SID: But, he had already died, Branham. But you through a series of circumstances found yourself face to face with a man who was a little child and was prayed for by William Branham. What did Brandon say to this man when he prayed for him?

TRACY: It was in his teenager years, around 16, 17 years of age. Now upbringing he had been in around the ministry of [?}, of healing, all of his life as a child. But around 16, 17, William Branham walked into his room, put his hands on the right shoulder to say, even as a mantle was upon me, and now the mantle is on you. And he operates in that gift.

SID: Now this guy lay hands on you, that has the gift from Branham?

TRACY: Yes sir. I had a dream. I saw me in this big tent revival and he was coming to North Carolina. So we went to the tent revival. One year later, exact time that Angel gave me the dream, I walk in there, he shakes my hand, and he said, “From this day forward, what’s on William Branham, on my life, will be on your life.”

TRACY: And then I go back to the headquarters and I do a revival, all of a sudden I see a angel downloading a scroll, and I started seeing names, addresses, sickness, worry. I see a skeleton before me any time I stand before a person. I’ll feel through the word of knowledge where the pain is at.

SID: I called him the other night and he said, “I don’t know what it is. My foot is hurting,” and he described exactly where his foot was hurting. I said, “You just described me.” I mean this is, this is better than any doctor I ever went to. I have to tell you that, Tracy.

SID: But you learn by heavenly revelation, you put a correlation of something, I have never read in a book. I’ve read about serving and the benefits of being a servant.

TRACY: Right.

SID: I’ve read about the supernatural in the gifts, but God showed you they’re connected. Explain.

TRACY: Well, how he showed me was 1997 the angel came to me and said, “This is a recipe for unlocking it. The glory, the manifestation of the gifts of the spirit.” So he said, “I want you to pray three hours a day.” So when I begin to pray three hours a day, he taught me the first hour, pray in tongues. Then the second hour, stop and listen. And then the third hour, I’m in a place where I don’t have to speak in tongues. When you do, the bible, when you get to heaven, time sees.

TRACY: So when you really tap in that glory realm, you don’t pray in tongues. You just enthrone him with glory. You just lift your hands and you worship Yeshua.

TRACY: So he taught me when you listen, after you speak in tongues, what you’re doing is the interpretation is coming back to you.

TRACY: You stop after you speak in tongues, then all of a sudden your mind is already being cleared because you pray all the distractions away because you praying in the spirits, you have a dialogue, just you and God. It’s a channel.

SID: So you clear it through speaking in tongues. And you still yourself to hear, is what you’re saying.

TRACY: Yes sir.

SID: What happens if someone does what you recommend for three months and nothing and they don’t hear a thing?

TRACY: But what I’m saying, what I recommend is keep pursuing, because when I learned this pattern and this strategy how to tap into the heart of God, it took me time to develop. But the more … I always tell ministers when I’ve going teach them, let it be a prayer habit.

SID: You don’t have to start with three hours a day.

TRACY: Right.

SID: I mean you could start with 30 minutes a day in tongues and 30 minutes a day being still and work up. You follow? But if you do, you will hear as much as Tracy, maybe more now. Tracy has seen the greater glory being released this year and it will dramatically change the face of the earth. I’m also going to ask him to demonstrate his amazing prophetic gift. Interested?

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