SID: Okay, Jonathan, these codes in the Bible that you don’t have to be a big detective because it’s black and white. It’s there. Even have people in it like President Trump.

JONATHAN: Yup. The amazing thing. This goes right up to where we are, Sid, and goes beyond in the future. We’re able to touch just a little portion. Here’s the thing. Jubilee. We left off with the last jubilee 1967. Well, what happens if you go 50 years? 50 years later you come to 2017. Did anything happen concerning Israel, Jerusalem, anything happen? Well, Netanyahu called it one of the most, the four greatest events in Israel’s history. For the first time ever a world power recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that was America. Sid, that has never happened in modern times. Has never happened since the ancient times.

SID: But, the interesting thing is many of the president’s promise they would do it. And they never did it.

JONATHAN: Never did it. But now is the year of jubilee, you got to do it now. But what happens, Sid, well, there’s so much with President Trump. There’s a mystery that’s linked to an ancient king we talked about ourselves. An ancient king that he’s following and he’s doing things exactly as he did. He’s saying the same words and he’s doing it the exact time, but we can’t do that now. We don’t have time.

JONATHAN: But let me say this. What happens in the year of jubilee? The trumpet sounds. The last one it was that rabbi. He was a central guy, right? He sounds the trumpet. So what does Trump mean? It means the one who blows the trumpet. The trumpet. And it also means the trumpet read the-

SID: He just happened to have that name and just happened to do it and it the jubilee and just happened to be president, give me a break.

JONATHAN: Give him a break. Yes, and listen. When did he come to power? 2017 year of jubilee. The trump shall sound throughout the land. So, he’s been sounding ever since. And when the trump sounds, what happens to the jubilee? The land goes back to the ancestral possession, to the original owner so, Jerusalem goes back. The trump sounds and it happens.

JONATHAN: But let me do even more mind blowing. There is that we talked about the appointed scriptures, right? When Trump was born, there was an appointed scripture and he was born on a Friday, which is the Sabbath. So is was an appointed scripture. What was that scripture? Now this is the day that Trump is brought forth into the world. The scripture was the only scripture in the Bible that was read at that time all throughout the world is about the bringing forth of the trump, the bringing forth of the trumpet. It’s about how to form the trumpet, how it’s going to be produced. So, on the day that Trump is produced, the scriptures, the producing of the trump and it’s waiting, it says it will sound at the holy day. It’s waiting for 2017 the year of jubilee. That’s when trump is going to sound.

SID: Well, there was something else supernatural on that on that. Not only did he say he was going to do it, he took an existing building over. He didn’t even have to build it.

JONATHAN: The amazing thing is though, this is another mystery probably, but an amazing thing. One of the things he follows mysteries is Cyrus and King Cyrus issues the declaration. In the declaration he says, “I’m going to build a house.” Trump in the same declaration follows the words and says I’m going to build a house. And, Sid, if … we won’t go into it, but we, if you do the … There’s an amazing thing here. If you do the timing, Cyrus did this after 70 years. Well, if you take when Israel was voted into existence, add 70 years on the Hebrew calendar, the exact day it’s over is when Trump gave the declaration after 70 years.

SID: The exact–

JONATHAN: The exact Hebrew day. Exact Hebrew day.

SID: Now, what are the mysteries that The Oracle reveals about the end times? I found this one the most fascinating things of … it’s just all laid out.

JONATHAN: It’s all there. This is the sixth door that we go to. It deals with the future. And so this, it’s so big that … For instance, one of … it’s the mystery. It’s the template of the end times. It’s really the secret of the end times. Jubilee is about returning, returning home. You return to where you left. So, what are we seeing? What’s the end times?

JONATHAN: First of all, we see the Jewish people are returning to where they were at the beginning of the age. That’s Israel. They’re returning to the capital city, Jerusalem. That’s at the beginning of the age. What about the world? The world is also following the jubilee and mysteries. Listen, America had to be there at that time for this to come true. Trump, the American election had to happen at the exact time for the mystery to come true. All off this, but what it’s saying is the world will also return. Now what does that mean?

JONATHAN: It will return to where it was at the beginning. Well, we’ve had a kind of age of Western civilization. Christianity. Well, what it’s saying is the world, the mainstream culture is going to turn back to where it was. Where is that? What was that? It was anti-Christian. It was pagan. It was against the word of God. Well, we’re watching it every day and we could do a whole, we could do 10 shows on this. We’re watching it every day.

JONATHAN: In the book it’s called the dark jubilee but this is what we are seeing. It’s part of that too. And not only that though–

SID: That’s an interesting term. That dark jubilee. We’ve heard of the good jubilee. This is the dark and, describe it. It’s what we read in the news.

JONATHAN: You turn on the television and you’ll see it every single day. But, there’s also good news because not only is the world returning, the Jewish people are returning, but also the church has a jubilee that we have to return to where we were at the beginning of the age, which is the Book of Acts. So here … because we lost that. We’re coming back. And there was persecution, but God even uses persecution to get glory in the … for us to go back.

JONATHAN: So, God is calling us to stop being status quo, to become a radical again. Revolutionary again. And also, by the way, also at the beginning you had the church and Israel are one. That’s coming again. That’s happening right now too. And so we have all that happening and then, Sid, you have, there’s going to be another return because it’s all leading up to a final return. That’s the final jubilee. It’s the return of the king to the kingdom.

JONATHAN: There’s so much there. And that’s why we’re returning. The Jewish people are returning to the king, that’s why he’s coming too. That’s also part of the jubilee.

SID: It’s, I’ll tell you, Jonathan, how does this relate really to people watching now?

JONATHAN: Totally and when you get to the seventh door, which we’re not getting into, it’s going to come to home to each one. When you just said to me, and you’re the first one who I know who fully read the book, you’re the first one who had the first copy to read, and when you said the glory came in, that’s what I prayed. The glory coming in each life. The thing is, it’s not just that he’s the God of the universe. He’s the God of your life.

JONATHAN: Same God who brought Israel back is the God who brings you back. Same God who is over every single thing is weaving your life together. The same God who says, “Come home to Israel,” tells all of us to come home. He’s the God of the jubilee. The power of all this is for your life. The power of the jubilee is for our life. We have an ancestral possession. We have an inheritance. We have a calling and the power of God, the power of Messiah, he is the jubilee, is to give us the power to live it and come home and to enter the inheritance that God has for us. This could be our greatest hour, Sid, because when the dark gets darker, the lights get brighter.

JONATHAN: So, this is for each one of us right now and if there’s anybody who’s watching who doesn’t know the Lord, the call of the jubilee is, “Come home. Come home. Come home. Your father is waiting for you.” This is the year, the time of jubilee and ultimately it’s going to lead to the final jubilee, which is when we come home to our ancestor possession, which is heaven.SID: I love that. Now, few have ever heard how Rabbi Jonathan had an encounter with the Messiah. As a Jewish atheist he had to get hit by a train. Go to for his story.

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