TIM: People from around the towns came and sat in the presence of God. You know how you text today? Everybody’s coming and they’re worshipping God and the Cloud didn’t leave!

JAMIE: Now you’re of the mindset that Acts 2, and I see it, but that the tongues of fire that were above those present when they’re baptized in the Holy Spirit, had those tongues of fire, are really representations of the angelic beings. I mean Hebrews tells us He makes His angels winds. His ministers flames of fire.

TIM: Flames of fire.

JAMIE: So when Acts 2 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there was a release not only of the Holy Spirit but of a partnership with the angelic realm. Is that what you’re saying?

TIM: Yeah. The Holy Spirit came with angel armies and they were ministering fresh fire off the altars of God and when they minister that fresh fire or glory it says the angels looked like fire torches and they flash back and forth like lightning. Well that’s what was happening over the heads of the people. The angels were ministering God’s glory, fire off the altar under Holy Spirit supervision as He was coming to empower the church for a new move! That’s what He’s doing now only at greater levels. 

JAMIE: Yeah. There’s so many people that are listening to this right now and saying I want to partner with Holy Spirit! I want to invite angelic help assistance into my life under the supervision of the Holy Spirit. 

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: And they need an impartation. Is that something, Tim, that you can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help download, impart to those listening right now?

TIM: Absolutely! Psalms 103, verse 20 says to us that angels hearken to the voice of God’s Word. And so we will pray for the releasing of the Holy Spirit to you but also your responsibility would then be to declare what God says. Because that’s when angels hearken and obey. They obey – they don’t obey my word. They obey God’s Word! And so we’re going to pray and activate the Holy Spirit’s ministry in people’s lives today because that’s why He’s here. Jesus sent Him to be a comforter with us. And then I would encourage you let’s decree the word of the Lord and as you decree the word of the Lord we release the angels to work. So Father we pray that all around the world, those that are listening today would have a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come to them.

Jesus, You said of Holy Spirit that He is a Wonderful Teacher. Come and teach us! Teach those listening today concerning their life and the strategy You have in mind for them and for their situation. Fill them with fresh power! Fill them with fresh peace today! And as they activate Your Word we’re asking You to activate angel armies, all 7 companies, Lord, that are out there. There are also angels that are available to us individually to come and assist. Assist their ministry! Assist and protect them! And strengthen them to get to the next level! We decree in the name of Jesus Christ everything accelerates! That’s what Your Word says and that includes every individual watching! May the ministry and power of Jesus Christ accelerate in your life!

JAMIE: Tim, that’s amazing, man! Thank you so much for coming on!

TIM: Bless you!JAMIE: Listen! We’ve been with Tim sheets and I believe there’s Something More for you! Just ask the Holy Spirit to activate this in your life! [music begins] This is not just taught. It’s caught! So receive what it is that He’s pouring out on you today! Until next time God bless!

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