TONY:  Lift up your hands and let’s just take about 60 seconds and just worship the Lamb. C’mon with your voice. Lift your voice. Give your love to the Lamb. C’mon give your love to Jesus the son of God. Give your love to the Father. Worship the Father by the spirit.


TONY:  C’mon, give God a shout of praise for about 30 seconds. C’mon give him glory. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph. Great is the Lord and greatly is He to be praised. Amen. You may be seated. I’m gonna have you check yourself in a minute. But I do need to ask one question first. You know we’ve talked about all these metal miracles and I never asked if anyone here had metal in your body that was causing you pain. Is there anyone? My brother in the back. Yes. Tell us real quickly. You the one. You have metal?

MAN #2:  Yeah, I have a steel rod in my right leg.

TONY:  You two guys both come up here. You have a steel rod in your leg. Where? And how long have you had it?

MAN #2:  For about 9 years, 10 years.

TONY:  And it causes you pain?

MAN #2:  Yeah. My two toes draw up and I walk on the tops of my toes.

TONY:  And you have metal?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Where?

MAN #3:  Both screws, both screws in my neck.

TONY:  —Okay, so, how did you get ‘em? What happened?

MAN #3:  I have a fused, three bones in my neck fused together because I had, uh, uh, compression on my spinal cord and it destroyed my right rotator cuff. I don’t have one. 

TONY:  Okay. You don’t have a rotator cuff?

MAN #3:  Yes. But that was the cause.

TONY:  This is, but this is in pain now?

MAN #3  Yes, sir.

TONY:  For how long?

MAN #3:  10 years.

TONY:  So in New York a woman comes up. She has 18 inches of metal. She’s a French lady. She can barely move. Prayed for her. Instantly the pain disappears. Now there’s so many cases that I could share, it’s just— I mean one man had metal for 40 years disappeared. 20 years disappeared. I was just in, uh, Illinois. A woman had two rods from the top of her neck right here in pain and disappeared. Do you believe God can do it now?

MAN #2:  Yes.

TONY:  Will you promise me you won’t pray? (laughing) Do you think you can keep it?

MAN #2:  I’ll try.

TONY:  You ready? Do you believe God’s gonna do it now? Okay. You guys can pray. In the name of Jesus I suspend time. I speak to the metal in his body. I command you to disappear. Lord, let the angel go get the bone to take its place and put it in his body now and I command that bone be physically created in his leg now and I command the pain and the reason for the pain in Jesus’ name go now. Three, two, one. Tell me when all pain’s gone. (waiting)  Just wait there a second. Don’t move ‘til all the pain is gone. And you tell me when it disappears. What’s happening? It’s easing? Tell me when it’s all gone. You ready? I command these screws disappear now. My goodness, there it is. I command the pain and the reason for the pain, Lord, let what is needed take its place. Tell me when all pain’s gone. —hold him up. (waiting)

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  All gone?

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  Move your neck.


TONY:  What’s happened?

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

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