SID: So obviously you became very interested in the demonic stuff that was going on in your house.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: But how do demons gain access into our lives?

JOHN: Yes, I talk about acceptance, accident and ancestry. So, I believe it, when we look at the ancestry, it’s down the lineage where people get to dedicate their children to Satan and it just goes down that family line. With acceptance, it’s basically people just accept it. They just invite the devil into their lives such as, witches and warlocks. They do this, they just tell the devil, just come on in. With [an] accident, it comes from trauma. It comes from trauma. Something traumatic happening to the person and it gives the demons an entry point.

SID: And speaking of entry points, tell me about how demons are attracted to things like in your closet. There was darkness. Tell me about that.

JOHN: It was a time I was really trying to explain myself. I knew I had a prophetic gift but had no idea how to use it. No one in my family could explain it. They had gifts, but they didn’t talk about being prophetic or really in church, so to speak. And so I went to my school library and I started getting all these books. They were on ESP and psychic and all that. Psychic phenomenon and all these things. And so what I would do is read them and I would store them in my closet. And what was so strange about that in my room, it’d be toasty warm, but that closet was always cold.

JOHN: I tried to bring the family dog into my room. I have to close the door to keep the dog in because the dog would be fearful and whine and scratch on the door. I got to get out of here, you know? And so I knew there was something wrong.

SID: Dog knew more than you.

JOHN: Exactly. Yes, exactly. Yes.

SID: So what was wrong?

JOHN: Those books contained a spirit and there was a minister at college and he told me, he said, “I see books in your closet. And they are literally portals to demons. Where they’re able to get in and out.” And he says, “you got to get rid of them.” So as soon as I came home on break, I got rid of those books and the climate of my room changed. The coldness of the closet was gone. It was amazing.

SID: People don’t realize this, but there are things like, obviously, books about new age and witchcraft and stuff like that. That attracts demons, but a lot of people don’t realize, even jewelry.

JOHN: Yes.

SID: Tell me an example.

JOHN: Well a husband and wife bought my book and after a week of reading it, they had purchased some jewelry and so all of a sudden the wife got very, very ill. She even started to see images within the house. She had problems sleeping, but then they remembered chapter six and seven, when I talk about or teach about curse objects and how to rid them out of your home. And so they follow those instructions. They got rid of the jewelry and everything just returned to normal. I was so amazed by that. It just blew my mind.

SID: Well what kind of jewelry would attract a demon?

JOHN: I think there’s various jewelries with different symbols on it that we may think are benign, but they end up being entry points for demons and who they’re created by. We don’t know who created them. Do they believe in God, do they believe in the Messiah? They just come from different origins and a lot of times demons are attached to them.

SID: How did you find out that you had a very strong anointing to set people free of the demonic? How did that happen?

JOHN: It was a pretty amazing testimony. We had Mary Kay Baxter at our church and when we were driving home, she asked if my wife or I wanted to get an impartation to see like she saw. Now she wrote that book about seeing hell and my wife was like, “no way. I don’t want it. I don’t want it. That’s all right”. So she laid hands on me while I’m driving the car and she did this impartation.

…to this man. The same gifting you gave me.

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