ROBBY:   I assure you! But I was like you know I had just eaten lunch. I didn’t need any more food. It’s exactly you know I’m, I’m, I don’t need that. And so I was like man, you know what do I— you know what does it even mean and then it occurred to me what the Lord was saying. I want togive you something. I want togive you. Open your mouth and go to say something you normally wouldn’t say. And so there was no— you know again like what you were saying I was expecting well here’s what you, here’s what you say. Just say this. It wasn’t there. And so I just said “You know I just really sense God is about to—.” And I wasn’t sure what I was going to say next and I just, it just  it was almost like it flew out of my mouth. And it was like I had to go there with expectancy. And then it just came out and I just said “completely heal your father.” I said as a matter of fact your father is going to have a brand new heart. God’s giving your father a brand new heart. And she did not say anything about it—.    

  SID: Stop, stop, stop, stop for a second.  

ROBBY:   Sure.

SID:  When you said that, after you said it what was going on inside of Robby?

ROBBY:  Well, it was, it kind of— everything was kind of coming out so fast that I, I, it was almost like as I’m hearing it is I’m hearing it for the first time as I’m saying it you know so I mean it’s not like I’m hearing it in my spirit before. I felt an encouragement to step out and to say something. I didn’t know. I didn’t really understand about authority. I didn’t understand about that.

SID:  But, but you know what it sounds, it sounds to me like you had what is called a “mind by-pass.” It wasn’t in your mind. It came right out of your spirit! (laughs)

ROBBY:  I would liken it to that. Yes, exactly. It was just like, it was just like me saying the words “God is about to—” was, was just the vehicle to release something that the Lord wanted to say. It’s almost like, Sid, that, that it wasn’t going to happen until I said it that way. And then when I did it just came out like that and I added to it which really wasn’t an addition cause I didn’t have any foreknowledge about it. But I said “But He’s also going to give him brand new lungs to go with it” and she’s not said anything about lungs. And soon as I said it I said now wait a minute. I just totally interrupted my prayer. And I said now wait a minute. I said you need to understand something. I said I’m no healer. I said matter of fact you know I’ve never prayed for anybody and seen anybody healed.  


ROBBY:  And I said a matter of fact I said you know it’s probably a bad thing that I just prayed for your dad.  


ROBBY:  I said because most of the people I pray for ended up dying or getting worse or getting more sick or things get worse for ‘em. I said you know I wouldn’t listen to anything that I just said I said because I don’t know what I’m talking about!

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