BRENDA: I prophesy every curse, every incantation, all voodoo curses. I break the power of witchcraft over your house, over your generation. Everything that has bound you, kept you, hindered you, spoken to you, that is not from God. I decree into the atmosphere, right where you’re watching, and I say in the authority of the name of Yeshua that that thing is broken and bound. I break the power of every seducing spirit, hindering spirit, every lying spirit, every spirit of rebellion.

BRENDA: We say it comes off your mind, off your thoughts. All stiff neckness, all hardheartedness, all blindness, all deafness. In the spirit, we say it’s broken over you and every spirit. In fact, right now you’re watching and someone you’re watching, you’ve been bound by a demonic spirit of infirmity, that you’ve had prayer after prayer and it’s held you and you’re hurting. And I say right now, spirit of infirmity, you come off of that person in the authority of the name of Yeshua, and I say to you and I declare into your atmosphere, be free in Jesus’ name.

SID: Now, it’s one thing to teach, to preach, to proclaim. It’s another thing when a loved one is dying. No hope. What did you do when you found out that was going on with your father?

BRENDA: Well, we had gotten a call that my father had had a complication with diverticulitis and his bowel had perforated, and for about six months the matter of the bowel was leaking into the cavity of his body. And by the time they realized it, he was so deeply infected that he was really hours away from death.

BRENDA: We walked in that hospital and I will tell you, it looked hopeless. It looked very bleak. And this is why, again, it is so important that we keep our mouth decreeing all the time. And I remember-

SID: Decreeing the right things.

BRENDA: Correct. It is very necessary. And we walked in there and we said, we said in the name of Jesus, he’s going to live and not die. And there were times I felt like my head is screaming, “He’s not going to make it. You’re going to get here in the morning and he’s going to be-“

SID: You were reacting by what the doctor said, which you saw with your eyes.

BRENDA: Correct. He had a medical book that was like a three-inch binder that was so big. There were so many things wrong with him. And I remember our family members and our little son Matthew, he’s grown now, he’s 26, but he was a little first grader at that time. And he knew that he’d been taught the power of declaration and decree. I remember that little boy would sit in grandpa’s room and color his coloring books.

BRENDA: And he remembered the story when they came and brought the man that was paralyzed through the roof and he said, “Grandpa, you’re going to get up out of your bed because Jesus said to the man, ‘Take up your bed and walk.'” He said, “Grandpa, take up your bed, go home to your house.” And he would sit in that room and declare that. I tell you, in about 30 days time, my father was up eating jello.

BRENDA: A nurse had gone on vacation… There were so many visions of that. I had vision of an angel that came in the room and they showed, they brought Jesus and showed his back. Many, many things that happened with that. But in 30 days he was awake to the shock of the doctors. So much so that the doctor… In fact, there was one nurse who had been on vacation, she came back and said, “Is that the man from room 10? She couldn’t believe he was sitting up talking.” But they wrote, said, in his medical journal, “This is not the work of medical science. This is the work of faith and prayer.” Amen. But I believe declaration and decree was key to that miracle.

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