BECKY: And we just need to know that He has given us spiritual weapons to use that are so strong and mighty if we would just use them.

BOB: Uh-huh.

BECKY: And so He tells me, “Come against the spirit of death.” And I did that. And then He said, “Now Becky, speak to Marcos’s spirit directly.” And I heard myself say these words. Why I said them I don’t know. It’s just what came out of my mouth. And I said, “Marcos.” I said, “I know there’s a distance between us in the natural realm, but in the spirit realm there’s no distance.” Now Marcos couldn’t hear me, could he? No. And even if he could, he was one month old. He couldn’t have understood what I was saying anyway. So why these words were coming out it’s just what was coming out of me.    

BOB: Right. 

BECKY: And I said, “Marcos. I need you to start breathing on your own now.” And I heard myself say, “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” I said it 3 times and then there was this peace. And it wasn’t a feeling. It was a place. It was in the manifested presence of God and there was this peace that is not of this world, like the Bible says. It is in the manifested presence of God. Now I didn’t know that Marcos had already had been pronounced dead. I didn’t know his lungs came up in little pieces out of his nose with his blood. I didn’t know that nobody was working with him anymore.  

BOB: So what happened? What happened with Marcos when you were making that declaration of faith? 

BECKY: I’m making this declaration.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And I’m doing – I’m saying what the Lord is saying. That’s prophetic healing. I’m calling those things that are not as though they were. I’m speaking directly into the situation because our words have power. And my husband is way over on another side of the room. It’s a big huge open room and signing paperwork so the coroner can come and do what he needs to do and nobody is with him. They don’t have the equipment. There is no oxygen tanks or anything like that. And all of a sudden I’m declaring this and this is all happening at the same time because we’re comparing notes later.

BOB: Right. Right.

BECKY: And it’s all happening at once.

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And no one is with Marcos and he’s just dead. There’s no breathing, nothing going on. And all of a sudden Marcos takes this big deep breath. [breathes in] And it must have been pretty loud because they all turned around and went, “What?”

BOB: Hmm.

BECKY: And they went running to him. They just couldn’t believe what was going on. Now in the natural, which I find so amazing, in the natural he couldn’t be breathing. His lungs were coming up in little pieces out of his nose. His heart didn’t just stop. It exploded. He was dead, dead. And so amazing to me what was going on? What did I say? The Lord said, “Renounce the spirit of death.” I renounced that spirit of death. In other words I’m telling it get out of him. Get off of him. And I released without knowing what I was doing, I released the spirit of life. What was on him breathing? It was that spirit of life. Well it didn’t end just there. We had to stand and believe for a new heart. He ended up in 5 different hospitals because nobody wanted him. 

BOB: Wow. And we’re running out of time in this segment but   bottom line obviously he came back to life and he was fully restored? 


BOB: And today he is how old?

BECKY: He is now 16 years old.

BOB: 16 years old.

BECKY: And he knows he’s a miracle.

BOB: Hold that thought. We’re going to come back in just a moment. But God is no respecter of persons. What He has done through Becky, He wants to do through you. And you know what? There’s this feeling and there’s just an understanding that as we get older, we’re going to just have sicknesses and pains and those sorts of things and it’s just inevitable. But you know what? [Music] That’s not God’s plan. That’s not God’s way. So come back and join us in just a moment for “Something More.” 

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