. God has already put all of the…

Sid: They’re processing everything rather than just taking it from what God said.

Shane: Exactly and when you do that you’re doing what the word of God says not to do
“Lean not to your own understanding.”

Sid: Right, right.

Shane: So when God speaks and we lean to our own understanding we’re thinking about it. God has already put all of the thought into what He has said He does not need our thoughts at all. So when we value God’s word as the understanding the gifts of the Spirit are only attuned to God, to His Spirit to what He is saying. So now you’re not thinking about your flesh because they’re 3 voices. Our own voice, the voice of a devil and of course the voice of the Holy Spirit.  And so when we are so used to just waiting on God for His word so we can get the understanding we value it.  I’m going to get the understanding because Proverbs 4:7 says “In all thy getting get understanding.” The gifts of the Spirit become more accurate. Accurate just means true, it is true, it is truth I’m not prophesying out of the issues of an individual’s heart I’m giving you exactly what God is saying because I have a habit of understanding.  I live my life just getting understanding from God.

Sid: I believe Jesus is about ready to return.

Shane: Thank You Lord.

Sid: Where we are in history everything going on in the world and I’m not a doom and gloom man I’m a glory man.

Shane: Amen.

Sid: And God’s glory is going to cover this earth.

Shane: Yes.

Sid: And that’s my focus right at this moment until…from this moment until I go there or He comes here.

Shane: Amen.

Sid: But we are if we can’t have this information I don’t see how even a Christian is going to survive.

Shane: You’re right because we’ve got to hear from God. And whenever we hear from ourselves, whenever we try to figure it out on our own it just causes more headache it causes more heartache because now we want God to do our bidding instead of us doing His bidding.

Sid: We got it backwards.

Shane: We do we say and many people say Sid and I’m just waiting on God when they don’t hear God saying “No, I’m waiting on you I’ve given you My word you’re not acting on what I told you you  heard what I said and and you’re waiting on another part.” You know it’s like playing checkers, I can’t more twice once you’ve moved it’s my move, once I move it’s your move God has moved. What did He say? “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open.” Once I move then it’s your turn to move and that is God’s understanding that’s what He said and we have to do what He said or else we’ll never get the understanding because again what He says is understanding.

Sid: How do you personally pray for understanding?

Shane: I ask…

Sid: Give me an example actually do it right now.

Shane: Most definitely what I do I’m going through a situation at my job and so I say “Father what do You want to do about this situation.” Jesus taught us in Matthew He said “Before you even pray Your Father knows what needs you have therefore go to Him. Our Father which aren’t in heaven” so He already knows He already knows.” So I say “Father this is what’s going on at my job how do You want me to handle this it’s not right you know it’s not right because it doesn’t line up with Your word.” Do I have a part to play in this or are you going to work it out some other way?  He speaks to me I have the understanding and I act accordingly.  “I all of my ways I acknowledge Him.” Why? To get the understanding He directs my path.  Many times Sid my path is sit there shut up don’t say a thing I’m working on it on the other side.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: That’s the understanding so I sit there as an obedient son and I take everything that’s coming against me and I just simply wait for God to deliver. And he will because I’m His son he loves me so He’s definitely going to hear me and He’s going to act according to His word.

Sid: Now I see that you’re a God gifted teacher…. if someone were to read your book, Understanding. Someone were to listen to the CD’s that come with the package, or someone was to sit under your teaching, can they really do what you’re doing?

Shane: They can and I’m going to tell you this, God has gifted so many people Sid and that is why they watch, and that is why they listen they want to know “What can I do?” Understanding Sid is tailor fit for every individual….When God created you He created you around purpose to fulfill the purpose so when you get the understanding you will literally be able to fit t he understanding to your purpose and your will fulfill your purpose in the earth guaranteed.  Why?  Because you’re getting it straight from God.

Sid: Now as you’ve had such a passion for understanding and you’ve researched it and God has done things in your life as a result you came up with keys.

Shane: Hm.

Sid: Tell me tell me one key.

Shane: One of the keys is…well I want to lead up because this was remarkable to me Sid. Of course we know that Jesus told Peter He asked you know “Who does man say that I am.” And some say thou John the Baptist, some say Elijah but who do you say. Peter said “Thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God.” Jesus said “Flesh and blood hasn’t revealed that to you but My Father revealed it to you.” And then He said “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Sid I searched throughout the Bible because I know that God has no respecter of person “I want the keys I’m Your son just like Peter.”

Sid: Right.

Shane: Your son, I want the keys. The Holy Spirit said to me “Get a Bible a chronological Bible and from that point in scripture where Jesus told Peter I will give you the keys He said I want you to find every time that Jesus said something directly to Peter or referring to Peter from that moment onward than you’ll find a key. I was blown away.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: As you said “I searched the scriptures there are 10 incidents where Jesus “Hallelujah I feel the Holy Spirit here.” Where Jesus Himself gave Peter a key through something He said. And one of the times was when Jesus was saying you know “I have to go and the Son of man is going to killed.” And of course Peter at that point was like “No, no, no, no and Jesus said to him “Get thee behind me Satan you are not savoring the things of God you are not paying attention to the things of God but you’re savoring the things of man.” Key Number 1 savoring those things that be of God. And when you savoring them, you’re paying attention to them you are valuing them that is one of the keys. And so with the 10 keys that I found you’re able to bind on earth what is bound in heaven and in the original language when I searched it it literally bound, literally means illegal. Loosed means legal.

Sid: Hm.

Shane: So whatever is illegal in heaven (Glory to God) you can declare it legal on earth. Whatever is legal in heaven you can declare it legal on the earth.  You have the keys.  Here the go in Acts here is Peter going up with John and they see the man begging look on us. So he looks to receive money. What does Peter say “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee.  What did he have? The keys that Jesus gave him “In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk.” He had the…when you have the keys the man was lame.  Are there lame people in heaven? No, it’s illegal whatever is illegal in heaven you have the keys it’s illegal on earth. When we declare it because we have the keys of the kingdom of heaven it has to work the word of God is clear.  And these keys are detailed in the word of God.  And once we get those keys it is a life as you see the keys it’s a mentality, it is a life that we have to live before God so that He Himself will honor who we are because we’re doing what?  We’re taking what He said as the understanding and we’re living a life of understanding.

Sid: In the times we’re living in they can be the best of times or they can be the worst of times if you have understanding no matter what happened they will be the best of times. An understanding from God!

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sidroth on August 5th, 2016

Sid: If you’re not red hot now you’re in big trouble, BIG TROUBLE but I have good news, before this broadcast is over you can be red hot for the Messiah. I’m talking about my trip to Israel I was there over Passover. I was there… what is now being called the Passover War.  What is called the Passover Massacre when innocent men, women, and children trying to observe a Passover, a Pesach Seder, with their family and their friends. A madman comes in with a bomb, a suicide bomber, and destroys these people. I mean you probably saw the same pictures I saw on television. There was literally, although a lot of TV it was so gross maybe you didn’t see it, but on Israeli TV I saw literally a pool of blood. It was like the whole floor was drenched in blood. You know it’s not just a bomb it’s a bomb with metal in it so that as many people as possible can be killed and maimed, and murdered.

You know I just don’t get this if there is any proof there is a devil and that’s God’s word is true is what’s going on in Israel. You see the PLO targets civilians, and I do say the PLO they have proven the terrorist bombers are all directed through the PLO, but Israel they target the terrorist. You see the difference? Targeting civilians versus targeting terrorists, now it is true innocent men, women, and children get harmed when Israel goes after the terrorist but that’s by accident that’s not on purpose.

It’s such a difference it’s sort of like the United States of America when they were going after the terrorists in Afghanistan. They weren’t going after the Afghanis’ they were going after the terrorists. Now unfortunately some people from Afghanistan got hurt, but the United States of America did not go after those innocent people.

The PLO literally targeted, that’s the word, targeted civilians. Israel targets terrorists. Why won’t the world understand?

You know I read in the newspaper, the Washington Post had an article that there was a meeting of the Arab nations because they don’t like the reputation that they’re terrorists, that Islam is a terrorist group. They want everyone to believe that Islam is a peace loving religion. You know what they decided at this meeting? That terrorism and suicide bombing is wrong unless it involves Israel.

Why does the devil want to destroy Israel? Why does the world turn against Israel? Why does the press not see the distinction between targeting civilians versus targeting terrorists? All of this is explained in the Bible, it’s all very very clear.

Let me tell you about a poignant moment in Israel. We were on our way from Haifa to Jerusalem and we pulled off the road to get some gas. When we pulled off the road a teenage female attendant was pumping the gas for us and when she came I didn’t know whether she spoke English, or Hebrew. But I just rolled down the window and I wanted to tell her that there was hope. I said “Yeshua haMashiach” which is Hebrew for Jesus is the Messiah. I looked for a reaction and this it what she said “Yeshua, Jesus, God, nothing can help us.” I wish you had seen the expression on this… She’s a teenager, she’s beautiful she had every thing to live for! There is no hope. It’s a hopeless generation. I wonder why so many Israelis are smoking, the young kids are smoking, chain smokers. Don’t they know the same data the same research we have here in the United States, or is they just think that they are in a hopeless situation. What an environment for revival.

I believe we’re going to see one of the greatest revivals of Jews and Arabs the world has ever seen. A lot of people say “Sid I’ve read in scripture Psalm 122:6 we’re commanded, God commands us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee.” The word prosper in the Hebrew doesn’t mean what it means here in the west, it doesn’t mean necessarily dollars, it means something that dollars can’t buy. It means a good marriage, it means a good relationship parents with children, it means good health, it means peace with God, it means peace with man, it’s the most wonderful word.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper.” The best definition in English is “They shall have heart peace that love thee.”

So the question is posed to me “What does it mean to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?” I know that God tells us the only city in the entire world throughout all of history God says to pray for, and it’s so important to God that He says “I’ll give you what the world can’t offer if you’ll do this: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem thou shall have heart peace that love thee.”

So what does pray for the peace of Jerusalem mean? Does it mean sending Colin Powell, and Zenni and having peace agreements trying to orchestrate peace, and trying to win Nobel Peace Prizes as Clinton tried to do? What does it mean? No! No! I mean give me a break the objective of Islam is to have all of Israel and a little partition, a little piece of Israel isn’t going to satisfy. It’ll start out they want Israel piece by piece but I’ll tell you one thing whoever is involved in diving the land of Israel I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Why? Because God says it’s His land. God says in Joel the 3rd chapter there will be a judgment of the nations in reference to one thing and one thing only, it’s not go be just homosexuality, it’s not just going to be abortion, it’s not just going to be pornography we have, it’s not just going to be just the lust we have in this country, it’s not just going to be the New Age and all the New Age type movies that have just come out; the Harry Potter’s, or the things on witchcraft that you see on the television.

Yes there’s judgment on all of those things but if there is judgment on all of these things we would have had it by now. But God says “There’ll be one issue that nations will be judged on in the last days” and He specifically says through His spokesman the prophet Joel “That for dividing (or you might use the word partitioning) My land.” Whose land is that? It’s God’s land. Who did God say is going to have that land unconditionally forever? That’s a long time as the song goes “Forever is a long long time.” Unconditionally forever He says “Nations will be judged in the last days because they partitioned, or divided, My land which I gave.” In the 105th Psalm He says this “Unconditionally forever to the children of Abraham, Isaac,” not Ishmael. I might add that God loves the Arabs but  He gave it to Isaac not Ishmael and Jacob unconditionally forever. Get it straight your life… the prosperity of this nation that we have always known is totally dependent on this.

So what is praying for the peace of Jerusalem? There’s praying that makes sense in praying that’s just religious. Religious is “Oh Lord cause peace!” Well wait a second the only way there’ll be peace is for the Messiah to return and orchestrate peace on earth. But before the Messiah returns each human can have peace in their heart. Each human can have intimacy with God and there’s no other name given unto men in which we must be saved but the name Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.

So what is praying for the peace of Jerusalem so that you can get what God promises heart peace which is what the world is going to be clamoring for even here in the United States of America? Pray that Jews and Arabs come to know the Messiah. Pray that we might be one so that the world will believe.

If you will pray that at this set time to favor Zion… who knows Esther if you have not been called to the kingdom for such as a time as this. This is the most exciting time of all the people throughout all of eternity God selected His best to be alive at the wrap up. You and I are called but “To whom much is given much is required.”

The first thing I want you to do is I want you to learn the facts about God’s plan for Israel, the prophecies involving the nation Israel.

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sidroth on July 26th, 2016


Sid: And if anyone’s lukewarm listen this week you won’t be lukewarm too long.  I have in the studio John McTernan. John is a retired Treasury Agent spent 26 years Treasury cofounder of “Cops for Christ,” but none of the above is why I have him in here. God has supernaturally given him insight into the last days and keys that I literally have not heard developed by anyone else.  John let’s go back to when God first showed you there was a direct correlation between sin and warning judgments.

John: Sid we go back to October of 1987 and that’s when it all started. It didn’t start with Israel right away it started actually with homosexuality and there was a huge homosexual march on Washington in October of 1987. And the following week the stock market destabilized and we had the big crash of ’87.

Sid: Yes but how did you correlate the two were connected?

John: Well, the Lord literally put it together for me. I had watched the March on TV and I didn’t think of praying, I didn’t think that the Lord would judge us, I didn’t think that God would be offended. Then when the stock market crashed I was watching TV again and the news announcer’s voice was literally quivering in fear that would this be the start of another depression.  And the Lord I had this like this vision in my mind of the previous week and the March on Washington and the Lord I heard His voice inside Sid just as strong as could be saying “That this crash was within relation to that March and that the United States is open to judgment for Him and I didn’t fear Him.”  That’s what He said “I didn’t fear Him.” That I didn’t fear Him I…

Sid: What did that mean you didn’t fear Him?

John: Well because I didn’t intercede when I saw what happened for the nation I didn’t fear the Lord.  I didn’t pray and intercede I didn’t understand that His holiness could be offended.  So I did I repented right then and there I got down on my knees I repented and I said “Lord I realize that I didn’t have a true fear of You as the scriptures talk about I didn’t understand Your holiness.” And from that day to this the Lord’s opened up my eyes Sid to virtually every disaster major disaster we’ve had since 1987 has been on homosexual related event, and abortion related event, or touching the Apple of God’s Eye Israel.

Sid: Okay I have in my hand your brand new book “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” With all of the sins going on in America why are you zeroing in on the sins in reference to the sins in reference to Israel and the Jewish people?  Why are you picking that one category; you’ve written books before on all of the categories why go in on Israel on this moment?

John: Because Sid Israel is special to the heart of God.  God has a everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that covenant is dear to Him and that we…I believe that Israel exists today not because of the IDF the Jewish military might or intellect or anything it exists because of that everlasting covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And that covenant is dear to God and whatever is dear to the Lord is dear to me also.

Sid: You’re not Jewish.

John: No I’m not.

Sid: But you have a great love for the Jewish people how did that develop?

John: Well Sid (Hah) it starts from my birth I was born in the Bronx, New York in an Irish and Jewish ghetto.  I grew up with Jewish people and ten we moved out to Long Island to a neighborhood that was 50% Jewish. Our school was closed on Jewish holidays and I would go to the kosher restaurants and I just grew up with Jewish people just normal to me.  But I was an atheist and I was led to the Lord by a Jewish street evangelist in 1974.  He was out in the street preaching and I stopped and listened, isn’t that amazing? He was talking about the authority of God’s word with the nation of Israel. And I had never read one verse in the Bible maybe I opened it. I remember as a kid we had a Bible and I opened it and looked at the pictures and that was it. And he preached the gospel and I remember praying and saying “Lord this man says if I confess sin and prayed to receive Your Son that You would reveal Yourself to me; I don’t even believe that You exist.”

Sid: (Laughing)

John: That’s what I said that was my prayer, that was an honest prayer and that was what it was and I was totally honest. And I said but I’m going to confess Christ as this man said and this was Jewish street evangelist and Sid it was like a light switch went off going from darkness to light when I made that prayer was like an explosion inside. And from that day to this I’ve been walking with the Lord.

Sid: Now what you’re doing right now especially this book “Israel the Blessing or the Curse.” I believe it’s so important for Christians and non-Christians alike I mean our whole destiny is as a nation, our whole life our whole way of the most blessed country in the world is at state based on the principals you outline in this book.  Give me some examples as you put in the book of disasters that occurred to the United States of America because of touching Apple of God’s eye Israel.

John: Well Sid there’s so many to touch upon but we’ll start with some of the best known ones and I got the documentation right here Sid.  I brought it so you could see it as I go along you can see it.

Sid: Yes I see it.

John: This is the documentation that is in the book if the reader…in my book the last chapter is all of the documentation so any reader can go to a public library. And you noticed most of them are in the New York Times and they can verify what’s in there.  This is the start of the Madrid Peace Process October 30th 1991.

Sid: Alright for those that aren’t familiar what is the Madrid Peace Process?

John: After the Gulf War in 1991 President Bush we’ll say President Bush Senior wanted to have a universal peace in the Middle East. And he personally with the power of the United States initiated what we know now as the Madrid Peace Process and it’s really a code word for Israel to give up covenant land for peace. And right here front page New York Times is the initiation of the Madrid peace process by President Bush in Madrid, Spain.  Right here Sid I’ve got excerpts from his speech and highlighted the part that says Israel’s going to have to make territorial concessions.  On that same day front page New York Times is a headline about a storm and it’s you know there’s always storms but that’s no big deal.

Sid: We have a big country.

John: Yeah right but this storm was not like any other storm and this the next day Sid and you can see headlines still at peace process and then the headlines of the storm you can see both front page almost together on the New York Times.

Sid: I can see.

John: Now what happens Sid this storm became known to us as what we call today the perfect storm and there it is.

Sid: Because there was a book and a movie.

John: A book and a movie because it was a freakish storm.  The wind pattern in the United States is from west to east. This storm came a thousand miles east to west at the exact time that the Madrid Peace Process it was a…the newspapers reported it as a furious storm it did probably about a billion dollars worth of damage to the coast. I’m showing you a picture hear from that same article. And here is President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine devastated by the perfect storm by the President of the United States.

Sid: That’s an unusual coincidence his personal residence.

John: Right, right.

Sid: Was devastated.

John: While he was initiating the Madrid Peace Process touching the land of Israel.  Saying that Israel had to make territorial concessions for peace his own was being devastated by a freakish storm that came from a thousand miles the wrong way. I witness reports said 30 foot waves rose up in front of the home and flooded it with seawater. Now that’s when it started Sid as we touched Israel the Madrid Peace Process these disasters have hit specific….I use the word bullying that’s my terminology for this as we bullied Israel over the covenant land and disaster of this nature have hit us that very day.

Sid: You even see tie-ins with September 11th tragedy.

John: Yes.

Sid: And as a matter of fact you go into all of these you pointed out but it’s not just this…if you just shared this one thing that would raise an eyebrow but you have a whole book of these what the world would call coincidences but you can’t call it coincidences.  You touch Israel – Disaster; you touch Israel – Disaster.  What’s the spiritual under pinning of this why is this going on?

John: It’s because of that covenant Sid and see God is moving prophetically in the world to bring the conclusion to His plan. And Israel, the plan of salvation Israel is part of it big part of it. In fact Israel is the heart of the plan because when the Lord returns He’s returning to Jerusalem. And we are interfering now by trying to literally take East Jerusalem from Israeli control, Judea and Samaria from Israel control we are interfering with God’s prophetic plan for Israel and God won’t tolerate it.  He has been warning us now as you can see I got a book full of these examples.  In the very day Sid there isn’t a 24 hour difference between these judgments they were the same day. And if necessary God will break the power of the United States to get us out of Israel and stop interfering with His prophetic plan.

Sid: Help me out on this John I have wondered being an American being loving this country but seeing the blatant and that’s the only word I can come up with the blatant sin of this country I don’t have to mention it all but homosexuality, the abortion, the pornography, Hollywood excreta.  You know seeing the New Age all of these things but yet the serious judgment has been held back by God.  Why?

John: Sid there are millions of people in the United States that love the Lord and they love Israel and I believe for that remnant that has been crying out to the Lord that He’s stayed judgment. He’s been warning and warning and warning.

Sid: Okay what if we turn our back on Israel as a nation would that be the thing that shake the balance of what’s going on and disaster would come?

John: Sid according to God’s word He would have to judge us. My prayer is that He would have mercy in judgment. You can not stay a judgment when we interfere with his everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  You can’t Sid, you can’t you can’t. Well the only thing that we can do is to ask the Lord to have mercy in the judgment.

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sidroth on July 22nd, 2016

Dell Sanchez (1296) 2002

Sid: Now I was given a book, oh several months ago and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  There two facts in this book while one I’ll read to you this is the first fact about this book “This is the best kept secret in 500 years one is that do to be exposed now.” The second fact that I saw that just blew me out of the water that there are well this is actual quote here you know Netanyahu the former primer of Israel Netanyahu’s father said in the Jerusalem Post “There were 60 million Sephardic Jews in the diaspora.” That’s 60 million scattered throughout the whole world that’s a lot of Sephardic Jews! Now my guest is an expert on this he is a Sephardic Jew his name is Dr. Dell Sanchez.  I’ll be interviewing him this week on his book “The Last Exodus” and for starters Dell what is Sephardic, what does that word mean?

Dell: Sephardic is a word that emanates from the word S’pharad which is Hebrew for Spain.

Sid: So Spanish Jews. Many of our listeners are not aware Jewish people are divided into lots of categories but one category is that there are Sephardic Jews.

Dell: Yes.

Sid: That means Jews Hispanic type Jew, Spanish Jews, and then there are Ashkenazi Jews; these are Jews from Poland and Europe. And a lot is spoken about the Ashkenazi Jews which I happen to be from my heritage. But there is not much spoken and yet it’s too me the history is so fascinating of Sephardic Jews.  Now I have to ask you a question because otherwise will have people right in and complain, the question is “What is the best kept secret in 500 years?”

Dell: (Laughing) The best kept secret is that my forefathers in the process of the Spanish inquisition and the expulsion from Spain transferring the inquisition to Mexico and Latin America. That despite the tortures and burnings at the stake and confiscations and genocide, we have been multiplying we’re still alive and well and we’re coming out of the double ash heap of oblivion Sid.  That’s the best kept secret that they could not exterminate us all.

Sid: Well I know but I’m going to tell you what I was shocked over and being a Jewish believer in the Messiah for close to 30 years, I have never ever heard anyone ever say this of the shocking really torture that went on to Jews in Mexico and other places in North America.

Dell: Oh yes, yes, yes.

Sid: I mean how come we never heard about the inquisition in Mexico City? I heard about the Spanish inquisition but I never heard of something like that so close to America.

Dell: Well they hid the secret so well both in Mexico as well as in Spain. My wife and I have traveled to Spain and across Mexico not as extensively as we’d like to but the secret has been held and kept so well as to what the inquisition did; the nominal Spaniard today as well as the Mexican all the more.  A little bit is know about the inquisition that came against the Sephardic Jew that is our forefathers of Spanish descent and the Iberian Peninsula such as Portugal, the Canary Islands and all of that neck of the woods.  But they hid the secrets Sid so terribly well therefore because of the pressure on my people our people had to go underground unless they exterminate them as well.

Sid: Well the thing that so fascinating also is the list you’ve compiled of Spanish names and these are people that actually have Jewish heritage and many of them don’t even know that they have it, is that correct?

Dell: That’s correct and I’m an example.  Well I didn’t know why I would use certain terms that I would use from my parents and my grandparents and my great grandparents, and I was always criticized that that was not Castilian, that was not proper Spanish. Well it was never intended to be proper Spanish because it was not ladino or le décimo which is the language of Sephardim of Spain, the Jews of Spain.

Sid: Now how many Spanish names have you accumulated that have Jewish heritage?

Dell: Oh my Lord easily, easily about 6,000 commonly known, commonly accepted Sephardic Jewish names.

Sid: I’m looking at some of these and some of these don’t look Jewish at all!

Dell: Oh, I didn’t think so either (Laughing). In fact I was just in Tel Aviv during Passover, in Israel that is and I met a fellow his name is Labe Frank. And after his reading my book “The Last Exodus” he said “Wait a minute I just discovered based on your facts that I come from a name really that was really Franko and it was changed to Frank, Franko is Sephardic.

Sid: Tell me some of the terms that were not proper Spanish that turned out to be Jewish.

Dell: Oh my goodness.

Sid: Just one or two.

Dell: Well one or two of them or three we used to say for instance el troque instead of la troca, me topé you know la troca means the truck.  Okay me topé meaning I bumped into something, that’s Sephardic okay.  Anfina instead of así basically meaning like that in this fashion. And I mean a host of terms that we thought you know we thought we were being very secretive when I was being born and reared in a predominately Hispanic community called the barrio.  By the way in Spain you had barrios in Poland and Eastern Europe they had ghettos. Our people have been pushed into barrios, in Spain wound up in barrios and Mexico, wound up in barrios in the southwestern United States.

Sid: Did the inquisition actually get in southwest America from Mexico or not?

Dell: I want to say this with a forgiven spirit, I believe it got in through another camouflaged source namely the Spanish missions.  And I know that this is shocking but when my wife and I were in a major I believe this countries biggest genealogical center and libraries, but frankly (Laughing) in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I had a theory as to why the missions were established throughout Latin America and Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and San Antonio, Texas.  And when I began to find documented in ancient books in Spanish la quejas, the complaints, my theory came to light and it was documented there of the atrocities and the ugly things that were done to my people in the early beginnings of the Spanish Missions.

Sid: Now let me switch gears for a second, the Netanyahu’s father estimated there is 60 million Sephardic Jews scattered throughout the world. The Jerusalem Post actually reported they thought there were approximately 20 million Sephardic Jews scattered throughout the world. What do you think?

Dell: I think it’s really up into the millions I really do. I don’t know that it would be up to….

Sid: Do you realize what would happen in the Middle East if a tithe of those Hispanic Jews went back to Israel?

Dell: They are going back to Israel God is opening doors for Aliyah, yes.  Yes, God is opening doors in fact my wife and I Sid will be guest of none other of the premier of the University in the Negev, that’s the Ben Gurion University and Research Institute.

Sid: Why are you guests?

Dell: We’re guests because they liked what they were seeing in our character and our history, in our investigations and our proclamations to Sephardim. To our Latino Hispanic Brethren across the America that are coming that something it’s a Spirit of God that’s stirring a new awakening that’s going to cause a major revival.

Sid: Dell let me stop you because we haven’t talked for more than a few minutes on the phone ever and I want to tell you what God is showing me.  And this was before I got a hold of your book I believe God put this book in my hands. God told me, I can’t say an audible voice, but in my heart of hearts with every fiber of my being I believe the next move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people, it has been on Russian Jews and it’s going to continue in a very big way, but the next big move of Jews world why will be Hispanic Jews. I can’t give you a logical explanation in my head, however with the information that you’re giving me the number the millions of Hispanic Jews can you picture what’s going to happen when…and I think in terms of black Christians when they turn their life over to God. I mean there’s something about the way a black Christian can put their whole being into worship. But I’ve been seeing some Hispanic Jews worship lately and I’ll tell you something they’re going to give the black Christians a run for the money! (Laughing)

Dell: Yes let me tell you one thing that our Hispanic Latino brethren do not have, they have no fear.  We have no fear we overcome fear because of the atrocities of the past 400, 500, 600 years it’s in our DNA Sid, fear is abolished. I mean we don’t fear terrorism my wife and I have been there in a kibbutz next to the Gaza Strip above in Egypt when they were bombing and automatic gunfire and tanks rolling and helicopters over head.  My wife slept every night peacefully like a baby while I was interceding doing my part not in fear but in alertedness,  my wife would just sleep through it all.

Sid: And not only that I think some of the greatest people involved in medicine and philosophy and science and astronomy and music and the arts come from the Sephardic background.

Dell: Well and let me tell you I’m glad that you say that because actually it was…

Sid: And it’s hard for the me to say it since I’m Ashkenazi!

Dell: (Laughing) We’re partnering together for the purposes…

Sid: Well we’re part of that one new man (Laughing).

Dell: But truly it was a Jews that were from Spain that led Spain to the golden age.  They were gifted in sciences, and humanities, and the arts, in music, in finance, in business you name it, I mean they had only been there x thousand years since the days of King Solomon they knew what they were doing.

Sid: Solomon?  Are you sure since Solomon?

Dell: Let me tell you, yes I am sure because the ….

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought we’re out of time we’ll pick up there on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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sidroth on July 13th, 2016

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is John Carver I’m speaking to him from his headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. And for 30 years God commissioned John to accumulate the best data, video, cassettes of those that have moved in the miraculous. Because as I understand it John the Lord said that we have a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God.  Tell me exactly what God commissioned you to do.

John: After my first trip to Arizona God guiding me there not knowing what I was going to find or what I was going to be involved with I was at Miracle Valley for the second time.

Sid: Now for those that are not familiar with Miracle Valley what is that?

John: Miracle Valley was a Bible School and headquarters of AA Allen Ministries from 1958 until 1970, well it went on a couple of years after AA’s death in 1970.  Another organization had taken it over and they needed room for their expansion program. So they were eliminating the materials of AA Allen; and it was like a warehouse in some places it was like 2 stories high books and things and Bible Studies were stacked as high as the ceiling 14, 15, 16 feet high and as a warehouse would be very high. So my first visit I went there I got 2 of everything and I thought well these are the tools that I’m going to need in order to become the evangelist that God wanted me to be with signs, wonders and miracles.  After I got home with all of that the Spirit of God let me go back again which to me was insane but if you’ve been serving God for awhile He doesn’t always ask you to do the things that seem right. So I went back out again and on my way out of there the second time my car broke down I’m in the middle of the desert and I’m saying “What am I doing here anyway this is crazy?” And I was kind of angry and I just kind of yelled it out you know I’m in the middle of the desert and nobody can hear me and I just say “What in the world am I doing here anyway?” And the Spirit of God spoke to me and said “You’re here because there’s a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God and AA Allen documented his ministry.  Well that just scared me to death and I jumped out of the car and kind of stood there and looked at it a little bit and kept thinking the car wasn’t speaking to me that’s for sure.  But it was just mind boggling and so all the way home 2600 miles that’s all I kept turning over over in my head was that there’s a generation that knows nothing about the miracle working power of God. And when I looked around and I talked to ministers who I wanted to learn from they really didn’t know the mechanics of these things. May have had God use them but they didn’t know the workings of it, I wanted to know the workings of it I wanted to understand the depth of how God’s power worked.

Sid: Why did you want to understand this?

John: I don’t know now in hindsight I can understand that because he just didn’t want me to go out there and be a minister in signs wonders and miracles he wanted someone to train people of which AA Allen was commissioned to do. He did it to a degree but he didn’t take it to the level that it could have been. And that’s what needs to be done and a lot of preachers never perpetuate their ministry. Oral Roberts made a statement one time that most ministries that have a healing ministry or deliverance would pass away after the person passes away. But he said a ministry like ours would also do that if we hadn’t done something other and that was to create a Holy Spirit research Center which he has there. And it’s pretty unique but at the same token most ministers that God used in the miraculous had very little to show for their ministry in order to pass on to another generation.

Sid: Now you have quite an archive set up tell me about that.

John: That’s correct well unknowing I mean I didn’t know that I was going to go in the direction that I’m in. So I just started getting this material of Allen and Allen had anybody and everybody that was in the healing movement would send him literature their magazines and all of that.  So I actually was able to get a pretty good size library from AA Allen’s library actually of magazines of every description from the various healing ministers that communicated with one another.  I mean Oral Roberts Ministry was there, Jack Coe’s and you name them TL Osborn the Who’s Who and not so popular people were in there. And so people that later on came down the line 10 or 15 years later their materials were there in the beginning stages of their ministry. And that developed into getting more and more materials in order to understand the mechanics of the gifts of the Spirit and even though there were books written about and certainly people teaching on it there never really that demonstrated. Paul made this statement that “I didn’t come with enticing man’s words wisdom I’ve come to demonstration.” I was looking for the demonstration; we’ve heard a whole lot of people teach about it but not really demonstrating I wanted to see that….

Sid: Tell me why you put together these 3 videos that we’re making available called “The ABC’s of God.”

John: Well here again another visitation from the Holy Spirit how can I equip the body of Christ being I felt like that was what God was kind of leading. And if we go to Ephesians the fourth chapter it talks about the 5 fold ministry are just there to equip the saints for the working of the ministry. And I thought “Boy we kind of got this all backwards if most of the saints are helping the 5 fold ministry to do the work of the ministry.  And I thought “Well something’s strange here so I really began to look at this and as the Spirit of God dealt with me He just gave them.  The only thing I can contribute everything to God I’m not that smart God literally gave me all this information. And as I looked at the materials that I had it just seemed simple that the beginnings of anything we call it the ABC’s. And so Allen, Branham and Coe just kind of fit it.  Each one of their ministry will represent a facet of the miracle ministry that God wants to get to His church.

Sid: Now many of our listeners are not familiar with them even by name.

John: Okay.

Sid: Briefly tells us in just a minute for each something for Allen, something about Branham and something about Coe.

John: AA Allen came on the scene about 1950 in the Voice of Healing Ministry. Brannon likewise came in 1946 – 1947 met up with Gordon Lindsey he was a promoter of the Vice of Healing men.  He kind of put the business part together for them.  He was the organizer I call of victory. He organized these men that otherwise would not then able to the job that God called them to do. And then Coe was part of the voice of healing all three of these men were part of the Voice of Healing Ministry under Gordon Lindsey as the President and a couple of other people. Actually all of those men in some capacity service on the board of the Voice of Healing Ministry they were elders or they were executive partners in this. So each person had a unique ministry that would show a facet of God’s power.

Sid: Tell me the uniqueness for each one and perhaps a miracle that you’ve seen on a video for each one.

John: Okay well I’ve had the privilege of interviewing scores of people who have been in their meetings. Now I was only in AA Allen meeting one time before he past so I saw some wonders that you don’t see today too much but it was something phenomenal.  AA Allen had what I call the working of miracles and if you would see on the video how he would literally move people’s body parts in order to actual the working of miracles. I mean he would put people’s legs in place and pray and pull and do this and do things that’s pretty hard to explain on the phone.  But he had it…

Sid: How did he even know to do this?

John: Well here again this is where we don’t really understand the mechanics of revelation gifts. Discerning of spirits, the working of word of knowledge, the word of wisdom and Allen was he was probably more unique than any of them he’s actually my favorite…

Sid: I don’t know Branham’s my favorite but go ahead.

John: He was just…because he had so many facets of these other men’s ministries. I mean Branham was more of a word of knowledge he would give you what happened to you tit for tat you know 3 days ago.

Sid: I mean I’ve watched these videos and he’d walk up to a total stranger…

John: Right.

Sid: And he would tell that person what was going on in their life which would cause their faith to just sky rocket and then they’d be healed.

John: That’s the point every ministers responsibility everybody that I’ve ever talked to that’s been in the Voice of Ministry ministered who ministered around these lines it’s like God gave you the gift but He gives you the responsibility to get the people’s faith to a place where they can believe. And I’ve heard this so many times.  And Branham’s ministry that word of knowledge told people something that nobody else knew but them and it built such faith the their heart that the miracle took place. Of course Branham also had that gift of miracles to where no disease would stand in front of him even cancer they had a phenomenal ministry phenomenal.  And then  Coe which was they called Jack Coe the man of Dallas he had such a powerful faith that it just went beyond anybody’s understanding and they criticized him for it greatly because the considered him rough but he only did the things that God told him to do. And I mean he was just bend somebody over or put his knee in their back and pull them back and bring healing. He would pull people out of wheelchairs, take their crutches away and break them and just run with them. And just an endearing faith a bold faith and he’d preach a very simple message just a message of encouragement, of faith stories out of the gospels 90% of the time. And just build people’s faith to a point. There’s one film that we have that’s not on this particular one but it talks about he says “The presence of the Lord is here to heal and we’re not going to preach we’re going call a prayer line and we’re just going to lay hands on people.  And these men were sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit I think that’s the best answer I could possible give.

Sid:  Are there many mysteries on the face of the earth at the level these 3 men were at?

John: Today?  No Sir.

Sid: Why?

John: They won’t pay the price.

Sid: Well maybe on tomorrow’s broadcast we can talk about what paying the price means.  Mishpochah there’s some of you that are hungering and thirsting and praying to God, God I want that miracle ministry. We’ll find out what the price is….

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sidroth on July 1st, 2016

Tedd Tripp

Sid: My guest by telephone is Dr. Tedd Tripp. I’m interviewing on his book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” I’m concerned about this generation of young people that we have, I’m concerned about parents that are really Christians but they’re working all… one job, two jobs even with tone job they’re so tired they come home they kick off their shoes; that both parents are working or it’s a single parent household.  And this generation of kids that are going to hell literally and so one of the things that we’re talking about is authority and I asked the question about the rod. Then on yesterday’s broadcast and we went off the air and you didn’t have a chance to answer is “What if the child after you spanked them and you’ve done all of these loving approaches that you outlined in your book and they are angry, bitter, want to just be away from your presence what would you do?”

Tedd: Well I think that there are 2 things that you want to check. The first thing that you want to check is your own spirit was your spirit wrong in the discipline; maybe you came at the child with your teeth bared.

Sid: What if it was?

Tedd: Well then you need to ask for forgiveness because if your spirit was wrong and you have you have brought sinful anger into this righteous process of discipline then you have muddied the waters with your sinful anger. Now I know some people say “Wait a minute I have righteous anger” and there is such a thing as righteous indignation but I think most of would have to acknowledge we feel toward our children is more often just the garden variety “I just can’t believe you’re doing this I’m not going to take this from you.” And if I’ve been unrightously angry towards my children and I have handled them roughly, my spirit has been one of anger I’ve reduced this to an interpersonal breakdown issue between the child and God.  See that’s a very important thing I want to keep the focus in discipline so it’s not just me coming to the child saying “You haven’t been listening to me all day you’re going to get in now I’m not going to put up with this who do you think you are I wasn’t born yesterday!” All of those kinds of things make it an interpersonal breakdown between me and the child.  Now I’ve pitted myself against the child, but see what I want to do I want to come to this child in a spirit that’s totally different than that. “Honey I love you I’m committed to you, you have put yourself in a place of danger because it won’t go well with you I want you long life out there, you have violated this circle.”  I’m pointing back to what I talked about yesterday Ephesians 6:1 God’s drawn a circle in which children are to live. “Children honor and obey you father and mother it will go well with you if you want to enjoy long life.” This is a great blessing for the child, so I want to talk to this child about that now I’m coming to them not with my teeth barred but Honey I come to you I love you and I’m committed to you. Now if  I have come to them with my teeth barred and I’ve come to them in personal indignation and I’ve sinned against them in my spirit and my manner I need to ask them for forgiveness. And I need to not blame the child I must say something like this “Honey please forgive me I was very angry and I should have gotten alone and prayed and asked the Lord to subdue by heart before I talked with you; and I was very angry with you there’s no excuse for me to be coming to you with that kind of anger.” Now you notice I’m not dealing I’m not saying I’m angry but you make me crazy.” Because that’s just saying “I’m angry but it’s your fault” I’m acknowledging my sin and I’m modeling for my child when I’m acknowledging my sin; now true honest confession of sin.

Sid:  Now do you ever tell your children or advise parent to tell their children mistakes that they’ve made?

Tedd: Personal mistakes in life?

Sid: Yes.

Tedd: I think that sometimes we can do that and we say “In this situation I acted very foolishly God is showing me that it was wrong and how wrong it was and I’ve turned from that and I don’t do that anymore.” I think it’s spiritually…I think that it’s fair for us to acknowledge to our children our own struggles with our hearts. I think that’s a very powerful way to come along side kids when my child’s struggling with selfishness I don’t have to be hypocritically distant from this child and believe that they’re so selfish and I can stand in solidarity with him. I understand how selfishness works in the human heart.  Daddy understands what’s it’s like to be selfish, I know what it’s like for myself first.  And there’s hope for people like you and daddy and it’s found in Christ and His grace and His ability to change us eternally.  I think that it’s positive for us to in those kinds of ways identify with our children and say “I’m in solidarity with you as a broken, fallen person who sins and fails and continually in need of forgiveness and grace because that’s how we live the Christian life.

Sid: You know the thing that I like about your book that I don’t like in most books that even Christian psychology books is that everything that you teach in this book you’re really zeroing in on the heart, let’s talk about some of these heart issues.

Tedd: Well one of the things that I teach in the book and I talk about in seminars when I’m teaching parents is that you know “It’s out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth speaks.” Now that sounds like an abstract concept if you think about it.  I’m talking about heart issues and just to interrupt myself for a minute and say this prophetically.  We don’t have to go beyond the world of God to understand people. We don’t have to psychology, we don’t have to go to all the top ideas of the culture the word of God is sufficient the word of God describes for us what the nature of human struggles are. And so I want to use Biblical terms and Biblical concepts. For example vengeance I mean what parent has not seen revenge behavature at your house. I mean “He hit me first.”  That’s a defense statement.

Sid: Oh let’s face it adults…it carries on into adulthood.

Tedd: Exactly and let’s see when instead of revenge we need to be trusting ourselves to God that’s what Paul says in Roman’s chapter 12.  “Don’t take room for revenge my friends leave rooms for God’s wrath, it’s my revenge I will repay sayeth the Lord.” The point is God will take care of justice I don’t have to take revenge. Or the fear of man the Bible says will prove to be a snare the fear of the Lord in contrast is the beginning of wisdom.

Sid: Ted I imagine a lot of parents read this book to help their children end up having it help them.

Tedd: You know Sid that’s one of the things that parents say to me again and again and again parents will come to me or they’ll write to me or they’ll talk to me in a seminar and they’ll say “This book has changed my life and it’s given me a handle on talking to my kids but it’s changed my life.” You see we’re driven with heart stuff I mean some of those terms vengeance, pride, the love of self, of fear covetousness, envy, hatred, anxiety and fear. Paul talks in Philippians 4 about the contrast between anxiety and fear and knowing peace and contentment. And it’s those things in the heart that push and pull behavior and the things that I do and say that are wrong are driven by those heart attitudes.  And I can’t you know if I’m going to really really see lasting change I’ve got to deal with the root issues not just the fruit. There may be fruit that appears on the tree of my life that is unseeingly fruit but the root issues are these heart issues pride, self-love you know covetousness, envy, hatred, rebellion, jealousy these things in the heart are what produce bad behavior. Part of what we want to do with kids is that we want to teach that to children, we want to teach them that contents that’s part of the formative instruction that we do in teaching our children is giving them that understanding of how the heart works and then we want to appeal to that when our children are struggling.

Sid: Give me an example of someone with a heart issue.

Tedd: Alright I’ll give you a quick one we have a…years ago in our Christian School we had boys 4th grade boys that they happen to fight on the playground; I was asked to talk to the boys.  One boy come into my office and I said “Ethan tell me what you think is going on here.” I read these passages to him “By the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks and so forth, we know that this behavior is heart driven what do you think was the abundance of the heart for you in this fight?” Well this boy had been in a fight with another little lad in the classroom who was kind of the class outcast you know the class outcast and this boy had made a pass at being included in this little in crowd and the boy was most offended was this boy who I was speaking. He said to me this 9 year old he said “I think it was as we talked he said “I think it was pride.” Why pride? “I think I’m better than he is.”   “What else?”  “Love of self.”  “What do you mean?”  “I love me more than I love him.”   “What else?”  “Selfishness.”  This is a 9 year old Sid.

Sid: That is phenomenal, that’s wonderful.

Tedd:  Opened up you know we talked about these heart issues he was able to identify some of these things as things that were motivating him. And I said to him I said “Ethan this is why Jesus came; Jesus came because you and Mr. Tripp are people who are full of selfishness, we’re full of pride, we’re full of self love and Christ came to change us eternally and to make us people who truly love others from the heart.” And I said “I want to pray for you and pray that you would be able to love James from the heart.”  And I prayed for him and sent him back to class.  The teacher called me that night and said “What did you talk to these about today?” I told him about the conversation and he said “I saw Ethan reaching out to John the rest of the day.” Now you could give a threat, you could give an onerous assignment to a child that you know of.  “Okay you boys who were fighting on the playground you must write 100 times “I must overcome evil by doing good.”  And from Roman’s 7:12-17 and …. You can give some punishment and the child might learn his lesson he’ll come in the next day with writer’s cramp “I’ve learned my lesson Mr. Tripp I’ll never fight on the playground again.” Yeah don’t fight on the playground you’ll have write 100 dumb verses.

Sid: But the heart has not changed.

Tedd: The hearts never been touched.

Sid: Speaking of that there’s children that have been raised on a television show karate and defending yourself and most parents say “If someone starts a fight don’t run away crying just go and land the strongest blow.” What would you say about that?

Tedd: Well I’d say that that’s not Biblical counsel. The word of God says and I know that this is hard for parents and some people listening on the radio might drive off of the road when they hear this but the word of God says “We overcome evil by doing good,” we don’t overcome evil with evil. “Evil…when you respond to evil with evil you increase evil; you overcome evil with doing good.” Now let me say “I think it’s different for a state than it is for an individual because there is a proper sense in which the state and national defense may defend itself and may retaliate.”  But the individuals God’s word says “We overcome evil by doing good.” Let me give you an illustration.

Sid: It would take a real changed heart to do that.

Tedd: Well that’s exactly right see that’s the key, that’s the key because my child shall look to me and say “I can’t do this daddy.” And I’m going to say to him “Honey you are right you can’t do it but there’s grace and power and enablement in Jesus Christ.  I takes grace it doesn’t take grace to knock the bullies block off but it takes grace…

Sid: But I need grace because we’re running out of time right now…

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sidroth on June 20th, 2016

SID: So John, from your knowledge of, back there, what are the, what’s the strongest weapon we have against the devil?

JOHN: I believe the Word of God is the strongest weapon you can ever have on this planet. You have to learn how to appropriate it. You have to know how to use it. You have to know how to apply it. I think a lot of believers, they’re not learning how to bring up targets in the enemy’s camp. My intimacy with God brings me, gives me authority and the enemy recognizes that you are a child of God and he knows the authority God has given you.

SID: Can anyone have the same authority you have?

JOHN: God is no respecter of persons.

SID: What should someone do if they’re sleeping at night and all of a sudden they feel an oppression, they feel something in the room and that’s not good? What would you do?

JOHN: You know, I had an incident not too long ago. The devil showed up in my room. I mean, the devil himself showed up in my room and cold like an ice box, and it woke me up. I knew there was something there that wasn’t pleasant. And he tells me, and I hear him, and I hear him like an audible. He said, “If you turn on the light I will leave.” And I hear the Holy Spirit deep down inside of me telling me, “If you turn on the light you have no faith.” And I live by myself [unintelligible]. I got up. I got me some water. I said, “I’ll see you in the morning. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I bind you and I command you to leave, and you got 30 seconds to go.”

SID: But you see, he knows his authority. I want you to know your authority. The devil trembles when a believer knows the Word of God and the authority behind it, and the name of Jesus. You told me when you were in the dark side that you used to do something called astral projection.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: You go to neighborhoods. What would be doing in those neighborhoods?

JOHN: I would ask, my mission was to astral project, leave my body. I was so good at it that I would even go during the day in neighborhoods that were day time, and the ones that were night time I would go back and forth, and I would throw curses, and I would bring new principality from one region to another so there could be patterns and cycles to happen in the spirit realm so those people won’t grow and they won’t meet Jesus. So that, but they had amazing believers that knew how to pray in the spirit, that would stop me from going into their neighborhood and executing the plan of the enemy.

SID: You’re telling me that these believers could, you could not do anything. You couldn’t put curses on them?

JOHN: I couldn’t even lift a finger.

SID: Now how important is praying in the spirit, praying in unknown languages?

JOHN: The spirit, praying in the spirit is like if you don’t, if your body doesn’t have water you would die. If the believer today is not praying in the spirit you would die spiritually.

SID: You were telling me about these cycles and patterns. What do you mean by that?

JOHN: Repeat. A lot of believers today don’t know how to cut the rope. I lot of believers today, they’re free for six months then they go back to the bondage for eight months. They cut the rope and then they go back again because it’s like the enemy knows how to put entrapment on the believer and then the believer…and then today I have a righteous anger, Sid, that the church is preaching people happy, but they’re not preaching people free.

SID: Boy, that’s a mouthful.

JOHN: I don’t want to go to church to be happy. I can be happy at home. I want to go to church and have you teach me how to fight the enemy, teach me how to be free, teach me how to save my marriage, teach me how to get my children out of drugs, how to beat the devil like no tomorrow. And I believe, and that’s what God has called me to unmask the devil in the towns that we’re in and not because of me, is because who lives in me is greater than he that lives in the world.

SID: I believe, that’s for sure. I believe that when John prays for you right now and I am amazed, I am learning so much so quickly. You think I would know by now. I am learning my authority over sickness, my authority over the demons. And I want you to pray that spirits of infirmity, of sickness will come off of people, and I’m going to tell you something. You’ve been going to the doctor for years and years, and years, and they’re treating the symptoms and it’s not even getting better. You have high blood pressure and they just give you more medicine. You know what I’m talking about. You just get rid of that spirit of infirmity and watch everything work. Pray that right now.

JOHN: Father, in the name of Jesus, right now, I bind the strong man over the airways in the name of Jesus. I bind the gatekeeper. I bind any reinforcement. I shut down the second and first [unintelligible] with the blood of Jesus Christ. I paralyze every devil, every hell, every demon. I paralyze infirmity of sickness right now. Father, I separate one from another. I change their languages, confuse them. I send civil war to the enemy’s camp to let them destroy each other. Loose the person right now. Loose the person in the name of Jesus. I bring healing. I speak healing into your life right now. I speak restoration. I speak restitution upon your life. I put the devil under your feet and keep him there. Father, in Jesus’ name I cage up every demon, my God, in the name of Jesus. I put the blood of Jesus in those demon boxes and let them be tormented night and day, and I close this prayer right now. Father, I come against retaliation. I come against retribution. I come against any [unintelligible] the spirit in the unmatchable name of Jesus.

SID: Okay. Let every man be a liar, but God’s Word, I tell you, God’s Word is true. And God’s Word says, by his stripes, by his wounds, by his blood you were healed. Now be free. The truth will set you free.

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