SID: Did you actually see your book of life in heaven andwhat does it look like and what’s in there?

KEVIN: Well, there are things in there that God’s hearthas already predetermined.This is what I was shown.It’s so extravagant.I actually saw the Trinity.They met before they even created the universesand the world.They met and they said, “We want to make someone that we can havecommunion with, that we can walk with,that we can talk with.”And they decided to make man, but they decided to make him intheir image, which meant that they had to give them a freewill, which was really a risk.Because then they could actually change and change their mind andnot walk with God.So that was the biggest risk.So Jesus volunteered to be slain from the foundation of theworld, according to the book of revelation,because they already knew that that was the risk and that waswhat would happen.So they met and determined this.Then they made the world.They made the garden for us.And the whole thing was predetermined that the spirit ofGod would be there to always help man.And I saw the future.I actually was in the future at the end with all the saints thatever lived and they were singing the song of the redeem.I already have been at the end and now I’ve been sent back totell people, they make it.Let’s just go ahead and start engaging the enemyand push him back.  

SID: How do angels assist us fulfill what is written aboutus, that is good, that is what we’re created to doin that book of life?How do they help us?

KEVIN: Well, they actually,when they’re assigned to you, they get to read your books andthey actually get briefings and they decide how they’re going tobring into pass, what is written there.So if you are operating in the spirit,then they already have a job that’s a lot easier.So when they come down, if they start to hear you praying in thespirit and then prophesying to where it’s the word of the Lord,you can be repeating your book verbally because you pray intongues a lot.And when you pray in tongues a lot,overthrow happens inside of you and you start to prophesy.And then sometimes it’ll come out in your known language.The angels harken under the voice of the Lord andthey do his bidding.If they hear you saying what’s written already,that they’ve already read, then they’re going to right away beengaging you.I’ve seen angels grab me.They’ve actually literally grabbed me and escorted me intomy next phase.They are here, they’re flames of fire and they don’t take no foran answer.They are so diligent and they are so for us.They are wanting to bring into pass the next transformationthat has to happen in our lives.

SID: I have noticed you and your wife pray in tongues asmuch as anyone I’ve ever met.Is that still so important?You’ve been to heaven.You have all this revelation.Why do you spend so much time praying in tongues?

KEVIN: Because Jesus told me,he said, “The number one way to participate in this supernatural is to pray in the spirit, to pray in tongues.”And I have been walking with the Lord.This is my 40th year of walking with God and I can’t wait to wake up to pray in tongues.And it’s like I just got born again yesterday.It’s all brand new because there’s new wine coming now when I pray in tongues.Every time I pray in tongues now,I start drinking from this substance from heaven.I really feel that coming on right now,right now.I feel the spirit of prophecy on me and I feel the new wine.I feel like I’m intoxicated right now.I feel like I’ve got the best that’s been saved for last.That Jesus has been saving this bottle of wine from the other realm.Heavenly wine, for this time and this season.And people need to discern now.Just get over themselves and engage God because there is mighty warring angels that are ready to just engage this next phase.SID: I heard Kevin say he had the spirit of prophecy on him.When we come back, I want him to open his mouth and speak it.Be right back. 

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