KATIE: It is. So it’s not the law that’s at fault. The Bible also says that our flesh is too weak to keep the whole law. In fact, James 2:10 says it’s impossible. There’s no way that we can perfectly keep the law. Because when we offend in one area, we break it all. We break all the law.

That is what’s given the spirit of death to have the right to attack our bodily organs, to attack our skin, our muscles, our strength, and also the rest of our lives, any area of our life.

SID: What can we do to stop this?

KATIE: Well, first, we need to build a deeper relationship with Jesus. I want you to think about it. The Bible says that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. The Bible also says that Jesus, through his death, he took away the power from the one who had the power of death, that is the devil.

See, we can’t do it by wishing it away or even do it on our own ability. We have to rely on Jesus. He’s the one that has destroyed death for us. The Bible also says that he fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law on our behalf. He did something we could never do.

So we have to have a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus. I’m not just talking about going to church on Wednesday or Sunday and thinking that’s good enough. I’m talking about abiding in him, abiding and tarrying in him, waiting for him, building a deeper relationship every single day, where we are relying on him.

Think about what Jesus said in John 15. He said that, “I am the vine. You are the branches. Whoever abides in me will produce much fruit. He who doesn’t will be like a branch that gets cut off, withers and dries up.” Think about that.

Sid, when we abide in Jesus, which means to continue, to tarry, to wait on, we will produce much fruit, fruit in every area, including fruit for youth restored, fruit for life. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. I am the bread of life. I came to give you life and life abundant.” He said all these things about himself.

When we’re connected to the vine, we will produce the fruit of life, and revive youth, and restored youth. But when we don’t, we become like the branch that’s literally cut off and it withers and dies.

SID: How did you defeat all these enemies that were drawn in by the spirit of death?

KATIE: Well, I’m telling you, the first thing I did was repent, because when we break the law of God, we need to have repentance. 1 John 1:9 says that God is faithful to forgive us of our sins when we repent and confess our sins. So as soon as we repent, those charges of us breaking the law get dismissed. Then what happens is the spirit of death has to leave. He has to stop producing fruit in our bodily organs, including rapid aging and disease and disorder.

SID: Okay. You repented. What else?

KATIE: Well, here’s the thing. We have to repent, but we also have to put ourselves under grace. It’s not one or the other, like many people teach. It’s both, because the Bible says when our sins of law-breaking increase and abound, that grace surpasses it, meaning our law-breaking, and super abounds over it.

SID: So you’re saying if we repent, we still don’t have the ability to get rid of that habit.

KATIE: Well, here’s why I say that.

SID: But the grace …

KATIE: Grace is like an umbrella.

SID: … is the miracle.

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