DONNA: And so Jesus and I stood there and watched this and Jesus talked to me about it, explained to me what was going on, and then he backed away from this chamber and as he backed away, the people that were in there recognized that Jesus was there because there’s no light in hell. It’s all darkness. The only light that was there was coming off of Jesus. And so when they recognized that there was this light that was being drawn away from them, they knew Jesus was there and they started yelling out to him, screaming to him to help them. He said, “I can’t help you now.”

DONNA: Here’s how…you could… And so I’m standing beside Jesus, and he’s got his arm around me, I’m close, and I could feel his broken heart for these people. His heart was so broken and he had so much pain in his heart. He said, “Daughter, I am in more pain watching these people suffer like this needlessly,” he said needlessly, “If they had just had accepted me, if they had just turned from this sins and turned to me, this would not have been their lot in life. They would never have come here.” He said, “I died for them so they would live forever in my kingdom.”

SID: What kind of love? Here are people that have rejected Jesus that are already in hell with no point of return, and Jesus’ heart is still filled with love with them, but he can’t reverse it. You live once and then the judgment. Now you learned so many secrets in your visitations to heaven and hell. Tell me, you learned there the secret of victory over evil?

DONNA: Yes. He taught me as I was going through hell with him, whenever we would go into… There are many different places in hell. Hell isn’t just a burning pit. Hell has, just like the earth, there were different cities, different places. Hell has got all different places in it. And so as we would go from place to place, he would talk to me and he would always warn me, whatever I was looking at, he would tell me, “Look at what you’re seeing through me. Don’t look at it directly. If you look at that evil directly, it will upset you terribly. You will not be able to bear it. You must look at what you’re seeing through me.”

DONNA: So I would look at Jesus and through Jesus I would see what was going on in hell. And he taught me, he said, “If you do this on the earth, if you keep your eyes on me and your focus fixed on me, when evil tries to come against you, I will protect you, I will guard you, I will warn you. You won’t trip and fall, you won’t fall into the trap of the enemy. Keep your eyes fixed on me.”

SID: Isn’t that Isaiah 26:3? “If you’ll keep your eyes on me, I’ll keep you in perfect peace.” I’ll tell you what, Donna‚Äôll come back with revelations observed in hell and heaven that will actually help you understand how pain and how sickness literally attached to people. Be right back.

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