SID: I have to tell you, and you tell me this, you’re really provoking me to jealousy. You see coming from a Jewish background, I wasn’t a believer in Messiah until I was 30. And you have no idea, what a heads up you had over me having spent 30 years in the world before I became a believer. I know a lot of people say, “Oh, well then I would have had a great testimony.” No, no, no, no, no. I would much prefer to be the way you did. I want you to paint me a picture. You’re on a platform, somewhere in the world with your parents as a young person. If I was there, or those that are watching us right now. What would we have seen? Pick a meeting and describe it to me.

LADONNA: Alright. We’re sitting on a very crude platform, and there are stairs on either side. There’s a banner up behind us that spreads across the platform that says in the language of the people, “Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.” The platform is filled with Pastors, and we’re sitting on the front row, and we’re looking. There’s 2 microphones standing for my father or mother, and an interpreter. And from the edge of the platform, as far as the eye can see, there are people, they’re pressed so tight. Oh, I can hardly describe this without emotion because such hurting people will come when they’re invited to find hope and solution. And Jesus is that hope. So we sit there, the breeze blows, the interpreter’s voice is echoing the people. The people are staring, they’re almost in shock, their mouths open from what they’re hearing. Some of the breezes, bring to your nostrils, the smell of disease, you hear the barking dogs; you just see hopelessness. But the sound of the Good News of Jesus is heralded across those people, and you know Sid, wherever Christ’ truth is proclaimed, it’s as though we’re placing Christ Himself among the people so that they can experience Him and believe on Him, and receive Him. And that’s what happens. By the time my father or mother would ask the people if they wanted to receive Jesus, it’s the same as I see today. It seems as though 100% of the hands go up.

SID: I have to ask you this question because this is stunning to me. Your father had what we Jewish people, “Chutzpah” which means “Holy Nerve.”  

LADONNA: [laughs]

SID: And why do I say this. He would get up in front of thousands of people, Muslims, Hindus, Witch Doctors; and he would say according to my notes, “If this one (he was praying for one) is not healed, don’t believe anything I say.”  

LADONNA: That’s right.

SID: How could he have, I mean do you realize LaDonna, if that person wasn’t healed, they wouldn’t be walking out? The people might be walking towards him. [laughs]

LADONNA: That’s right, but Jesus is the one who’s the healer and He wants the people to know Him and to know His goodness.

SID: I know, I know that, but I know myself, I can’t make anyone, be healed.  

LADONNA: Of course not! [laughs]

SID: I mean your dad couldn’t heal anyone! So, when he would say that, he would have such trust, such childlike trust—

LADONNA: That’s it.

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