RYAN: And you teach people that you may not get this heavenly experience where you’re taken to heaven, but stay in presence.

LAURIE: Oh buddy.

RYAN: Talk about this.

LAURIE: Oh. There is nothing better. You know that place where you’re worshipping, and, all of a sudden, somebody at church is like, “Excuse me. I need to get through.”

RYAN: Oh. Yes.

LAURIE: And you have to come out of this place with God. [laughs]

RYAN: Disruptive. Very disruptive. [laughs]

LAURIE: And it’s okay because we love everybody. But that place with being with God – One minute in the presence of God, one minute of letting Him touch my heart will fill me up for the whole day.

RYAN: I love that.

LAURIE: And, you know, He wants it every day. So, it’s not as if I can come to Him just on Sunday.

RYAN: Right. Right.

LAURIE: He wants to see me and be with me every minute of every day. And so, I love to encounter – God, I just want to be with You.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: And He shows up in awesome ways, through wonderful people.

RYAN: Yes.

LAURIE: Beautiful things outside, you know, bumper stickers. He has a way of,

RYAN: Let’s talk about that for a minute. I think that people get a little narrow-minded, in that, if I don’t have a vision, or if I don’t see this, or see that, or feel this, then God must not be approving, or something must be wrong. But you’re saying to find Him in all these little areas as well.

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: Is that what you do?

LAURIE: Right. You know, in heaven the Holy Spirit likes to play hide and seek. He still likes to play hide and seek.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And so I look for Him. I look for Him in the brightness of other people’s eyes.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: Or, you know, you’re hearing other people talking, parents talking to their children about how much I love you. Why did Jesus let me hear that?

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And He’s working very hard at helping us feel connected, not just to Him, but to one another, and to understand that His plans and purposes for us are really, really wonderful.

RYAN: Now, we live in a very busy 21st Century.

LAURIE: Um-huh.

RYAN: So, you teach people how to relax and how to chill out.

LAURIE: [laughs]

RYAN: And come into the presence of God. What would you say to the busy people out there?

LAURIE: Well, I am one.

RYAN: I am, too.

LAURIE: I am one.

RYAN: It’s a question for me, too.

LAURIE: [laughs] So, you know, that quite place, what I’ve learned for me is I’ve got to have some time, I think, I’m an extravert, so I think the introvert’s know something.

RYAN: Yeah. Right. [laughs]

LAURIE: I have to have some time in my day where my thoughts just get to think about my love for Jesus.

RYAN: Mm. Mm.

LAURIE: And it doesn’t have to be that I’m doing nothing. In fact, my favorite thing to do is scrub the floor, scrub the kitchen floor or,

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: bathroom floor.

RYAN: Not my favorite thing.

LAURIE: [laughs] I scrub the floor and just concentrate on, “Jesus, I love You.”

RYAN: On that note, I really feel the presence of the Lord. Would you pray for the people at home? Just look into the camera and just pray for them.

LAURIE: Yes. Thank you. Jesus, we love You. Holy Spirit, we love You. Father, we love You. All of us want to know You better. All of us want to be able to calm down, to connect with our love that we feel towards You, and to let that love take us higher into Your presence. Jesus, I pray for my family members out here. If you love Jesus you’re my family. And I pray that God, You would come and get all of us, and show us the wondrous, and marvelous places. Show us God, and help us become the people You’ve created us to be. Lord, we love You, and we want more of You. I pray these things in the mighty, mighty name of Jesus Christ. [Music]

RYAN: Amen. Thank you for joining us on “Something More.” And we’ll see you next time.

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