JAMES: Okay, you have my permission. Go ahead and do it. Well you have permission of the word of God to look and see the open heaven. Well Daniel saw the open heaven. He saw thrones being set up. Well you know where those thrones are. They’re in heaven! And he saw the “Ancient of Days” coming to sit on the throne. Hallelujah, I want to see that. How about you?


JAMES: Yes, Lord, send that anointing! Well you know in Mark chapter 1 it says that when Jesus got baptized as He was coming up out of the water God literally ripped heaven open. And I looked, I searched. I can’t find any place in the Bible where God sewed it back up. Amen?

AUDIENCE: Yes! Amen.

JAMES: When He ripped the heaven open He meant for it to stay open. He didn’t open a little window that might shut later. He didn’t open a door that someone might close later. He ripped it open so it would be open for you and for me right now!


JAMES: And I receive that. Amen? Do you receive it? Hallelujah. Yes! Well very shortly after Jesus started ministering He had a new disciple named Nathaniel. And He said to Nathaniel you shall see heaven open and angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man. Well now I personally believe that every promise in the Bible was written just for me— and for you. Amen?


JAMES: Can you receive that?


JAMES: Maybe say it. “The promises of the Bible are for me.”

AUDIENCE: The promises of the Bible are for me.

JAMES: I claim all of them

AUDIENCE: I claim all of them.

JAMES: So receive this promise from Jesus. YOU shall see!  Amen? Say “I shall see.”

AUDIENCE: I shall see.

JAMES: Heaven open.

AUDIENCE: Heaven open.

JAMES: I’ll see angels.

AUDIENCE: I’ll see angels.

JAMES: Ascending.

AUDIENCE: Ascending.

JAMES: And descending.

AUDIENCE: And descending.

JAMES: On the Son of Man.

AUDIENCE: On the Son of Man.

JAMES: That means I’m going to see Jesus, right. Hallelujah!


JAMES: Oh I love it when Jesus shows up in a meeting. The ministry gets really easy when Jesus shows up. (laughing) All I need to do is get outa the way and let Him do what He wants to do. Amen? So receive that as a promise from God. YOU shall see! And you know I believe God wants every one of us to have our spiritual senses activated and open. He wants you to have your spiritual eyes open! So you can see. I think that everything in the natural realm is a reflection of what God has already done in the spiritual realm. The difference is in the spiritual realm it’s more powerful and it’s going to last forever. And just as God gave us five senses in the natural, God has given us five senses in the spiritual and God want us to activate those senses. Well I had an angel come to me at one time and the angel grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me nose to nose and he said gently to me: Wake up! (laughs) Wake up right now! There are things that you need to see in the spiritual realm so wake up your “see-er anointing” right now! 

AUDIENCE: Hallelujah! Whooo! Whooo! JAMES. Well you know that’s what God is saying. You can wake up your “see-er anointing.” It says in Corinthians that the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Your spirit is subject to you and you can command your spirit. I do that all the time cause sometimes I think I may have a lazy spirit. It tends to slide off to sleep and I say Hey spirit, wake up! There are things you need to see. There are things you need to know. Things you need to be doing. So wake up! And you need to begin to speak to your spirit too! Well why not start right now.  How about say “Spirit!”

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