SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Ivan Tuttle. Ivan, you’ve had some encounters that few people on Earth have had in the invisible realm. You were raised in a Christian home.

IVAN: Yes.

SID: You even went down the altar and accepted Jesus, but you quickly left the things of God. It had a lot to do with a difficult childhood. Tell me a little bit about it.

IVAN: Well, Sid, I was diagnosed with ADHD at a much later age, but what we didn’t know is as a child, I had ADHD. So I was constantly on the move. I had a father that had a very angry streak to him, an angry side to him. My father would beat me with a belt. In fact, if you look at X-rays, you’ll see ribs in my back had been broken from my dad actually hitting me with a belt.

SID: That’s really hitting.

IVAN: Yeah. That’s really hitting. That’s beyond a normal hit. So yeah, I went through a lot of things like that. I spent most of my time alone as a child playing in the woods, et cetera, things like that.

SID: At 26, you had a blood clot that resulted in his death. As a matter of fact, this was a while ago, this was in 1978. I’m going to take you back to the time. You’d just gotten out of the hospital. It’s 9:20 PM. Something woke you by grabbing you. What was that?

IVAN: Yeah, Sid. I got home from the hospital and finally I went to sleep around 9:20. Something grabbed a hold of my left wrist. When it did this, it pulled me right up out of the bed. I mean, it just jerked me out of the bed like I was nothing, like I was a ragdoll. I tried to fight it. That’s the first instinct you have.

SID: Of course.

IVAN: I was trying to do this, and this thing, I realized all of a sudden that, hey, this is a demon. I knew instantly I was going to Hell, and I knew that’s where I was heading. This demon took me, and I started hearing these screams. I started smelling this awful smell, and this demon just kept taking me. It just kept traveling. You feel you were going. This demon took me to Hell. I’m in Hell and I’m looking around in Hell, and I’m seeing all these different people, even people I recognize. Even some from my childhood that I saw. I saw former pastors. I saw—

SID: You saw people that you felt were Christians.

IVAN: Oh yes. Yes. You see, one of the things that happens is when you’re in the spirit after you pass on, when you look at somebody else, you instantly know everything about them. There doesn’t have to be communication because you know everything about them. So what happens is that you’re looking at these people and you’re kind of speaking to them and they’re telling you, and you just read everything that’s happening in their life. So you know exactly what they did. It’s amazing because these are not people you would expect to see there. You just wouldn’t. But yet these people are in Hell and they’re tortured. The torturing that goes on there, Sid, is unbelievable. But the thing that I think is the lasting impression on me was the hopelessness. Sid, when you’re in Hell, there’s no hope. I mean, you’re done. Once that happens, you’re done.

There’s no hope because when you try to pray, it’s like an iron ceiling or iron dome over you. Goes nowhere. You’re done. You had your chance when you were here on Earth, and now you’re down there and I’m watching these people as they’re being tortured. They can’t move. They’re solid. They’re put in a place. I don’t see an actual chain, but it’s as if there’s a chain around them and they can’t move. They can swing their hands around and move their feet around, but they’re not going anywhere. These demons are attacking them and attaching to them. I saw a young lady that was 18 years of age when she died. She was hit by a drunk driver, and she couldn’t understand why she was in Hell, but she never accepted Jesus as her savior. And that’s why she was there.

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