SID: And, once you get this restraining order, who enforces it?

FRANCIS: This is the power of restraining orders. This is why the devil is terrified of the body of Christ, Sid, understanding the revelation of restraining orders. It’s because even in the natural realm, one of the judicial orders that’s more sought after in the United States, by statistics, is restraining orders. Why? Because when a restraining order is issued by the judge, the judge and the court are now responsible for its enforcement. So, when our heavenly Father, who is a righteous judge, therefore gives you a restraining order, the devil is in trouble, because now the heavenly Father, as the righteous judge, he has to enforce the restraining order. Not the person it’s protecting.

SID: So the enforcer, is, not the police department, but God.

FRANCIS: God himself.

SID: I like that. Give me a biblical, example, of, a restraining order.

FRANCIS: One of them is, your people, Sid, the Jewish people. They’re coming, out of Egypt because God has told them to go to the Promised Land.

SID: Right.

FRANCIS: And then they come across, the Moabites. And there is, King Balak, who wants to curse them, because he is afraid Israel might take his property, and he goes to a witch by the name of Balaam, to try to curse them, and then an angel, appears and puts a restraining order on Balaam and tells him, “You can never curse Israel,” and he couldn’t curse them.

SID: Okay. I, think it, says, “You can’t curse, who I have blessed.” I like that.

FRANCIS: Hallelujah.

SID: Explain this principle of divine restraint.

FRANCIS: Oh yeah, that’s a big one. When I was writing the book, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Francis, there is no way for me to give anybody true godly authority, without putting them under restraining principle.” Because the bottom line is this, God can never use a man or woman He cannot restrain.

And God said to me, “This is why I put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, is because I needed to give Adam and Eve, legitimate authority over the animal kingdom, over the fowl of the air, over the earth. But authority, as, a matter, can never exist without the restraining principle.

So, I put one tree. Every tree they could eat from, except one tree. So that tree they could not eat from—was the only tree giving them authority over the garden. The moment they touched it, they lost authority, because in the kingdom Godly authority ends when the restraining principle protecting it, is broken.

SID: Give me some biblical examples.

FRANCIS: Oh, there are some powerful biblical examples. One of them is Samson. Samson was told by God, that “You’re going to have supernatural power over the Philistines, provided you do not cut your hair.” That was the restraining principle upon his life. Well, he met Delilah and decided the girl was more important than the restraining order.

So he told her the secret of why he was supernaturally used by God, and, you know what she did? She cut his hair, overnight, and then called for the Philistines, and you know what happened to Samson. He was little, his eyes were gouged out, and he became a public spectacle because he broke the restraining principle God put upon his authority.
We find that with King Saul, he was not supposed, in Israel as coming from the tribe of Benjamin, it was not his place to offer an offering to the Lord, that was for the priests of Levi to do that.

FRANCIS: Samuel told him, “Wait for me,” but he couldn’t do it, and so he offered, as though he was a priest. So by breaking that restraining order, Samuel said, “You are a fool because now your kingdom has been taken away from you.” That’s how he lost the kingdom.

SID: You know, as people get the richness of your teaching, into them, and start operating, in these divine restraining orders. No wonder it’s the devil’s worst nightmare. Tell me about the Delilah spirit.

FRANCIS: A Delilah spirit is a spirit Satan uses to incite into your life if you are cutting anything of substance for the kingdom. Because the purpose of the Delilah spirit is to find the key to your consecration, and break it, because once it’s broken, the Delilah spirit knows God cannot use people he cannot restrain.

SID: Give me some, of the purposes of divine restraining orders, some of the areas.

FRANCIS: Yes. Some of the areas divine restraining orders cover is, you know, restraining, is protecting territory. There’s also divine restraining orders, for restraining ungodly, violent behavior. And in the days we are living in with mass shootings, boy, do we need that restraining order.

FRANCIS: And then there is restraining orders, for restraining storms, and hurricanes, these forces of nature from destroying God’s property. And then there are divine restraining orders that restrain God’s servants, who have got a high calling, so that you can’t behave like anybody else, because you are cutting a heavy weight for the kingdom. And then there are divine restraining orders that are designed, to restrain Satan himself. So there are multiple uses of restraining orders.

SID: I’ll tell you what, Dr. Myles, will pray for you, in the Courts of Heaven, next, when we return.

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