sidroth on October 18th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bill Morford. And we’re finding out such amazing revelations about the roots of the Bible that were literally hijacked, the Jewish roots and the idioms, and the culture, and the power. For instance, I mean, there’s so many things I want to ask you about. But the order of the books, in the original order of the Jewish Scriptures it ends in Chronicles, not Malachi. What difference does it make as you read it when you go from Chronicles to Matthew?

BILL: There’s a flow that does not exist in the normal Christian book order. But when you go from Chronicles with its genialities and move into Matthew, starting out with the geniality of Jesus, there’s just a flow. It actually surprised me. I wasn’t looking for that, but it’s there.

SID: Now tell me about an interesting woman in the New Testament by the name of Phoebe. What did you find out about her?

BILL: She was a patroness, sat over others. My verse says, “I am introducing our sister Phoebe to you, since she is also a minister of the congregation in sainthood, so that you would welcome and the Lord is befitting the saints, and you would stand by her in whatever matters she would have need of you. For she has also become a patroness of many, even of me.” So that the ones that say that she was a servant—

SID: It’s a bad translation.

BILL: Absolutely.

SID: So are you telling me she was Paul’s pastor in that instance, in effect?

BILL: That’s what it sounds like to me, doesn’t it?

SID: Tell me about that there’s amazing word in the Hebrew, “anuchi.”

BILL: Oh, that’s awesome because it means “I Am.”

SID: I Am that I Am.

BILL: Right. But Rabbi Ben Yehuda calls it the “I am of purpose. It’s because I Am who I Am, I ordain this to be done.” And God always has that, when He uses that word it means that’s a verse we have to really pay attention to. So every time He uses that, I use “I Am” in caps and in bold type so that you know that’s the anuchi speaking.

SID: I like the way you refer to it. It’s I Am with an attitude. Give me a verse and say it with the attitude God meant it.

BILL: Okay. Isaiah 43:11 is “I Am, I AM your only savior.” And this is one of three verses that use the anuchi twice, a double anuchi. One anuchi is really a superlative. I mean, this is awesome. God has ordained this. He’s determined this is what’s to be done. But when He uses a double, how can we put in English how strong that would be.

SID: Now tell me something about the most gentile, Christian thing I can think of as a Jewish person that doesn’t know Jesus. Communion. It’s not very Jewish, is it?

BILL: [laugh] It’s entirely Jewish.

SID: Explain.

BILL: Well if you want to stay in the New Testament, you can. Luke 22 has Jesus at the Seder, and it records three instances, three blessings there. The first cup actually comes from Exodus 6:6, and it’s, “I will bring you out of Egypt.” And Jesus lifts that and says the blessing over the wine. Then he says the blessing over the bread. And with the bread that means you’re eating the meal, and with the meal they’re having a second cup of wine, and that cup, in Exodus 6:6, says, “I will rescue you from your bondage.” So that when we take the bread in our communion, we are actually celebrating his taking us out of our bondage. In other words, all deliverance has been done. It’s over.

SID: What’s that third cup?

BILL: And the third cup is amazing. Of course this is from Exodus 6:6, and it’s Jesus lifts that cup and he said, “This is the renewed covenant of my blood which is being shed for you.” And what Exodus 6:6 has for the third cup is it’s the cup of redemption. So this is the blood of our kinsman redeemer who has come.

SID: You can’t understand communion without understanding Passover, and it’s been hijacked from the church.

BILL: It has.

SID: It’s not so much that you’re being legalistic. It’s just that you’re understanding depth upon depth, upon depth. That’s with these biblical feasts God promises that He’ll show up. It’s an appointment with God. It’s so wonderful. Now I’ve always heard that Paul was a tentmaker. You say untrue. What was Paul?

BILL: He made prayer shawls.

SID: Prayer shawls?

BILL: Prayer shawls. Because there are other Greek words used for tentmakers, two of them. One for making the small pup tent that a traveler might carry, and one for the huge tents like the Bedouin live in.

SID: I’m so glad for so many revelations I’ve learned from Bill Morford. So I’m going to bless you with the revelation he shared with me about the Aaronic Benediction. The Lord WILL bless you. I tell you, the Lord WILL bless you. The Lord WILL keep you. The Lord will cause His countenance to come upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord will grant you his shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul, and in your body in the name of Jesus the Messiah.

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sidroth on October 12th, 2016

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bill Morford. Bill has spent the last 20 years studying Greek, studying Hebrew and translating the Old and the New Covenant, and he has uncovered things that will make literally your understanding of the scriptures go to a whole new level. He’s recaptured the Jewish roots. The idioms, the ancient Jewish idioms, an idiom, an example Bill used earlier was “it’s raining cats and dogs.” Well we know that today, but you didn’t know the idioms of 2000 years ago. Give me a couple idioms that you found and what they mean.

BILL: Okay. One is with the evil eye, and that’s in Matthew 5:29, “If your right eye causes you to sin you must tear it out at once and cast it from you.”

SID: And believe it or not, people have read that and tried to please God, and unfortunately, they took their eye out. And that’s not what God is say. What is God saying? What’s that saying mean?

BILL: It’s saying, stop doing it. And what the evil eye is, is being stingy or greedy, and that’s defined in Deuteronomy 15:9.

SID: What about where it talks about cut off your right hand in the New Testament?

BILL: It’s the same thing. Stop doing that. The right hand, of course, is the hand of power. It always speaks of power in scripture. So you have to be humble. You have to stop doing whatever it was that you were doing. If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you.

SID: But it doesn’t mean literally cut it off.


SID: It means to stop.

BILL: Right.

SID: Now your understanding of the messianic prophecy, for instance, in a approved Jewish Bible, Isaiah 7:14 says we’re going to have a sign. A young woman will conceive and have a child and this child’s name will be Emanuel. But in most Christian Bibles, it says, “A virgin will.” Who’s right?

BILL: Well technically, the Jewish Bible is because the word in Hebrew, “amma”, means a marriageable young woman. She is single. And what it is, the whole verse is therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign. “Behold the young woman will conceive and bear a son and she will call his name Emanuel.” Well the young woman, unmarried, had to be a virgin.

SID: There was a translation called the Septuagint. It was called that because 70 traditional rabbis did this translation. How many years before Jesus came was this?

BILL: Two hundred fifty years before Jesus was born.

SID: All right, 250 years before Jesus was born, these traditional rabbis, the best in the land, translated the Greek version of the Jewish scriptures, and they chose the one Greek word that means exclusively “virgin.” You can’t get much stronger than that.

BILL: You can’t beat that, no. I have three footnotes on that verse. And the first one is, “The sign from the Lord, this birth will be an extraordinary event bringing an extraordinary person known as ‘God with us’.”

SID: That’s what Emanuel means, God is with us. You know, I think we’ve kind of satisfied that particular situation. But you had a revelation, Bill, in the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah. It’s where it says “stripes.” We know what a stripe is. A stripe is where someone is beaten and where blood flood flows, and from this blood, we had such wonderful things happen: forgiveness of sin, healing of diseases. But you found the word “stripe” in the Hebrew means something else also.

BILL: Yes. “Chavuratu” in modern Hebrew means “fellowship with Him.” And that’s, of course, the only way. That’s God with us. It’s through fellowship with Him.

SID: The best way to get a healing is through having intimacy and relationship, and fellowship with God. It’s because of his blood that we are healed. But it is because of our fellowship that we have a clear passageway for the healing to manifest in our body. Bill, I asked you to pray last night and see if God wanted you to say something special. What did He tell you?

BILL: Oh, it’s on the fellowship.

SID: Really.

BILL: It’s all about relationship. And those of you out there, I know this is more than one person, says, God is not with me. You have to accept God in faith. He said He is with you. His Word says He is with you. He is in you so that you, by focusing on Him will know that He is in you when that torment that you’re in now, you’re in pain, you have to know that the God who is in you feels that same pain, whether it’s physical pain or whether it’s emotional distress, depression, whatever, He is with you. He feels that. He will take it.

SID: I come from a traditional Jewish background. And when I became a believer in the Messiah, I saw the Book of James. James does not sound like a real Jewish name to me. What did you find out?

BILL: That that was changed.

SID: What was it originally?

BILL: Jacob.

SID: That’s Jewish.

BILL: Right.

SID: Why did they change Jacob to James? It doesn’t make sense?

BILL: Well both the Latin text and the Greek text have Jacob for the name of the book. The name James does not appear in them. The first appearance of the name James is the King James Bible.

SID: How about the word “law”? That’s so misunderstood and it’s all over the place in the New Testament. Was that translated properly?


SID: No? Why?

BILL: Tradition.

SID: [singing] Tradition. [speaking] I wish I had my violin. What should it have been translated?

BILL: Torah.

SID: What does Torah mean?

BILL: Teaching or instruction.

SID: Sounds a lot different. If the Bible were, rather than said “law”, it would be “teaching.” The law you think, not under that law. Teaching? Yeah, I want that teaching. Don’t go away. Wait until you hear these other revelations that Bill had. We’ll be back.

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sidroth on October 6th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I mean, that’s normal. Let me tell you another thing that is normal. I had a One New Man Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bill Morford came to that One New Man Conference. And tell us what happened. What happened to you, Bill?

BILL: Well that was awesome because one evening, whoever had the service, called out and said, “God is putting gold teeth in mouths right now.” And I didn’t think much about it. So I participated. I raised my hand because my dentist had told me just a few weeks earlier that there was a tooth that would need a gold crown. And when he finished he asked for, he said, “Be sure to have someone check your mouth.” And he repeated that. And so Luanne, my wife, came and said, “Let me look.” And she looked in and there was a gold tooth. So we had others.

SID: Did you ever go back to that dentist who said you needed a gold crown?

BILL: I didn’t have to. I went home.

SID: We had it on Internet and it was also on television when we had our One New Man Conference, and here’s the amazing thing. His dentist just happened to be watching. So what did she say when she saw the X-ray, she saw your gold tooth?

BILL: She said she had to look in my mouth to see just how it was, and she told me that no lab on earth could make a gold crown like that.

SID: You know, as amazing as that is, there’s something else that happened that was amazing to Bill. Bill went to Israel in 1984, which changed the whole paradigm. Everything of his understanding and his focus, and he went on a 20-year quest to recapture the Jewish roots of the entire Bible, to recapture what those idioms mean. What’s an idiom, by the way?

BILL: Well an idiom, we use in English a lot, is, it’s raining cats and dogs.

SID: But see, there were idioms at the time that the scriptures were written, and they all understood it, so it didn’t have to be explained in the scriptures. And he recaptured the power of the Bible. What do you mean by the power of the translation of the Bible?

BILL: Because both the Hebrew and the Greek are very expressive languages, and they have commands, they use different moods and they don’t get translated properly. I don’t know why the scholars…

SID: Give me an example of something would affirm was not translated properly and then it was, and what difference it made.

BILL: All right. I told you my favorite is the Aaronic Blessing, where we’re all told, “May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

SID: I pray that everyday over the radio.

BILL: “May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance to you and give you peace.” But let me tell you what the Hebrew really says. It’s the “Lord WILL bless you and He WILL keep you. The Lord will make His face to shine upon you and He will be gracious to you. The Lord WILL lift His countenance to you and He will establish you in shalom.”

SID: I love it. You see the difference? May the Lord bless you. The Lord WILL bless you. I say that to you right now. You think you’re just watching a television show. No, you’re not. The Spirit of God says to you, “The Lord WILL bless you.” Bill, what happened to you in ’84, in Israel?

BILL: Stepping off the plane, I just felt, I’m home. I didn’t know why. And I saw Hebrew street signs, different things in Hebrew and I just knew that I had to do digging. And of course, we went to all the Christian sites and it was just blessed all over. It just gave me a hunger to find what Israelites should all know about the power of God and about the ground where Jesus walked.

SID: He studied Greek under a great Greek scholar. But then God opened up a door where, was he a conservative rabbi?

BILL: He still is.

SID: A conservative, traditional rabbi taught him Hebrew. But he was not just an ordinary rabbi. Who was his grandfather?

BILL: Eliezer Ben Yehuda.

SID: And what did Eliezer Ben Yehuda do?

BILL: He wrote a 16-volume dictionary that really introduced Hebrew, reintroduced it as the spoken language of Israel.

SID: He literally fulfilled Bible prophecy because the Bible says that Jews would be scattered to the four corners of the earth, and in a moment, Israel would become a nation, and the Jews would be maintained as a distinct people and come back to their homeland. But when they came back to the homeland, each one spoke the language from the country they went to. So this rabbi was the grandfather, this rabbi was the one that God picked to reintroduce spoken Hebrew into Israel, and his grandson taught you. It’s so amazing what he taught you about Hebrew. But let’s whet their appetite in Greek, because you studied Greek. Twenty years he worked on studying the Hebrew, studying the Greek, understanding what the idioms really meant, understanding what the Jewish roots are, understanding the messianic prophecies. When the Bible says, in the New Testament, “sickness”, what does the Greek say?

BILL: Well there is a Greek word for “sickness”, but there’s also a Greek word that means “evil” that has traditionally been translated “sickness.”

SID: So I believe “sickness” is evil. Now that means that when you are sick, don’t pamper yourself. Get rid of the evil. Don’t go away. Wait until you hear some of the revelation from the ancient Greek and the ancient Hebrew that Bill has found out. It’s going to change a lot of your thinking. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on September 27th, 2016


SID: You know what I think is so amazing, you talk about Peter’s shadow. I believe that when you pray for people the shadow or the Glory of God falls on them. And the same thing that people were healed under Peter’s shadow, tell me about what you see in Peter’s shadow.

DAVID: Well what I saw when I was reading that scripture about Peter’s shadow is I noticed that the Bible doesn’t actually say that the people were healed because of Peter’s shadow. The Bible says that, “People brought their sick that his shadow might fall upon them.” In other words, the people had it in their minds that if his shadow can just touch them they could be healed. And I thought, what would give rise to such a belief, to such an odd belief that a shadow could heal someone. Well it wasn’t that Peter’s shadow was healing anyone. It’s that the healing presence of Jesus was so heavy upon his life that everywhere he walked miracles happened by him just being there. And I believe believers can step into that. That was one of the things I prayed for about the gift of healing was that gift. But then I realized that there’s the gift that God places on certain individuals, as we talk about in First Corinthians 12. But then, according to Mark 16, every believer is to flow in this operation and every believer is to walk in the healing presence of Jesus. And when the healing presence of Jesus comes on our life you’re going to see miracles and there’s not going to be really so much effort that you have to put into it. You just have to believe.

SID: I’m going to start right now. God has told me several times there are people with pain in your neck. If you move your head if you have pain, you’ll see that that pain is gone and backs are being healed right now. Anything wrong with your back, I would like you to pray as the Holy Spirit directs right now.

DAVID: So I want to pray if you’re believing for a miracle, I believe that the Holy Spirit could make the Jesus the healer more real than anything you’ve ever experienced, and that’s really the key. When the Holy Spirit takes a revelation from the Word and causes it to become something that becomes a reality for you, everything changes. He’s going to cause Jesus to become so real to you right now, right where you’re watching this, wherever you’re watching this, your whole atmosphere is about to shift. And when Jesus becomes more real than your sickness, you’re going to notice that your sickness goes. So let’s believe God for, first of all, the presence.

SID: Now that’s a very different way of praying, I want to tell you, but I love it. Go ahead.

DAVID: I’m going to pray right now that the healing presence of Jesus would fill that room where you are. So precious Lord, we know you are faithful to your Word and we know that it is by the Holy Spirit that you establish your dominion. So in the name, there is somebody watching me right now, there is a skin disorder that has just been healed. You noticed there’s been a skin disorder all up your left arm like a rash of some sort. If you’ll look now you’re going to notice that the rash or psoriasis is completely gone in Jesus’ name. Lord, we thank you for that. Jesus, we give you the Glory. Come on, let’s believe and pray right now in Jesus’ name. Father, I thank you for your Holy Spirit’s presence now flowing. Lord, I rebuke sickness right now in Jesus’ name. I rebuke heart disease in Jesus’ name. Lord, we come against arthritis in Jesus’ name. I rebuke cancer right now in the name of the Living God. In the name of Jesus we come against and we break the back of the enemy right now and we destroy the works of the devil. And Father, I pray that that atmosphere of faith would be electrified right where they are in Jesus’ name. Lord, let your presence become so intense, so real that they not only get a sense of you, but that it be done in their body. In the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

SID: Amen. I pray that you cultivate friendship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s purpose is to make Jesus so real, as David prayed that the reality of Jesus is stronger than any problem in your life. I pray in Jesus’ name you become a friend of the Holy Spirit.

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sidroth on September 22nd, 2016


SID: Now it’s wonderful that Shawn hears from God so clearly, but can every person hear from God?

SHAWN: What I love about my life is that my parents just raised me to believe and they just nurtured the atmosphere. I wasn’t born under a sign. I wasn’t born like special. Some of the people you hear who have prophetic callings, like the whole world was against them, the universe was against them and they emerged in this victorious sovereign gifting, and I feel like they were sovereign vessels. But I feel like I represent kind of a new breed of just everyday people who are called to hear from God in powerful ways, and as we pursue him, First Corinthians 14:1, where it says, “Pursue love like your love depends on it and eagerly desire prophecy.” And that’s been my life. I’ve just been hungry that God would speak because I know what happens when he speaks and it causes everything to multiply and accelerate. Everything changes. All our opportunities change. So for me, I don’t think, like I’ve been around real prophets or sovereign vessels. I feel like I’ve had some of those demonstrations in my life. But when I go home at night I don’t feel like God is pursuing me like a prophet. I feel like I’m pursuing him out of hunger for who he is and it’s just a beautiful thing that I think everybody can have that.

SID: When you prophesy, what is going on with love in connection with prophecy? What are you trying to accomplish?

SHAWN: Well I’m trying to see someone in the original form that God created them to be before the delineation. I’m trying to see them like the best version of who they are, the best version of what God, Jesus paid a price for this amazing abundant life. So what would they look like if all of a sudden they were restored to that original plan if it was all the delineation was gone, all the sin, immorality, the character issues, the family issues, all that stuff was just not in the equation any more. What would it look like?

SID: We wouldn’t even recognize people.

SHAWN: We wouldn’t.

SID: Because God has, I guess he wants to get us as close to the original man, Adam, as possible and it is possible.

SHAWN: It is possible. That’s what I’m looking at and when I see that spiritually, something happens that connects inside of me where I start to see sometimes people’s birthdays by a word of knowledge because God thought of us for millions of years. He knew the day we were going to be born. And everybody loves a birthday, so if you say, is your birthday March 15th, someone goes, how did you know? How did you know my birth date?

SID: You prayed for people that have moved in to knowing dates?

SHAWN: Oh yes. So many people, thousands of reports now, thousands of reports of people knowing dates, anniversary dates, birth dates, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, secret information you cannot research. Some people say, you can get it off Facebook. Not really. There is so much you cannot research that God is giving us right now. I mean, one of the billionaires that I met with, he at one point admits…

Man 1: I’m actually not a believer. I believe Jesus was a historic figure, but I really don’t believe in God. You don’t actually believe that Jesus is like real today, do you?

Man 2: I don’t even know how to answer that. I can’t get into a theological debate right now. I have something.

SHAWN: I took the biggest risk I had to take it at that point, and I started to say a 25-character long thing. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was like…

Man 2: 101-ED#674237654299.

Man 1: That’s our most private bank account number. Even you don’t know it.

Woman: What?

Man 1: Only the banker and I know this.

SHAWN: He got saved because I knew his banking number that no one could have researched.

SID: I’ll tell you, I am excited that Shawn has this gift, but I have even greater excitement that did you hear what he said? Thousands he knows when he prays get these gifts. Tell me about the prostitute in Hawaii.

SHAWN: I went, I was walking down, I was in Honolulu on a trip and I was walking to get a Subway sandwich. It was like 10:00 at night and they had put me in a beautiful condo, but it was right outside the red light district, which thank God, I’m used to red light districts. Our team ministers had them. So we’re walking right at the beginning of the red light district.

Man 1: Hey bud, you want something?

Man 2: No. I am hungry for some sandwiches.

Man 1: Want a girl?

SHAWN: And he pointed at a girl who was 16 years old on the steps with two teenage boys, and I could tell just from our work with prostitution that she wasn’t in the game very long if at all. And so I looked at her. It just concerned me. I just had this father’s heart hit me like if that was my daughter what would I do. She’s a runaway on the streets. I just had a discernment of knowing, you know. And I walked over to her and I said hey…

Man: Can I talk to you for a minute.

Girl: Yeah.

Man: I’m a pastor, a Christian. I believe God thought of you millions of years before you were ever created. What do you want to do to with your life?

Girl: I don’t know.

Man: Okay. Close your eyes. Repeat after me. God thought of you for millions of years.

Girl: God, I know you thought of me for millions of years.

Man: What did you create for me to do?

Girl: What did you create for me to do?

Man: That you would find the most joy in?

Girl: That you would find the most joy in? [scream] I just heard something. I’m supposed to be a cook.

Man: Like a chef?

Girl: Yeah.

Man: Do you like cooking?

Girl: I don’t know.

SHAWN: Okay. Let’s pray again. Let’s ask God for one step towards that you can make this week so you can change your whole life. She goes, okay. She prays and she goes, “I’m supposed to call my uncle.” And I said, “This is awesome. Why would you call your uncle?” She goes, “He has a diner. I think he’ll hire me and he might give me a place to sleep and a place to live.” And I said, “Do you promise to call. Here’s my phone number.” We exchanged phone numbers and the boy next to her was, “I want a dream.” [unintelligible] And we agreed on something, and he actually heard, “I’m going into the military,” which he did. So six months later, she calls me.

Man: Hello.

Girl: My uncle wants to open another diner with me.

Man: Are you going to college for business administration?

Girl: No. We’re opening it next month in the bowling alley. He’s giving me 50 percent ownership.

SHAWN: Just 17 years old and is a co-owner of a diner. She was a prostitute.

SID: You see the transformation. If that were you helping that prostitute who’s going to end up dead someday and transforming her to who God originally intended. What do you mean, by the way, your book is called “Translating God”, what do you mean by “translating God”?

SHAWN: You know, I go to a lot of countries, and I go to a lot of translators, and there’s good translators and there’s bad translators. Most of the time I have really great translators. And it’s amazing we have a good translator because they’re communicating the whole heart essence of what you’re saying. They’re almost like symbiotic with you. They’re part of your heart in that moment and they’re not thinking the whole time. They’re actually just clearly communicating the articulation of your heart and I felt like God was saying, “I want you to be my translator. I want you to translate my heart to the earth’s right now, not just my language, not just be a parrot and repeat the words.” There was an old school mentality of the prophetic, just deliver the mail, don’t look at it. God is saying, “Look at the mail, read it, fall in love with the people the mail is for and then give it to them with all your heart.” And so translation takes more than just repeating something. It actually takes culturizing yourself into a culture where it comes from. Like ours is the Kingdom of Heaven. So I wrote this book. My wife actually named it. But I wrote this book because we’re called to translate God on the earth to ourselves and around us. We know we’re mature when we understand what he’s saying to us. We know we’re mature in effect when we can change the world around us with his voice.

SID: Can you imagine you can have the same job as Shawn translating God. When we come back, he loves to pray for people and after he prays for them they actually see Heaven. They actually hear God’s voice. They actually translate God. Be right back.

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sidroth on September 15th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Osborn. And LaDonna, you really provoke me to jealousy. Is there any unbelief inside of you?

LaDONNA: If God said it, he cannot lie. The challenge is us believing. If we can just believe. And that’s a choice. That’s a decision. If we can just align ourselves with God’s reality and shut out everything that’s contrary, that’s faith. So of course, the places I go and the multitudes I stand before, if you don’t know what’s going to happen, don’t go.

SID: Could you paint me a picture of what it was, what we, I might have seen back in those early days in these foreign countries, what it looked like.

LaDONNA: Yes. Walking on the field and coming to the platform, we had crude wooden platforms and the public was invited to come. We had no aisles, no ushers, no chairs. It was just a mass of people as far as the eye could see. And they came carrying their sick, sometimes on their back, sometimes in wheelbarrows, sometimes they were dragging their cripple’s bodies, leading the blind. Oh the smell of disease. And when you see a mass of people gathering like that it was always so simple. We never had music. We never had preliminaries. Just my father or mother would stand up with their Bible and begin declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ. And to see, and I remember this as such a child, looking in the faces of such longing and such hopelessness.

SID: Tell me about that Muslim beggar.

LaDONNA: His name was Catimu [sp]. He was a victim of polio and had polio for 38 years, four months and three days. It happened that the king of Ibadan was a Christian and that king was the chairman of our crusade, and that king sent word Catimu, attend that crusade. Well of course, Catimu had to come. But he stayed way in the back. And he was sitting there, his legs were all drawn up, just bone. He put car tires, pieces of car tire on his knees and with wooden blocks. That’s the way he moved around. So he couldn’t lift himself up at all. Way at the back, he was a reverent man, a nice Muslim. He listened to the message. It happened my father preached about the resurrection of Christ. And Catimu listened and didn’t believe. This isn’t the mercy of God. During the prayer, just because Catimu was reverent, he bowed his head and he felt, it seemed two men lifted him up to get him out of the dust. He felt that was very nice. So after the prayer, he turned to say thank you, and no one was there. He was standing on those boney legs, healed by the power of God. Hallelujah.

SID: I’ll tell you what, now T.L. Osborn had no special gifting. He just proclaimed the truth and God backed up the words.

LaDONNA: That’s it.

SID: LaDonna, raised on the platform, did the same thing and God, as a matter of fact, would you like to see a clip of LaDonna? She’s a chip off the old block. Let’s roll it.

[begin video]

[background singing]

LaDONNA: We come to bring the message of Jesus and allow him to do his miracles. Jesus, [unintelligible] get up and and walk.


LaDONNA: Spirits, a disease in vain, go in Jesus’ name. Get ready to turn away from any other faith or religion.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: You’re ready to declare Jesus as your Lord.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: Now if you want to do that tonight.

Man: [foreign language]

LaDONNA: Then I want to see your hands.


Boy: [foreign language]


[end video]

SID: Now here’s what’s so amazing to me. Her dad, her mom, now you’ve seen LaDonna and then another generation who I’ve interviewed, her son Tommy going to the nations, and they don’t have special gifting. How did they get such good results?

LaDONNA: The secret is in just believing the words of Jesus. And of course, Sid, the very same process that the disciples went through in the Bible is our process. They believed the words of Jesus, they did what he said, they received power, the power of the Holy Spirit, that’s the Spirit of Christ, allowing Christ to continue his work. And then they went to the known world, and in the space of two years, they turned the world upside down. So the results, the fruit of obedience and the power of the Holy Spirit is guaranteed by the Word of God. Miracles are the proof.

SID: You know, that is God’s Plan A.


SID: And because we haven’t had God’s Plan A, we’ve gone to B through Z. It’s time for Plan A to come back. I’m going to have LaDonna pray for you when we come back.

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sidroth on September 5th, 2016


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has found an amazing secret for miracles. Do you know what it is? Chutzpah. Do you know what chutzpah is? It’s a Hebrew word and means “boldness, nerve”. He has hundreds of miracles right in his own little congregation he’s a pastor over. I mean, a hundred people stood up and they said, “I just had a recent miracle.” But these are not just miracles. These are medically documented miracles. Get ready. I was speaking to Pastor Don Nordin and what he just told me is outrageous. At one of his services, he just asked a simple question and the question was, how many of you in the congregation have had recent miracles. Now that’s kind of a risk on your part. But you know, how many people would you estimate stood up in your church that said they had recent miracles?

DON: I would estimate about a hundred.

SID: Did you get that? I mean, how many churches in America could you say, stand up if you just had a recent miracle and have a hundred people stand up. And then you had them actually testify their miracles.

DON: I did. I asked them to give a one-sentence testimony, which is difficult for some people. But a one-sentence testimony of the miracle that God had done in their life. We actually took about 50 of those on that Sunday morning. We didn’t have time to take all of them. But it was amazing.

SID: Let me take you back. Second grade, you’re minding your own business. You’re riding your bicycle and you hear the audible voice of God. What did he tell you?

DON: He told me that He wanted me to preach his word and you got to bear in mind that I’m a second grader and it really, at first, struck fear in my heart. But then I felt this calm peace over me, and from that day, I never had any doubt about what God wanted to do with my life.

SID: Now you say it was an audible voice. You really mean that? I mean, it wasn’t just a thought. I mean, you’re a little kid.

DON: I absolutely heard the audible voice of God. I was actually riding my bicycle and I had stopped, and I heard this voice say, “I want you to preach my word.” And I was by myself, and I actually got off the bicycle and looked around to see who was there, and no one was there except God.

SID: Now at seven, you had already seen three miracles. One was your dad. Tell me briefly about what happened.

DON: My father worked in northern California in the logging woods. He cut timber for a living. And one afternoon, he was about to finish up his day and he felled a tree, and the tree went over and hit another tree and bounced back, and struck my dad across the midsection just below the ribs. And of course, in northern California the trees are very large, and it pinned him to the ground, just crushed him. And he cried out to God, and this tree actually bounced up for a split second. My dad’s testimony is that something grabbed him and just jerked out from under that tree.

SID: Now how does he know it wasn’t just another logger that did that?

DON: Well there were no other loggers around. Everybody was on the other side of the hill. He was the only one in that area. When you’re cutting trees, they don’t work right together because of the danger.

SID: So if I’m understanding you right, it fell down, it struck him really badly. I mean, he’s incapacitated. It swings up, it’s ready to fall down again and just before it falls down again, someone, though no one else was there, pulls him out.

DON: Yes, head first.

SID: So it had to be an angel.

DON: Had to be an angel, and moved him at least six feet, maybe more.

SID: What would have happened if he hadn’t been pulled out that split second?

DON: Well no doubt he would have died if the tree had come back down and rested on him.

SID: How serious was he they took him to the hospital?

DON: Well no one thought my dad would live, including the loggers that were working with him. They put him on a gurney, a cot, and put him in the back of the jeep, and had a long drive over rough terrain to get to the hospital. And when he got to the hospital, the doctors just, they didn’t have any hope for him at all. The person that was in the hospital at that time, it was a small town hospital and the surgeon, the local surgeon was on a seven-day vacation. And so they just allowed my dad to lay on the hospital bed and they did nothing for him for seven days because they were convinced that he was going to die.

SID: Right.

DON: And when the surgeon came back, my dad can remember that the surgeon walked into the room, took a look at him and said, “Well I guess this guy is not going to die after all. We need to do something for him.” His intestines had already set up, gangrene and the whole thing. And they did surgery on my father and three weeks from the day of his accident, he walked out of the hospital on crutches, and God had completely, God completely healed him, completely restored him. My dad is 82 years old today, pastoring a church, and still working a second job in construction, and he’s probably healthier than I am.

SID: Now I notice you use a word, I want you to get it. It’s the audacity, the audacity of faith, the audacity to pray. What does the word “audacity” mean?

DON: The word “audacity” is boldness, confidence, going beyond the map in your life with regard to faith. The Bible says that, “We are to boldly approach the throne of grace to obtain help and mercy in the time of need.” And I believe that when we pray, we should be risking when we pray, pray prayers of risk.

SID: You know, I looked the word up, “audacity” in Webster’s dictionary and I couldn’t believe what I found. One of the definitions of audacity is a Hebrew word, chutzpah. And you know what chutzpah means? It means nerve. Now talking about nerve, I want you to see a doctor in a medically verified miracle, genuine miracle. Don’t you ever say this is faith. We’ll even give you his name, his hospital, everything about him. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on September 1st, 2016


Sid: Hello this is Sid Roth the Jewish man that is mashuga, that’s a Jewish word that’s crazy for Yeshua another Hebrew word for Jesus. Actually I shouldn’t even say a Hebrew word that was His real name Yeshua Jesus is just the English translation of Yeshua.

The question I have for you is who are you mashuga for?  I like being mashuga for Jesus I would not want to be mashuga for anything or anyone else. And I have another question for you I want to ask you a question and the question is “What is the end time book to the church?” Now before you say Revelation I’ll give you a clue it’s not Revelation. Again
what is the end-time book to the church?  I believe the end-time book to the church is Esther and I’m sure if you have not heard me teach before this subject you didn’t have a clue.  This is going to be one of the most important teachings I have ever given, why?  Everything in Esther is timing, everything in God is His timing, everything in your life is His timing.

By the way Jewish people have two names they have their Hebrew name like my Hebrew name happens to be Israel, then in the country that I immigrate to I’m given a name from that country so my name is Sidney. Same thing with Esther, Esther’s name was Hadassah. Have you ever heard Hadassah Hospital? It actually means the myrtle tree and the myrtle tree is one that has the most wonderful aroma in Israel.

But when a Jewish person goes to another country they take another name so she took the name Esther which comes from the Persian name Ishtar which means a pagan fertility goddess.  I don’t care too much for that name but you know what they did they translated this Esther back into Hebrew and you know what the Hebrew equivalent of Esther is?  Hidden and that’s what the whole book of Esther is about, it’s about things that are hidden. For instance, did you know in the book of Esther God’s name is not mentioned not even once?  But yet it is because it’s hidden it in acrostics 5 different times in the book of Esther.  And we’re going to find out a lot of other hidden things in the book of Esther.

Now Deuteronomy 28 you probably know the chapter is talks about the blessings and the curses but it’s specifically written to the Jewish people and if you are the Messiah’s you are grafted in and you are the same as Abraham’s seed spiritually.  But when you look at it in the natural it actually says:

“The blessings are for the Jewish people when they are in the land of Israel and the curses are for the Jewish people when they are out of the land of Israel.”

So the greatest blessings for Israel and the world will be when Jewish people return to the land of Israel.  The greatest proof of God someone will say to you “How can you prove to me there’s a God?” Well for starters you can’t prove to me there’s not a God and I’d rather take the side of the fence proving there is then there’s not any day.  But to me the greatest proof that there is a God is found in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 35 and 36; let me read it to you.

“Thus says the Lord who gives the sun by light by day the ordnance of the moon and the stars for a light by night; who disturbs the sea and waves roar the Lord of Hosts is His name; if those ordnances depart from before me (In other words the sun, the moon and stars and light and seas and waves) if those ordinances depart from before Me says the Lord then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

So we Jews because of sin went into what’s called the diaspora the nations but we still maintained ourselves as Jewish people. Who have ever heard of such a thing? We lost in 70 AD we lost our temple the only way under Torah Judaism you can have your sins atoned for; we lost our city, we lost our country and we were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. And worst than that Deuteronomy 28 tells us that wherever we went we would be persecuted and that’s the history of the Jewish people. You would think after 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 generations of this being persecuted just because your being persecuted just because of your Jewish every Jew on the face of this earth would change their religion, would stop being Jewish at least for survival sake.  But no because God said:

“As long as there’s a sun, moon and stars there will be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.”

So to me the greatest proof the Bible is from God is found in a 3 letter word Jew.  How did God maintain us a distinct people? He put an instinct in every Jewish person; you’ll meet a Jewish person that’s not even practicing Judism, doesn’t go to the synagogue, probably identifies himself as an agnostic or maybe even an atheist.  And you’ll say “Well they’re not even interested in being Jewish,” Watch, there’s an instinct in every Jew it goes like this “I was born a Jew, and I’ll die a Jew.”  And this instinct comes from God that’s what has kept us as a distinct people.

Now Esther was a type of the church, a type of the Gentile church; I want you to see yourself as Esther.  Esther was young, you may be older but I’m going to tell you something I’m older and I believe and I literally believe I’m getting younger.  But in God’ sight I am a young man, I have to tell you on the inside I feel like a young man. Esther is beautiful, you may look at the pimples on your face but in God’s sight Esther, church, you are beautiful.  If you could only see yourself the way that God sees you. Esther walked in favor, I like walking in favor, the church walks in favor.  Esther was an orphan, a no-people that was grafted into royalty.  Church do you know a no people that was grafted into royalty?  The Gentile believers. Esther did one other thing she hid her Jewish connection. No one knew that she was connected to the Jewish people, no one knew that she was grafted into the seed of Abraham spiritually.

And one more thing about Esther, Esther was so loved by God, here let me read this to you in Esther 2:17:

“And the King loved Esther more than any of the other young women.”

The truth is every member of the church that’s a true statement boy, that’s true statement for you. You are loved more than any other because God’s so big He can do that; I can’t do that, you can’t do that but God can do that you are loved more than any other.

And there was one more trait about Esther, Esther moved in instant obedience.  Now how could she hear so clearly, most Christian’s don’t hear God so clearly? How could she hear so clearly?  Because Esther soaked in myrrh, now myrrh is bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside. She soaked 6 months in oil of myrrh and 6 months in perfume for a whole year and as she soaked she began to smell more like Jesus than like her old nature. But it took a time of soaking before God and that’s why it’s so important to put anointed music on and soak before God just as Esther did.

That reminds me of the 10 virgins 5 wise 5 foolish, 5 had plenty of oil. Why? They were soaking in the Spirit of God. They were worshipping God all the time, they were reading the Bible, they were only saying things that are good and pure and lovely and of good report. They were only looking at the good things in life and they were taking in not the bad things they were taking in the good things out so instant in instant out. So what came out was changing the world around them. That’s why Esther Church you can hear so clearly.

Now Mordecai that’s Esther’s cousin that really raised her refused to bow to one man; let me read this to you Esther 3:2:

“All of the Kings officials would bow down before Haman whenever he passed by for so the King had commanded.  But Mordecai refused to bow down and show him respect.”

Well this Haman was a type of the devil and Mordecai being a Jew would not bow down to a man. We only bow to God and Mordecai was just being Jewish.

Then there’s the money; you see today a lot of decisions are made in our administration in politics over money, well in the kingdom actually it was Iran, or called Persia, and that was the old name for Iran it says in Esther 3:9 and 10:

“If it pleases the King (And this is Haman speaking) issue a decree that they (The Jews) be destroyed and I will give 10,000 large sacks of silver to the government and administrators to be deposited in the royal treasury. The King agreed confirming his decision by removing his signet right from his finger and giving it to Haman.”

Does that sound familiar to you?  Well this is what literally happened in the garden of Eden through deception the devil got the authority, that’s what the signet ring is the authority in the kingdom and we needed a hero to get the authority to get the authority back.  Our hero happens to be Jesus and they found out that the request of Haman was to murder every Jewish person. You know if one Jewish man didn’t bow before a Haman type why would you want to murder every Jew? In fact it gets even stronger than that I’ll read you Esther 3:13:

“Dispatches were sent by swift messengers into all of the providences of the empire giving the order that all Jews young and old including women and children must be killed, slaughtered and annulated on a single day.

This is scheduled to happen on March 7th of the next year, the property of the Jews would be given to those who killed them and that’s what happened throughout history. People, every people that called themselves Christians killed Jewish people and they were given the money.

Now without Esther, or the church, because I said Esther is a type of a church all the Jewish people would die.  Now Esther’s first plan and maybe unfortunately the Church’s first plan is the same as Esther’s. She wanted to give humanitarian aid because what she found out that her Mordecai, the one that raised her, was in ashes and sack cloth and he didn’t have clothing so she took up a collection and bought him some clothing. Well millions of dollars are being poured into Jewish humanitarian work and rightfully so, and believers a praying and fasting for Israel and rightfully so.

But Suzette Hadding that’s the lead intercessor for Reinhardt Bonnke had this quote and I’ve changed it just a little bit I’ve added humanitarian aid. This is Suzette’s quote:

“Prayer or humanitarian aid without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Let me read that again that’s so significant:

“Prayer of humanitarian without evangelism is an arrow shot nowhere.”

Most people don’t know this but there is a God given call for every Gentile believer in Jesus, Esther, I’m going to start calling you Esther, church.  And that God given call is found in Romans 11:11:

“Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.”

The job of the Jewish believer is found in John 4:22.  If the job of the Gentile believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy or evangelize the Jew in writing the job of the Jewish believer John 4:22 salvation is of the Jews.  Now many people think “Well perhaps the Jews lost their calling because so many rejected the Messiah.” Well Romans 11:29 says the opposite:

“The gifts and calling of God (It’s talking about the Jewish people there) is irrevocable.”

And by the way if the Jews do their job and reach the Gentiles, and the Gentile Christians do their job and reach the Jews guess what Jews and Gentiles mean we reach the whole world.  God You’re so brilliant!

Esther 4:14 says that we are headed to the church’s greatest hour. This is what Mordecai said to Esther when she was living in the Kings palace and very taken care of and no one knew about her Jewish connection:

“For if you remain completely silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews another place but you and your father’s house will perish, yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this; Church who knows whether you’ve come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. I’m reminded in Israel in the Arab sections it’s written on the buildings you know the graffiti:

“First we kill the Saturday people then the Sunday people.”

Now Esther if she went to the King could die because if you went to the King and hadn’t requested you come the punishment was death. And the King had not requested for Esther to come into his presence in over 30 days. Esther knew that disobedience was punishable by death. She remembered maybe not death, well it could have been not death in that case but she remembered the last queen, Vahsti, she was vanished forever from being Queen from having anything to do with the King.  So Esther had to take her life in her hands to go to the King and she said:

“Well if I die I die; I will go in… (Let me read this exactly to you.) Go and gather the Jews in Souza and fast for me; do not eat or drink for 3 days night or day; my maids and I will do the same; and then though it is against the law I will go into see the king if I must die I must die.”

Church Esther choice the path of God to spare the Jewish people and when Esther went to the King there was scepter in the hand of the king.  Esther 5:2 we’ll pick up there when I come back because Esther now receives favor up to half of the Kingdom. Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours, all of the Kingdom.

Guess what Esther, church, you’re about ready to receive favor not up to half of the Kingdom all things are yours; all of the Kingdom. I’m making available my brand new book it’s titled “Sooner Than You Think.” It’s based on a dream I had from God in which God says “I’m coming back soon” 3 times to me, “I’m coming back soon, I’m coming back soon.” And some of the best end time teachers that I’ve interviewed I put in the book.

For instance, Bill Salus in “Inevitable Conflicts” looks at the last wars before Jesus returns. And there were about ready to bump into them right now; Perry Stone writes a chapter titled “The Messiah Comes” exploring the significance of the Jewish Feasts in connection with the First and Second Coming of Messiah. Perry returns in another chapter “Revelation About Revelation” that doves deeply into how we should look at the book of Revelation Jim Richards tells us how to prosper in the last days subscribing God’s plan for you to thrive even if there is the financial collapse.

We have specialists in each in the pre-trib rapture, the mid-trip rapture, the post-trib rapture saying why they are saying it’s true. Here is the truth no one has it clear we look through a window dimly the closer that we get to the return of Jesus the clearer things will be. I do not want you to hold on to another man’s vision for the end times that is being taught as gospel and it is not gospel. But if you have all of these pieces of the puzzle together as things unfold prophetically your going to be able to understand the end times, you’re going to be like Esther you’re going to be able to hear the voice of God so clearly because you have soaked in the perfumes of the Holy Spirit.

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sidroth on August 25th, 2016

Gene Mullenax

Sid: My guest Gene Mullenax I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his home in North Little Rock, Arkansas is red hot for the Messiah. You’d be red hot for the Messiah if you had the same thing happen to you. I mean at a very young age he’s married, he’s got a couple of children, and they cut out his lung, they cut out 3 of his ribs. They have a whole inside for drainage, his shoulder… What was wrong with your shoulder Gene?

Gene: I had no support, with the ribs gone I had no support to hold me up.

Sid: So your shoulder drooped. He’s standing in line for an A.A. Allen healing meeting, very skeptical, and he see’s a 2 year old child that has cancer on the face so big this sore was that the child used it as a pacifier. He says “God if this is real you’ll remove that cancer.” Before his very eyes he saw the cancer removed. The little 2 year old is putting her tongue out trying to find that sore that they were using as a pacifier and can’t find it anymore. It’s time for him to be prayed for and he feels some oil, hot oil coming all over him, and he turns around to see “Who’s doing this?” He thought the stage was wired and everything, there’s no one behind him. So what happened next Gene?

Gene: It felt like somebody just opened my mouth and put a tube in me and went “Pow!” and I just blew up, I mean right… it was so astounding that the boy that became a friend of ours knew a little bit about Pentecostal meetings, come running up because Allen said “Who in the tent knows this man?” Well this guy comes running up and he says “He’s my very best friend,” and he weighed 180 pounds. I picked him up… I was up on the stage I reached and got him down from a low position, picked him up over that fence onto the stage and my wife started to screaming “Oh my God! My kids are not going to have a daddy and I won’t have a husband!” Because anytime before that if I picked up my 6 month old baby I began to hemorrhage something fierce. I picked that guy up he weighed 180 pounds, I slung him around like he was a rag doll, and when I come to myself they said I made about 4 rounds with him and he looked like his legs were sticking straight out. I swung him around, set him down and I was instantly, miraculously totally healed, completely. Everything that had been cut out was put back in just like I had asked for. I went back to work… that was on a Sunday night, went back to work Monday morning and I have not stopped since.   It’s been 44 years ago or something like that.

Sid: What did the doctors say?

Gene: Well I went to the doctor and he made the x-rays, he had to go up on the 2nd floor, 2 floors up from where he was. He brought the x-ray down and says… he sent me back up he said “You got the wrong x-rays, somebody elses x-rays.” So I went back up brought them back down and said “Well they still got the wrong ones but I can thorascope you and see what’s wrong.” So he thorascoped me and he let out a big cuss word (chuckling), and I became his best buddy. I met him at the hospital went in the rooms and prayed for people with him. My sister was a nurse there at the Baptist Hospital. He called me his miracle man.

Sid: Now the FBI literally investigated your miracle.

Gene: Right.

Sid: Why was that?

Gene: My picture went on the front cover of Valiant Magazine. They came to my office and asked if the story was true and all and I told them “Yes.” They said “Well…” I said “Look I’ve got the x-ray right here.” I put it up on the door he could see it there. I said “Before and after” and he said “Well that could be anybody’s lung.” I said “I’ll tell you what you do, my wife’s here she’ll type up a statement, you go see my doctor he can tell you what happened better than I can tell you.”  So they went to see my doctor and it was documented as a bonafide miracle.

Sid: Now I understand Phil Donahue found out about it and actually did investigative reporting of your miracle and had you on his show. What did he have to say about it?

Gene: He said it was the most astounding miracle he had ever seen. You know Sid about 7-8 years I started having prayer meetings in my home and it got so big we grew out of one room so I built a huge room onto that one. I had some doors that I had ordered at the lumber company, huge wide doors to be put in. I said “Do you know anybody that can put these doors in for me?” He said “I know a guy.” So he calls this guy and this guy shows up and he looks familiar to me but I hadn’t seen him in a long time and he weighed about 400 pounds, had a little girl with him about 7-8 years old, 6-7-8 years old. So I got to witnessing, back then I witnessed to anything if they stand still long enough. So I started talking to him about the Lord and it turns out Sid that’s the guy, isn’t that just like the Lord, that’s the guy that had the little girl, that was his granddaughter and he brought her with him. She was there and he put in my doors for me in my little prayer chapel.

Sid: Was his granddaughter still healed?

Gene: Oh yes she was beautiful! She was about 7-8 years old, just as spry as any kid I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sid: I understand that you pray for people that have had their lungs removed, or heart trouble. You prayed for someone with lung problem that got healed, but I understand that you have a special degree of supernatural faith for people with heart problems.

Gene: Well its happened to you it’s not hard to believe you know…

Sid: Well there are people that need miracles right now Gene. Would you pray for them?

Gene: I sure will. Father God we thank You for the privilege of coming to You in Your name. There is not one thing in this world that You can’t do, You made humanity, You can heal every part of it, and Lord You know the person that’s watching right now what’s wrong with each one of them. I pray for a mass miracle, Lord for ever person that’s listening right now in Jesus name whatever is wrong with them you would heal them from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. We ask you for a miracle for each one of them in Jesus name. Amen.

Sid: I tell you Mishpochah that might have been a simple prayer but Gene believes and that’s the only you can please God. There is such a contagiousness on people that are absolutely… I mean not these 99.9 Ivory Soap believer, I mean the ones that say “I so trust God I could walk on water if He told me to do it.”

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sidroth on August 17th, 2016

Reinhard Bonnke

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Reihard Bonnke and unbelievable… a widow brought her dead husband, who had been dead for 3 days. I mean he literally was in the mortuary, the doctor said he was dead. In the mortuary they injected chemicals in his veins because that’s the way they do this in Africa. Had he been alive the chemicals would have killed him but of course he was dead. Dead for 3 days but his wife had faith. Now he was a pastor and his wife brought him to a Reinhard Bonnke meeting, Reinhard didn’t even know he was there, but he was down in the basement and he came back to life. Needless to say he has impacted everyone in that city as a result… I imagine everyone in the city knows about that Reinhard.

Reinhard: Yes not just the city he’s getting invitations whether it’s from Australia, or it’s from Holland, whether it’s from Britain, from America, from everywhere I mean he is becoming a world traveller.

Sid: Okay now we left off yesterday he was in the… right by the gates of hell he could see what was going on, he saw the torment, but what happened next?

Reinhard: Well he was unable to help anyone, he couldn’t even try to help anyone in hell, but it shocked him to hear that one man screamed at him out of hell saying that he had been a pastor that he had stolen money from the church, but he wanted to give it back. He said suddenly his angel, that was the mighty angel next to him turned his back to him, and that moment great fear gripped him, Daniel Ekechukwu. Great fear he said it was a horrible fear and the angel said to him “If your record was to come to an end today you would have to join these people in hell.”

Sid: Now this man was a pastor! What do you mean?

Reinhard: Well he asked the… he said “I protested saying ‘I’m a pastor, I am a born again Christian, I am washed in the blood of Jesus.’” But the angel said to him have you not read Matthew 5 where Jesus said “That your sins are only forgiven if you also forgive those who have sinned against you?” He said the angel also said to him “That God has decided not to close His record that moment, but the prayer of the rich man, Luke chapter 16, will be answered and that he would be the one that would be sent back from death to earth to go and warn this generation. This would be the last warning for this generation to repent and to be saved so that they do not come to that place of torment.

Sid: So this is like a sign for us.

Reinhard: It is, it is a very serious sign. Daniel keeps on saying… I was co-ministering with him at my crusade now in Elasha, in Nigeria where he gave his testimony.  I also co-ministered with him when I was in Vienna in Austria. He keeps on saying “People heaven is real and hell is REAL! Hell is REAL! And we serve a holy God you better better cleanup your life and forgive those who have sinned against you because if you don’t your own forgiveness is invalid!” I think it is a mighty strong message that needs to be spread across the whole world. We’ve got to live a holy life, we’ve got to live a clean life and those who are not saved URGENTLY need to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Sid: Now of course we know Reinhard that no one knows when their end will come. I just heard about a 22 year old electrician went to work in the morning and got hit with electricity and dead. Didn’t have a clue, so no one knows when their end is going to come. So everyone has to be ready at this second because that is all they have. However, in your spirit with what God has shown you, with what you have just heard that has happened to Daniel, do you believe he is coming back soon?

Reinhard: Well I believe that this is one last sign from God. All these last 2000 years since the parable was spoken nobody came back to earth saying “That God had decided that the prayer of the rich man in hell be answered and I am the one sent. With that message repent and believe the gospel, clean up your own lives.” If that is not a sign that Jesus is coming soon I don’t know for what we are waiting.

Sid: Alright there’s someone listening right now that says “Reinhard I know I’m supposed to forgive I understand that, but you don’t know I was sexually abused as a child, I can’t forgive that person.” What would you say to them?

Reinhard: Well if we can’t forgive others we have no forgiveness ourselves, and we hurt both parties. We hurt ourselves by not forgiving the other because hate is a terrible thing. It is like a cancer eating in one’s own life. We harm and hurt ourselves and we also prevent that the other person who has done such an evil thing would ever find forgiveness and salvation. I think we need to read Matthew 5:22 and the following. Then just go on our knees and say “Lord I forgive my husband who treated me like a beast. Or I forgive those who have sexually molested me. I forgive them because I also received forgiveness from You and life and light and peace will come, healing will come, even physical healing will come, mental healing will come.” You know when we do that it just widens the channel for the goodness and the mercy of God to flow into our own direction and our own forgiveness by the blood of Jesus becomes valid.

Sid: Reinhard I want you to pray for myself and everyone that is listening right now for a supernatural hunger to preach the gospel. Hunger for souls that we can’t walk by people without telling them the Good News.

Reinhard: I gladly do so. I pray right away. Heavenly Father I thank you for this privilege to speak to so many people who love You, who know You, and some who don’t know You. I pray oh Lord that you may just put a flame of fire upon all Your children like on the day of Pentecost. That will burn in their bones that we may carry the burden of the heart of the Lord within us. The very burden He carried that took Him to the cross our blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. Let just a fraction of that burden of the Lord come into our own hearts that we have a burden for the lost. That we speak up and never shut up when it comes to speak the gospel to others who know it. I thank you Lord that You will confirm every testimony that You will confirm Your word with salvation and healing flowing in rich measure. I pray Lord for each and everyone within the reach of my voice that You may just help us to stand up and to run the race preaching the gospel to those who don’t know it. I ask it in the name of Jesus – Amen.

Sid: Amen.

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