sidroth on December 12th, 2017

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. You know, most of us, we have this vision of God speaking to us with an audible voice like the Ten Commandments, and we can hear that booming voice. Well my guests say that we all should hear from God, but there are unexpected ways, it’s like we’re on AM and God’s on FM, and but it’s happening all around us. Like for instance, do you ever see a pattern of numbers, the same number over and over, and over? Do you hear the same name? Do you hear a scripture? Did you see an event that’s not supposed to be, but it was there? That could be God speaking to you. And do you know what else? Once you become aware of this you’re going to open up your hearing God like never before.


Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: A couple of years ago you came to the United States, both of you, to do a show for us, and I invited both of you to be at our prayer meeting. And Holy Spirit picked one particular person out, it happened to be a manager in our office, and you started by asking a question: Do you  have any children? She said, “Yes, I have one.” And then you said, “But I see another child.” And she turned a color. Let me tell you way [red]. Because it’s not that she was ashamed that she was having a child, it was because she hadn’t told anyone, especially her boss. She wanted her boss to be the first, but you were the first.


ADAM: Yes, I put my foot in it.


SID: Now, I asked you at dinner last night about how you know these things and you told me there’s an angel that accompanies you, and sometimes he like leans on your shoulder. Explain that. What does that mean?


ADAM: That’s right. When I’m ministering at the pulpit, it can even happen when I’m having dinner as well, an angel leans on me, and what happens is that he leans on me and I can get pictures and images, moving pictures sometimes. I could spell out details about someone’s life, about their condition, their sickness, even their child, perhaps even the child’s name and the condition. And what happens is faith just crashes into the meeting and pretty much God releases the miraculous.


SID: Tell me about that. So that’s you. That’s good. You’re a prophet. You’re, the Bible says there’s fivefold ministers and you are a prophet. But what about me? What about you, just average people, [can we] know our destiny, know our purpose, our function, our calling, what we’re supposed to do?


ADAM: I believe everybody can have it if you’re hungry enough. We can all be prophetic and hear from God. But for me, God didn’t just wave a wand and I had this. I had to carve it out. There’s one thing to have the grace of God over your life and that’s free, but to fulfill the destiny can come with a price, and you just got to be hungry and passionate to fulfill the destiny of God, and if you ask, you receive.

SID: Adrian, you have opened up my world and I want you to open the world of those that are watching. Tell me some of the ways God speaks to us, and he doesn’t speak to us. He’s speaking to us all the time, and once the light bulb goes on you’re going to know. Tell me some of the ways.


ADRIAN: Before I tell you some of the ways, Sid, I believe that we’re all prophetic. We may not all be fivefold like Adam, but we all have a prophetic edge, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enter the Kingdom, because it’s through revelation that we enter the Kingdom. But God speaks to us every day through numbers and sometimes those numbers may repeat themselves through names that we may see on a sign, on a bus or a truck, through a song that might bubble up within us, or through a line that’s coming as someone is speaking the news out. You know, there are so many ways. It might be a movie title or it might be a photograph in front of you, or a magazine that you’re reading, an article might jump out at you. There are so many words that God can speak. It may be a plant in your garden or a bird that comes and lands on that tree, but it does something that’s unusual, and you go, well that was unusual, it got my attention. What could God be speaking in that situation?


SID: But for most of us it, it’s like we’re on AM and the sign God is giving us is on FM, and we just, I think that if we’re just aware of this it’s going to make a profound difference.


ADRIAN: I believe that’s true. I believe that is true.


SID: This is so unusual. It would attract your attention. Tell me about, on the Russian beaches, there were thousands of giant snowballs. Some of them, I mean, they went from the size of a tennis ball to three feet in diameter. It covered 11 miles of beach. Now, there you go. That’s another, this never happened there before. I guess that’s one way God can get our attention when we see something that’s never happened before.


ADRIAN: Exactly. And that’s what drew my attention, Sid. As soon as I saw that at that moment, that is so unusual, that has be the voice of God, and particularly the time when it took place. It was the day after the United States Presidential Election. And so we understand from Scripture, Adam and I, that a ball is a projectile, and as a projectile, it’s something you can throw and you can catch. It’s a picture of words and a snowball can be code words. And so a beach is an interface. We believe that God is speaking through this incidence and saying we need to pray. It’s a warning that cold words don’t take place or cross over between America and Russia.


SID: I have seen the number of, in particular, you talk about seeing the same numbers reoccur. Since I’ve been a believer, I have seen the number “777.” Even on my Israeli passport it says “777.” When we come back, I want you guys to tell me what that means. Be right back.

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sidroth on December 5th, 2017

KYNAN: Hello, hello, hello. I’m Kynan Bridges standing in for Sid Roth and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Our guest today hears the most precise secrets of God about himself and others. He has literally equipped thousands to do the same. Are you ready? I’m here with Shawn Bolz. And Shawn, the last time you were here you gave some of the most amazingly accurate words of God. I want us to show a clip of that right now.


[begin video]


SHAWN: I have one more user name. I never get user names, but I ask God for new information that I never get, and he gave me Terry Bishop 911. Is that a user name? Where is he? Terry Bishop, you’re working on the show and we’re getting you. Is this a user name you use?

Terry Bishop: That is my user name, Terry Bishop 911.


SHAWN: That’s amazing.


[end video]


KYNAN: The Son of God has raised you up to really be a bridge for so many of us to help others to developing their gift and to develop their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. But it wasn’t always that way, was it?


SHAWN: I mean, I loved the prophetic from the time I was little. My parents raised us up in an environment like what’s God showing you, what’s God doing, but I never thought of myself as the teacher of the prophetic or somebody who’s going to help people get words of knowledge and understand this, and get clarity. It’s just something that along the journey I loved the fruit of it so much that I couldn’t help but say you guys got to do this. You guys got to hear God this way.


KYNAN: Wow. So you went from this kind of secure kind of reality just taking the risk, stepping out, being bold. You even gave words in front of 65,000 people at Azusa. Now, tell us about that.


SHAWN: It was just a living room, just a little, you know, God’s living room. You know, it was wild because I’ve done prophetic ministry and worked alone for so long, and I’ve only been on a platform to show people it’s possible. I don’t actually like talking a platform. I love teaching, I love inspiring people, but prophesying publically, it’s part of my behind the scenes life. So to do it in public in front of 65,000 people it was very intimidating. I even tried to get out of it at the beginning.




SHAWN: I was like I don’t need to do this, guys. You’re going to do this.


KYNAN: So you mean to tell me that even today sometimes you still feel that trepidation. You still feel that.


SHAWN: Every time.


KYNAN: Every time.


SHAWN: Every time I take the platform I feel like I don’t want to do this.


KYNAN: So you don’t just have this fearless sort of boldness all the time.


SHAWN: If you watch any videos, because we post videos, sometimes our ministry posts videos because we want to show what a chicken I am and how God can still use me. And so there’s times where I’m going, really, it’s real, like what I’m saying is real. And people are going yeah, and I’m like I’m just discovering the reality as well. I think we have this image that we grow in our confidence and everything else, so why don’t we grow in our confidence when it comes to the supernatural. But the supernatural is dependent on our connection relationship with God.


KYNAN: Wow, that’s so good.


SHAWN: And so you should never feel like I got this. Although we should feel confident, we shouldn’t feel a sense of self-confidence.


KYNAN: Wow. Wow. So you called out people in that large crowd, 65,000 people. I mean, how was that? Did you know you were being accurate? Tell us about how that went.


SHAWN: No. The first couple I called out, it was the first of no names of a couple. It was funny, because their friends afterwards, I mean, they’re life-long friends, we didn’t know their middle names. Their first and middle names, a street she had grown up on, there is all this information about how many kids they have. They had just moved to Oregon and they didn’t tell their family yet, so a lot of their friends and family didn’t know they had moved. So I told their friends on national television they were doing this. This was a God thing. And they were just in so much shock that God knew them and used them as an example to millions of people who were watching, but also the 65,000 live to show them like I’m with you. I the Lord God am ever present, but I’m also manifesting my presence for you.


KYNAN: Wow. Wow. Let me ask the question that all of our viewers want to really know. Can everybody really flow words of knowledge or is it just for the super saints and the specially gift?


SHAWN: I am an example of why anybody can flow words of knowledge. I don’t have a birthmark on anywhere in my body that qualifies me. There’s no sign that I was born under. I think the reality is that First Corinthians 14 says, “Go after love like your life depended on it and eagerly desire prophecy.” And then the First Corinthians 14, it also talks about the process of prophecy and how when someone comes in who doesn’t know the Lord, I think it prophecies to [them when] the secrets of their heart are laid bare. Now these secrets aren’t necessarily things that other people who know them would know, but the fact that God knows them and the fact that the people in the room all of a sudden know them by supernatural revelation makes them say God is real, he loves me, cares about me. So for me, it’s not an issue of can we all get it. You asked if we can all get it, but will we? Will we go after love and prove love by prophecy.


KYNAN: Listen, God wants to show you secrets. The secret of the Lord is with them who fear him. When we come back we’re going to show you, Shawn is going to teach us a little bit more how to tap into the heart of God. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on November 15th, 2017



DAVID HERNANDEZ: Well I truly do believe that the key to experiencing more of what God has for you is prayer. And I do believe that God is re-digging the wells in the Church and we’re going to move into a time of deeper things. How many of you in this place you say I want God to move in my prayer life?




DAVID: God’s going to touch your life. He really is! And,




DAVID: But I want to talk to you on The Four Realms of Prayer. And this message when I say realms I’m not talking different dimensions and moving to different worlds. I’m talking about four realities of prayer. And when you understand these four realms you understand that categorically speaking ALL prayer will find itself under one of these four. Now there are many different facets of prayer. There’s praying in tongues, there’s praying in your mind, there is praying privately, there is praying corporately but everything, no matter what it is, can fall categorically speaking under these four realms. If you can understand these four as they pertain to all of prayer I believe you can receive breakthrough in your prayer life. I believe you’re going to hear the voice of God more clearly. You know we’ve kind of accepted just in the church world there’s this idea that the voice of God is not to be heard with clarity. And I know we know if I say how many believe you can hear the voice of God I get a resounding amen! Right? But the truth is that most people, most believers, when they talk about the voice of God they talk about it in a way that’s unclear. I’m still trying, I’m still working, I’m still waiting to hear God and we’ve accepted that it’s difficult to hear God. But you can hear the voice of God with such clarity that when He whispers in the Spirit you can hear him! You can hear the voice of God which such confidence that when He speaks everything within you says I know that’s Him! This is God speaking to me and you move on it by faith. And I’m talking about this kind of prayer life that can cultivate the voice of God. So the four different realms of prayer. I’m going to list then I’m going to go through them here. The first realm I’m going to talk about is requesting. This is the prayer request. The second one we’re going to be talking about is reverencing which is worship. And worship is an aspect of prayer because it’s communication with God. The third one is resisting which is spiritual warfare. And the fourth one, it doesn’t sound as mysterious but it is very much as much prayer is and that is reading. You read the Word. It’s prayer. And as you pray this way, as you enter into the deeper realms of the Spirit through prayer what’s going to happen is you’re going to hear the voice of God more clearly. The power of God is going to intensify on your life. Your witness, your evangelism’s going to transform. Why? Because it’s Holy Spirit empowered prayer! When I first began to seek the Lord as some of you may have heard in the interview, I don’t know how many of you watched that episode but if you haven’t check that out with Sid Roth on the It’s Supernatural episode. In that episode I talked about the season of my life that was a very different season for me and it’s a well that I still dig from today. In that season I began to seek the face of God and I’m telling you as an eleven year-old kid who just received Jesus I was passionate. I was fascinated with the person of Jesus. And I said Lord, everything in me has to know the depths and the riches that is Christ. And so I gave my all, my heart, my being to seek His face. And we talked about this experience I had where I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Where I had experienced something that was that something more that many believers look for. But I had made an ultimatum with God so I go in my room. Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6, verse 6 that when you pray you go away quietly. Close the door. Why? Number One: It’s so that there’s no distraction. Number Two: It’s so that God can reward you publicly for what you do privately. There’s something in what’s hidden and what’s exposed and what has power and what doesn’t. And so what God did for me in that season in my life was found in the moment where I said Lord, I’m not leaving this room until you touch me! I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit when I started talking, how many when I started talking about that I sense His presence here?




DAVID: And I said Lord Jesus. You know why? Because when I talk about it you say I want that and when you say you want that that desire draws Him closer because that desire is a form of worship. And so I was in the room and I shut the door and I said I’m not leaving Jesus until you touch my life, until something happens. And I remember I had my fan in my room was on because it got very warm in that room. My fan was on. My Bible was open. My light was on so I can read the Bible and I had music playing in the background, soft worship music. And so I had set the atmosphere and I was ready to do everything that I knew to do to seek the face of God. So I go in and I start praying and I remember I got going and I was excited. I was filled with zeal and I had made that ultimatum very clear. Lord, I’m not leaving until You touch me. And so I’m praying and I’m praying and I’m praying and one hour goes by and nothing happened. How many of you know when you’re digging a well every shovel full is dirt until you hit water?




DAVID: And so I’m digging and I’m saying Lord, I’m praying. I’m praying. I’m praying. And that first hour was so discouraging to me because often I would do that. I would say Lord, I’m going to pray for one hour. I would pray. I felt like heaven had invaded my life and I would look up and maybe on the clock ten minutes had gone by. And how many of you have experienced that?


AUDIENCE: All of us!


DAVID: It’s because that’s the flesh. It’s what I was doing was in the flesh. I was putting forth my effort. So the second hour goes by. I said okay. I’m going to reach for the more melancholy aspects of my emotion and I’m going to cry. I’m going to weep. I’m going to seek Him. And what we do here you see it’s we try to guilt God into a response.




DAVID: Lord, don’t You hear me? Don’t you see me? Don’t you love me? We say Lord, don’t you love me. Can’t you hear me and we say it because we’re trying to manipulate Him in a way that He can’t be manipulated. He doesn’t respond to that. Do you know when I get a call on my cell phone and the call starts going bad I’ll often tell the person on the other line I’ll say listen, you’re not coming in clear. The call is breaking up. And what do they start doing? Most of the time they start yelling so that I can hear them. I say no, no the problem is not the volume, it’s the connection.



DAVID: When you’re praying we try to exude emotion. We exert our effort with emotion. You’re raising the volume. The volume’s not the issue. It’s the connection. And so that second hour had gone by where I’m praying that way and guess what happened? Nothing! Then I reached for the more aggressive, the more, the more, the more spiritual. I had read books on spiritual warfare. I’m mean I’m telling you if there was an adjective I took that adjective, attached it to a demon and rebuked it!




DAVID: The spirit of this, the spirit of that, the spirit of this goes, the spirit of that goes! And I’m praying against all of the things I could think of praying against. I’m going back to when I was 5. Lord, if there was anything when I was 5 years old blocking me. I’m doing the generational deliverance, all of these different things that I knew to do and I had got aggressive and I got angry and I said I’m not going to be you know subdued. I’m not going to be held back in the name of Jesus! And it’s good to pray like that when it’s spirit-led but I initiated it.




DAVID: So finally that third hour goes by and nothing happened. And now, I’ll be honest with you, I started to regret my ultimatum.




DAVID: The fourth hour comes. And then I got intellectual. I got theological. I start well maybe analyzing and assessing and I applied the frailty of human wisdom. And I said perhaps that will get, I’ll tell you this right now. If it were possible to enter the presence of God by emotion or human effort in that moment I would have entered. But it’s not. And I remember in that moment I looked at the clock and I realized how much time had gone by and I just started to weep. And tears were coming down my face and I said Jesus, I don’t know how to pray. Jesus, I don’t know what to do. See there’s no man or woman on earth no matter how anointed they are who knows their way into the presence of God. Only the Holy Spirit knows the way in.


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


DAVID: And so I said Lord, what do I do? I mean I was broken. All of my, you know why God will wait till all of your effort has been exhausted? You know why He’ll do that? Because often we’ll push, push, push, push for things to happen in our ministry, in our life, in our family, in our business. And we’re pushing for it to happen and it doesn’t happen. It’s because when the answer finally comes, when the miracle finally comes He wants you to know who deserves the glory!


AUDIENCE: Amen! That’s right! That’s right!

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sidroth on November 8th, 2017

RON: Randy, we’ve got it on video. It was because the, it was because the cloud came. And the Word was dropping and saturating and folks were sensing it. You know I go to some conferences that are huge even for young people. But they’re so big, there’s no, they have run this one in, he’s got twenty minutes, they run that one out. We don’t do that. We just start on Thursday and quit sometime on Saturday and some stay over on Sunday.




RON: I came over to the church one Saturday afternoon during Collide last year and there were 800 young people laid out in the quiet anointing of the Holy Ghost.




RON: We have seen more people healed in that atmosphere of young people because they’re not old and jaded like we are. They don’t know it all and seen everything. They really believe God can do something. And folks we’re coming into a season where when we prayer miracles are going to happen and those that have rejected us we’re not going to have to throw a give me to get them. They’re going to come to the doors of the Church and say can somebody tell me how to get saved, healed and delivered? Can somebody help my children?




RON: Well let me wrap this up and give you the, put the cherry on top of this and see if God wants to heal somebody here this afternoon. He’s coming. Hosea chapter 6, another Latter Rain verse. This is what I promised you. Come let us return to the Lord for He has torn but He’ll heal us. He has stricken but He’ll bind us up. After two days He’ll revive us. All right. Latter Rain note Number One: Late 1880’s to Azusa Revival. Everybody say Revival Number One.


AUDIENCE: Revival Number One.


RON: 1948 right on into the charismatic movement. Everybody say revival.


AUDIENCE: Revival.


RON: Number Two.


AUDIENCE: Number Two.


RON: But look at this. After two days He’ll revive us. But on the third day, this is the third Latter Rain movement, He will raise us up that we may live in His sight. There’s something bigger than revival coming!




RON: You’re going to see a day when Islamic Mullahs are, are, are converted standing in their Mosques!


AUDIENCE: Yeah Amen! Amen! Glory!


RON: God is about to step up!




RON: It says in verse 3 at the end of Hosea 6: He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain on the earth. Now what can you do about it? Zechariah 10:1: Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain. And there’s another prophet that said He’s going to let the early and latter rain happen at the same time. Do you know what that means? It means you’re going to sow and reap [clap] at the same time!




RON: It’s going to be that big! I believe I’ve given you something here today to give you some hope. I believe that we are a third day people. I believe that the student generation rising right now may be the greatest we’ve ever seen! I believe there’s something going on that’s huge and God is going to break the forces of darkness and He’s going to break open the heavens and the Latter Rain is going to begin to fall and it’s not going to be after the Rapture. It’s going to be before the Rapture and we’re going to see harvest, we’re going to see a transfer of wealth, we’re going to see  supernatural provision, we’re going to see the miracles of Pentecost and it won’t be just psychosomatic either. And we’re going to see limbs restored, eyes opened, ears opened.




RON: Hallelujah! This angel told me I’m not going to make fat disappear and I know I’m too big –




RON: – so just leave me alone! You think I’m kidding. I’m not. The Holy Spirit told me to lose some weight and Noble here thinks I’ll be more noble if I’m littler so – .




RON: – anyway, we’re working on that. Yeah, he’s a joy angel. He’s messing with some of you too I know right now.




RON: Cause I [laughing] the joy of the Lord is our –


AUDIENCE: Strength.


RON: And I was so weak. Went through four major surgeries and honest to God I’d have been happy to go to heaven except missing my kids and grandkids and see God in the future and God sent this angel into my bedroom one night. So – I’m not going to cry.




RON: I believe right now would you bow your head and close your eyes with me all over? I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to give instruction here to me right now. First of all the Lord’s told me right where you are if you sense weakness in your body, you sense weakness in your body. It might not be an illness but it’s a weakness and you don’t feel like you’ve had the strength that you need I want you to put your hand up right now. I cancel that assignment of the enemy and what he’s trying to do in your life in the name of Jesus and I declare to you that the Lord is the strength of your life. And God’s about to give you some joy in your life. I release joy and laughter that doeth good like a medicine right now in this place in the name of Jesus! And I declare within the next 24 hours you’re going to, you’re not going to be able to control yourself for the joy and laughter that’s going to be [laughing] released in your life. Now you don’t believe, some of you just let – put your faith to work with mine right now. He said the joy of the Lord. He said a merry heart does good like a medicine. That medicine that I’m administering it. I’m not Dr. Crandall but I’m administering a dose of the Holy Ghost to bring joy into your life! [laughing]

AUDIENCE: Praise God!


RON: [laughing] That’s all right. Now there’s something worse going on here today and I want to deal with that now. yes, I, I really, I really sense – the Bible says He’ll give you a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. If you’re struggling with depression, depression. That’s heaviness in the Bible. That’s not God’s glory. That’s not, that’s not a burden of the Lord. That’s the enemy because He said My yoke is easy, My burden is light. If you’re struggling with depression I want you to stand up. You’re not going to have to come up here but I want you to stand up wherever you are. Just remain standing. Nobody look around. This is not anybody’s business but God and me right now. This is a demonic spirit. You’re not possessed but you’re oppressed. No demon can possess a Christian but they can harass, suppress, depress and compress. And I have authority, I have apostolic authority to come into agreement with you to get rid of this if you’ll let me. But you got to trust me enough to pray this prayer out loud with me when I pray it. Will you do it? Say Dear Lord Jesus.


AUDIENCE: Dear Lord Jesus.


RON: I want to confess.


AUDIENCE: I want to confess.


RON: I have allowed the enemy.


AUDIENCE: I have allowed the enemy.


RON:  To traffic in my life.


AUDIENCE: To traffic in my life.


RON: And in my thoughts.


AUDIENCE: And in my thoughts.


RON: I’m tired of it.


AUDIENCE: I’m tired of it.


RON:  I don’t want to be depressed any longer.


AUDIENCE: I don’t want to be depressed any longer.


RON: I’m going to stop right here for just a minute. The Lord’s revealed to me that there’s some of you who have been left by a man or a woman. You have been hurt deeply and you’ve not forgiven them. And some of you are saying they made me depressed. It’s their fault. If somebody hurt you and that’s created this in your life or even if you’re angry at God because you’ve lost a loved one say right now Lord, I forgive. Say it out.


AUDIENCE: Lord, I forgive.


RON: Those who hurt me.


AUDIENCE: Those who hurt me.


RON: I just saw chains fall off some of you. Some of you will feel a lightness coming off your chest. There a heaviness leaving your chest right now in the name of Jesus. Now say Lord, forgive me.


AUDIENCE: Lord, forgive me.


RON: Put me under the blood.


AUDIENCE: Put me under the blood.


RON: Now!




RON: I want you to release authority. Say I release authority.

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sidroth on November 1st, 2017

SHAWN: And the Old Testament it was about you know all information. If you could get your information right that?s how God loved the people but in the New Testament it?s about we?re each justified by our own relationship and to hearing God. So we bring each other encouragement, comfort, edification. So if we miss it we just take responsibility and say I?m sorry that I missed that detail and we move on. We don?t have to stop our ministry. We don?t have to, we may decrease in our authority if we continually miss in certain areas. We need to like reevaluate how we?re getting those words but that?s part of learning how to be accountable to growth but you are not disqualified because you missed details. As a matter of fact before I go back into the Bill Johnson Australia story I was at Starbucks one day and I ran after this guy and I said hey, is there a Steven, like a brother or a cousin or something? He goes, no! and I thought ah-ha-ha. Okay. Bye.




SHAWN: And he goes why did you ask me that? And he laughed. And I said I?m a Christian. I?m learning how to hear from God. This is just a few years ago. And he laughs and he goes I?ve waited my whole life to talk to somebody who believes God?s really going to talk to them. Do you have time to sit down with me? Producer in Hollywood. We sit down at Starbucks for 45 minutes. He gives his life to Jesus through a wrong word of knowledge!




SHAWN: See if it?s about love, love never fails! So if you take responsibility, oh like I?m just trying something. I?m sorry. I?m not giving and a lot of people criticize me because I?m not giving demonstrative words most of the time. I?m not saying ?God told me? unless I know! There?s a certain level where I know God has told me but if I?m just trying it by the measure of my faith I?m saying does this make sense to you? Is there anybody with this? Because I?m just trying to walk in faith. And some people say that?s ?cold reading? or that?s whatever. But no. Jesus would say ?hey is that Zacchaeus in the tree?? And He just called out and he came. And these kinds of stories are the stories we need to focus on in the scripture. Back to Bill Johnson. So I gave five words in a row or four words in a row but there?s five of them. I didn?t give the fifth one I was so nervous and I just said like okay, bye everybody.




SHAWN: The next night God blew it out of the park. He awed me. He awed them. It was beautiful but not with those words. So I just I had this list of notes in my Bible, I mean in my I-Pad which is also my Bible. I had a list of notes and a year later, you guys, I was in Las Vegas Nevada and my daughter had been really sick with RSV which is very serious but she was getting better that day. And so I actually went to Las Vegas even though she was sick, she was getting better and my wife, it was in my wife?s home church she said you have to go to Las Vegas because this is our home church and Harper?s better now and you need to go. But I was so tired from being out with the family, just so worried about RSV so serious and we were praying and so I had been out for two days. It was like I don?t know if I can give them anything. I have nothing! So we get in the car and drive their cause we missed our flight so we get in the car and we drive there. I drove with a new believer who wanted to tell me everything about his whole life which is really fun but I was exhausted by the time I got there. And so we get to the meeting and [laughing] and I get there. We got there late so we got there two-thirds of the way through worship, almost at the end of worship. And I think God, I don?t know what to do. They?ve already heard my life message. I go to the regular one. They?ve already heard everything I have to preach. I have nothing new because I had no time because of Harper?s being sick for a couple of weeks. I don?t know what to do here God and I hear the Holy Spirit deep inside of me. He says pull out that list from Australia. And I go, no!




SHAWN: And not only did I think you know I didn?t even think I had the list from Australia it was like I think I keep my notes but I?m not sure. This was the first time I knew that your notes stay in your system. I was like this is awesome. I have all my notes. So I look and I pull out the five, the five words for different people and I get up after worship and I go you guys, I have to try something cause I have nothing for you. I?m so sorry. My daughter was sick and I?ve had no time to prepare. But Jesus has a lot for you. And I really love you and I came out of love you so I know He?s going to do something but it?s not through a teaching this time. And I said I?m just going to ask. Is there a Shannon and I forget his wife?s name but this couple, is there this couple are you here? And this couple stands up from the front row over here and they say that?s our names. And I said did you just have a grandson? And they said yeah, two weeks ago. And I said is his name ?Grayson?? And they?re like ?YES!? And I?m like we?re all freaking out because I?m like do you realize? And I tell them the whole thing about a year ago I got this. I knew about your grandson a year ago but not really. But God did!


SHAWN: And He knew Him by name a year ago!





SHAWN: Now picture that! The God of all the universe knew us from the beginning! And this is a proof. That a year before, He wasn?t even conceived yet. His parents hadn?t picked his name till about a month before the meeting, two weeks before he was born or whatever, and yet I had his name on my I-Pad for over a year!


SHAWN: Now every other skill set you try you give yourself a lot of time. If you?re going to draw the first couple of times it may be stick figures! But wait! Once you start to school yourself in it or you go to classes eventually you start to draw something that has a real form and substance. Words of knowledge you?re going to make a lot of mistakes. It?s going to feel like a guessing game sometimes. That?s why you have to use your friends and like unsaved people so you don?t get in trouble.




SHAWN: Cause the church sometimes you know gets really mad about you for trying the prophetic but run after trying and it?s trial and error. Because when you get it right you?re going to go ?Oh!? And in your spirit like all of a sudden you?re praying for somebody like I just sense your father is sick. Can I pray for him? And they?re like yes and you?re – I know how to feel that now! So when I?m around somebody else I know what?s authentic but sometimes it feels like guessing when you?re trying cause you?re just, you?re revving up your engines. You?re trying to figure it out and the church hasn?t allowed us to have a love, you know, judgment-free zone in this area! And we need to have a ?judgment-free zone? so we can take risks! And it?s trial and error. So try to and use lesser language cause if you start out strong or if you?re in a camp that says, “The Lord has told me” and it?s wrong. The Lord has told me March 8th and like and nothing, Oh, like sorry. You know that?s really high stakes. So lower the stakes and say hey, I?m a Christian. I?m getting a spiritual sense from God from His heart that maybe this information means something to you. So lower the stakes. If you don?t feel like God told you don?t say God told me. Lower the stakes and just say I have a spiritual impression inside my heart for you or that may be for you. Can I share it with you? And I?m telling you people cannot wait to hear from you when you get a spiritual impression so just try out something and give yourself lots of grace. So people come to me after five times of trying and say ?it doesn?t work!? And I?m like I tried hundreds of times before I built my own confidence in this. So if you?re going to give up after five times you?re done. Okay, if you?re going to give up after five times it?s like I want to be a pianist. How come I can?t be a pianist? I played six times?



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sidroth on October 18th, 2017


DONNA: Well good day to every one of you! I’m so excited to be here with Sid Roth! What an amazing studio we’re in, a studio where the presence of God is real and miracles take place every day! I’m excited to share, and by the way my name is Donna Schambach. I’m excited to share with you something that I’ve been carrying around in my spirit for a very long time! And you know I have been one who grew up in a miracle ministry. I’ve been able to see a lot with my eyes. I know that every time that Jesus shows up in a service He comes to meet the needs of people. He doesn’t overlook people. But we all come in the same way. We all come to him with faith. Faith is the common denominator that opens the door to the miracle! But I believe we’re in an interesting time and I believe that God is bringing His people through a season of dryness where it seems we haven’t seen miracles like others have seen. And maybe there have been some who have had besetting illnesses in their life or besetting pressures. And it’s not that we don’t believe in Jesus. It’s not that we’re not saved. It’s not that we don’t believe the Word but it just seems like we’ve had a hard time breaking through. Has anybody been in that place? See you’re not alone because every place I travel I see that the Church is in this condition and I’ve asked the Lord why? And so I believe God gave me an answer to that question because for too long now unfortunately as a Church, not everybody, but collectively as a Church we have heard too much teaching that only deals with our individual needs! We’ve been very self-focused. We’ve become a community of navel gazers. We’ve thought about OUR needs. My wife, my two kids, us four and no more, basically! And what I really believe that God wants us to do is to get back to the disciplines and get back to the things that actually put us in contact not just with the power of God but put us in contact with the purpose of God! The purposes of God. Now we’ve all had these self-actualization spiritual trips where what’s my ministry and what’s my anointing? And you know I don’t know that that’s necessarily Biblical. I mean Jesus does give gifts to the Church that vary but you know really it’s not about us!

AUDIENCE: That’s right.

DONNA: It’s about their purpose! Right? To raise up those, right, that can understand the Word so that they can grow up into the full stature of not a Schambach person but a Jesus person! The full stature of Christ, right? So I’m going to submit something to you and then I’m going to read some scripture. I want you to think about this for a few minutes. Maybe that miracle that you need, maybe that breakthrough that you are waiting for, maybe that denial that it seems that God has given you, maybe it’s not just about you!


DONNA: Maybe you are being targeted by God to break through to a new level of faith and surrender to His purposes for this generation! For a generation that needs to know that Jesus is alive and still doing the same things that He did 2,000 years ago!


DONNA: And so I want to read to you a few verses, I like to read scripture if that’s okay with you. 1st Samuel, I’m reading from the New King James Version, chapter 1, and I’m reading about Hannah. You know the story. She was barren. She had cried out to God perpetually for a child. She was a holy woman. There wasn’t any sin in her life. There wasn’t under a curse but she felt like she was under a curse. She felt like God had forgotten her. And there was a certain turning point in her life and I believe God is getting us there. He’s really looking for miracle people! But when the one that was closest to her, the one that loved her the most said something to her that sounded like give up on that pipedream. The Bible says: Elkanah her husband said to her ‘Hannah, why do you weep? Why do you not eat? And why is your heart grieved? Am I not better to you than ten sons’? So he was just saying can’t you let this just go? He was tired of her depression. He was so over it but I love what the Word of God says in the next verse! So Hannah arose. [Laughing]. Hannah arose after they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh. Now Eli the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the tabernacle of the Lord. And she was in bitterness of soul and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish. Then she made a vow and said ‘O Lord of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of your maidservant and remember me and not forget Your maidservant, but will give You maidservant a male child, then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life and no razor shall come upon his head.’ And it happened, as she continued praying before the Lord, that Eli, the High Priest, watched her mouth. Now Hannah spoke in her heart, only her lips moved, but her voice was not heard. Therefore Eli thought she was drunk. So Eli said to her ‘How long will you be drunk? Put your wine away from you!’ But Hannah answered and said ‘No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink but have poured out my soul before the Lord. Do not consider your maidservant a wicked woman, for out of the abundance of my complaint and grief I have spoken until now.’ Then Eli answered and said ‘Go in peace and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him. And she said ‘Let your maidservant find favor in your sight. So the woman went her way and ate and her face was no longer sad. Then she rose early in the morning and worshipped before the Lord and returned and came to their house at Ramah. And Elkanah knew Hannah his wife and the Lord remembered her. So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son. There are so many beautiful keys that really are, they’re signals to us that we have let go of pressing through to our miracle too many times.


DONNA: You know in our culture, and when I say that our religious culture, we have come to look at the five-fold ministry as kind of like right under God. You know like many gods? And so we have become no different than some denominations where a priest would have to go to God for you. We really have become very similar to that because if I need a miracle, if I need an answer to prayer I got to go to an Apostle or a Prophet or a Healer.


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sidroth on October 11th, 2017

KEVIN:  And God has angels like that he wants to release in your sphere of influence. I want to just, real quickly, were gonnna minister right here in just a second. But real quickly is there anyone here that youre a pastor or a leader in the church? I want to ask you to stand up real quick please. If youre a pastor or a leader. Thank You Father. I just want to pray for activation of your spiritual senses. Father, in Jesus name, I thank You Lord that right now youre beginning to release angels of healing and miracles, and listen, if you guys want this if youre sitting down you can have it too.  Angels of healing and miracles to be assigned to these pastors and these ministry leaders right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, I thank you that youre going to give us wisdom and revelation that we can co-labor with your angels as we work together to re-create Christ in our sphere of influence. Thank You Lord. Now some of you are going to begin to feel a little bit of fire come upon you. Phew. Come upon your head and your shoulders and your hands. O Lord, bless what Youre doin. If youre feeling a little fire right now I just need you to wave at me if thats you. If youre feeling some fire on your hands or your head just wave at me. Put it up high and wave it at me. Father I bless what Youre doin right now and I release those angels of impartation and fire (blows) right now in Jesus mighty name to touch and minister to these precious saints. Somebody give the Lord a hand clap of appreciation! Amen.




KEVIN:   You may be seated. Hallelujah. Who is the person in this area here that youre struggling. You have an issue with your knee. It pops in and out and from time to time it causes you a lot of pain but actually youre having a little pain with it today. Im sensing its in this area here. Dont be afraid if its not you. You know if it is you let me know. Right over in here. Am I missin that? So Ill move over here then? Is anyone over here having an issue with your knee? It may be your right knee. Im feelin it in my left knee. Is it you? Its you? Whats goin on?


WOMAN #2:   Ah, it hurts a lot.


KEVIN:  Is it hurt now?


WOMAN #2:   No.


KEVIN:  Hold my hand. Lets pray for it. Stretch your hands this way. Now if youre in the house today or youre watching this later and you have an issue with your knee receive the miracle, receive the healing. Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for creative miracles happening in knees right now. Hallelujah. I see ACLs, tendons, ligaments being re-created in the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. And Father, wherever my voice is being heard I ask you Father to begin to release angels of healing and miracles, supernatural miracles, Father, angels of creative miracles and supernatural provision. Thank you Father God. Do you feel something happening in that knee right there?


WOMAN #2:   Its feels very peaceful right now.


KEVIN:  Okay. So Father, I thank you for touching this knee in the name of Jesus and, Thank you Lord. Theres just a re-creative miracle happening in knees right now. And Im going to ask one more time somebody over here have an issue with your knee? Is it you? Okay. Dont be embarrassed. Here, hold my hand. Now Im ministering through the laying on of hands right now. Hallelujah. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord. Now I just sense thats theres a creative miracle thats starting to happen in that knee. In Jesus name. The tendons and ligaments are going to be re-created and theyre going to be stretched a little bit. Theyve atrophied a little bit and theres been a tearing of the tendon from the bone and its being re-attached right now and actually re-created in the name of Jesus. Phew! Theres just a real strong heavy anointing and glory coming on you right now in Jesus mighty name. So Father we just thank You for what Youre doing. We thank You. Wow. Thats nice. You want to stand up for me for just a second if you dont mind. Just stand up there. Now test your knee out, first of all. Thank you Lord. Is there any change yet?


WOMAN #3:   Yes.


KEVIN:  Yes? Can you say thank You a little bit? Okay. So Father we just thank you for touching this precious woman of Gods knee. Now here comes the glory of God is going to come down and just roll right off your shoulders, right down your back, phew, right down your spine, right through the hips, all the way down to the knees in Jesus mighty name. Even as you leave today and as you go home and lie down upon your bed this is going to be a progressive miracle. Its going to continue in Jesus mighty name. I just declare to you sister that you are healed. Somebody give the Lord a handclap of appreciation!




KEVIN:  Phew! Man, theres such a strong glory and presence of the Lord in here. How many of you feel that presence right now? Lets do this. I want to ask you just to stand up today. If you need a healing or a miracle I want to ask you just to stand up. Hallelujah. If youre standing up and you dont need a healing or a miracle I want to receive an impartation right now. The Book of Second Kings Elijah prayed for his servant. He said Lord, I pray you open up his eyes that he might see. And the scripture says and the Lord opened his eyes and the young man saw angels. He saw chariots and horsemen on the mountain of God. He saw into the spiritual dimension and Father I thank You right now for opening up peoples eyes to see into the heavenly places in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach. And Father we thank You for releasing Your angels of healing and miracles right now into this place to begin to touch and minister for those who are here. Hallelujah. Now I sense that theres a re-creative miracle happening in organs right now, pancreases, livers, bladders, pituitary glands in Jesus name. Someones being healed with the prostate gland in Jesus name. But specifically someones liver is being healed right now. Father we just ask You to release the fire of God into these bodies right now in Jesus mighty name. Elbows are being healed right now. Necks are being healed right now. In the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Thank You Father God. Someones being healed. Youve suffered and youve battled with chronic migraines. Youve were in a car accident. You were whiplashed. You were hit basically from behind and it wrenched your neck. And right now in the name of the Lord I just sense the fire and the glory of God coming upon spines to heal chronic back pain right now in Jesus mighty name. In Jesus mighty name. Spines are being straightened and years of back pain is being healed right now in the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Someones being healed of barrenness right now in Jesus mighty name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Someones being healed of barrenness. Let me just say it again. Youve been struggling to conceive. Youre going to bring forth a beautiful healthy baby in the name of Yeshua. Hallelujah. Lets give God a hand clap of praise.

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sidroth on October 4th, 2017

SID: You know, one of the tips you have for us is to start paying attention to how you feel.


DAWNA: Yes. The phrase I like to use is “Check yourself at the door.” And it’s like, what does that mean? It’s like every time I start to go somewhere I check myself before I enter the place. How do I feel right now? I check, do I feel good, do I feel bad. It’s kind of like a word of knowledge in your body. It’s like if you check your body, my body feels great. I’ll say, my knee hurts, oh my knee hurts. Oh wait a minute, someone must have a bad knee. Let’s take care of that. It’s the same in the spirit realm. I check myself at the door. Am I happy? Am I carrying the fruit of the Spirit? Okay, do I look like Jesus right now? Awesome. Because when I walk through that door anything that tempts me to act differently is probably a broadcast that I get to turn off.


SID: Tell me, speaking of broadcasts, there is a horrible epidemic that seems to be happening all over. Little children are coming home and they’re saying, “Mommy, Daddy, am I a boy or am I a girl?” And they’re getting it from school. Tell me about your friend that had that encounter.


DAWNA: Yes. One of the stores, a lot of stores now have decided that you get to choose which bathroom you go to, whether you think you’re male or female. It’s not even how you’re dressed. And so they went into one of these stores and she was shopping. And she had her five-year-old son in the cart, and she’s shopping around, and nobody is around her. And all of a sudden her little son stands up and says…


Boy: “I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.”


DAWNA: And she looks and she goes, “Well of course you are, honey. You’re a man of God.” And she looks around, and there’s nobody around her. And she realizes, my son is picking up a broadcast of confusion that has been allowed because the store has decided you get to choose who you are.


SID: Well can every believer be a walking transmitter?


DAWNA: You know, we are already a walking transmitter. I just want us to be a Godly walking transmitter, so yes.


SID: When you catch yourself transmitting something you wish you hadn’t been, what do you do about it?


DAWNA: Well yes, hopefully we do it less and less, but I still find myself, I repent. The first thing I do is, I’m sorry, Lord. I’m sorry that I partnered with the enemy. You know, God told Cain that “Sin is crouching at your door, but you must master it.” And so I’m like I might have to say, God I let that master me, I’m so sorry that I bit into that thought, and I spoke wrong or I was mean. And I just say, I repent and I send it back.


SID: Now you told me about you and your son discerned a sexual atmosphere. Explain.


DAWNA: Yes. We were in a foreign country and we were walking around the town. It felt great. I mean, it was a little impoverished, but it felt great. And we went to bed, and he’s in one room and I’m in the other. And all night long I dreamt, I had nightmares of waking up right before being raped, like over and over, and over, and I was like, get up. So I was kind of tired. So I go to my son’s room and I knock on the door and he comes out, and I’m like, oh. And I said, “You got jet lag.” And he’s like, “No mom, it’s not that.” He said, “All night long I dreamt about rescuing women from being raped. Clue. There’s the clue. So we took it to the church and we asked the church, what do you want to do about this. And they said, we already are walking the streets as street pastors and you know, we have signs that tell who we are. And I said, “How about you being shifting atmospheres. How about you begin releasing, instead of violence, you start releasing that men would actually protect the women instead of violating. You know, instead of lust there would be love because lust takes and loves gives.


SID: Give us a tip on having the right transmissions in our homes, having peace in our homes.


DAWNA: Having peace in our homes. You know what the best thing is, is you have a family meeting and you say, hey family, what do we want this transmission to be from our home, because I want a buy-in from everyone. I don’t want to be the mom, the spiritual mom who tells you, oh don’t say that, don’t say that. I want them to be able to say to me, mom, don’t say that. We had a time with Timmy and I was really frustrated, and I actually had an outburst of anger, and my little son Timmy says, “Mommy, where’s Jesus?”


SID: Out of the mouth of a babe. Okay. Time to pray. It’s time that we come to our senses and we pray for a supernatural increase of sensitivity and discernment.


DAWNA: Okay. So what I want to do, I want to start with this. I just want to have everyone say, “Come Holy Spirit.”


SID: Come Holy Spirit.


DAWNA: [speaking in tongues] Because it’s the Holy Spirit in you that gives you the power and the authority over what is coming at you. And so from that place of standing in the Holy Spirit, we just release you. I just say to you that because you are seated with Christ in the Heavenlies above the powers and principalities, and authorities, [speaking in tongues] that you will now through the understanding of what you’re hearing, maybe for the first time, you will actually take authority over that. That the Holy Spirit will rise up in you and you’ll say, hey, not on my watch. I declare over you greater discernment without fear of it’s all going to be negative and you’re going to pick it up, and it’s going to scare you. God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.


SID: Not on my watch! Say it!


DAWNA: Not on my watch. Amen.

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sidroth on September 27th, 2017

ALISS: Just lookin at me like that. (laughs) And I’m like, ô”YES, my first resurrection!” Come on! (laughing)




ALISS: Because you’re gonna practice these things. I’ve been practicing. Praying for people who have died cause I wanna see the dead raised. But were not gonna see it if we don’t actually practice it and have a go. Well you’ve gotta practice. You know you’re learning all the time. I learn a lot from my mistakes, I have to say. I make a lot of mistakes but I just keep going. And I keep saying Holy Spirit, what should I have done? Holy Spirit, what were you doing right then? Can you show me? I’m always asking Him. Just get to know the Holy Spirit. So this woodpecker’s sittin there. You know it’s alive. And it’s sittin there for like 5 minutes and it’s not flying away. And I thought wouldn’t it be ironic if a cat comes round the corner and just like swoops it up so I was like in the name of Jesus fly and I pointed to it and said it and it flew off into the trees. Now about 6 months later I was speaking at a after dinner, I was an after dinner speaker at an event.       And before I went I said Holy Spirit what would you like to do this evening in this meeting? And suddenly two woodpeckers came and sat in the tree right outside where I was looking. And I thought you know something happens like that, anything that happens that’s slightly unusual or you have— you’re just thinking, hmmm. See if that’s spiritual. Okay? Just always do that. And then you have to ask the Holy Spirit so what are you telling me? What was—think laterally. It’s not always obvious. You gotta keep digging. Keep asking the Holy Spirit. He’ll show you the next thing cause He wants you to know. Cause He wants to, you know He wants to extend His kingdom, doesn’t He? The Lord wants to extend His kingdom but He’s gonna do it through you. We’re waiting for God to come and to start revival but He’s waiting for you to start revival everywhere that you go. Cause you carry revival on the inside of you. The kingdom of heaven is within you so you’ve just gotta let it out! So anyhow, yeah, these 2 woodpeckers come in the tree. So when I get to the meeting that night I said is there— I told the woodpecker story like I just told you— and I said is there anybody here who has similar symptoms to the ones I had when this evil spirit came, you know it was like headaches,      dizziness, deafness, disorientation. And I said I think it might be two people cause I’d seen two woodpeckers. So those are words of knowledge. Okay? And it usually happens— kind of you gotta just keep thinking what is that? Is God trying to show me something? Because if you ask the Holy Spirit to tell you something He usually will tell you straight away. It’s usually the first thought in your head or the first feeling you have is usually the Holy Spirit. So two women came out and they’d had those symptoms for a long time. But when I said well it’s just an evil spirit they let go! Well that’s all right then! So we just tell the evil spirit to leave. What I’d like to do is when somebody’s got an issue it’s like a demonic thing or it’s caused by an evil spirit I normally— I will get them to say Father God, please will you forgive me for allowing this thing a place in my life, for coming into agreement with it. Because you know when that happened with me I could have thought well I’ve got this illness now. I could have gone to the doctor and got medication for it. And sort of come under it and lived under it for a very long time. I wondered why when I pray I’m not getting better. All it was was an evil spirit. So we’ve gotta see in the spirit realm just like Jesus did. He only did what He saw the Father doing in heaven. He spoke what He heard being spoken in heaven. So anyhow these people got completely set free. We prayed for them. The evil spirits come out and they get completely healed by Jesus. That’s good isn’t it?




ALISS: Something similar happened. You know it’s I just like to teach people and help them to understand the evil spirits are nothing to be scared of. They are scared of you. When you realize who you are, who lives within you, the enemy is so, so scared of you. He’s trying to stop you coming into all that God has for you. And I tell you what. It’s time. Oh yeah! C’mon. You’d better believe it. NOW is the time. You know God’s been getting you ready all these years for such a time as this! The things that you’ve been going through, it’s like the Lord showed me recently that after years and years and years and years of being in the wilderness, going round and round and coming under stuff and being attacked by the enemy and all this stuff. That now after all these years we have now come into the Promised Land. But you know what? The Promised Land is very different from the wilderness. Very different. We need strategy. We need tactics. And that’s why we need God to show us what we need to do. We’ve got to do everything that the Holy Spirit tells us to do. We must be so obedient to the Holy Spirit. But this one time I was in the cafe and there’s a lady she’d been healed of deafness. Like she was completely deaf in one ear. We prayed. We had to pep her up. You see we had a photographer in there all week because he witnessed a miracle and he asked could he come back for a whole week and take photographs. So he did. And so he’s taking photographs and she’s got completely healed in her left ear. A few months later she comes back into our cafe. She said I’ve suffered from a stroke since I last saw you. Said can you pray for me? So we pray for her and as I’m praying I’m saying I command all these symptoms you know from the stroke to leave her body now in the name of Jesus. As soon as I’m saying this and praying for her, this is in the cafe, a guy that we’ve known for years, he’s been a Christian many years, he walks into the cafe at the same time. Suddenly he says Aliss, Aliss, help me quick and he takes me to the corner. And he said I suffered a mini-stroke years ago and as soon as I walked in the door of the cafe I’m now having stroke symptoms. Please, will you call an ambulance? I’m thinkin you know offhand we could have just called an ambulance. He could have gone into hospital and been treated for a stroke and maybe still had the effects of it now. But I thought well hang on a minute. We’re praying for a woman for the stroke symptoms to leave her. He walks in at the same time. It must have been an evil spirit that caused the stroke. And the thing cause we told it to go left her and hit him. We’ve got to be so aware of what is going on in the spirit realm. Not to be scared of it but to just use the authority that we’ve been given through Jesus. So instantly I said to him it is just an evil spirit. Just tell it to go in the name of Jesus. He says oh. Okay. Symptoms go, I mean he was panicking. Symptoms go now in Jesus name. He said I’m not gonna have it in Jesus name! Instantly it left. That’s the power of Jesus. Oh, He’s good, isn’t He?



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sidroth on September 20th, 2017

SID:  Sid Roth here with Dr. Randy Clark, with “Something More”, and I know you want [CHUCKLING] something more after that first segment!  Uh Randy, uh, y-you uh, were rebuked by the Lord.  You were doing uh – uh you were – you were praying or talking about raising the dead.  Wh-what happened?


RANDY:  Uh Sid, what I was doing is I had a –


RANDY:  sermon, and it’s called “The Biblical Basis of Healing”, during which, while I’m teaching this –


RANDY:  the message, for people who feel the anointing, stand up, and I said, “I bless you in Jesus’ name”, and they sat back down.  I’d – the Lord just told me He’d heal people from the Word!  So I was reviewing the Scriptures, and in – in Matthew 10 it – it says, you know, uh, that we’re to heal the sick, and cleanse the lepers, and it – and it also – and raise the dead!  And I – I was just struggling with that because this is like, you know, 19 years ago.  And uh, it was after Toronto, but I was still struggling with it, because that first year after Toronto, we didn’t see as many healings as uh beginning the second year.  And so the Lord spoke to me in my heart; it was just – not – not like an audible voice, but in – I could – knew it was Him.  Uh, there’s been a handful of these times; it was just so strong, I knew it was the Lord.  Uh very – and He said uh, “You don’t like that verse, do you?”  I said “No, Lord”, because I’d have a tendency to lower my voice and said the “raise the dead” part, –




RANDY:  and it was embar- – I said, “Lord, this is embarrassing to the church.”


SID:  L-look, most people listening to us right now, if someone was deaf, or if someone was blind, uh, they would hope someone else laid hands on them; they don’t want to, so I understand [CHUCKLES] what you’re saying.


RANDY:  Yeah I – I said, “Lord this is embar- – we’re trying to get the sick healed, and you’re telling us to raise the dead!  Do you realize what an embarrassment that is to the church that you’ve got it – couldn’t you have left this – this out?”  And STRONG as day, uh, the – the – the Lord spoke to me and He said – and it’s kind of interesting, because Pentecostals and charismatics, by other parts of the church, are considered to be experience-based, rather than word-based.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  That’s an accusation; I think it’s a false accusation, but it is a character – it’s a caricature of Pentecostal charismatics.  So, the Lord w- – I said that, because what the Lord said to me was so um interesting.  He said, “Don’t you dare”, and it was strong, “Don’t you dare become an experience-based preacher, that you will only preach what you’ve experienced.  You preach My Word, even if you’re experienced” – “you havent experienced it yet, you’re not experienced with the dead being raised yet.  But you preach My Word, whether you’ve experienced it yet.  You let My W- “You let your experience rise to My Word; but don’t you DARE bring My Word down to the level of your experience.”  Boy, that got [CHUCKLING] my attention!  And I taught on that uh for the first time in my life.


SID:  Uh that takes – by the way, that takes all of the pressure off of you, Randy!




SID:  Completely!


RANDY:  It was just [LAUGHS] –




RANDY:  it made me nervous though.




RANDY:  But anyway, after I – I only knew two – two stories then of the dead being raised.  I didn’t know of – I mean Heidi hadn’t started uh – she hadn’t been touched yet – so I told those two stories!  And within 6 months, one of the guitar players – a young man had a 5-year old son, or a y- – very young son on a tricycle.  He got hit by a car; he was killed.  His dad had just graduated EMT school – Emergency Medical Technician – he knew how to recognize the signs of death.  And then he remembered the teaching, so he called for his boy to come back into his body by name.  And uh, uh, he – and – and he did!  And he was – it was you know, he was uh gone for quite a while; they Medevacked him.  And as a result of it though, when it should have – when it should have taken many many year – uh months for the bones to be healed – he’s many many – he’s in a body cast, within just a few weeks they went in and checked to see if the bones were just beginning to heal, and they were totally healed already, and they just cut the whole cast off.


SID:  Mm!  Uh b- – a-and do you realize, Randy, if you hadn’t said, “I am NOT experience-based; I’m WORD-based”; if God hadn’t told you that, y9u would have never preached that.  If you had never preached that, that little boy would have been – remained dead!


RANDY:  Thats correct, because the father knew, and he heard the teaching, and he – and he did what he – what I taught.  Now we have, you know, quite a few stories.  Uh, uh matter of fact, we had a woman healed at the V- – Voice of the Apostles in Orlando, Florida two years ago, that was like 14 years of severe pain, and she had died; and was – saw her out of the body; saw herself there.  And uh, through uh prayers, the Lord gave her a choice:  She could go back, but if she went back, she was – I don’t understand this part – would go back into that body of pain, which had been a – a terrible, terrible pain, with nerves that had been crushed and stuff.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  And uh, but she had a little boy, so she went back.  And then for many more – several more years; not many, but several more years, she’s still in this pain.  And the guy who gave me the word about – the night before Toronto – Richard Holcomb, saw her, prayed for her, and she gets one of the most miraculous healings uh I’ve ever heard about!  And was just totally healed, and she’s the personal assistant to the pastor of a 5,000-member church that doesn’t believe in c- – miracles today.  Once the pastor – and he’s very highly-educated – saw her, his personal assistant – so healed, he’s become open to the supernatural.  And it’s a huge Cessationist church.


SID:  Uh how – huh – how many miracles have you had since uh these impartations, and – and miracles have started?  I – I – I – give me an approximation.


RANDY:  I – I – I make a distinction between miracles and healings.  Healings – or miracles that were some –


SID:  Well I’m not going to make a distinction.


RANDY:  Okay.


SID:  I’m going to say put them both together.


RANDY:  Well without that distinction, –


SID:  They’re both supernatural.


RANDY:  all I know is it’s several hundred-thousand.  And just – just a few years ago after I talked to you, Sid, I was a fool, because I told you about all the stuff I see, and you said, “Randy, you’re a fool.”  I said, “WHAT?”  You said, “You need to have a camera”, and I – so I went out and bought cameras and – and since then, w- –




RANDY:  we have hours and hours and hours of video of – of peoples testimony.




RANDY:  And what usually happens, –




RANDY:  we just have the first – the first group to get healed, to come up and give testimony, –


VIDEO:  RANDY:  [unintelligible]


RANDY:  and we don’t have time to – to video everybody else!


SID:  Hm!


RANDY:  And so out of that, –


VIDEO:  YOUNG LADY:  [WEEPING] [unintelligible]


RANDY:  since uh 2009, I have uh 3- – over 300 pages –


VIDEO:  A year ago; a – a year ago I fell, and I broke my foot; uh this foot.  This was a long time – time to live with this disease, which was in January.


RANDY:  of single-spaced uh 12-point type uh testimonies of just the – the video that we have, that’s uh uh transcribed!




VIDEO:  RANDY:  … tonight, and give a shout to the Lord!


RANDY:  And for every testimony I Have on video, we probably have 10 to 20 –


RANDY:  that happened that night we DIDN’T get on video.


SID:  Now what about – what about salvations, when people see all of these miracles?  Uh, –


RANDY:  Well, uh just one – several years ago I was at a church of about 8,000 down in Medellin, and uh, I told the pastor I’d trained about a hundred people in their church, uh, to be on the ministry team.  And I – I told him, and he did – he’d announced it for several weeks in advance what we were going to do.  Uh, a – an hour before church started, we were going to pray for – I say “we” in the sense of the hundred people I’d trained myself.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  We were going to pray for blind, deaf, can’t walk without and aid, or terminally ill, and that’s all we were going to pray for, so we get to focus on the more severe cases, for the first hour.  Well then worship started; went for an hour; and we continued to pray in the back.  I went up to the pastor and I said, uh, and his name was Andrew MacMillan.  I said, “Andrew, I feel like we’re supposed – uh, let me give an invitation right now.  I’m not going to preach a sermon.  There – all theres been is worship, and the people in the back praying for the sick.  Let me give an invitation.”  I did; he gave me permission.  I gave the invitation; hundreds of people got saved.  And he came – and the church is twenty some-odd years old – 23-years old I think.  He said, “Randy, that’s the most people we’ve ever had get saved [PHONE CLICK] one invitation that wasn’t – that’s in the church, you know, excluding being out in a big crusade, you know, out in an arena or something.”  He said, “That’s the most we ever had”, and there was no sermon!


SID:  W-well you know, the anointing is so strong on you, Randy, right now.  I don’t know if you realize it even, but it’s – it – it’s an awesome anointing that I’m – I’m getting the uh – uh the backlash of it, if you will, or the good lash [LAUGHS] of – of it!  Uh people’s bones are being healed right now!  I mean teeth are being healed; backs in particular.  Uh necks, spines.  Uh, Randy, are you catching anything right now?


RANDY:  Well I think someone is uh receiving a healing for a complication that’s dealing like – like uh something like tuberculosis, but it’s a complication from it.  Uh, I don’t know if they got it on the mission field or whatever.  I know it’s pretty much eradicated here in our country, but that’s one of the things I believe that God is showing me is uh is taking place.  Uh, also kidney stones.  Uh, one of the things we’ve seen is people get healed of k- – pray for Kidney stones; and before the service is over, they go to the bathroom, pass the stone.


SID:  Hm.


RANDY:  They’ll scoop them out, clean them off, wash them off, show ’em to us.  And one guy just recently, uh – well within the last year anyway – uh I had a doc – several doctors with me on the team, and the s- – stone that he passed was four times bigger than the opening – the ureter – that it had to go through, and there was no pain or blood.  And he – the doctor said – and I’ve got a picture of it – it’s the – it’s as long as a dime is wide, and about a third the size of a dime uh width.  And the doctor said “That would be like a woman having a 19-pound baby, but the guy didn’t have any pain or pass any blood”.  So I believe that theres kidney stones uh being healed right uh right now.  And uh –


SID:  Uh y-you know the miracle that happens QUITE often in your ministry that uh, uh, i-it’s still huh, I’m in awe over it, and that is people who have metal plates, [CHUCKLES], it’ll turn to bone, or metal bones!  It – it’ll turn – it’ll turn to bone!  Uh, you – how many did you document, you told me the last time we interviewed you?


RANDY:  Well we have between now 13- – between 1,300 and 14,000 – I kind of lost track – people uh who have had chronic pain, or loss of range of motion, who got healed at least 80%, and are able to do what they couldn’t.  Now uh, I’m not saying it’s turned to bone, I’m not – I’m not saying that the metal disappearing, because I can’t prove that.


SID:  Right.


RANDY:  But I can prove that they can do things that they could not do uh of that – that the metal made it impossible to do actually.  And one of the fields –


SID:  Uh w-well you know the best – the best way to prove it is go to an airport.  You have an artificial hip, and all of a sudden they don’t stop you [CHUCKLES] when you go through the uh x-rays!


RANDY:  [CHUCKLING] Yeah!  Well one of the things I – I sent a video to you – you have a link to it – but we had this girl in January; uh, she had a – a large uh steel bar put in her forearm.  And up near the elbow there’s a bump that’s about the size of a – a jumbo egg there underneath the skin, and that’s where the metal’s at.  And her friend is a – just a young girl in her 20s – is – is – or maybe late teens – is praying for it, and it – the girl is testifying that was praying for her; not just the girl that had it.  And they’re kind of be- – beside themselves with excitement, because the girl kept saying, “It’s disappeared!  It just disappeared!”  And then they – I was excited, but man, they finally – they – they came later, and they showed me a picture of the before, of that big lump there, and I – I was thinking maybe a grape, you know.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  But you know, this is like a jumbo egg or a lemon!  It’s huge!  And it [SNAPS FINGERS] instantly just disappeared.  So I do believe stuff like that’s happening.  I – I – I can’t prove it; they don’t have any medical evidence other than I got the picture and the people themselves saying, “I was in this much pain”.  And – and of course, I have had a couple of serious spinal injuries myself form a car accident, and then classical traveler’s back, and I got healed 6 years ago, when I was basically going to have to leave the ministry, or leave the traveling ministry.  The doctors said, “Never get on another plane”, but a guy saw a vision of me – down in New Orleans and I was in Pennsylvania – and he saw an open vision.  He did exa- – he’s awake; he did – in a church service – he did exactly everything the Lord showed him.  He saw my spine, and saw where the stuff had squirted out of my discs – had 3 herniated discs and 2 pinched nerves; and he prayed, and in the morning when I woke up, I was healed.  And a friend of mine – a good friend of mine – just had back surgery for that same nerve, and it takes over 3 years after surgery –


SID:  Uh Randy, uh, I-I have to tell you, when Jesus said, “[You] will do the [same] works I have … do[ne and] even greater …”, He meant it!  Now, if God can use Randy, and the people he trains, look how He wants His – His heart is to start using you!  So I can’t wait to get –


SID:  uh this uh “Power to Heal” curriculum into your hands; it’s his brand-new book.  It’s uh – if you want to do it as a Bible study with others, theres a leader’s guide, and a study guide if you want to do it individually yourself; a DVD study; uh and a bonus.  Uh the bonus includes a brand-new book by Randy called uh, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen”.  And – and what do you do when you’re praying for someone and they’re not healed, or you’re praying for yourself and you’re not healed.  I – know all of you have been questioning things like that, –


SID:  but we’re going to uh – and – and we’re going to have a bonus.  Uh the bonus is a prayer of impartation on CD.  And when you have this uh uh impartation, I want you to listen to it over and over and over again, because [CHUCKLES] amazing things are happening uh where’s he’s not even there in person laying hands on you!  So we’re making the entire package, which would sell for a retail value of $115; but I tell you, this is an investment of $69.  “Investment”, because all profits are poured into Jewish ministry at this “set time to “favor Zion”.  Uh huh, I – I – I have to tell you, of all the people I know, uh the one that has the strongest uh faith for impartation is Dr. Randy Clark!  [CHUCKLES] And I mean the, uh, look at all of these people that have worldwide ministries that he’s prayed for!  What about you?  What about if when we come back for “Something More”, I’ll have him pray this prayer of impartation over you!  [CHUCKLES] Be right back –

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